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This is the first to what will (hopefully) be many encounters with Jon and Jane. I left out certain details about age, looks, etc. so that reader's could fill in those blanks with their own imagination based on their preferences. Thanks.

Jane awoke early as Jon, her tormentor, came in and roused her from her deep slumber. The still drowsy Jane complied to Jon's wishes to run a few quick errands that he deemed necessary at such an hour. They were simple errands: buy paper towels, toilet paper, cigarettes, and some scented Huggies wet wipes as the primary box of such was being depleted. It was shortly into these errands that Jane's bowels began to rumble. The day prior she had been subjected to nearly 3 1/2 quarts of enema doing shower time. 1 1/2 quarts during the shower using a clear bag and simple clear rounded-tip tube, which she was allowed to take in two sessions and expel. Then, directly afterward the shower, 2 quarts from a red rubber Faultless bag connected to a large double balloon nozzle. Jane hated when the internal balloon was inflated. The pressure became unbearable as the balloon swelled inside her and the water coursed in with no option for relief. That particular session, Jon promised not to pump up the inner balloon as long as Jane could hold all 2 quarts on her own. Of course, it was short into it before he heard the tale-tell sounds of water running from Jane's quivering bottom into the toilet. So he opted to blow the balloon up, much as promised, and Jane moaned and rocked back and forth as 2 quarts infiltrated her insides.

Now today, early morning, it was apparent that there were remnants of yesterday's experience to be had. She clamped herself to the building pressure and tried to wait it out until home. Jon, or course, noticed her discomfort and immediately deduced the predicament. Once home, Jane slowly made her way towards the bathroom. Jon came from the bedroom and stepped in her path, stopping her from easing her situation, and rerouted her into the bedroom. He lay the still clutching Jane on the bed and slipped a small adult sized disposable diaper under her bottom, then taped her up firmly.

"You are going to use your diaper for its intended purpose, the bathroom is not an option for you this morning." Jane was reluctant, but this was definitely not the first time she had been made to use a diaper. Usually the routine was denial of bathroom privileges, a sodium phosphate, disposable enema (which Jane could never retain for more than 5-10 minutes), then a disposable diaper (which Jane would have to use before she was taken in and cleaned off in the shower. Jon felt that by regulating Jane's evacuation, that he stripped one of the more precious elements of being an adult away from her. The only comfort was that the event never lasted too long before she was freed from her soiled chastity, bathed, and able to move into the day; so she felt fairly confident this time in just relieving herself soon after the diaper was on.

Jon patted her on the bottom playfully and went his usual route of ignoring the fact that she was strapped into a messy prison for a short while, just to allow the tension to build. This time was different though. Right about the time Jane would normally be set free and cleaned up, Jon, instead, laid her down on the floor in just her full diaper, then reached into the trash where he located a rolled-up, wet diaper from yesterday. Jane's eyes got bigger as she watched him unroll it and lay it under her, then he located a urine soaked, disposable booster pad, and placed that between her and the diaper from the trash. Jon then reached for a pen knife, made slits all over Jane's full diaper to allow it to pass through into the predicament below her. Then he quickly taped her tightly into the diaper from the garbage and the booster, sealing it more secure with clear box tape.

Jane began pleading, "Please don't make me stay in this, please..." Jon turned a deaf ear to her whisper cries. Instead, he grabbed a clear, vinyl, diaper cover and finished the humiliating outfit.

"This ought to hold you over for several hours at least," Jon said calmly, "I'll decide when your release will come. Until then, don't even think about removing anything or there will be swift consequences." Then he sat her in a chair and proceeded to do his morning activities around the house. Jane sat, trying not to move as every time she did, she could feel the contents of her diaper squishing around, nearing the edges of the leg gatherers, as well as pushing further up the front and the back of her diaper. Jon was true to his demand, and Jane sat in her messy confines for well over 2 hours. During the stay, he frequently got her from the chair and wandered her around the house, just so that Jane would be forced to move and not tune her situation out.

"It's starting to burn." Jane said, meekly.

"Just a few more minutes of this," Jon said, "Why don't we go ahead and spend those last few moments outside. You sit on the stairs while I have a cigarette, and then we'll get you taken care of before a rash sets in." Jane hated being drug outside for Jon's cigarette times. He always clothed her beforehand, but it never seemed to matter much whenever she caught someone's eye. Jane would twitch nervously most times whenever anyone was near, acting as though she thought they could tell what her situation was. Jon always told her to just relax. Though, he didn't make it any easier by forcing her to bend over and look at herself in the mirror, pointing out how soggy and gross her diaper was, and how smelly she was, before pulling her pants on and stepping out.

