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Ladies Day (a story for all mommies to enjoy)

It was July 1 2006 the day the little town of Diaperton, New York took a change of the baby kind. The town had a population of 546 members mostly married couples other than the Stevens who had a son name Jake and the Whitmores who had a daughter named Sara. Now you would think that since every one in Diaperton was married that they'd all be happy adults living trouble free marriages, but this was far from the truth. The men of this town didn't pay much attention to there wives see, even though this was the millennium years, Diaperton was still quite old fashioned as far as the men working and the ladies staying at home. When the men came home they'd usually wind up at the local bar or other male activities that the town seemed abundant for. The poor women of this town fell short of activities usually they'd wind up at the town hall having a cook ware parties or something of the sorts. Still you know that old saying how hell has no fury like a woman scorned. Well maybe I need not tell you how this town took its amazing turn but, I'll tell yah anyway cause everyone loves a good story.

It was June 29th and a little lady named miss Laura Pendleton the wife of Sam Pendleton the bank manager was at home one day when she came across the Jerry Springer show. She was just about to change the channel when she noticed something truly amazing to her. A female dominatrix was ordering this man in a business suit around and this intrigued her. So she decided to watch this outrages show to see more of what was happening. Shortly into the show this dominatrix addressed the crowd and asked, "would anyone like to see how much this man isn't a man? The crowd screamed in excitement, as did Laura for she truly wanted to see this. She figured maybe this would inspire her in her marriage little did she know how right she was. Well this dominatrix ordered this poor man to take off his cloths and to Laura's surprise he wasn't a wearing boxer like most of the men of Diaperton wore. No he was wearing diapers with the cutest little plastic pants covering them that had choo choo trains printed all over them. Now as if this wasn't enough once Laura got over the initial shock of seeing this she noticed even more to her surprise this man was standing there not looking like a man anymore but also he was sucking his thumb. To make matters worst for the man the dominatrix decided to pull down his little plastic pants and reveal to all that this shell of a man was also wet. Wouldn't you know it but this gave Laura the greatest Idea she had ever had. So she started making all her phone calls to each and every friend she knew. She told them all how next town hall gathering she had something to show all of them ensuring them to gather everybody feminine cause they didn't want to miss this.

Well the next day approached and all the ladies gathered up in the town hall. Miss Pendleton took center stage and started to explain what she had saw just the other day. She could tell this was going well among the other ladies by the oooohs and the ahhhhs that engulfed the audience. This is where the lady probably most responsible for this big woman's movement that was about to take place stood up. This lady was Lisa Johnson, she was known for her witty way about herself and her devilishly quick abilities to come up with stories that got a lot of these ladies in this hall out of trouble. This time she didn't have a story to tell but she did have a plan and all the ladies were ears open. She explained to the ladies how they only had to get a few of the men in town and this would work. She address the wife to the Police commissioner, Miss Paula Edwardson, The mayor's wife and of course the person who showed all this to everyone Miss Pendleton. She explained to them how they were important in this little plan cause there husbands were the most important of all the men in town.

Now here was her plan, these three ladies were to ensure there husbands were good and drunk and drugged on a few sleeping pills, then they were also to take out there video cameras and set them up in a place in there bed room that wouldn't be seen. They all proceeded home and of course the plan went off without a one problem. First was Paula, now getting mike drunk was a synch he usually did that on his own but to get the pills in him was a whole other story. She decided when he got home she'd have the most hart burnish pasta dish she knew ready for him. She knew he always got terrible heartburn and would ask for a glass of milk afterwards. This all worked and of course like planed he did ask for the milk and Paula handed it to him like a good wife though little did Mike know he was in for a surprise of his life. Soon after drinking this witches brew Mike felt a little sleepy and passed out on the couch. Paula called a few of the ladies over, Lisa included helping finish the plan. They carried Mike into the bedroom and removed all his cloths; Lisa gave a little chuckle for Mike had to have been no bigger than her pinky down below. With that Paula smiled and said "Yeah he belongs like this huh?" Giving a little laugh as well. After the ladies had Mike all naked on the bed they proceeded with the rest of the plan. The plan included putting these three men in diapers and then making two tapes of the whole incident. Now of course this would never be enough so Lisa decided at that moment she'd dip Mikes finger in a cup of warm water and perfectly Mike went pee pee like a little baby right on camera. Paula chuckled and said out loud "perfect".

