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Part 2

Kelly settled her head back on the pillow, trying to go to sleep but worried about the events which the night would bring as the laxative worked inside her, robbing her of dignity and control.

To her surprise, she realized that she must have gone to sleep because the ward was now dark and quiet with the candy-striper sitting by her bed, studying whilst also keeping watch over Kelly. She knew immediately what had woken her as her bowels churned painfully. She knew that in a moment she would have to let go and release the softened mess of stool into her diapers and plastic pants. She was sitting on a disposable incontinence pad, guessing correctly that it was there as the nurses thought she might well leak, and propped up with her legs raised as well, again guessing that it was so that her diaper was the lowest part of her and that any leaks would be kept off the plaster cast on her leg. She wasn't covered by a sheet and had a ridiculously short gown on which covered her forming breasts, but left the whole of her plastic pants and diapers exposed to view so that the candy-striper could see when her diaper needed changing. She also could see that a clear plastic cuff had been tucked into the thigh end of her plaster cast. This covered her cast up to her knee and was tucked well in around the top of the plaster, nearest to her diaper, probably to keep the plaster clean. The bag of water connected to the naso-gastric tube was half empty. The bag must have held over a gallon when it was full so half of that must be awash inside her. Kelly grimaced, thinking that with the way her bowels were feeling, that diaper change would need to be soon. The candy-striper noticed that Kelly was awake.

"Are you all right, Kelly?" she asked with genuine concern on her face as Kelly's face contorted form the spasms which were pulsing through her guts.

"No, I'm about to explode, I think!" Kelly responded, blushing bright red as her bowels released into her diapers with an obvious noise.

"Let is out, Kelly. Don't try to fight it. It won't be pleasant, but you really do need all of that out of you."

Kelly was horrified as she let go the huge amount of stool which filled her diapers causing them and the plastic pants to balloon out between her legs. The white fabric of the diapers was visibly turning brown as the laxative had done its work.

"I think I need my diapers changed," Kelly said to Susan, the candy-striper.

"I'm afraid there's a lot more to come, Kelly. You'll be passing stool for several hours yet."

"Hours?" Kelly, asked in horror.

"I'm afraid so, but we will change you from time to time." Kelly convulsed again as the laxative forced her to pass another load of stool. Because the diaper was pinned tightly around her thighs, the stool was being forced up between her buttocks and up her back as well as up her front. She was disgusted and yet fascinated at the same time. The feeling was so familiar and she wondered whether she was sort of remembering soiling her diaper as a child. It felt warm around her and made her bottom slippery inside the diaper. Susan looked at the way her diaper was bulging and told Kelly, "I'm going to get a couple of the nurses to help to change you. You really did have loads inside you and I expect there's quite a lot more still to come."

Susan came back with two of the night staff and a trolley piled with diapers, plastic pants, a disposal bucket for the soiled diaper and pants and a bowl of warm water to wash her. The nurses adjusted the bed to be flatter and propped a pillow under Kelly's back to try to raise her off the bed. As they unpopped the plastic pants and diaper, Kelly could appreciate from the smell why they had done this at night when the other children were asleep. She looked down to discover that she was absolutely plastered with stool! The nurses gently and without comment, for which she was grateful, washed her clean and dried her. She was then thoroughly creamed to prevent diaper rash, then really thick diapers were applied and a pair of clean popper pants, making sure that all of the diaper was tucked into the plastic pants. When she was clean, and her diapers sorted, the bed was readjusted to sit her up with her legs also raised so her bottom and diaper was at the bottom of a 'V' shape made by the bed. Susan and one of the nurses left.

"Susan is going to take her break now," the nurse who stayed with her told her. The other nurse came back with a bottle filled with warm orange liquid, another filled with water and a hypodermic syringe in a kidney dish. the usual checking of name bands was done to ensure that Kelly was whom they thought she was and that she was going to get the right drug. She handed the bottle to the nurse sitting by Kelly and left. Kelly was offered the teat of the bottle and asked to drink. Kelly immediately recognised the orange taste with the salty aftertaste as another bottle full of laxative. Kelly spat the tea from her mouth.

"Oh no! Not more of that stuff!"

