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Last Chance

Chapter 1

Where to start?

My name is Janeth Marie, my friends call me Jai, and I cheated on my husband with another man. We were separated by the military and I found some one else. I got out of the military with a pregnancy discharge, but I miscarried and he no longer wanted to take care of me. So I was now homeless, without a job and only really one alternative. Go back to my husband Matt.

So I called him and virtually begged him to take me back. He agreed, but only on one condition. Since I had turned out to be a rotten adult, I was to return to babyhood and he would raise me 'right'. I agreed. What alternative did I have? He bought me a plane ticket and my life was about to change for ever.

Oh yea, I am almost 5'2", 133 lbs. I have a 36-C sized chest. I wear size 5 pants, but my waist is size 3. My butt and hips are just that large and pronounced. He always told me it was my most appealing feature. Matt told me, that I am an LG (little girl), I act kind of childish. For instance: I love Disney, my husband sometimes read me bed time stories (during the good times of our marriage), I suck my thumb (which he says is adorable), I sleep with Teddy my teddy bear, I wear juvenile pajamas, and other things of that nature. I never thought I was any different than the rest of the girls my age.

I packed my clothes and my stuffed animals and got on the plane. He picked me up at the air port. He didn't say a word the entire ride to his house. We just sat there in silence, I didn't know what to say and he didn't seem to want to talk. He didn't help with my bags or anything. I guess he was still mad at me.

He lived in a normal sized 2 bedroom apartment; at least it had nice carpet. He unlocked the door and said, "Follow me. I will show you to your new room." We walked through the living room and down the hall to the first door on the left. He paused before he opened it.

"Jai, are you ready to earn my trust back?" I just stood there for a minute unaware that he was waiting for an actual answer. My last chance to turn back. 'Yea right, like it was a real choice.' So I said, "I guess." He opened the door and stepped inside.

It took me a bit to fully take in the room. When he said babyhood he meant it. Inside wasn't a bedroom, but a nursery. There was a crib with Winnie the Pooh bedding, a changing table fully loaded with really large diapers and all of the things normally found on one, a white diaper pail, an over stuffed chair, and a Disney Princesses step stool.

He took my bags and set them down on the floor in front of the closet. Then he set the step stool down in front of the chair and sat down in the chair. He said, "Jai, sit down on the Punishment Stool and let me tell you how this is going to work." I sat down facing him and looked up into his eyes.

"First off, you are going to be my baby girl from now, until I feel you are mature enough to grow up." I nodded.

"Second, you will wear diapers at all times and you are not allowed to put your hands in them. Do you understand?" I said, "Yes." He continued.

"You will crawl everywhere you go, or I will carry you. If I put your binky in your mouth, you will not talk and you will not remove it. You will not go into the bathroom without me and even then it will be to brush your teeth or take a bath which I will help you with. Pretend the toilet is a seat and nothing more, because it will be a long time until you get to potty in it. Are you following so far?"

I was in a state of shock he meant for me to wear diapers and wet in them.

'Oh, no he couldn't also mean the other one could he?' "What about...(I paused I didn't know how to ask) He seemed to know because he said.

"You will poop in you diapers as well. I mean it no Potty, not at all." That thought would take some time to adjust to, but it couldn't be that bad could it. I decided to try to talk my way out of it when that time came. Finally I said, "Okay, if I don't have a choice."

"You don't. I will feed you all of your meals and check and change your diapers when they need it. Did you eat dinner?"

"The in flight meal, but it wasn't very good."

"Don't worry you won't be eating anything that low quality for a long time either. Your main source of food will be milk in a bottle, at meal times I will feed you baby food and you will have a sippy cup of juice, your snacks will be replaced with cereal bottles. I will dress you as I see fit and you will not alter it in any way.

You will call me Daddy and use simple short sentences since you had a problem with lying in the past. My word is law and it is non-negotiable. Are you ready to begin your life anew as a good little girl?" This could be the biggest choice of my life so I sat there and thought about it and realized I really did love him and wanted to be in his life and that it wouldn't last that long, it couldn't.

"Okay Daddy, I am ready."


