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Kaylee and I met online. It's not that unusual, right? Lots of people meet that way these days, but most of them didn't meet quite the same way we did. See, Kaylee and I met through an online dating service that caters to a certain lifestyle. We both wear diapers. I joined as kind of a joke or a test to see what it was like, not expecting anything out of it at all. Then after a week of being a member she contacted me. I played it slow at first not sure if she was who she claimed or even if she was truly a girl. We started sending e-mails every day and then progressed to the phone. The first time I heard her voice was the first time I thought this was really going to happen. After a week we set a date, dinner and a movie pretty safe.

So I went to the restaurant we had decided on and had a seat at the bar watching the door. She said she would be wearing pig tails. I figured how many girls her age wore pig tails out in public. I ordered a drink and began to wait. Doubt began to creep in. what if she wasn't what I expected? What if she didn't show? Or worse yet, what if she showed up and acted really inappropriate in public? I thought about it for a while and decided to not make a move when she showed up unless it felt right. About the time I ordered my second drink I saw a girl with pig tails and got excited, this was it. I stood up and began to walk her way, when I realized it couldn't be her. This girl wasn't even old enough to drive. That pretty much crushed my hopes so I went back to pay for my drinks and leave. I headed for the door about the same time Kaylee finally walked in.

I stopped dead in my tracks. I knew it was her. She looked just like the pictures, she had sent me. She came up to me, "Mike?" I responded, "Kaylee?" Since I didn't know what else to do I reached out my hand for her to shake. I've never met anyone before that I knew so much about without already meeting them. She skipped right past my extended hand and hugged me whispering, "I'm so glad to finally meet you." I hugged her back, "me too." She released my neck and I told the hostess that she was with me. We sat down in the waiting area for a bit as she told me about her trip to the restaurant. Then the hostess said right this way please. She hopped up and followed her, and I followed Kaylee staring at her bottom. I watched it swaying in her tight jeans. I wondered what she was wearing under those pants. My eyes slide directly to her waistline, looking for "toddler pants," my own term for when your diaper peeks above the top of your pants, but I didn't see anything.

We sat down and had dinner talking the whole time, but we where avoiding the subject I so dearly wanted to address. I had never talked to anyone in person about wearing before. So I broke the question, "When did you know?" She looked at me quizzically, "What?"

"Um... that you liked diapers." She smiled, "At first I didn't, but after I realized that it was to much of a hassle washing the sheets every morning I tried out a Goodnight, and found them to be better than nothing. After a while I tried diapers and something unexpected happened, I found I kind of liked wearing them. It spread from there. You?" I thought for a second, "Well I don't remember the first time I think I was too young, but I know by puberty I found them to be a turn on." She smiled and made a little giggle, "Then I think you will like this." She leaned forward and whispered, "I'm wet." If the talking about diapers hadn't turned me on, that sure did. She saw the reaction in my eyes, and had a very knowing look on her face. We finished the meal, and I picked up the check. As we were leaving I said, "So are you ready for the movie?"

"I'm not going to the movie wet. Follow me to my house so I can get changed."

So I got in my truck and followed her car to her apartment. I parked beside her and got out. Following her to the door again watching her butt, yet even knowing she was wearing I couldn't tell. She unlocked it and said, "Follow me." So I did, right through the living room and straight into her bedroom. I stopped at the door. She walked over to the bed turned around and lay down. I stood there for a bit looking at her room. It was like any other girls room I had been in except for the Care Bears on the bed and the Care Bear poster on the wall over it. She said, "Well, this diaper isn't going to change itself, now is it?" I walked over between her legs and gingerly bent over and started to undo her belt and then the button on her pants and the zipper. When I did, I saw ballerinas on a yellowish background, Goodnights for Girls, and she was definitely wet. I pulled her pants down to her ankles and that is when I first noticed her shoes. She was wearing little girl shoes they had Disney Princesses on them and Velcro instead of laces. So I commented, "Nice shoes." She smiled, "I know. I had to look forever to find a pair of size 5's in that style." I really looked at her then and it hit me what was happening. I was about to change the most attractive girl I had ever been with into a nice fresh dry diaper. For a second time, I was aroused. She reached down to her pull-up and gave it a little squeeze.

"It isn't going to hold much more." I looked from her bunched up pants at her ankles, up her beautiful legs to her wet pull-up.

