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Kathleen's Diary

As Kathleen's friend backed out of her driveway, she walked to her front door, readying her house key, only to see her mother had met her there. She didn't appear to be very happy either.

"I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, Kathy. You come and go as you please with what's-her-face," her mother said, pointing toward Emily who was now driving off down the street.

"And I know all about your little sexual exploits. I read you diary today while I was cleaning the--"

"Mom! How could you?! Can't I have any privacy in this house?" Kathleen stormed past her mother but something reached out and yanked her back.

"Young lady, I'm not finished talking to you!" Her mother had a firm grasp on her bicep and reached for her chin with the other hand. Squeezing on her cheeks she said, "No daughter of mine will be some little whore!"

"Mom, you're hurting me! Please let go," Kathleen begged, on the verge of tears.

"No, I've decided to not let go. You are still my baby girl and I am still your mommy whether you like it or not. Don't you remember when I had complete control of you? I dressed you, fed you...even changed your messy diapers. I've decided that the only way I'll get you back is to regain that sort of control, honey." What was her mother saying? The grip had loosened, and Kathleen fell.

"I'm not a baby anymore! I'm sixteen years old and I'll do whatever I damn well please," she cried from the floor. Her mother towered over her and just shook her head.

"Well, I've never seen a wittle girl who was all gwown up waddling awound the house in a droopy Pamper! That's adorable, sweetie," her mother teased, now walking out of the room.

"What are you talking about?" Kathleen asked, wiping the tears from her eyes.

"What are you talking about?!" She got to her knees and readied herself to stand when her mother came back in.

"I decided all of this while you were still at school and went ahead and did a little shopping!" She carried a large, vinyl, soft pink zip-up bag at her side.

"Now these may be a little tight, but if it happens at least you'll be more aware of your new situation, honey."

"No." Kathleen's jaw dropped.

"No! You're not doing this to me!"

"Come here, baby. Mommy needs to put her little bundle of joy in a fresh diaper! You're not old enough for big girl panties. You'll make a terrible mess all over yourself!" With that, she unfolded the extra large child's diaper with nursery prints at the top and pinned Kathleen down. She squirmed and did her best to come out of the hold.

"Now, mommy understands that you might try to hold in your pee pee and your poopsies to prove you're still a big girl, so she went ahead and bought somethin' to take care of that." Kathleen was now bawling while her mother tore her pants down and ripped her panties off. She was revealed and humiliated. She would soon be covered again, only in the most infantile way possible. And her mom was pushing something toward her ass.

"These suppositories will make sure you poop your dydees like a good baby!" Kathleen let out a burst of surprise when the first was inserted.

"Now, babies usually have wet poopees, not the solid stuff like grown-ups. So I'll go ahead and give you two more.... Won't it feel nice when mommy powders your poopy bottom and gets you back into a dry Pamper?!" Kathleen's mother quickly slid the disposable diaper beneath Kathleen's round bottom while holding her legs in the air with ease in the other hand. A sudden jerk from Kathleen's long, tan thighs did little to keep her mom from finishing diapering the teenager.

"Now, what I put in your bottom should do the trick, but if not, I think the special ingredient in your ba-ba might help!" her mother enthusiastically explained while bringing a baby bottle before her eyes. It appeared to be full of milk, something Kathleen hadn't drunk for years.

Her mother now positioned herself with unfolded legs as she prepared to pull her baby girl close enough to be fed her bottle.

"I'm n-not drinking that!" Kathleen refused, wiping her reddened eyes simultaneously.

"Actually, honey, you will--and without that young woman's shirt on.... Right after a spanking!" she shouted viciously before dragging Kathleen by her feet across the carpet and flipping her over. With steady hands she pulled the tight pink T-shirt over her daughter's head, encountering no trouble with getting the collar over the great mass of silky black hair atop it. She remained in a white bra, which was unclasped in the back and soon worked over her shoulders and off her arms, also with little difficulty. Instinctly, Kathleen's arms that had been laying across the floor came to her sides and underneath, to cover her supple breasts. Her mother got to her feet and lifted Kathleen by her armpits. While being forced upon the couch with toes that skidded along the way, her mother kicked the clothes Kathleen had once worn toward the wall. Nothing was left to hide the bulging diaper.