"I'm afraid so, Kelly. The doctors want you thoroughly cleaned out in the hope we won't have to do this again." Kelly dutifully sucked at the bottle until all the laxative had gone and then greedily drank the bottle of water to take away the salty taste. The nurse injected Kelly's good leg with another dose of sedative so she could get back to sleep again.

Kelly woke again in the early hours of the morning with the same stomach cramps which soon turned into an explosion of her bowels. This time she could tell that it was mainly liquid. Susan smiled at her, "Hello, Kelly, awake again?"

"I'm afraid so, and I expect you can guess why!"

"I can! But I should tell you that we've changed you three time so far this night. You woke for the first one and were asleep for the second and third."

"You mean I managed to sleep though you changing my diapers and all? Gosh! That stuff you gave me to help me sleep must really work well."

"Oh yes," Susan laughed, "it's powerful stuff. You were well sedated, let me assure you." Kelly passed more and more stool , watching the liquid flood her diapers, changing the white cloth to a murky brown color.

"We'll leave you another 15 minutes and then change you again." Susan told Kelly.

By the time the rest of the ward was awake, Kelly had been through the worst of the purging. Despite being washed and creamed each time, her buttocks, back and front burned a bit where the stool had come in contact with her skin. Susan left after handing over Kelly's care to the morning shift of nurses, coming back to say good-bye to Kelly, "I was seconded to this ward just for last night, so I probably won't nurse you again. I hope you soon get back on your legs and get your arms back!" Kelly thanked her for all her care the previous night, but Susan passed it off, "It's my job and I love nursing!"

Over the next few days, Kelly managed to pass stool with the help of the lactulose. Because she really did hate taking that sweet sickly syrup, she had it squirted down her naso-gastric tube through a syringe. She found that much better. After those few days, she found she didn't mind soiling herself and surprised herself by realizing that she really didn't mind. In fact, she didn't always try to pass stool before her morning diaper change, preferring to be messy during the morning leading up to her noon change. She found that she was loving the being 'babied' - she mentally used that expression because what else could you call being fed with a spoon and bib, drinking from a baby bottle, even though it was a special large one, and wetting and soiling her diapers. She most of all loved the gentle care as she was washed and her diapers changed. being an intelligent girl, she realized that she would miss this regular care and attention when she was well enough to go home again.

A couple of weeks later, she was constipated again, despite the lactulose. She wondered whether she would get the overnight treatment, but was disappointed when a nurse came with a syringe containing an oily yellow liquid.

"We're going to try this, Kelly. It's good old fashioned castor oil. We hardly ever use it anymore as it is so horrible to take and can be quite uncomfortable as it causes griping. But you had that anyway with the large dose of Picolax we gave you and, as I'm going to put it down your tube, you won't taste it." With that, she flipped the port on the tube open and connected the syringe. After injecting the castor oil down her naso-gastric tube, she flushed the tube first with mil to get rid of the oily residue, then water.

"That may work as soon as a couple of hour, Kelly. Let us know how you're getting on."

Later, Kelly discovered what the nurse had meant about griping pains. If she could have used her arms, she'd have curled up, with her arms cuddled to her abdomen. This time she'd decided that she would let it out rather than try to fight it and her decision was soon justified as her bowels were emptied by the castor oil. She was sitting up as the warm mess squeezed its way between her legs and up both her front and back. She didn't actually envy the nurses' job to clean her up afterwards and guessed that they must be very dedicated people! A passing nurse asked if she was all right. Kelly told her that the castor oil was doing its stuff, but she didn't think she needed a diaper change yet. She needed two diaper changes before she felt emptied with nothing more to come. It made life 'interesting' having these strong purgatives using the same meaning of 'interesting' as in the ancient Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times. She thought of the experience she was having of being fed, washed and changed just like a baby because she couldn't use her arms, encased as they were from shoulder to wrist in plaster each.

One day, after having had the plasters off her arms and X-rayed, her doctor pronounced her arm fractures healed, but warned Kelly that her leg would take a couple of weeks more at least to make sure the bone had knitted as it was a nasty fracture. Kelly found she was bitterly disappointed as she was given cut up food so she could feed herself. There was a water jug and glass beside her bed for her to pour her own drinks. She must have looked miserable as one of the nurses saw her and, after she'd finished her meal, came and pulled the curtains around her bed. Kelly had a bib around her neck anyway as she was a little weak from having her arms plastered for so long. The nurse told Kelly to sit up, then the nurse sat on the bed and told Kelly to lie back across her lap cradling her head with one arm. To Kelly's surprise, the nurse produced a bottle and proceeded to give it to her.

