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Part 3

Kelly settled down to being at home again after her long stay in hospital while her leg and arms healed following her bike accident. In the hospital, all the children on the orthopedic ward had worn diapers all the time since many of them were bed-bound. Kelly had been there so long that she had to begin training herself all over again.

Initially she had worn diapers and plastic pants to school and had been worried about teasing from the other pupils. She was excused sports for the whole semester in case she broken anything again. To her surprise, no one seemed to notice. That was because Kelly's best friend, Sue, had made sure that everyone knew and the school had made sure that everyone understood the very serious consequences of teasing Kelly. Kelly's mom had bought her diapers which did up with Velcro at the front to make it easier for her to take them off and put them back on if she made it to the bathroom in time.

If she did have an 'accident', the school nurse had dry diapers and pants, so all Kelly had to do was to go to her to be changed. When this happened, the nurse did a digital rectal examination to check they Kelly wasn't constipated. The nurse explained that this could make it more difficult for her to regain continence if she was constipated. if the nurse felt that Kelly needed some assistance in that area, she'd ring her mom who would administer either a dose of laxatives or a suppository to work over night.

Kelly still wore diapers at night, the conventional pin on type, as she'd not managed to be fully dry at night yet, and, if the truth be known, didn't really want to be. She did enjoy her mom washing her, putting cream and talcum powder on her and diapering her at night. Occasionally, her mom would give her a large bottle of juice to drink last thing after putting her in thick night time diapers. Kelly would sit on her mom's lap and suckle from the teat on the bottle. Kelly guessed, correctly, that her mom was enjoying this as much as Kelly was.

Part way through Fall, her mom and dad were planning a weekend away, so Kelly's older sister was put in charge. Karen had been shown how to change Kelly's diapers for her and had secretly told Kelly that she rather enjoyed doing this for her 'little sister'. The fly in the ointment was Tom, Kelly's brother and a year younger than her. He could be a real pain so her parents had warned him at great length about what would happen to him, and all the privileges he'd loose if Karen gave him a bad report on their return. Kelly was allowed to have Sue for a sleep over during the weekend as Sue was known to be a sensible young lady.

Kelly's parents had left on the Friday afternoon so had gone by the time all four of them arrived home. Tom was in a bad mood at the thought of being under big sister's thumb all weekend with the power she could wield over him on his parents' return. After the evening meal, and homework had been done out of the way, it was time for bed. Tom was required, as the youngest, to get ready for bed first. He grumbled at this, but was reminded by Karen about the consequences of disobedience. Then Kelly and Sue went up to get ready with Karen's help to get Kelly suitably diapered for the night. Sue offered to wait outside while Karen got Kelly ready for bed, but Kelly said she didn't mind. After all, they'd seen each other naked in the showers after sports at school. Sue watched with a look of obvious longing as Kelly was diapered. Karen noticed and turned to Sue.

"I know you're Kelly's best friend and you two share everything. Should I put a diaper on you as well so you match Kelly?" Karen said with a big smile on her face. Sue answered immediately, "Yes please, Karen. Then we share the experience together! Can I have pink plastic pants with the nursery print like Kelly, please?" Karen laughed, "Since those are Kelly's favorite too, we've got several pairs of those!" Karen diapered Sue as well. Afterwards both of the girls sat on the edge of Kelly's bed dressed in pink plastic pants covering thick cloth diapers and short baby doll nightdresses in case of leaks. Suddenly Karen signed to the two girls to keep talking and tiptoed quietly to the door, suddenly flinging it open. Tom fell into the room.

"Ah!" Karen said, " I though I could hear that we'd got a 'Peeping Tom'!"

"Quite appropriate as he really is Tom," said Kelly. Karen grabbed him by an ear and pulled hard.

"Right, Tom. You have two choices. Either you do as we say all weekend or I'll tell mom and dad when they come home and I wouldn't want to be in your shoes when they do find out about this. Dad and mom will go ballistic and I suspect you'll be grounded for months. What is it to be?" Tom swallowed hard. He'd been enjoying spying on the girls and now everything had gone disastrously wrong.