Now one of the tapes was passed over to Lisa for safe keeping while the other was placed directly next to Mikes on his night stand with the note watch this then find me, signed by his wife. As Mike slept the other two soon to not be called men anymore guys were receiving just about similar treatment. Hours had past and Mike awoke and noticed the tape and put it in the vcr on top of the dresser across from him. In the living room awaited Lisa and Paula chuckling to the sounds coming from the bedroom of mike in surprise and cursing at the top of his lungs at his dissatisfaction to what was going on. To make matters worst he didn't even realize he was still standing there in the wet diaper when cause he was so angry and he proceeded out to the living room to the awaiting ladies. Lisa stood there with a camera taking pictures secretly as Paula began to play out Mike's future. She explained to him how for now on things would be different and he had no choice or all his lodge buddies would get a copy of this tape and a note explaining how he went to bed like this cause he couldn't keep his sheets dry. Mike knew if they saw this and with that note he'd lose all respect and a police commissioner with no respect wasn't much of a commissioner so he'd definitely lose his job as well. Paula explained to Mike how for now on he'd be a baby in this house and call her mommy for now on when Mike stopped her and being he still thought he was the man of the house he said "There isn't no way in hell I'm going to act like a baby". This is where Lisa stepped in and with a giggle told Mike look down and say that again little man. Mike began noticing he did feel a little strange down below, this cold feeling was felt between this legs that had a hard time coming together for the extra padding that was between them. With this new acknowledgement to Mike Paula continued with her speech starting off with so now Baby Mikey.

As this was going on the similar actions were going on at the other two houses of these once important men now only shells of men and babies known to all the women of the community as they'd soon find out. Each wife of the new babies in town instructed there now baby men to go lie down on the bed and await mommy and like obeying babies that had no choice the all did this with tears in there eyes and soggy bottoms showing. Each wife entered the bedroom with diapers, baby powder and lady accomplices in tow to make the situation even that much more humiliating. Paula and Lisa stood over Baby Mikey and began the ritual of stripping the rest of his manhood from him. Lisa began to taunt Mikey telling him how she wouldn't ever see him as a man anymore after all this and if he ever tried to act like one she'd quickly put him over her knee and spank him for the attempt finishing off that statement with "you understand me mister" As Mikey in all his shame could do nothing but say yes auntie Lisa for that's what he was instructed to call the other ladies of the town except for his wife who would now be addressed as Mommy and Mommy only. Paula proceeded to pulling Mikey's soggy diaper off as Lisa chuckled again pointing at Mikey's tiny member saying "and you called yourself a man with that'. She looked over at Paula and Paula already knowing the question by her look said "No he couldn't satisfy me with that I always faked it". Mikey began crying more as this nightmare ensued and the ladies began shushing him so they could explain the rest of their plan. They explained how he wasn't the only one this treatment was coming down on and how him and the other two men would not say a word of this plan or else face the consequences they could definitely not face. They explained how with their pull in town they would help the ladies to get the rest of the men in town into the same predicament. After Mikey was fully pampered his new mommy stood him up and placed him in a cute tee shirt and some jeans that covered up his diaper but not that ever so noticeable diaper swishing sound and they told him how they were headed to the supermarket where they'd be getting more diaper supplies for this new baby of the family. Mikey screeched in fear as auntie Lisa gave him a gentle smack on his lips telling him to hush. When these ladies reached the store with Mikey trailing behind though holding mommies hand for that's what she had ordered for this baby now. Since she felt babies shouldn't walk alone, no she wouldn't have that. Entering the store they were greeted by other ladies that quickly looked over at Mikey and said "awww how's the cute little baby". With this Mikey realized this was something serious as he noticed the bank manager now baby Sammy on his left with a sad look upon his face and to his right the Mayor though now just a shell of the man he used to be, and with that Mikey began to cry as the ladies said "there there lil one".

Now within a month of this entire happening, the town of Diaperton, New York Still had a population of 546 though there was a little change in the make up. See now it was 272 Mommies and 272 babies and a young boy of 17 named Jake who was looking up at his now baby dad, then looking out the window at 18 year old Sara, looking in at him, as all the while he fearfully knew where his fate rested.

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