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Kevin's Story

Sometimes my name is Kevin though not too often any more. My wife says it will help me to tell my story so here goes. For the record, I'm typing this during my lunch time at work. I'm no longer allowed to use the computer at home.

It all started about six months ago. Mary (that's my wife) and I were sitting on the couch one Friday night having some wine when out of the blue she started.

"Honey, tell me your deepest fantasies"

Instantly I froze. You see I have the weirdest fantasy in the world. Ever since my preteen bedwetting days, I have loved the idea of boys or men being put into diapers and completely controlled by the females in their lives rather it be mommy, wife, or even little sister. But wait as they say in the commercials. It gets worse. My fantasies also involve those same males being turned into sissy baby girls. Surely, I could never admit to that!

"Gee honey, I'm not sure I have any. What are yours'?"

"Come on Kevin, don't tell me you never looked at a beautiful model and wondered how it would be to sleep with her."

"I can truthfully say I haven't. You still haven't told me yours."

"I have to admit that as much as I love you and wouldn't do anything to hurt you, I have noticed big strong, handsome men and....Well, you know. Come on, men do it too."

She was probably right. Real men do think about it. Guess I'm not a real man.

After another glass of wine she tried again to get me to open up. She cheated actually. Mary knows I adore sucking on and kissing her ample breasts. She got up and went to the bedroom only to return wearing nothing but a pair of white panties. To make it worse, she refused to sit next to me until I sat on my hands and promised not to touch without permission. Naturally, I started to get a little hard. I was glad she didn't know the real reason I loved her breasts.

"I know one thing or should I say two things you care about" she said lightly rubbing the tips of her nipples.

"Maybe we should start here."

With that she pushed one of her nipples near the corner of my mouth, moving it slowly across just out of reach. She noticed that I became more erect.

"So Kevin honey, do you fantasize about me having even bigger breasts? Humm, no answer. Do you fantasize about having your own little breasts, then?" she teased.

"No I don't want my own breasts and yours are great just the way they are."

"Gee, what's left. Maybe you want to be mommy's little boy and nurse like a baby."

I thought I was going to pass out. Worse, I knew she saw the reaction of my penis but said nothing.

"Well, if you aren't going to tell, I give up for tonight."

With that she went and put on a night gown that hid those lovely mounds.

At that point, I had no idea of her real motive in learning my deepest secrets or the lengths she would go to ferret them out. I would find out soon enough.

It seems my very determined wife found her own way to learn what she wanted to know. One day, she set up her camcorder on the shelf of the closet in the spare room where I keep my computer. The door was open a crack with the camcorder focused on the keyboard. Poor simple me had no idea as I typed in my secret password "babygirl" that every key punch was being recorded.

The very next afternoon while I was still at work, my clever wife was home typing in my odd password. A trip though my favorite places files gave her all the details of my shocking thoughts. The thing was that she was more pleased than surprised. It seems this was perfect from her point of view.

Now I was happily ignorant of her voyage into my soul for the next several days. As I was searching the web for stories of petticoated and diapered males, she was in the other room with her laptop doing research on the same subject. Mary was also placing a few orders online. She waited all the way till Sunday evening to introduce me to my new life.

"Honey", she asked innocently.

"I'm thirsty. Would you like something to drink too?"


"I have a surprise and I want you to try to guess what it is so close your eyes and don't even think about opening them until I tell you!"

I was taken aback by her strong tone but I kind of liked it too. I closed my eyes and waited to taste the surprise, assuming it was a new wine.

"Now open dis cute little mouthy for mommy and keep those eyes closed!"

Of course, I opened up only to feel the rubber nipple and the taste of sweet milk.

"Whats this?" I said bravely with those eyes still closed.

"Open up and see, silly."

I tried to reach for the baby bottle she held but my hand was slapped away.

"I decided that since you love nursing me, then surely you will love having a bottle you actually get yummy formula from. Anyway this isn't your choice. It seems you've been keeping secrets from mommy and she isn't happy about it so I suggest you try to be a very good little girl."

Somehow she knew but I didn't know how much. Maybe she was just guessing but she sure seemed serious. I bravely decided to drink my bottle quietly. After all, it was what I wanted wasn't it? Now I wasn't so sure.