Her mother brought Kathleen over the lap and held her in place by the back of her neck as her free hair covered her rosy face that was in continuous hysteria. The initial slap across her ass was cushioned by the thickness of the diaper, but her mother quickly learned the pain wasn't making its way through and brought her palm down much harder and faster.

"I-am-your-mommy-and-you-will-do-as-I-say!" her mother spoke in intermittent cries corresponding with the spanking.

"Now...turn over and drink your ba-ba, sweetie." At the neck and thigh, Kathleen was helplessly flipped to face her mother who held the awaiting bottle near her lips. Now without fuss Kathleen accepted the nipple of the bottle past her red lips and into her mouth, where she began to suck. She paid no attention to her breasts being on display for all to see.

"Good girl. That's it. Drink every bit," her mother encouraged and began to pat her back as the bottle's contents were slowly emptied. Kathleen stopped ever so often, choked up on the crying that still had yet to cease.

"To the last drop. Mommy wouldn't want you crawling around in clean Pampers for very long, now would she?" As the milk was nearing disappearance, her mother continued: "Now, I hate to spank you, honey, but when you have such a fit, I have no other choice. Fortunately, with all the muscle relaxants I added in your milk on top of the expected diuretic and laxative, you won't have much control over what Mommy decides to do to you next." With this, Kathleen's eyes widened, but the nipple that remained in her mouth silenced her gasp.

"Oh, and I haven't even thought about that hair! We need to get that out of your face, don't we?" Her mother reached over the arm of the sofa and grabbed two small hairbands.

"One right...there...and right...there." Kathleen winced as her hair was twisted into two pigtails and pulled by its rubber. The bottle was removed and Kathleen let out a small belch.

"Aww, see? That wasn't so bad now, was it?" her mother teased. Then with surprise her mother caught a glimpse of her wristwatch.

"Well, shoot! You just finished your bottle but it's dinnertime. I guess you'll just have two helpings." Fearing another full bottle of milk, Kathleen considered kicking, but found that she had little control of her body after consuming the great dosage of muscle relaxants her mother forced her to drink. Her mother set her back on the floor on her hands and knees. Kathleen looked up at her mom who was now standing in front of her.

"Crawl to the kitchen and mommy'll fix your supper, baby." Her mother directed her with a curling index finger.

Kathleen found it to be hard work just maneuvering her diapered bottom along behind her. Her mother was already in the kitchen, hunting through the cabinets. Kathleen turned to see in horror that this all was really happening. Covering her ass really was a Pamper that went between her legs and over her crotch. Her mother had indeed put her back into diapers.

Her palms now loudly slapped across the linoleum of the kitchen, where her mother stood before her holding small jars in her hands along with a small spoon.

"Let's see...peas and...carrots. You always loved those! And you even get to sit up in the highchair where mommy can reach your cute little mouth to feed you!" With this, Kathleen's limp body was placed in the tall wooden chair that had gone unnoticed behind her as she entered the kitchen. Her mother had unbelievable strength and Kathleen could do nothing but be placed in the seat, fastened in, then locked into place by the plastic tray that came up from the side. An approaching spoon was already prepared with a mouthful of green sludge her mother had dug from the jar of baby food.

"Mmm mmm." Kathleen shook her head with a tightly sealed mouth that refused to allow the disgusting peas inside.

"Open up, honey. The sooner you finish these peas, the sooner you'll finish the carrots." Kathleen gagged at the mere thought of two entire jars of the vegetables. But before she could turn her head away again, her jaw was seized and the spoon was making its way to her tongue and its matured palette. Her mom decided to set the jar down and with the newly freed hand close Kathleen's nostrils, leaving her no other choice but to open her mouth. After holding her breath as long as possible, the cold steel of the spoon crept past her lips and laid inside the messy peas. The spoon was prepared for another scoop when Kathleen got a deep whiff of the food and an even worse taste of it. She grimaced and before it could make its way down her throat, it was already back up. The mess dribbled out and down her chest. Her breasts were covered in dripping, wet peas.

