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Keeping It Under Wraps

Chapter 1.

Sara strained to finish her last set of lat pull downs, cheating a bit as she let her body lift slightly off the bench. As the weight neared the top of the rack her backside returned to the seat with a squish. Now sweating profusely, her forty-five minute workout had turned into two hours as she worked out her frustration on the equipment. Finishing school had been no small feat for her despite the reputation she had as an elite academic. The stress of the last three years had taken its toll on her body and psyche but she felt immense pride in her accomplishment. Unfortunately, with everything finished but some paperwork, she could only focus on the anxiety she felt over her future.

As she reached over to grab her towel, she had the telltale feeling of her sweat ridden pad leaking into the liner of her running pants. She had convinced herself that it was a pad, but there weren't too many pads that pulled on like this one did. She was very embarrassed about having to wear it and her efforts to be discreet about it were matched only by her passion to succeed. She kept this drive for perfection and her slightly neurotic behavior in the confines of her mind so as not to reveal any sort of her own perceived weaknesses. The long sweatshirts she wore were another method of concealment that hindered her workout now and again and did nothing to flatter her figure. The brief stuck to her as she unceremoniously pushed herself up off the bench. A quick pluck pulled cold air between her skin and the cloth that was saturated with bodily fluids. She almost waddled from the discomfort of the wet diaper between her legs but aside from a slight furrow of her brow walked through the gym undetected once again.

It was going to be a lousy walk with a prickly rash at the end, she thought to herself as she picked up her bag. The jacket inside was going to be too hot for the Indian summer this fall so she'd be without that last layer of security. She always thought that tying it around her waist would accentuate her rump, which it did, but it revealed nothing more than that fact that she had a phenomenal figure. Of all the guys that tried to sneak a peak at her body, not one of them was thinking about what she had on, but rather how they could get in. If they only knew.

The autumn sunshine and cool breeze was invigorating and put a spring in Sara's step. As she made mental notes of what needed to be taken care of today she became distracted by how uncomfortable she was feeling in her state. The folds of the diaper that normally rubbed her the right way were sagging a couple inches below her crotch and were severely chaffing her inner thighs. Just a few minutes more, she thought to herself as she adjusted her stride. Walking with her legs further apart was hardly noticeable, but the look on her face was a sure indication that something was at the very least bothering her. She felt body release once more into her pants and tears began to well up in the corners of her eyes. Sara was in dire need of an emotional release and now was not the time for it. So what that she never felt herself start to go, what bothered her was that by the time she was aware of what was happening it was always too late to do anything about it. Hence, she wore protection, or pads as she put it. She curled her lips together and completed the struggle home.

The instant she opened the door, Sara broke down. She slumped down to the floor with her head in her hands and leaned against the door behind her.

After about three minutes of crying inconsolably, she began to laugh at the condition her condition was in. The laughter continued as emotions that had been shut away for months shook her body. For a moment she was shaking uncontrollably and unbeknownst to her, she lost control once again. As the emotional rupture subsided, she scraped herself off the floor and into the bathroom. Her warm-up pants peeled off with little effort and she caught a glimpse of her sagging diaper in the mirror. Her heart skipped when she saw the stain on her seat. She scrambled to pull the diaper down hoping that she had just hallucinated. Good god, she thought, finding the source of the stain. Well, there's a good reason to be wearing a diaper. To be a wetter was one thing, but to have the control of an infant was another matter all together. She sighed as the last tear she could muster trickled down her cheek. Time for a shower.

Once cleaned up, she reached around the curtain for her towel that she had never grabbed before getting undressed. Sara's eyes rolled back into her head as she shook it with disgust in herself. Now that her routine was thrown off, she tracked through her apartment leaving little wet prints on the dark hardwood floor. She grabbed her towel from the bedroom adn head back to the bathroom. Should have dumped the dirty diaper before the shower dummy, she thought as she gingerly lifted the soiled pamper. Throwing it in the regular trash was a no-no in her building, which she had discovered the hard way. A few weeks after moving in, she put her trash in what she thought was the appropriate place in the basement, only to find a sign the next time she went down about putting disposable diapers in the recycle bin. Whoever it was that put the sign up made it evident that they were adult diapers and that the irresponsible party should pay the $30 fine. She admitted to nothing and became even more conscious of where she left tracks. The soiled pads went in her own version of the diaper genie that included two air fresheners on the lid. She flipped the cabinet under the sink open with her pinky and retrieved a nighttime pad and powder. The slight rash from her walk had been soothed by the shower but there were still some pricklies.

Ample powder eased the discomfort as she sneezed. Nothing like wetting your diaper before it's even on, she thought. She dumped more powder over the wet spot and pulled the brief up between her legs. Once it was secured, she grabbed her robe and headed into the living room. The tasks of the day would have to wait a little while because she was going to relax.

Sara awoke from her nap to a knock at the door.

"FedEx!" said a deep voice from behind the door. A quick inspection of the room and then herself and she opened the door slightly and peered around. The deep voice had come from the meekest looking man she had ever seen. He seemed dwarfed by his company hat and in his arms was a case of disposable briefs. Sara was panic stricken when she realized what he was holding. Her orders were supposed to be in unmarked boxes! What the hell was this?! Her eyes became even wider when the door across the hall began to open. Without a second thought, she grabbed the arm of man with her left, the source of her embarrassment with her right and pulled both into the apartment. The guy was dumbfounded as she kicked the door closed with her foot.

Sara was so relieved to have avoided her neighbor that she didn't realize the bottom her robe had fallen open. The picture became clear to her when she looked at the delivery man's eyes that were now fixated on her waist.

She snatched her robe together and the two of them looked at each other without a word. For some reason, she didn't feel embarrassed. She was standing in front of a man who had just seen her in a diaper, a soaking wet diaper at that, and all she could think was "why is he smiling?"

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