Once they stepped back in, Jon gave Jane two options: either she could remain in her dirty diaper confinement for an indefinite time more, and then simply be cleaned up and done afterwards, or, she could succumb to his idea (which he would not divulge) now, and be freed and cleaned up much sooner. Jane hesitated, knowing that either option had serious drawbacks, the only problem was that she didn't know what to expect with the unknown option. She contemplated for a moment and then opted to for the second just to be free of her humiliating and disgusting situation.

With that, Jon told Jane to disrobe down to nothing but her diapers and plastic panties. Jane took off her clothes and waited for the next instruction. Jon then commanded her approach him in his chair, where he grabbed her in, sat her on his knee (firmly holding her hands behind her back) and proceeded to bounce her though playing 'horsey' on his knee. The diaper made horrible slurping and sucking sounds as the mess inside suctioned and relocated within its containment. Jon grinned and told Jane that she was a dirty little girl and asked her why a girl her age was still wearing, and soiling in baby diapers. Jane grimaced and bit her lip, looking away from his condescending expression until he finally relented. She was ashamed to admit to herself that a couple times during the knee bouncing that she could feel the first tiny ebbs of an orgasm coming on, although it never actually came. She was completely relieved when he finally took her into the bathroom and began slowly stripping off the foul layers of diapers and cover before placing her in the shower.

Jane basked in the comfort of the warm streaming water over her skin. She tried not to look down as she washed away her diaper region, so as not to see the evidence of what she had been forced to do. After she felt clean enough, she looked sadly at her labia; it burned a bit, and looked red and irritated. Her butt also had a mild rash sensation down near the bottom. After a bit, Jon stepped into the shower with her, carrying the clear enema bag and tube, which, of course, was full to the top with water.

"Let's get you squeaky clean inside and out," he said placing a gentle hand on her shoulder and guiding her down to her knees. Jane obeyed, and leaned forward with her hands on either side of the tub so Jon could slide the tube inside her. Enemas in the shower weren't ever really bad, or even uncomfortable, because she didn't have to hold them more than she could. Jon wouldn't use the inflatables where they might get water inside areas that were only supposed to have air in them, as they would mildew and eventually the rubber would deteriorate.

Jon released the valve and warm water began rushing into Jane's colon. As she filled up, Jane began unconsciously thrusting her hips forward in a slight gyrating motion as though she were on top of someone. It annoyed and embarrassed her that she did this, but the building pressure mixed with her having to try her best to hold it seemed to take hold of her in that form. She managed 1 1/2 quart bag in three takes. Jon then knelt behind her, and with one hand on her shoulder, he slowly pressed the head of his erect penis into her rectum. Jane winced, and tried her best to push out so that it would go more easily-water just wasn't a great lubricant. The head of Jon's penis finally popped in, followed quickly by the full insertion of his shaft, all the way in to his testicles. Jane kept focusing on pushing out to make it easier on herself. Jon began rhythmically thrusting in and out, in and out, faster, and faster, until pretty soon his testicles were slapping hard off her vagina. Jane was holding her breath and trying her best not to clench up. A couple times it seemed Jon was stopping, but he simply took his penis out for a moment only to guide it back in and continue throttling her tender hole.

The shower was over, and Jon helped Jane step out and towel off. She looked up and discovered that the dreaded 2 quart bag hung on the door frame with the double balloon nozzle, again, attached to the end of the long black tubing. Jon inspected Jane's reddened diaper region and applied some ointment to her labia.

"Same rules as before with this nozzle," he started, "If you can take the whole bag without slipping up and releasing some, I won't inflate the balloon." Jane took a deep breath and nodded to show she understood, then she bent over so that Jon could push the nozzle in. He probed at her anus with the slender tip of the nozzle until she relaxed and opened up, then he slowly pushed the graduated, star shaped, balloon inside until it disappeared. Jane sat down on the toilet and waited patiently while Jon inflated the outer balloon ten squeezes of the bulb. He grabbed the trash can containing the filthy diapers she had been wearing and slid it close in front of her, so that she would have to stare at them. Then he started the water. Jane felt fairly comfortable with the feeling of the flow; no cramping, no overbearing fullness, it seemed very doable for once, but looking at the used diapers-that she had been wearing, and had personally soiled-made her feel completely humiliated. Jon, however, rubbed her thigh gently while holding the other inflater bulb in his other hand, in case she wouldn't make it.