"I guess you'd better punish me.

It can't be worse than mom and dad's punishment, I hope."

"I wouldn't be too sure about that, Tom. Sit downstairs and we girls will be getting things ready for you. Come at once when I call or you know what I'll do!" Karen warned him severely.

"I know, you'll tell mom and dad and I'm for it" Tom replied in a resigned voice.

When Tom was downstairs, Karen outlined her plan to Kelly and Sue. Both of the girls were delighted at Karen's scheme and set about helping her. First of all, Tom's bed was stripped and a plastic mattress cover put over the mattress before the bed was made. An incontinence pad was placed on the bed strategically placed in case of leaks. Kelly chose her sissiest pink plastic pants as well as thick diapers and pink ended diaper pins. Karen found some bandage and her ski mittens as well as rubber gloves, KY jelly and a special surprise for Tom, then Tom was summoned upstairs.

"Take all of your clothes, and I mean all of them including your underwear and lie on the bed." Tom did so as the three girls watched him. Tom was beetroot red in the face with embarrassment as the girls watched him.

"Now you know what it feels like to be watched. It's not so funny when it's you being watched, not us, is it, Tom?" Tom muttered how sorry he was.

"Not as sorry as you're going to be," Karen replied. When he was stripped bare naked, he tried to cover his privates with his hands, but the girls put the mittens on him, tying them firmly around his wrists so there was no way he could get them off himself, then pulled him back onto the bed. Sue and Karen held his arms while Kelly tied his wrists to the head of his new metal bed - the chromed steel tubing made ideal fixing points for the bandages.

His legs were likewise fastened to the tubing at the foot of his bed so he was spread-eagled on the mattress. Karen placed a thick pile of diapers under his bottom, helped by the two younger girls from each side lifting his buttocks off the bed.

"You're not really going to make me wear diapers, are you?" asked Tom plaintively.

"Why not? You seemed to enjoy watching Kelly being diapered, didn't you," Karen retorted, "let's see how you like being in diapers!" Karen put on the rubber gloves and lubricated a finger with KY jelly.

"Here's a real surprise for you! A suppository!" With that, she lubricated his back passage and inserted one suppository.

"Oh no," Kelly said, "We want a good result. Better make it two!" Karen was only too pleased to oblige and the second one entered the same way as the first with Karen reaching her finger as far up inside him as possible to make sure he didn't expel the suppositories too soon. His thick diapers were pulled up especially tight, especially between the legs to make sure that when he soiled himself, it would spread out as far as possible around his diapers.

A leg was freed in turn as plastic pants were worked up his legs and the ankles refastened with the bandage.

"Right, ladies," Karen said to the others, "let's go and make him a bottle!" The girls went downstairs to fill two bottles with orange juice. Karen produced the bottle of one of Kelly's laxatives. This was Dulco-lax Perles which are capsules of sodium picosulfate. The normal dose for an adult is a maximum of four capsules, but Karen emptied out six into his bottle.

"That should keep him awake with griping and cramps tonight as well as making him think twice about spying on us again!" The girls went back upstairs to Tom's room her he lay passively on the bed, realizing that the only way he was going to be freed was when the girls released him.

"Open wide, Tom," Karen ordered him, and drink your bottle like a good baby!"

"No, I won't. That's going to far," Tom exclaimed.

"Just remember what mom and dad would do and you'll probably be glad this will only last the weekend!" Karen replied.

"The weekend!" Tom cried in horror.

"You're not making wear these all weekend?"

"I had to wear them for months in hospital so you can just put up with it. It serves you right for being such a nasty Peeping Tom. Mom and dad gave you the right name! Now open up!" Kelly pinched his nose until he was forced to open his mouth to breathe. Karen shoved the teat of the bottle into his mouth, ordering him to drink or else she'd squeeze the bottle and make him drink it. She gave him the laxative laced bottle first, then, despite his protest, the second one.

"You'll have really wet diapers by the morning, and messy ones too when the suppositories and laxative work."