"I guess the important question is... where are your changing supplies?" She took her hand off her pull-up and pointed behind me. I turned around and saw a book shelf, except on the top shelf there weren't any books. Instead there where stacks of diapers, pull-ups and changing supplies. I walked over to them and she said, "A Molicare please." Being the diaper expert that I am, I picked up a purple diaper instead of the stack of white Secure X-Pluses, wipes and baby powder. I walked back over to her again and sat the changing supplies beside her. Then I reached over to her left side and tore the side of her pull-up apart slid my hands to the other side and ripped the other side apart as well. It went slack so I grabbed the top and slowly pulled it down between her legs and sat it down on the bed. I reached over to the wipes and pulled one out and very softly touched it to her shaved crotch. She tried to wiggle away exclaiming, "Cold, cold!" I lifted my hand back and said, "I'm sorry, but you don't want diaper rash do you?" She shook her head no and I went back to cleaning her diaper area, with very little squirming and sighing from her. I said, "Thats a good girl, now will you please lift your bottom?" She lifted her bottom into the air, and I pulled her wet pull-up out from under her and placed the wipe inside and rolled it into a ball. Then I picked up her fresh dry diaper, unfolded it and slid it under her nice firm bottom and said, "down." She lowered herself and I picked up the powder. I squeezed the bottle at her crotch and began to rub it all over her bottom and on the inside of her legs. She said, "Mmm, I love that smell." I unfolded the front of her diaper and pulled it over her crotch and began to tape her into it. I slid my fingers into each side adjusting the leak guards. Then I patted her crotch, "Isn't that better?" She smiled at me bigger then I first thought her capable of, and she gave me a come her finger curl. I climbed up her and she gave the most appreciative hug I have ever received and then we kissed. Her lips were so soft and her tongue was so warm it was perfect. After I pulled back she said, "You're poking me in the diaper." I looked down and saw that my erection was trying to push through my jeans to get to her through her diaper. I started to get a little embarrassed, she saved the moment by simply saying, "Later..." I got off her and pulled her pants back up over her diaper and tried to re-button them, but they didn't want to. The Molicare diaper was clearly thicker then her pull-up. She said, "It's okay I'll take care of it from here. You've done a great job." She stood up adjusted her diaper and her pants. Then zipped and buttoned them. She looked up and said in a kind of childish tone, "Belts are tricky, can you help me?"

"Of course Princess." I bent down and fastened her belt realizing that she was definitely sporting toddler pants. I stood up and met her gaze saying, "All better?"

"A whole lot and I love when you call me that. Do you want one?" I kind of blushed, of course I did, but for some reason I said, "No I'm fine." She passed me on the way out saying, "It's your call." and this time when I watched her bottom it was clear that she was diapered.

We got in my truck and headed to the theater. Before the movie started, when the lights dimmed, she lifted my arm and rested her head on my chest. I wrapped my arm around her and kissed her on the top of the head. About half way through the movie she took my other hand and placed it on the front of her diaper and I could feel the warmth through her pants. She had just wet and she not only wanted me to know, she was flaunting it. She said, "Are you jealous?" I thought about it and realized I had to pee. I responded, "I should have taken your offer." She smiled mischievously up at me, then turned right back to the movie like nothing had even happened. The movie let out and I headed strait to the bathroom and as I was reliving myself I decided then and there that I would never see another movie undiapered it was just... Practical. I came out and said, "How about ice cream?" Lets face it, what little girl can say no to ice cream. She reached out her hand and I took it and led her back to the truck and headed to the ice cream shop.

We arrived and got in line. At the counter she ordered strawberry in a waffle cone and I ordered Jamocha in a waffle cone. We sat down at a table and started talking about the movie we had just seen. She like it more then I did, but then again I was barely paying attention to it. She was much more interesting. All I could think about was her and what was happening. She got so excited in fact, when she was retelling a part that she dripped ice cream on her shirt. Without thinking I picked up a napkin and wiped the spot off of her chest, and said, "Does someone need a bib?" She looked at me teasingly and said, "Did you bring one? Because I didn't think to bring my diaper bag." I hesitated at first, was she serious? "Sorry princess that was bad planning on my part." She frowned for a second. Then said, "Thats okay you can change my shirt as well when we get home." She finished that statement by taking a bite of her ice cream, and 'accidentally' got it on her nose. I used the same napkin to wipe her nose and said, "I think someone is silly?" She looked at me questioningly and said, "Who?" and looked around like she didn't know. I replied, "The hottest girl here." She blushed and finished her ice cream with no more incidents.