"You look as if you could do with this," the nurse said to her.

"It's a big change from being made a fuss of every meal to suddenly being expected to feed yourself. Don't expect this again, but we all do feel sorry for you. You've been in here longer than any of the other children as your accident was really nasty with your leg bone particularly being very broken. It is healing now. We didn't tell you before as you'd only have worried." Kelly sucked slowly at the bottle, making the most of what she thought might be her last chance to be properly 'babied'. When she'd finished, she blushed and thanked the nurse for her kindness. The nurse looked serious.

"Kelly, I need to talk to you about your diapers. Your leg plaster will come off soon and, once the physiotherapists have got you walking again, you'll be going home." Kelly started to cry at the thought of all the care she'd been missing. She shocked herself by realizing how much she'd come to enjoy being in hospital and surrendering herself to the ministrations of the nurses. The nurses smiled at her kindly, "You'll miss us all, won't you?" Kelly nodded and the tears fell even faster. The nurse cuddled her close, "Try not to cry, Kelly. It's usual to end up liking being cared for here. We're worried that you'll still be needing diapers when you go home. It's all right if you do, but you might feel better at least being dry during the day." The nurse's smile could only be described as wicked, "But you might not still be dry at night when you're home, though! You do need to start holding back to retrain yourself. We're not surprised that you have got used to just wetting when your bladder starts to get full without realizing it. That's because you've been here so long and got used to being in diapers. I guess you liked the feeling that you didn't have to worry about that while you've been here, but you really do need to start to try so you don't need to wear them when you go back to school, for example." Kelly said that she did understand and that she'd do her best, while thinking to herself that she might have 'accidents' for some considerable time at night when she got home.

The nurse went away and came back with a wheelchair and another nurse. Together they took changed Kelly's diapers, but, to Kelly's surprise, this time, instead of the clear plastic popper pants to cover her diaper, the nurses put on a pink pair covered with cute animals - very pretty and babyish too! Kelly also had a tee shirt in matching pink with a bear on the front and back.

"We dress you up a bit to go to physiotherapy! You're going to do some gentle work to get your arms working again." With that, Kelly was lifted into the wheelchair and taken down to physiotherapy. She sat and waited for a little while before the curtains were drawn back so that the previous patient could be wheeled out and Kelly wheeled in. It was a lady in her thirties who was dressed in a similar tee shirt and, to Kelly's surprise, matching pink plastic pants - not quite like hers as the lady's were the pull on type. Kelly tried hard not to stare and didn't quite know what to make of the diapers which the woman was wearing. Kelly's nurse leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "Everyone who comes for extended physiotherapy is offered the chance of wearing a diaper - in fact, it is recommended since it is easier for the patient if they get 'caught short' while they're here." Kelly could see the sense in that as she realized that she was wet again, without remembering actually having wet herself. She really would have to try to be dry during the day, although the school nurse could always change her if need be?

Eventually, Kelly's leg plaster came off, she had her physiotherapy and 'learned' to walk again after her leg muscle had wasted so much from being enclosed in plaster and out of use. She'd really tried to be dry during the day, but when she was concentrating hard on something, she did still have the occasional accident. The nurses told her not to worry and that things would improve with time. She was still wet overnight thought, but this didn't bother her so much.