"You haven't?" cried Tom.

"Oh yes," Karen replied, "you'll really mess yourself by morning!" Karen urged Sue and Kelly to go to bed, saying she'd bring them a bottle each and give it to them if they liked. Both girls said that they would like some juice. Karen washed the bottles and teats, lacing the bottles with the same dose of laxative as Tom had been given to fully initiate Sue into wearing diapers. She carried the bottles upstairs to Kelly's bedroom.

She sat on Kelly's bed and invited Sue to sit on her lap. Kelly said she'd drink her own so Karen could get to bed herself after feeding Sue. Sue found suckling from the bottle strange yet somehow familiar. Her tongue ached a bit from using it in such a different way, but she enjoyed it.

Karen took away the bottles, smiling at them both with perhaps a slightly wicked grin for what she'd done to them both and then said to Kelly, "Mind both beds appear slept on when mom and dad come home on Sunday night." With that, she went out, shutting the door behind her.

"What did she mean by that, I wonder," Kelly said.

"I think your sister is a very sensitive person and guessed," was Sue's reply.

"I still don't understand!" Kelly bemoaned. Sue decided that actions do speak louder than words and went up to Kelly, kissing her full on her lips and putting her arms round her. Sue's tongue explored Kelly's lips until Kelly opened her mouth and both girls kissed in earnest. Sue broke off.

"Do you mind? I've always wanted to do that."

"No!" came Kelly's surprised reply.

"It was like an electric shock went through me. Let's do that again!" With that Sue got into bed with Kelly, who reached over, turning out the light as soon as Sue was beside her. Sue whispered in Kelly's ear, "Do we really need our nightdresses on? Let's slip them off!" Kelly was having feelings she'd never experienced before except when the nurses surprised her just before she left hospital with that enema and the vibrator. The girls were soon fondling each other as they kissed. Sue put a hand down the front of Kelly's diaper and began rubbing her. Kelly responded and both girls rubbed each other to a climax, Kelly's first time that way.

"Does this mean we're gay?" Kelly asked Sue.

"I don't know. I fancy boys, but I also fancy you.

You've got a lovely body and you're so much fun to be with." The girls enjoyed each other unto exhaustion when they both fell asleep in each other's arms.

Later that night, Sue woke as she both needed to pee and her bowels were churning from the laxative which Karen had mixed with her juice. Kelly woke, "What's the matter, Sue?"

"I need to go to the bathroom urgently!"

"Don't be silly! You're wearing a diaper, so just let it out."

"You don't understand, Kelly, I need to go potty really badly."

"I know, so do I.

Karen must have played a joke on us too with laxative in our bottles. It doesn't matter. Your diapers can cope with that too." Kelly hugged Sue and kissed her again, breaking off to whisper in her ear, "You might as well get it over with. You're staying here with me.!" Sue didn't want to force the issue and kissed Kelly back as suddenly her bowels let go as the laxative forced her to empty herself into her diaper. As she was forced to let go the stool, her bladder emptied too. Kelly did so at the same time, kissing Sue all the harder. Both girls experienced an almost orgasmic release into their diapers as the kissed and caressed each other.

"I need to change me diaper," Sue whispered.

"I don't see why, Sue, it can hold a lot more than that!" Kelly replied, putting a hand around the back of Sue's plastic pants and squeezing so that the stool was spread around inside Sue's diaper.

"Two can play at that!" Sue responded, doing Kelly the same favor. After yet more kissing and cuddling, the girls fell back to sleep again, waking late in the morning when Karen came in with a cup of coffee for each of them.

"Sorry about the laxatives trick, Sue, but I thought if you wanted to try wearing diapers, you should really use them properly! Best get showered and changed, you too, because we have a sissy boy to deal with!" Kelly laughed, "I'd forgotten about Tom. By the way, how did you know what we would get up to?" Karen, who hadn't been in the least surprised to find both girls sharing Kelly's bed, told her, "I've seen the way you look at each other. I thought I'd encourage you to explore your proper feelings for each other while you had the opportunity. Still, get showered you two, and you might want to put clean diapers on. We've got Tom to get changed!" The girls went into Tom's room to find a strangely quiet Tom. They had expected torrents of abuse, but he was lying there and looked pleased to see them.