"We will start with a spanking for all of your past crimes in you last life and then they will never be spoken of again." He took my little hands in his and stood me up. Then he switched places with me and he motioned for me to get on my knees beside him. He sat down on the stool and said, "You will be spanked for breaking the rules and it will only be as corrective punishment and nothing else. Because I do not get anything from hurting you and I want you to know I do this because I love you and want you to be a good girl." He patted his lap for me to lie across it. Then he said, "All of you spankings will be on the punishment stool and they will all be bare bottom, understand?" I nodded and then lay across his lap. My breasts just barely hung over the side in order to prevent them from being smashed.

He grabbed the back of my pants and tried to pull them down, but they wouldn't really move (like I said I have really large hips). So, I decided if I helped it would be in my best interest. I reached down and he grabbed my wrist and spanked my hand with his other saying, "No, you do not take off you clothes remember?" I nodded yes and he let my wrist go. I let it hang in front of my face and rubbed it with the other one, because it actually stung a little. Plus if I acted like that hurt maybe he would take it easy on my bottom. He reached under me and undid the button and unzipped my pants. Then he pulled down my pants in the back, past my butt half way down my thighs.

"Black Victoria's Secret panties were you trying to be sexy?" Before I could respond he pulled them off my bottom, but just barely. He placed his hand on my bottom and began to rub it, first one cheek and then the other. Then he reared his hand back and named off one of my misdeeds. I tightened my butt and braced for it. When he finished his hand came down and popped my bottom harder then I had expected possible with a bare hand. Then he pulled back and repeated the process. After the sixth one, I couldn't take it any more so I tried to get up, but his other arm was pressed across my back holding me in place and he said, "Don't fight me. That will only make things worse for you." I stopped struggling not only because it wasn't getting me anywhere, but also because I didn't want to find out what 'worse' was. He continued on. At 9 my eyes began to water and then at 11 I cried. I mean really cried, not just tears but sobs as well, I begged him to stop, but he wouldn't. I lost count it wasn't that many, but it sure felt like it.

Finally he brought his hand down and then when he lifted it he didn't say anything he just set there for a while and then he reached under my bottom and pulled my panties backup and I squirmed because when they touched my butt it really burned. He pulled them away from my stinging skin and asked me, "Do you want me to leave them off?" I nodded and pleaded, "Yes, please"

"Please, what?" I thought for only a second, "Daddy"

"That's my good little girl," and he pulled down my panties again. He sat me back on my knees on the floor. Then he lifted me into his lap with one leg on each side of him and my sore bottom hanging between his legs. He pulled me to him in a giant hug and kissed me on the lips and then he dried my tears.

"I love you and I hope I never have to do that ever again." I nodded in agreement and said, "I love you too." Through great big heaves as I tried to regain my composure. I buried my head in his shoulder and when I stopped crying he said, "Lets get you in your first diaper."

He stood up lifting me with his hands under my thighs and I locked my arms around his neck and my ankles around his waist. He very gingerly sat me down on the changing table and told me, "Lie back it will take the pressure off of you bottom." I lay back and heard the mattress cover crinkle, strangely the sound was comforting. My head rested on a pillow and my feet hung over the edge. I stared at the ceiling with nothing else to do, but await my fate. He grabbed my ankles and set my feet down at the edge bending my knees into the setup position. I lifted my bottom off the table just a little and he said, "Smart girl, now I am going to take you clothes off, don't try to resist me." He lifted one foot and took my shoe off and then the other, then he grabbed my pants and slowly pulled them down my legs and off my feet leaving my crotch barely covered with my half pulled down panties. He reached down under the table and brought up a pair of scissors saying, "You won't be needing these panties and to remind you of that. I am going to cut them off making them unwearable." I tried to stop him but he said, "Non-negotiable, remember?" I dropped my hands back to my sides. He slid the cold scissors up my thighs and snipped one side of my bikini cut panties. They went slack and he cut the other side. He put the scissors back under the table, with his other hand he grabbed my ruined panties and threw them in the diaper pail. I covered myself up for some reason at that moment I felt really insecure and modest. I had slept with this man multiple times and yet I tried to hide my self from him. 'Silly, I know.' When he turned around he saw me covering myself up. He grabbed my hand and pulled it away and spanked it again saying, "NO! Good little girls don't touch themselves there." Then he inspected her as if he was looking for a defect or something.