One day the doctor told her that she could go home the next day. Her feelings were really mixed. She had become dependent on the nurses' care for her and did not look forward to independence again. Kelly was lying in bed when the curtains were pulled round the bed of the boy next to her. He was much younger than she was and, like her, was to go home the next day. She'd watching him walking round the ward now his plaster was off his leg, dressed, like her, in a short gown and plastic pants over his diapers. The nurses wheeled the diaper trolley in to the curtains as well as a transfusion pole with a clear bag partly filled with a white colored liquid with foam on the top. Kelly was secretly amused. She guessed it was soapy water and he was going to get an enema! She listened as the nurses stripped him down to his diapers which were replaced with a thick pile of clean ones. He was told to bring his legs up as he laid on his back and then spread them apart. His anus was lubricated by one of the nurses with a gloved finger and KY, then the colon tube was slid into him as he protested that he didn't want an enema, telling the whole ward, as if they didn't know, what was being done to him. The nurses told him that it was ward practice to administer an enema to very child going home. He had two choices: accept it, or be forced to have it. Kelly blushed as a warm feeling spread though her body. Was she going to get the same treatment? She found herself excited at the thought! The nurses explained about working the colon tube high up into his large intestine. Once there, he was re-diapered and plastic pants put on him, with a layer of incontinence pads under him in case of leaks. One of the nurses caught the edge of the curtain so that Kelly caught a glimpse of him lying there with his abdomen distended by all the soapy water inside him. The nurse s had told him to hold it for at least five minutes or they would do it again! Kelly tried to imagine what it would feel like to have her belly swollen like that!

Half an hour later, one of the nurses asked Kelly to come with her to the ward bathroom. She'd been there every day since the leg cast had come off for the nurses to shower her. She was seated on a toilet type seat and a strap put around under her breasts as she was showered clean, then the strap released so her back could be cleaned. The nurses wore rubber boots and plastic gowns which covered the from neck to ankle as well as to their wrists in the plastic, and then rubber gloves on the hands and over the wrists to keep the nurses dry. The open fronted seat allowed the nurses to clean between her legs. Kelly had been embarrassed by this at first, despite the nurses cleaning her there at every diaper change. Being sat up naked like that was a strange experience.

This time there was a gurney covered in incontinence pads.

"Kelly," said one of the two nurses there, "please take off your gown and lie back on the trolley. We need to give you an enema in a few minutes, but there's a short procedure we need to do first." Kelly disrobed and laid back on the gurney as the nurses removed her diapers and cleaned her. A young female doctor came into the room.

"Hello, Kelly. I've been asked to dilate your hymen for you. During earlier examination, we found that your hymen is virtually closed off and we need to open it up for you as you would have problems later if we don't. It's been a good thing so far as it has stopped you getting an infection there when you've used your diaper, but, as you're going home tomorrow, this really needs to be done today." The doctor explained what she was doing as firstly anesthetic gel was smeared over the surface of her hymen. As the anesthetic took effect, the doctor filled a syringe with lidocaine to inject around her hymen when it was numb from the gel. Kelly didn't feel the injections at all as they went in, but it stung a bit at first as the lidocaine was injected. Again, waiting a suitable time for the injections to work, the doctor lubricated her finger with the gel and burst her hymen. The doctor then took a vaginal plug, lubricated it, and then inserted that into Kelly's vagina, telling her that it was to keep the hymen open and to stop it scarring as it healed. Kelly wondered about the wire coming from the plug into a box. She was too worried to ask. The doctor gave her a couple of tablets to take, telling her that it would help if she found she was a bit sore later. With that, the doctor left.

One of the nurses carefully wiped around the plug and dried the skin, then took a special dressing to cover the plug, explaining to Kelly that this was to keep anything out when she had her enema. She was placed on a really thick pile of diapers, then one of the nurses went to fetch the transfusion pole. She came back with the bag absolutely full with hot soapy water.

"I can't hold all that, can I?" Kelly asked, now looking forward to this rather less than earlier.

"Oh yes you can!" the nurse replied with a grin.

"We decided here would be rather more private for you than the ward as you are so much bigger than the boy, you get correspondingly more!"

Instead of the expected colon tube which the boy next to her had had, Kelly had a large nozzle inserted for the enema which made her gasp as her anal sphincter was stretched to allow the passage of the widest part of the nozzle. The nurse had explained to her that it was to help her to grip onto the nozzle so she wouldn't leak. Kelly was asked to lie on her left side in the Sims position with her knees flexed. Instead of letting gravity do the filling of her colon, the nurses had connected a Higginson syringe into the tubing. As one of the nurses squeezed the bulb of the syringe, Kelly could feel the pulses of hot water flowing into her colon. The nurse did this slowly, avoiding squeezing too hard which might have caused cramps. Kelly experienced a new sensation in parts of her body she hadn't been aware of before as the pulses of hot water pushed her colon against her vagina and uterus.