"Please could you clean me up? I'm really messy and sore." Karen smiled at him, "Of course, Tom.

" The girls freed him and led him to the bathroom as his legs were rather stiff from being tied down all night. It was obvious from the well sagging diaper and the brown stains visible through the pink plastic pants that the laxatives had done their work very well. Tom was stood in the shower and Karen asked him if he needed to 'go potty' before he was washed and changed. Tom said that he'd done all he could. Kelly said, "Tom, you're being really nice and polite for a change.

Why?" Tom answered, "Last night, I did a lot of thinking. I'm only like you were for months while you were in hospital and I didn't sleep much because of the laxatives. I got to thinking how nasty of me it was to spy on you like that. Kelly flung her arms round his neck and kissed him.

"I'm so pleased to hear you say that!" Tom's wet and soiled diapers were peeled off him and removed while the girls hosed him clean with the shower. His hair was washed with Karen's special shampoo which Tom didn't know was a hair colorant type to change him from blonde to dark brown to help with their plans for later. When Tom was dried, he saw that his hair was brown and asked why. He had lovely long hair because he was into rock music, jeans and leather which was just perfect for their plans.

Tom asked plaintively, "Have you punished me enough yet?" Karen answered him, "We still have some other punishment for you since you obviously like looking at female clothes, but you've got a choice. Do you want to stay in diapers and be babied until you're cleaned up before mom and dad come home?" Tom grinned.

"How did you guess I've wanted to be in diapers and babied?"

"I didn't guess, Tom, you left your computer on one night so I came in while you were asleep to turn it off for you before you got into trouble from dad for wasting electricity and you'd left it on the Daily Diapers story page about a boy being treated as a baby by his sisters." The girls first got Tom to lie on his bed where really thick diapers and then pretty teddy bear print yellow plastic pants were put on him. Over the top of those were pulled a pair of white frilly panties. A teenage bra was found at the bottom of Kelly's underwear drawer and this was put on him.

Handfuls of tissues bulked it out for him to look more authentic. White ankle socks were followed by a frilly white lace petticoat and a short dress in the most childish style which Kelly could find in her wardrobe. Mary Jane sandals finished Tom's feet. He was sat in a chair while all three girls carefully platted his hair into two plats, finished off with a pink ribbon at the end of each. Finally, the girls applied a smear of make up to try to enhance the femininity of the whole ensemble. Tom was invited to look into a full length mirror at himself.

"Wow!" was his quiet response as a young girl looked back at him. He whispered quietly to the others because he was so awestruck by his new appearance, "Could we do this again when mom and dad aren't around?" The girls giggled and told him that they would love to! The sisters and Sue led their new girl friend downstairs and sat 'her' in a chair. A plastic bib was tied round her neck and then a cloth absorbent bib on top. Karen had found here mom had secreted the baby items just in case they did have any more children, or for the girls when they got married and had families of their own. A baby bottle was produced filled with juice (and another dose of laxative!) and Thomasina was invited to drink it. A second bottle of straight juice followed while the girls took it in turn to feed Thomasina while they ate their own breakfast.

After they'd cleared away, the three girls and the new 'girl' got ready to go out. Thomasina was rather worried that 'she' might be recognised but Karen pointed out how different he looked which was why they'd colored his hair. 'She' was encouraged to speak in a girlish voice - not too hard as Tom's voice hadn't broken yet. The girls coached him in how to walk like a girl, despite the bulk of the diapers between his legs. In fact Thomasina found that the diapers helped because he needed to take smaller steps and swing 'her' hips rather than striding out like a boy. When the girls were happy that 'she' would pass as a girl, they all got into Karen's car to go to the mall shopping. Thomasina was taken into various shops where the girls bought him prettier ribbons for 'her' hair. 'She'd passed 'her' best friend (in her 'boy' life) in the mall and he'd spoken to Karen Kelly and Sue, who introduced Karen's and Kelly's cousin from upstate. He'd not recognised Tom, to 'her' great relief.