"Look who is on your ba ba honey. Why it's "Hello Kitty". Isn't she pretty? I bet you would adore a "Hello Kitty" bib to go with your bottle."

"No I wouldn't!" came out a little garbled with the nipple and warm milk in my mouth.

"Don't tell fibs to mommy or you will get spanked. Now hold your ba ba with two hands. Mommy has to get you ready for beddy bye."

She led me to the spare bedroom. By the glow of the night light, I could make out the single bed with a pink Hello Kitty spread. My pants and underpants were pulled down before she pushed me onto the bed. I laid there in a trance as she put a disposable diaper on me, sat me up, finished undressing me, and slipped a pretty pink nighty over my head.

"Give mommy your ba ba for a minute baby. You have to put your arms in the sleeves."

With that she pulled the bottle from my trembling lips and helped me into the nighty. I never uttered a word and soon the bottle was back in my mouth. I just sat there in total disbelief until she helped me under the covers.

" I know you aren't used to sleeping alone so here is a new friend just for my baby so she wont get lonely."

The baby dolly she placed in my arms had a diaper and nighty just like me.

"You lie here and make your ba ba all gone for mommy. She will be back in a few minutes with a surprise and night night story."

With that my wife turned and left the room.

Joy, fear, and utter confusion swirled in my mind as I held my bottle tightly with two hands and drank the sweet liquid.

Mary, meanwhile, was busy readying her baby's new gift. The NUK size five ++ pacifier had arrived on Saturday and this was her first opportunity to attach a pink curled ribbon to give it that feminine touch. During mommy's research on pacifiers, she read that some adults don't like the largest size because it fills the mouth and is not comfortable at first. Mary wanted his mouth to be very full so that she would not have to hear any adult words from her new baby. Besides, she was sure her sissy would soon love that full feeling. A naughty smile crossed her face as Mary thought of another thing that could fill a sissy's mouth. Of course Kevin's thing wouldn't fill a thimble from a woman's point of view. Mary found herself humming as she headed back to the new nursery. She wasn't sure which thing made her happier-her new found control of Kevin or the realization that her fantasy would be coming true before long.

She pulled the empty bottle from her husband's mouth as he meekly let go of his grip for her.

"Such a good baby. Now here is your surprise."

She rubbed the large nipple of the pacifier against his lips before he opened wide to accept his "surprise".

"Now for your beddy bye story. It's really simple so you can understand. Once upon a time there was a sissy who pretended to be a man, but no more. You are going to live your fantasy but mommies are always in charge both in your fantasy and the real world. I have a pretty but very hard hairbrush in case you forget that simple fact. Mommy will help you learn the new rules as we go. It's almost 7:30 which is past your bedtime so for now just remember that only mommy or another big person handles all your diaper needs-never you. I want you to keep your paci in your mouth. The more you suck on it the more you'll learn to love it. I just know you are going to make such a happy and precious baby sissy for mommy.

With that she popped the paci out of my mouth and told me to kiss my dolly good night. Then she replaced it before kissing me on the forehead and heading out of the room with a final warning for her baby to go to sleep and not get out of bed for any reason.

My mind spun as I lay there trying to understand what was happening to me. I was thrilled and scared to death at the same moment. Suddenly I missed having Mary lying next to me in bed. I picked up the doll and studied her face in the glow of the night light. She really is a pretty dolly I thought as I touched her soft nylon nighty and slippery diaper. I gave her a hug and put her on my chest. Next my thoughts turned to the pacifier. How many times had I watched them on E-bay auctions trying to figure out a way to buy one and somehow get it to the house without Mary finding out. Now my mouth was filled with the very thing I longed for. I wondered if a baby's mouth felt as full as mine did. My thoughts drifted to the rare times when Mary would allow me to fill my mouth with her sweet breast as I drifted off to sleep.

About midnight , I awoke with a start. I had to pee. Should I go to the bathroom? Would she be mad if I was wet or mad if I got up? I decided that wetting my diaper would be better than disobeying her instructions about staying in bed. I really felt like a sissy baby as I let myself go while sucking away at my paci which was still in my mouth.