"Awww, baby. You hafta get it down, or else mommy'll just have to open another jar." She wiped the regurgitated streaks off with a nearby dishtowel.

"Try it again." Eventually Kathleen successfully swallowed without vomiting, but halfway through the jar a new urge came across. Low in her stomach she could feel a tension that tightened and burned worse every minute. She did her best to control the deep need to urinate, but it had been hours since her last trip to the bathroom, not to mention the heavy diuretic in her bottle. She squirmed in her seat and compliantly took each following bite to please her mother. The pressure was now reaching the point that she wanted to speak up. She wanted to ask to be allowed a trip to the bathroom. No way would her mother allow such a privilege. Kathleen now brought her knees closer together--hopefully without her mom noticing. She did what she could to keep her mind off of liquid, but the great need for relief returned with every fleeting glance of the sink and the water that poured freely from its faucet with the turn of a knob. She nearly cried out but finally decided it would be better if her mother did not notice the need.

She continued to hold it as her mother scraped the remaining bits of peas at the bottom of sides of the jar. As one last bite was readied, Kathleen fought against the pressure with all of her ability. But as she gulped and the spoon was removed, the fight came to an end and a steady stream of hot urine began flowing into the awaiting diaper bunched between her thighs. Her mother was loosening the lid of the carrots, her face turned to the right of Kathleen. Kathleen noticed her mother suddenly stop, though, and sit silently.

"I'd recognize that sound anywhere," her mother said quietly.

Kathleen looked up from her tray in panic; understanding that her mother was painfully aware of the loss of control Kathleen was experiencing in her Pamper right in front of her. She even tried to pinch the drip as the diaper crinkled with a sagging weight.

"That's the sound of a baby going tinkle right in her diaper." Her mother turned her head back around and looked at Kathleen, whose lower lip was trembling in shame. Her mother's hand disappeared below the tray and Kathleen felt the cuff of her diaper shift along the thigh. Her mother's hand found its way to the front of Kathleen's Pamper.

"Poor baby sure did go pee-pee." Her mother smiled and removed her hand.

"Mommy's gonna have to change your wet dee-dee--but not just yet," her mother said as she reached for the next jar of food.

"Those diapers are far too expensive just to change when little girls can't control their bladders. And luckily they're strong enough to hold big messes. If mommy's not too busy after you poop on yourself, she'll come change you!" Kathleen realized then that not only would her mother not allow her use of the toilet to pee, she could also forget about it when she needed to shit. She cried out and tears started streaming down her cheeks once again, but this time she was being force-fed a jar of strewn carrots a nasty spoonful at a time. Her mother seemed to focus on nothing beyond feeding her baby, though.

Finally, both jars were polished off and Kathleen was left in her highchair while her mother did dishes at the sink, occasionally looking over her shoulder to check on the baby. Kathleen sat uncomfortably in the early stages of developing a diaper rash. She thought with embarrassment that her mother had not used enough baby powder. The running water across the room was a constant reminder of the soaking weight left between her legs. The urine had not only soaked the front of her Pamper, but also leaked down to the sensitive flesh of her ass, where overtime it started to burn. She badly wanted something to drink to wash the putrid taste of "supper" down.

As her mother was now drying the bowls and placing them in the drainer beside her, Kathleen's stomach felt bloated from the milk, peas, and carrots. As strongly as she thought her belly would send the food back up, it would actually do as nature intended. Sitting there with her arms atop the tray, she focused on the refrigerator and its many magnets. She kept herself occupied with recalling in her head where all of them had come from until the pain in her belly became more noticeable. It was a stomachache, all right, but she knew all too well what it would take to relieve the bloating. This proved to be easier, however, than holding in the pee earlier. A while passed until she truly knew it could be held no longer. But she was too strong. She was not a baby. She was practically a woman and would not suffice to the chemicals that churned inside her stomach. Her mother would simply have to let her out of the high chair and into the bathroom where she would rightfully take care of business like an adult.