They had enjoyed a Big Mac each, regular Diet Coke for the real girls and a very large Coke for Thomasina. While in McDonalds, the laxatives worked as Thomasina was essentially emptied by the overnight laxatives so the breakfast ones had gone straight through him.

The girls decided to take him home to change him. Unfortunately that was when the accident happened. They were in the car park attached to the mall when a car suddenly roared out of one of the parking spaces and drove at them. As they tried to flee, the car tossed Kelly and Thomasina into the air. Kelly screamed as both her legs snapped when the car hit them and continued screaming as she landed on her arms which snapped as well. The loud cracks were clearly audible. Thomasina was caught a glancing blow and hit 'her' head on the ground, knocking her unconscious. A lady going to her car saw the whole thing can dialed 911 for an ambulance for the injured 'girls' as Karen and Sue rushed over to Kelly and Thomasina.. Karen was terrified because her younger sister and brother had been injured whilst in her care and also at the thought of what their mom and dad would say.

The ambulance arrived as Thomasina began to recover consciousness. He had been placed carefully in the recovery position by Karen who had done her first aid with the American Red Cross. The ambulance men went to deal with Kelly, getting the entonox out for her after checking her over. Sue was asked to hold the black rubber mask tightly over Kelly's face to make a good seal while Kelly was told to try to take as deep breaths as she could so breathe in the mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen to numb the pain somewhat while they applied splints to her legs and arms for her. Once in the ambulance, Kelly was given an injection to ease the pain as Thomasina and Kelly were taken to hospital with Karen following behind with Sue in Karen's car.

In the ER, Karen blushed as she explained to the doctor that Thomasina wasn't what 'she ' appeared. The young lady doctor laughed at Karen's embarrassed explanation that 'she' was a 'he' and that they'd done it for a dare. The doctor told Karen that they'd just heard form the Police that the car driver had stolen the car, but he'd been apprehended to face charges of theft and attempted homicide by automobile as he'd driven straight at them.

She watched the expression on Karen's face, which was a picture.

"All right," the doctor said, handing Karen a plastic 'patient property' plastic bag, "I did this to my younger brother too, many years ago, and it wasn't your fault about the accident. We've removed Thomas's clothes which are in the bag. I suggest that you smuggle them home and we, at the hospital, won't tell your parents. Thomas has begged us not to tell and we must maintain patient confidentiality!" she said, with a twinkle of amusement in her eye.

Kelly was taken to OR where her arms and legs were set in plaster. Thomas had also been taken through the OR as he had a broken wrist. When Kelly woke from the anaesthetic, she was back in the children's orthopedic ward in the same bed as she'd been in such a short time before. She could feel the wet diapers around her bottom and realised where she was. Seeing she was awake, the nurse leaned over and asked how she was.

"Wet and sore" came Kelly's mumbled answer.

"OK, Kelly, I'll get you something for the pain and then we'll change you. I don't need to explain that you're in diapers again and will be for some considerable time. We think you'll be here for longer than last time as you've snapped the bones where they healed over before and re-broken bones can take longer to heal. We've got Thomas in the next bed as he's got a broken wrist which has been plastered and we need to observe him overnight as he's had concussion." Kelly was changed into clean dry diapers and plastic pants, after she'd been given a pain killing injection. Turning her head to one side, she looked to where Tom was having his diapers changed next door. The nurses, obviously in on the prank, had Tom in the sissiest pink plastic pants they could find in his size. Kelly smiled to herself, guessing, correctly, that Tom was not objecting to the attention.

A nurse came with a bottle of water and asked Kelly to open her mouth while she gave her the bottle to suck. Kelly smiled inwardly to herself. She was going to be babied for some time - wearing diapers, given laxatives and enemas, and fed by baby bottle or by the nurses with a spoon. She was looking forward to all that!

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