By the time we got back to her place it was getting late. We headed straight to her bedroom, but this time she sat down on the bed facing me. She was so attractive, I almost had trouble going to her. So to make it look like it was on purpose I went to the bookcase first and picked up an X-Plus and the changing supplies. Then I headed over to her and sat the things down on the bed. As I leaned down, she kissed me long and passionately. I wrapped my arms around her back feeling her bra line as I traced my fingers down her back to the edge of her shirt. When we broke for air I pulled her shirt up over her head and threw it on the floor. She laid back and lifted her feet saying, "Shoes." I undid the Velcro and slipped them off her feet. When I did I noticed that she was wearing lacy ruffled socks. The small things surprise you sometimes. I pulled her frilly socks off and bent down to undo her pants. When I reached for her belt my fingers brushed against the purple top of her diaper sticking out of her pants. I traced my fingertips around her waist and slid my hands under her diapered bottom and gave it a squeeze. It felt as good as I had always thought it would. She reached up and unbuttoned my shirt and played her hands across my chest. I traced my hands back around to the buckle and undid her pants and began to pull them down . She lifted her legs straight in the air, so that they slid right up and off. I dropped them on the ground as well and shrugged off my shirt. I looked up at her face and she returned bedroom eyes to me. Her need was almost palatable. I crawled up her and kissed from the top of her breast right above the bra on one side, up her neck, along her jaw line, stopped for a kiss, and proceeded back down the other side. When I lifted up to undo the clasp on the front of her bra I pressed myself against her wet diaper. This time she let out a little moan. I went back down and licked her nipples and gave them little teasing nibbles. Not long after I started on her breasts she lifted my head and said, "I want you inside me." She didn't have to say anything more. I undid my pants and took them off. Then I undid one of her tapes and pulled the crotch of her diaper to the side. She handed me a bottle of KY and said, "Its for the diaper, you will need it." I shot a small amount on my hand and rubbed it onto the diaper that I was about to be rubbing against. As I did I give her clit a few rubs as well, I rubbed some on him and slid myself inside her. I started slowly at first, then I speed up. The faster I pumped, the more reaction she gave. Eventually my sack started bouncing off her diapered bottom. This was the best sex I had ever had. I saw that she was close to cumming. So I gave it to her as hard as I could. Her body tightened up and she sucked in a breath, I pulled out and bit down on her nipple as her body seized. She pushed my head away and finished. I lay on her a while trying to catch my breath as she did the same. Once I did I said, "Lets get you changed." I undid the last 3 tapes and pulled the front down. I looked around for the wipes, but they were no where to be found. Eventually, I found the box on the ground beside the bed. They must have fallen off while we where having sex. I took one out, but this time I placed it on her thigh and warmed it up before I cleaned her off. It took 2 this time because of our juices. I picked up the clean diaper and she lifted her bottom automatically. I unfolded it and slid the wet one out from under her and the fresh one into its place. I powdered her bottom and taped her into the thicker white diaper. Which looked even sexier on her. Then I adjusted the leak guards. I looked down at my princess and knew I was in love. She sat up and said, "Now its your turn to finish." She patted the bed beside her. I sat down and she stood up, shrugging her bra off as she did. She headed over to the bookcase and said, "Lay back and get comfortable." She turned around with an X-Plus in her hand, and I did just what she said. She unfolded the back and I lifted my hips. She slid it under me and then slid her mouth down my cock. She knew exactly what she was doing. She alternated between my balls and him. Whatever her mouth wasn't on her hands were. It didn't take long before I felt the tingling and said, "I'm going to cum!" She replaced her mouth with her hand and used her other to pull the diaper up over him and I shot into the diaper. She said with a devilish grin, "Now isn't that better? No cleanup and I'm sure we are both satisfied." She lowered the front of the diaper back down and powdered my bottom before taping it on me. She adjusted my leak guards and tickled my bottom while she did it. This time she crawled up on me and we held each other for a while.

After 10 or 15 minutes I asked her for a drink and she directed me to the kitchen. As I left the room, she said, "Get me something too." I headed to the kitchen crinkling the whole way there. I opened the refrigerator and sitting on the top shelf with the rest of the drinks was a waiting already filled baby bottle of milk.