Her mom had since left the kitchen and was in a bedroom down the hall possibly doing laundry. In her dazed and weak condition, Kathleen searched the chair for the buckle of the restraint and the mechanism that would unlock the tray. Her arms had no strength and it was nearly impossible to move them alone. But she needed to act fast. She could feel the poop making its way to her sphincter. It was practically poking out of her ass when she let in and cried to the other room, "Mom! Please! Help! Mom, please." Her mother walked to the kitchen doorway and stood there with a blank look.

"Excuse me?" her mother asked.

"Mom, ple--"

"Uh-uh." She waved a finger from side to side.

Kathleen looked puzzled before realizing what she wanted to hear.

"Mommy, please let me out to use the bathroom." She continued to struggle against the chair weakly.

"Honey, babies don't use the bathroom and you know that. Now, when I have time, I'll come back here and change you into a fresh diaper, but right now I'm busy." With that, she walked back into the other room. Kathleen heard the door shut and began whimpering. She badly needed to poop and could not get out of the chair. She sat there and cried while continuing to hold it back with what strength remained. Her fingers gripped the edge of the tray and she grimaced as the struggle became unbearable. Whether she wanted to or not, the laxative was pushing her to the unthinkable. She was sixteen years old and on the verge of messing herself. She cried the entire time, not letting up even as she lost control of her bowels and slowly allowed the poop into the bottom of her diaper. She leaned up from the chair to keep from smashing the mess against her butt. As she did her best to lean upwards, her mother now stood in the doorway again.

"And I'd recognize that smell anywhere, too." She walked to the highchair and put her hands over Kathleen's shoulders.

"Babies don't sit up when they poop in their diapers. They don't really notice, and pretty soon you won't either, baby. Now sit back down. The poo poo'll come out. Don't worry. Mommy'll wipe your bottom clean no matter how messy you make it." Kathleen was slowly forced to sit. She hesitated, every inch of the way, still trying as the poop stuck to her ass until she sat flat. Her mother held her in place while still even more poop loaded her diaper and she cried, looking down at her Pamper. Kathleen, too, could now smell the odor she had caused. She felt cold with humiliation and now looked up from her waist to her mother, who stood there with a cold smile.

"Awww, Kathypoo, does Mommy need to change your smelly diaper?" Kathleen could not answer; just simply hang her head in shame and cry.

"Hmmm. Well, I guess I'll give you some time to think about it in your playpen." The tray made a clicking noise as it was opened and swung to the side. Her mother released the snap close of the restraint that went over her crotch and around the waist. She was picked up in her mother's arm around her sides and laid gently against her mother's chest. Kathleen was carried down the hall and saw down her mother's shoulders and back that they were entering Kathleen's bedroom.

Kathleen was shocked by the extent of her punishment and the lengths her mother traveled in order to treat her as a baby again. The teen idol posters that had once decorated her pink walls had been replaced with Disney themed wallpaper borders and cartoon characters in toddler wear. She felt her mother lay her down into what truly appeared to be a playpen, a much larger one than those used by babies, though.

"Don't you just love what I've done with the place, honey? Luckily, your dresser will double as a changing table. ...I still haven't gotten around to getting all those big girl panties outta there. I'll put all your diapers in there when I come back later for your changing. Until then, I want you to suck on this. Mommy doesn't want all your crying to keep her distracted from work." From her pants pocket she withdrew a child's pacifier and plopped it into Kathleen's mouth.