"This doesn't feel so bad" I thought as I drifted back to sleep in my warm wet diaper.

"Morning baby girl" my wife called out as she turned on the light.

She checked my diaper and then pulled the pacifier out of my mouth. Before I could respond, she replaced the pacifier with a baby bottle of apple juice.

"Two hands" she reminded me. Drink your ba ba while mommy gets dressed. Then she will come back and get you changed, fed, and ready for work.

The juice tasted good. I realized my mouth was dry and a little sore from sleeping with my new pacifier. I just hopped I wasn't going to be diapered for work as I felt my hard penis through the soggy diaper. I wanted to rub it so badly but I dared not take one of my hands off the bottle.

Mary returned just as I finished my juice and helped me out of bed. Breakfast was a bowl of oatmeal. By the way, she did have a "Hello Kitty" bib for me to wear. After eating, mommy gave me five minutes to shave and brush my teeth. Then it was back to my "nursery" as she called it where she pushed the pacifier back into my mouth before removing my wet diaper and nighty.

"I'm so glad your diaper is nice and wet baby. Mommy forgot to tell you she never changes a dry diaper. That would be silly. So if I wake you up in the morning and your diaper is dry, you'll just have to wear it to work. I know it will be very wet and messy by the time you get home. Of course you may smell a bit at the office but sissy babies are sometimes stinky aren't they?"

She looked at me for an answer but I couldn't even form a word with my mouth so full. My wife just smiled knowingly and proceeded to put a camisole and adult disposable panty on me. She called them my vest and pull up. Strangely she was smiling and humming the whole time. Finally, I got my adult clothes. My pacifier stayed in place until we reached the door of the house where she handed me a bag for lunch. Only then did she pull it out and slip it into her purse.

As I sat in my office chair that morning, I noticed that my wallet seemed thin. I pulled it out of my pocket, starring in disbelief. She had replaced mine with a pink plastic one with you know who's picture on the front. Inside was my driver's license and four quarters along with the ID card. The card read "Kimmie Sue Walker with my address. Shaking visibly, I put it back in my pocket and tried to concentrate on my work. Then I checked my lunch bag, knowing I had no money to buy anything else. It contained two Yogurt containers and a little plastic spoon. At lunch time I found out that she had replaced the Yogurt in the boxes with baby food. Amazingly, the food was pretty good. A couple of co-workers commented on my choice for lunch, but I merely told them that my wife was on a health kick. Still as the day wore on and I stared to get hungry again, I began to get a little rebellious feeling. What did she think she was doing taking all my money and giving me this sissy wallet? At home was one thing but this had to stop!

I threw open the door to my house and said "Mary, What to hell do..............?"

The slap across my face sent me reeling.

"It seems sissy needs an attitude adjustment." She said grabbing me by the ear.

In a dazed flash, I found my self in the nursery stripped down to my vest and pull up. That got pulled down as she forced me across her lap. I can only assume she expected me to show some little bit of courage because her hairbrush was perfectly positioned within her reach.

Her strength amazed me as she rained blow after blow onto my bare butt. I was strong though. I didn't shed a tear until the second one hit. Somewhere around a hundred or maybe it was fifteen, she started to speak.

"Are you ready to be a good sissy baby for mommy?" SPANK, SPANK.

"Yes" sob, "I'll be good." SPANK, SPANK.

"A good what?" SPANK, SPANK

"Ah, ah, a good sissy baby." SPANK, SPANK

"A good sissy baby for who?" SPANK

"For mommy, for mommy."

"I better not hear you call me anything but mommy no mater where we are or who is there. Do you understand?"

"Yes mommy."

"Did you find the little gift Mommy put in your pocket today?"

"Yes mommy" SPANK, SPANK

"Then why haven't you thanked mommy you bad little girl?" SPANK

It took several tries through my tears and a few more blows before I had expressed my thank you in the proper form.

Next, she mercifully popped my pacifier into my mouth and led me to the bathroom. I was told to stand in the tub as mommy put crème all over my body. Soon what little hair I had was removed.