"Good girl no hair, just the way you will be kept from now on. I will shave you at bath time to keep you clean and looking proper." He reached under the table again and pulled out the largest diaper I had ever seen. It looked just like a baby diaper and when he unfolded the back it sounded like one too. The only difference was that it had 2 tapes on each side.

"These will become the second most important things in your life, next only to me, even more important than Teddy. They will be the only thing you will wear over your crotch and bottom, which from now on will be collectively known as your diaper area. Also they will be your only means of relieving your bodily needs." He handed it to me and said, "Look it over."

So I did. It had Care Bears on the front and it smelled like, well I don't know how to quite describe it, but the word familiar comes to mind. When I looked back his way I saw a tube of Desitin diaper rash crème, baby powder, and wipes. He took the diaper away and I gave him a look.

"Don't worry; you will be wearing this in no time." He said jokingly. The he crossed my ankles and lifted them into the air until my backside came off the table and folded me in half. Then he slid the diaper under my 'new' diaper area and squeezed some Desitin onto his fingers and started spreading it over my bottom I winced at first and tried to scoot away as if I had somewhere to go.

"Trust me it will help the pain go away." As soon as he said it my butt quit burning, this stuff was amazing. He set my feet back down on the end of the pad. Then he opened the top of the wipes and cleaned my pussy as if 'she

was dirty. I shivered as I looked at him quizzically. He said, "Sorry about the coldness. We will have to get you a wipe warmer won't we? The dampness will help the powder to stick and you can never be too clean." Then he blew ever so softly on my diaper area (I think to help it dry), all I know is it felt so good. Then he poured the powder all over my diaper area and rubbed it in with his other hand. He was so gentle it could have been considered sexual if he wasn't putting me in a diaper. He pulled my diaper up between my legs and spread the front out and held it into place while he undid one tape and taped it down then he did the others. He ran his fingers around the side smoothing bunches out and then inside my thighs making sure the leg garters where in their proper places.

"Good, how does that feel?" I thought for a moment, actually it was kind of nice in a comforting peaceful kind of way, but I couldn't tell him that so instead I said, "It's okay. I guess."

"I mean does it feel like it is tight enough and on properly. I don't want you to leak, and I am pretty sure you don't either." I shrugged and then nodded, "It feels weird, but as for being on right, I guess so."

He took my hands and sat me up. The padding of the diaper on my bottom was kind of noticeable, but it wasn't really a bad thing. Then he said, "Arms," I looked at my arms, and then at him.

"Hold your arms out so I can take your shirt off silly." So I held them out in front, as he grasp the edges of my shirt and pulled it over my head then down my arms and let it drop into the pile with my pants and shoes. Then he reached around me and unclasped my lacy black bra and took it off and dropped it into the pile as well. I instinctively covered myself up and he took my hands and put them at my side on the table.

"Little girls don't understand modesty and in time neither will you so stop doing that. Okay?" I nodded and he said, "Good girl," and kissed me on the forehead. Then he went over to my bags and said, "Let's find you some pajamas for bed time shall we?"

I went to get down and he said, "First off, I have to help you down, and second off, by us I meant me. I might give you some choices in the future, but right now you aren't ready for them yet." He went over to my bags and started unzipping them. He looked through the first one and said "Hmm, big girl clothes. We will keep them until you are old enough." Then he zipped the suite case back up and put it in the bottom of the closet. The next one had casual clothes and sleep wear. He rummaged through it for a while. Then he said, "Ah, Cookie Monster I always liked this one on you." He set it out and opened the last one it was filled with stuffed animals, "Good girl you brought some toys for yourself."

"Can I keep them, Daddy?"

"Of course honey, you are going to need the company. You will get one each night at bed time if you are a good girl that day." I smiled at him that was pretty crafty of him using my own toys as a reward. Then it hit me, "Was I good today?"

"Yes, princes you have been very good, today I will make the choice, but like all things. You can earn the right to make the choice for your self. Tonight I will give you Teddy because I know he is your favorite and that you sleep with him every night." I really smiled then because I didn't have much going for me, but least he was trying to make this easy on me.