"Maybe when I return you'll tell Mommy whether or not you need a fresh diaper." Her mother quickly turned away and closed the door behind her, apparently locking it from the outside. Kathleen was left sitting in her own pile of piss and shit right in the center of a playpen. She wanted to move, but the drugs still hadn't worn off. She managed to spit the pacifier from her mouth and it landed a few inches from her knees. She pushed herself over onto her belly to take the weight off the crap. Through the mesh enclosure she looked about her room. Her bed was no longer there, but in its place was a large crib. A diaper pail sat beside her "changing table" and plenty of wipes and extra diapers were stacked on what used to be her desk.

The scene was overwhelming. Kathleen was exhausted and now felt like taking a nap. Her eyes grew heavy and she slowly tilted forward until her legs flattened and her face rested on the soft floor of the playpen. As she lost consciousness, all the embarrassing things her mother had said about her current state were replayed in her head.

"Wake up, sweetie," a voice awoke her in what seemed like just minutes after dozing off.

When her eyes slowly cracked open beneath the bright light the windows allowed in she found herself elevated to the point that she was level with her mother's waist while lying down. Upon movement of her back, she found that her skin slightly stuck to the plastic of what she lay on top of. Baby powder circulated and she took a deep breath of the white dust. She looked up and her mother looked impatient, blowing a strand of loose hair from her eyes and holding a folded disposable diaper. She softly hit Kathleen's knee with it and produced a bottle of baby powder from under the changing table.

"Well, it's about time, sleepy head. ...I think there's something you need to tell me," her mother said with raised eyebrows in expectation.


"I have you on the changing table, but you need to come to grips with what's happened. I need to hear you say it. Perhaps it will lengthen the duration of your stay as a baby if you do not admit the truth. And it's quite possible that your verbal acceptance will deduct some of the time off your punishment. Well?" Kathleen looked puzzled.

"Say it, or else I'll give you so much laxative in your next bottle that you'll be shitting liquid for days."

"No, no. Please, mommy. Don't. I know I'm just a little baby. I belong in diapers because I can't control when I use the restroom and I'm not potty trained. I need you to change me." Kathleen spewed out what sounded best.

"Exactly." Her mother sounded pleased. She started to unfold the diaper.

"Be that as it may, your baby treatment won't end until you are unable to spit out such an explanation. Babies cannot talk that way. And further more, we both know that you still have a great deal of control over your bowel movements, etc, no matter how well you seemed to prove otherwise when you sat right in that chair and did your business. When I'm finished, I'll be the first to know that you've peed or pooped in your diaper." Kathleen's jaw dropped as her mother loudly pulled the sticky tapes from the sides of her diapers and let into the air the sickening smell of urine and feces.

"Whoo-ee, baby! Mommy's gotta hand full with your poopy bottom, doesn't she?" Her mother gathered her ankles in one hand and slid the soiled diaper out from under her daughter's ass. Now letting Kathleen's legs back onto the surface, she balled the diaper up and tossed it into the pail. When she turned back around Kathleen had attempted covering herself.

"And that's another thing, young lady. I'm tired of you thinking you have anything to hide. When will you learn? But that reminds me! I think you'd have an easier time going poopee if mommy just did a little something." Kathleen was flipped onto her back and her mother wiped her ass completely with a baby wipe, deeply into her crack. Another wipe was used to clean what poop had been smeared on her cheeks. A cold chill made Kathleen shiver and she wept softly as her mother prepared something behind her.

Kathleen suddenly jerked forward as something intruded her asshole.

"Shhh," her mother whispered.

"Mommy's just gonna stretch your bottom out a little. Eventually, you won't be able to tell if you're making a messy." She inserted her index finger into Kathleen's rectum completely, and once in, moved it in circular motions. Minutes passed in her discomfort until one finger turned into two. Kathleen cried out in pain as the digits made their way in. She felt as though she were already shitting. The in and out motion felt just like poop making its way into her diaper. When the fingering finally ended, Kathleen was flipped over and the fresh Pamper was slid under her ass. Her asshole felt gaping. Her mother sprinkled a generous amount of powder about her crotch before pulling the diaper over her pussy to be fastened at the sides.

To be continued...

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