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Just Another Average Wednesday Evening

John was just an average guy, had an office job where he worked Monday through Friday nine to five, had an average car, and an average house that he went home to after work for relaxation. In fact, there were only two things about John's life that were not average. The first thing was his love for wearing diapers. It had been that way ever since he was a kid, and had actually gone through about 8 years of counseling (thanks to his parents) and finally made the decision as an adult that maybe the love of diapers wasn't such a bad thing after all. It didn't hurt anyone, and it made him feel good (extremely good), so how could it be bad? The other thing was John's girlfriend, Emily. Emily was about 5'6" and weighed about 125 pounds. She had short cropped red hair, beautiful green eyes, which were accentuated by her tiny glasses that she wore. She wasn't supermodel thin, but only had a few extra pounds, and still looked great in a two-piece bathing suit. She worked part time at a clothing store, and lived on her own, but frequently spent the night at John's house. She also shared John's love for diapers, which he introduced her to. She couldn't quite describe why she loved them, other than the fact that they were so soft and comfortable, and how naughty she felt wearing them.

One particularly average Wednesday, partly cloudy skies with a hint of sun peeking out of the clouds every once in a while, Emily was getting off work, and for some reason she couldn't explain, her hormones were going overboard. She had an

"itch" between her legs, a yearning that she just had to satisfy. John was working late tonight, so she knew that if she went to his place (to which she had a key), she would be alone for at least a couple hours before she could well and truly scratch that itch. So she just decided that she would go to his house, put on a diaper, and wear her favorite teddy over it, you know, the one made of teal satin, with black lace trim around the bodice and leg-bands, and wait for John to come home so she could pounce on him the minute he walked through the door. So she went to her car, and drove to his house as fast as she could, going over her plan in her mind as she went, because she just couldn't wait to get there and execute it. It was starting to get dark as she pulled in the driveway, where she noticed that John was home, as his pickup was there.

"That's odd", she thought as she fumbled for her keys in her purse as she walked up to the front door.

Just as she found the right key, the door flew open, and there was John, standing in the doorway wearing a skin-tight black t-shirt tucked into his favorite pair of jeans.

"Hello, lover" he said with a devilish grin, and a twinkle in his eye. Emily was very confused and asked him why he wasn't still at work. He explained that he had gotten all of his work done for the day, and his boss had given him the rest of the night off. All of a sudden, John grabbed her, and dipped her back for the most intense kiss the two of them had ever shared, their tongues caressing each other passionately for several minutes. Finally, their lips parted, and John took her arm and gently escorted her in the door, closing it behind her. Suddenly she found herself in a room completely lit up by nothing but at least a hundred strategically placed candles. He led her over to the center of the room and as they were walking, she slid her hand around behind him to have a quick squeeze of his butt where she noticed that he was already wearing a disposable diaper underneath his jeans. Without a word, he slowly started unbuttoning her blouse and the flesh on her bosom and arms prickled up in goose bumps triggered by the electricity of his touch. After removing her blouse and nonchalantly tossing it aside, never breaking eye contact, he reached around behind her and skillfully unclasped her black brassiere with a quick snap of his index finger and thumb before tossing it aside to join her blouse on the floor. She started to speak, but he gently touched his index finger to her lips, saying "shhhhhh". He then reached back around, kissing her neck as he slowly unzipped the zipper on the back of her skirt, and letting it fall to the ground around her ankles. Then, laying her down on the floor so gently that she felt like a feather, he removed her shoes, and grasped the waistband of her lacy black bikini panties. Slowly and expertly he guided her underwear down her legs, exposing the thin line of hair on her pubic mound, and pulled them off her feet discarding them by the brassiere and blouse on the floor. Opening the cupboard door in his antique coffee table, he grabbed a disposable diaper from the stack contained inside along with some baby oil and baby powder. He squirted some of the oil into his hand and then started massaging it into her glistening sex. She squirmed at the sensation growing between her legs, and moaned in ecstasy at the pleasure she received from this contact. He then grabbed the baby powder and sprinkled it lightly onto her ever dampening pussy lips. Finally, he lifted her legs up with one hand and slid the diaper underneath her bottom, gently lowering her down onto it, and then pulled it up between her legs, and taped it, caressing her vaginal area through the diaper as he did so. This sent her over the edge, causing her body to convulse in an orgasm so powerful, she even squirted a little pee into her soft fresh diaper. She reached over between John's legs to find his cock standing at full attention just begging to be released from the confines of its diapered prison. She unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, and pulled them off of his body, noticing the bulge in the front of his straining diaper. After removing his jeans, she ripped the diaper off of his body freeing its rock-hard prisoner. John then laid her down and got on top of her, his right hand in the small of Emily's back, his left hand cradling her head, and started kissing her with so much emotion, it made the incident at the front door seem like a tiny love peck. As he was kissing her, he started slowly thrusting his rigid member against her diapered crotch while he began massaging her left breast with his hand. She could feel the diaper rubbing up against her clitoris with every thrust, and her body seized with the second orgasm of the night, making her gasp in short moaning breaths.

All of a sudden, she just couldn't take it anymore, and reached down and unfastened the tapes of her diaper, pulled down the front, and guided his throbbing cock into her now very wet vaginal opening. He started slow, still kissing her passionately and gently massaging her breasts with his free hand, as she thrusted back against him trying to get his cock deeper and deeper inside her with each thrust. His breathing got deeper as he slowly but surely increased the pace of his movements. She continued thrusting back, her entire body in complete ecstasy as her moans became more frequent and higher pitched. His pace quickened by the moment, and before she knew it, Emily was sent over the edge and her body tensed with the grip of not one, not two, but three consecutive orgasms, causing her vaginal muscles to tighten extremely around John's swollen member. As John felt this, he knew he couldn't hold on much longer and his body stiffened with the approach of his impending orgasm. As it hit him, he grunted as sperm started shooting deep inside of her, still thrusting as he went. When he was finished, he collapsed next to her, and there they laid holding each other and basking in each other's juices in the afterglow of such an intense session. Emily suddenly felt the need to pee, but didn't have the energy to get up, and proceded to just let it flow into her diaper underneath her as they both drifted off to sleep. When they woke up 3 hours later, they looked into each others eyes, and kissed. Then they laid their heads back down, with the events of the last few hours still racing through their minds, along with the thought of how lucky they were to have a partner who was so incredible.

"I wish every day was Wednesday" Emily said with a giggle, to which John replied: "Me too, baby. Me too."

The end.

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