One of the nurses told Kelly to turn her head to look at the bag which had held the soapy water.

"Look, Kelly, we told you that you could take it all!" Kelly looked at her belly which was even more swollen than the young boy who was in the next bed. The nurses gently removed the nozzle and rolled Kelly onto her back, warning her to grip her muscles tight to avoid leaks. They swiftly diapered her in the thickest layers of diapers she'd had yet! Instead of plastic pants, she was assisted into a strange garment which stretched from just above her budding breasts to her knees.

"I'll sit with you, Kelly," one of the nurses said to her, to keep an eye on you. Let me know when you think you're going to have to let go." Kelly laid there as the soapy water churned inside her. Looking down at her very swollen belly, she wondered if this is what it felt like to be pregnant. Suddenly the churning became stronger.

"I'm going to have to release this in a moment," Kelly said to the nurse. The nurse reached over and clicked a control on the little box connected to the vaginal plug by a wire. Suddenly the most intense sensation Kelly had ever experienced flooded her whole body. The plug was vibrating inside her! Kelly looked at the nurse who smiled back at her as she turned the control to a higher setting. The vibrations and the feelings they'd induced overcame Kelly's control as she released the enema into her diapers, experiencing, as she did so, her first full orgasm as her body convulsed with the new and wonderful sensation. When she'd finished, the nurse said, "This is our little secret, Kelly." A hot, sweaty, and very messy Kelly, smiled at her, saying, "Thank you! That was wonderful!"

The other nurse came back and Kelly was thoroughly showered clean, and the plug removed. She was dried between them and re-diapered, before being taken back to her bed in a wheelchair, Kelly ha never experienced the like and looked forward to having that feeling again!

The next hospital had informed her parents who came that afternoon as had been arranged to take Kelly home. She was wheeled to the hospital entrance in a wheelchair, still wearing diapers and pink animal decorated plastic pants. The nurse who had helped her to dress said that the hospital didn't want them back as her insurance had been charged for them. Kelly was helped into her father's car and driven home. She left the hospital in tears because she had come to depend on the care so much. Her mother and father had been warned about this, so wisely said nothing. Kelly's mom turned to her, "I expect you'd like a rest when you get home as I expect coming home will have tired you out?"

"Yes, please, mom. I'm sorry I'm like this. I don't know what's come over me," was Kelly's reply.

At home, Kelly was helped to her bedroom. Her father left the bedroom, closing the door.

"Let's get you into your pajamas and into bed. I'll bring you a drink in a while." Her mom helped Kelly to undress into just her plastic pants and diapers and then pulled her pajama top over her head.

"I don't think we'll bother with the bottoms at the moment as you've got your diaper on." Kelly blushed that her mom had so casually acknowledged that she was wearing diapers. Kelly laid back in the bed, noticing a strange sound. Her mom pulled the covers over her and kissed her on her forehead.

"I'll be back soon with a drink for you. Rest a bit, love." Kelly rolled over as her mom left the room and heard the crinkling sound again. She pulled back the corner of the bottom sheet to find her mattress was enclosed in a plastic waterproof cover. She tucked the sheet back so her explorations would not be seen. Her mom came in with a drink and then pulled back the covers, tucking a finger into the top of Kelly's diapers having first put on a pair of disposable rubber gloves. She remarked, "You're wet. I'd better change you." Kelly's mother produced a plastic changing mat which she slid under Kelly and then proceeded to remove her plastic pants and diaper. her mother wiped her with diaper wipes, dried her, placed a thick pile of diapers under her, then creamed her carefully. Kelly smiled at her mom and said, "Thanks, mom, I'm sorry to be such a nuisance."

"Nonsense, my love! I always did enjoy changing you when you were a baby and I'm enjoying it now." Just before pinning the diapers up around her, Kelly felt her mom push two things into her back passage.

"What's that, mom?"

"Don't worry, love. I've given you a couple of suppositories to make sure you don't get constipated again. You go to sleep now and, when you need to, remember you've got diapers on!" With that, her mom kissed her on her forehead, covered her up and put out the light. Kelly smiled. She liked her mom caring for her too!

What happens when Kelly tells her best friend her new secret? Find out in episode 3!

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