"You're doing a great job," he said in a soothing tone, "You're almost done now." The bag had maybe a quarter of a quart left when she felt the cramps coming. It seemed like the water had halted inside her and there was nothing she could do. A little trickle was heard, and Jon quickly began inflating the balloon inside her. Eleven squeezes, and Jane felt that immense pressure all over again. The outer balloon sealed up tightly against her anus while the inner balloon held itself solid against anything making an attempt to exit. Jon opened the water flow nozzle completely and the last bit of water rushed into Jane, before releasing the balloons again and removing the nozzle. The water came rushing back out, in spurts over time. He left her sitting, perched on the toilet, next to a wastebasket full of her dirty diapers. Once he exited the bathroom, Jane looked over at the wall instead of the trashcan, although she could still smell it, and continued evacuating all the water in her colon.

After a fair amount of time passed, Jane finally felt confident enough to get off the stool and find Jon again. When he saw her he said, "I left you in there, alone, for quite some time, so that you could relieve yourself completely. Now that you are out here, it suggests to me that you're done emptying the enema out." Jane nodded.

"I hope so then, because you aren't allowed to go back in if another wave suddenly hits you now that you've thought yourself done." He lead her into the bedroom where she found another disposable diaper laid out open on the bed, waiting.

"Please, Sir, not another one," she begged him, "I've already got a rash from the before. It burns, please don't make me." Jon stared at her silently, with a neutral expression. Then he spoke, slowly, and firmly, "Are you finished? If so, I need you to lie down so that I can put your diaper on-do you understand?" Jane hung her head, crawled onto the bed and positioned herself over the diaper. Jon drew it up between her legs and fastened it tightly with the two tapes in either side. Then he pulled her upright, patted her crinkly butt, and walked off to continue working on some of his projects while Jane tried to figure out what to do with herself. After a little bit, she wet herself and decided to show Jon in the hopes that he would take it off for good. Jon looked at the front of the diaper, then turned her around to view the back. Only a small section of the wetness indicators had turned blue.

"If you want out of this, I need you to push the rest of your enema out and fill it up." Jane started to protest, "But my rash..." Jon simply stared at her with a neutral expression until she looked back at the floor and said okay. Jane tried, what seemed, in vain to evacuate the remainder of the enema water from her bowels. Just when she felt ready to give up, a short burst of water rushed out of her noisily and filled her diaper some more. She looked back over her shoulder at Jon, but he had the expression that suggested that he wasn't satisfied, so Jane tried some more. Only a little bit more came out after a couple times trying. Jon shook his head, disappointed.

He grabbed Jane's arm and lead her into the bedroom, laid her down face first on the bed, and then knelt beside her. With one hand, he clutched her wrists above her head, the other hand began searching for her clit through the diaper. Once he located the area, Jon began prodding, rubbing, massaging, and pushing at her sensitive region. The diaper squished and crinkled as he rubbed her vigorously through it. Jane suppressed her moans, not wanting to even admit to herself that she enjoyed what she was experiencing. But Jon's hand was set in motion, and continued working at her nether-regions. Then he started cooing into her ear what a filthy little girl she was, and how he knew, that secretly, she enjoyed all of this, and he was going to tell all of her friends what a dirty thing she was. A moan slipped from Jane's mouth as she writhed under his grip.

"You're just a nasty little baby wearing pissy Pampers aren't you?" he whispered in her ear, "You like you're diapers messy don't you, maybe I'll keep you in diapers all the time then." Jane quivered and twitched as her orgasm crept up at her. She started moaning more and more, trying to form words, agreeing with the terrible things Jon said. Then, like a blast from a gun, it overwhelmed her and she came, then went limp from exhaustion. After a few moments catching her breath, she turned her head on the pillow and looked at Jon. He smiled down at her and smacked her on the butt making a dull 'thwump' sound on the plastic covered padding.

"Let's take that messy diaper off and get you cleaned up." Jane rolled over for a moment more of rest, trying to convince herself that Jon hadn't heard her agreeing with him while he was saying those horribly humiliating things to her.

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