By the time my bubble bath was done, mommy had settled down even giving me some kisses on the cheek and forehead. We both knew there would me no more outbursts from this sissy. When she removed my paci and asked if I liked the name she had picked out for me, I looked her straight in the eye and told her that Kimmie Sue was a pretty name and that I loved it.

Mary hugged me, replaced my pacifier, and told me she had a nice surprise for her baby. Back in the nursery, she showed me one of the several pair of plastic panties that had arrived in the mail. Soon, I was in a thick disposable diaper covered with a billowy pair of pink plastic panties adorned with pictures of babies playing. My sissy self did love them especially they way they rubbed between my legs as I waddled to the living room. My baby doll top barely hid the elastic waistband.

Supper consisted of two bottles and four jars of baby food. I liked the peaches best. After that mommy sat me on the floor in front of the TV with my dolly and put on a Blues Clues DVD while she finished the dishes.

She even had one more surprise for me before bed time. It seems she hated those plain white pull-ups, so my artistic wife had made a stop at the stamp store. I got to watch as she used several stamps to decorate each of the pull-ups in the large package. The stamps included a diaper pin, bottle, pacifier, rattle, one that spelled out "baby", and another that just said "sissy". There were two ink pads-one pink and one lilac. She only used one color on each pull up. Mommy explained to me that she had purchased mostly pink or lavender under vests for her baby and now she could use a matching pull up for whichever vest she chose that day. Seven thirty was bedtime again and soon I settled into my usually happy routine.

After a few days, mommy started having me lie across her lap a half hour or so before bed time while she fed me my ba ba before popping in my paci.

Did I mention that I got so addicted to that Nuk size 5 that I miss it terribly some days at work along with that damn dolly. Anyway, some nights she would "Do me" as she called it. That meant that she would rub the front of my diaper through my baby panty until I came, usually as she sang or hummed a lullaby. It was wonderful. It took me only a few days to realize that it didn't happen if my diaper was dry so I worked hard at making sure I was wet as early as possible. Since I had not seen her lovely breasts or even her panties since that one night long ago, sex became associated with my paci and wet diaper instead. I really didn't think about much until one night a week or two later.

"Baby girl, I know you love it when I "do you" but poor mommy has no one to do her. I haven't had decent sex with a man for more than two years!"

I immediately started to sob around my paci. That was how long we had been married. I knew I wasn't the biggest around but I always thought I was pretty good in bed. The truth was out.

"Now, now no tears baby. We just have to face facts. Your mind is not the only part of you that's baby size. It's OK. Mommy loves her Kimmie Sue. In fact, baby Kimmie is going to help mommy feel better."

That didn't sound good but the pacifier kept me quiet.

"Remember a couple of weeks before we found out about the real you when we went to that party your boss threw for St Patrick's Day? Silly you even acted a tiny bit jealous because I danced with your co-worker Bob. Yes I was flirting a little too but he is so handsome. When we were dancing, I accidentally rubbed against his pants a few times. Now there is a guy who needs to be in real men's underwear. I know he really liked me too. All you have to do is ask him over for supper and a few drinks on Friday.

Tell him that your wife really enjoyed dancing and talking with him and that she would like to see him again. By the way, before you ask him go ahead and wet your pull up like the baby you are so there will be no need to feel funny or jealous when you ask him. Now take your dolly. It's baby's beddy bye time."

Somehow I fell asleep right away as usual that night. I was so used to that early bedtime. It wasn't till I headed out to work the next morning that I started to dread the day ahead.

Thankfully, work kept me busy most of the morning. I skipped my usual bathroom break at ten. By the time 12:30 came around, I had wet my pull up and finished my baby food. I went to find Bob while he was still at lunch. Fortunately, I found him alone and passed on Mary's invitation. He gave me a funny look and then asked what time and if he was expected to bring a date. I told him she hadn't mentioned a date. He accepted with a smile and no more questions but he had to be wondering. I know I was.

As soon as I came through the door that evening, my mommy made me recount every detail before she let me have my paci. She sure seemed excited about his acceptance.