"Well I guess thats yours." I found a normal beverage for myself and headed back to her room. She was sitting there with her hair down, cascading over her shoulders, her eyes lit up when she saw what I was holding.

"Where did you find that?"

"It was in the fridge already filled and waiting for you, but first you need pajamas. Where are they?" She said, "In the bottom drawer of my dresser." I sat the bottle down on her night stand and opened the drawer of her dresser and pulled out the first one on top. It was a purple sleep shirt with the Disney Princesses on the front and had ruffles on the sleeves and the bottom hem.

"Will this do?"

"Yeah, it's one of my favorites. That's why it's on top." I headed back to her saying, "Arms up." She lifted her arms and I slid it over her hands and let it drop the rest of the way down her body. Then I reached around behind her head and pulled her hair out from inside the shirt. She said, "Thank you" and slid up the bed to the pillows. When she did her shirt came down, covering most of her diaper. I turned off the lights as she pulled down the blanket and sheet. I slid into bed and when I did she curled right up next to me. I pulled the blankets up and slid the nipple into her waiting mouth. She nursed it for a while until she pulled her head back saying, "Done." I set it on the night stand and picked up the waiting burp cloth and wiped her mouth. Then I began to pat her back until she burped. I said, "Now your done." with a smile and turned off the lamp.

"Sweet dreams Baby Girl."

"Goodnight Daddy."

I woke up with her head resting on my chest, just like she had fallen asleep the night before. I tried to move without waking her. I slid my arm out from under her head, and she rolled over with a sigh. I stood up to go to the bathroom when I realized how silly that was. I was still wearing a perfectly dry diaper. So I adjusted myself and let it happen. I felt the warmth spread and then tried to get back in bed. When I did, she awoke, and said groggily, "Good morning." I sat down and she curled into my lap and said, "Well I guess I'm not the only one wet in this bed." I laughed, "That's why I got up, I forgot I was wearing." She looked up at me longingly and said, "I had a really good time last night." I didn't even have to think about it when I said, "That was one of the best nights of my life." She smiled and just lay there contently. Eventually my diaper cooled down and went from comfortable to clammy, like they do. That is when I realized hers must have been like that for a while. So I said "Who needs a change, because I know I do." I went to go get a dry diaper for her. When she stopped me saying, "Shower first." I went back to her and slid her night gown up so I could untape her diaper. I took it off of her voluptuous bottom and she did the same for me. We headed to the shower. She pulled her night gown over her head and let it fall to the tile, as I turned the water on and adjusted the heat. She climbed in and I followed her. It turned out to be more of a regular shower then sexual, but there is something sensual about washing someone and vice versa. I got out first and dried off. Then I picked up a large fluffy towel and proceeded to dry her off from head to toe. I led her back to the bed and she lay down without me prompting her. She already knew what was coming. I picked up a Molicare and folded her towel back . I proceeded to put it on her. She sat up and hugged me around the waist and buried her face in my towel. I hugged her back for a while until she released me. I dropped the towel and found my underwear. Then I went over to her dresser and looked through drawers, until I found her big girl underwear and picked out a bra for her. Next stop was the closet where I found a shirt for her and went back to get her dressed.

She got up and left the room. I watched her walk away in only a shirt and a diaper. Once again I found myself thinking how lucky I was. I put my pants back on, but left them undone and headed to find her. She was in the kitchen pouring a bowel of cereal, "Sorry, I don't have anything else for breakfast. I'm not really a morning person." when she noticed I was watching her.

"That is fine." I said back. I headed to the table and she brought the 2 bowls over with what remained of the box and took a seat for herself. We ate breakfast and talked about the night, and anything else that came to mind. When I finished, I looked her in the eyes and said, "Earlier when I said that was one of the best nights of my life... I meant it." I thought for a moment she might cry. She got up and came over to sit on my lap and hugged me. We stayed that way for a while. She nuzzled her face into my shoulder as I traced my fingers around the edges of her diaper. As she was clearing the table I went in search of my missing shirt and boots. By the time I was dressed she came swishing back in. I stood up and gave her a kiss goodbye and once again reach around to her backside to grab a handful of diaper and butt. 2 of my favorite things in all the world, even better when they are together. She stepped back and I said, "I'll call you when I get home."

I did and it led to... well that's another story for another time.

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