Friday arrived and Mary was waiting impatiently for her Kimmie Sue when I got home from work. She wisked me off for a bubble bath before leading me into the nursery where she diapered me but left off the baby panties. Next came some not too obvious plus size girls jeans that fit pretty well over the diaper. She finished with a fairly long top that I hoped would hide the bulge even though it was white with Tweety Bird's picture on the front. My instructions were simple. Behave for mommy, don't have any wine, and be very very nice to Mr. Bob.

Dinner started off normally I suppose but soon my wife and Bob carried most of the conversation as I sat in silence. I just felt so strange about his presence. Besides I missed my ba ba. Hopefully he didn't notice that my milk was served in a plastic cup.

Mary insisted that our guest sit on the couch since it was the most comfortable spot. She joined him on it.

"Honey, why don't you get us some wine?" She asked in an innocent tone.

The two of them talked, Mary giggled like a school girl.

By the time I had served the two of them three glasses of wine, she was almost in his lap. I could see Bob shooting me strange looks but I avoided his eyes.

Then my wife/mommy got up and went to the kitchen herself, returning with one glass of wine. Bob and I were silent while she was gone.

"I see you yawning over there." She told me as she handed the wine to Bob.

"He just gets tired so early these days." She explained to Bob.

"Please enjoy your wine and I'll be right back. Now don't go anywhere."

I followed Mary to the nursery where she undressed me, changed my wet diaper, added my nighty and baby panties, and had me tucked in within three minutes. I gave dolly a kiss just before the nipple of the bottle hit my lips. She must have snuck my ba ba in when she went to get that last glass of wine.

"Whoopps, I forgot to have you say night night to Bob. Would you like to do it now?" she said through her smile.

I shook my head no, holding tightly on to my bottle with both hands.

"I'll be back in a few minutes to check on you and give you your paci. If I hear one word or one sound from this room, you will not only come out and tell Mr. Bob night night, you will also get a visit from mommy's hairbrush. Understand?"

I understood. She closed the door on her way out, returning in just a few minutes. Thankfully with the help of my paci and dolly, I drifted off to sleep within a half hour.

By the cheerful, smile on my wife's face the next morning, I assumed he had "done her" but the paci preventing me from asking. That was my rationalization for keeping very quiet all weekend. Mommy was in such a good mood that she "did me" both Saturday and Sunday evening before night night time.

As we left the house that Monday morning Mary told me to once again wet my pull up before thanking Bob for coming over and telling him that your wife had a wonderful time and would love to see him again very soon.

Bob told me through his smirk that he had a great time too and couldn't wait to come over again. I passed on his comments to mommy. Needless to say, Bob was invited over for the next few Friday nights as well and I was getting used to spending my afternoons in wet pull ups.

Then on one Saturday morning, mommy didn't come into to get me up until almost ten. I was sure I heard a door close just a few minutes before she opened mine.

Monday that week was even harder. Even my wet pull up didn't make it any easier for me. Still, I said what mommy told me.

"Uh, Bob...thank you for "doing" my wife. She says you are absolutely magnificent in bed." I told him, eyes welling up with tears.

"No problem, Kimmie Sue." He answered, patting my rear as I started to walk away "In fact, we're on again for tonight."

I'm guess it turned out OK though. Now that "Uncle Bob knows all about me, I

can have my paci, dolly, and ba ba even when he is over which is most of the time. He bought me the prettiest little baby dress so I could learn to curtsey for him and mommy.

My night night routine has changed, too. First, I curtsey to mommy and tell her I love her before turning to Uncle Bob, doing my curtsy, dropping to my knees, and kissing the front of his pants before telling him "I love you."

I don't like that part especially after the two of them have been kissing and touching on the couch. It is so hard there. Mommy explained it in a way I could understand though.

"Kimmie Sue, this is what sissies do and what Bob and I want. Feel free to question Uncle Bob tonight if you'd like. I'm guessing that he can spank about twice as hard as I can."

Now, just be safe, I wrap my arms around his legs when I kiss him and give him one more curtsey before mommy puts me and my dolly to bed. The only problem is that mommy says I am doing so well that it may be time for the next step, whatever that is. I can only hope that she means the baby maid training she has promised for my future.

The end

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