He picked up Teddy and placed him in the chair, and put the stool back against the wall beside the chair. Then he came over to me and said, "Arms," I put my arms up and he said, "Good girl I always knew you where a quick learner." He put my shirt on and turned around. I put my arms down and said, "Daddy, you forgot my shorts." He turned back around and smiled, "Sorry sweetie, but you won't be wearing bottoms at the house unless some one is here, which will be a while since I am on leave and no one knows that I am here. Secondly, when you do it will be skirts like the princess you are."

"But, why?"

"Because, first off your diaper covers everything that needs to be, and secondly it will make checking and changing you easier. Now stay here I am going to get your night time bottle and then it will be bed time. He left me sitting on the changing table.

I looked down and saw myself in my Cookie Monster pajama t-shirt, a Care Bears diaper, and socks. The strangest thing happened the first thing I thought was, 'I look cute.' Is that possible, shouldn't I look as ridiculous as I feel. I am a 24 year old woman and here I am sitting on 'my' changing table, in 'my' nursery, thinking I look cute in a diaper. I heard the microwave turn on and then ding. Well I actually like warm milk so that won't be too bad. Then I heard him coming back down the hallway.

He picked up a burp rag and set them both down on the stool and came over and went to pick me up. I wrapped my arms and legs around him like earlier and he carried me over to the chair and set down with me in his lap.

My spun me around where my legs hung over the side and my head rested in the crook of his elbow on the arm rest. He reached over and pickup the burp cloth and the bottle and placed the burp rag under my chin saying, "We don't want you getting your nice clean shirt all dirty, now do we?" Then he handed me Teddy and I hugged him to my chest. He bumped the nipple up against my lips I opened them, and he slipped it into my mouth and I lifted my hand to hold the bottle and he said, "No, baby girl I have it. Just hold teddy while you drink, okay?" I started sucking and hardly anything came out, but the nipple went flat. I quite and it made a wheezing sound as it reformed so I tried again. It did it again. He said, "Keep trying. All babies have to learn how to drink from a bottle, but they all figure it out. Don't get frustrated." So I kept trying until I got it right and when I was done, I felt a feeling of accomplishment. He saw it in my eyes and he beamed with pride as well. I smiled at him and he slid his hand under Teddy and began massaging my tummy in little circles. The next thing I knew, I burped really loudly. I started to get ashamed until he congratulated me, "That's my big girl." Then he wiped my mouth and face. Bottles are tricky things.

He picked me up and sat me down in the chair with Teddy. Then he walked over to the crib and let down the side rail. He came back over and picked me. I wrapped myself around him and held on to Teddy like it was life or death while he carried me over to my new bed. He sat me down and told me, "Lie down, its night, night time." I lie down on my side and found to my surprise, unlike every crib in the world this one was actually soft and comfy. Daddy pulled my blanket and sheet back underneath me and tucked me in while I clutched Teddy between my breasts. As I wiggled around to get situated I noticed the same sound as the changing table. So I asked, "Daddy what is that crinkly sound my bed makes?"

"Well sweetie that is your mattress cover. It is on there to keep your mattress clean and safe incase your diaper leaks."

"They leak?"

"Sometimes, like if you pee too hard or if you wait a long time and build too much up they can. Don't worry if you do have an accident every thing can be washed even you." He smiled at me and turned around and headed back to the changing table. He returned with the largest binky I had ever seen, which was like the diapers in that respect, it had a purple mouth guard and a pink ring. Connected to the ring was a yellow ribbon that went down to a Winnie the Pooh clip. He bumped the nipple against my lips the same as he had with the bottle and just like then, I open up and started sucking on it. He then clipped it to the collar of my shirt. When he let go I noticed it weighed enough to know it was there, but that was about it. He walked over to the changing table once more and picked up my story book and the Princess stool and he sat down beside my crib and began to read to me Lady and the Tramp. He had read that story countless times to me, but it had never meant much until tonight. When he finish he returned the book and the stool. Then he reached over to the bumper pad beside my head and turned on a baby monitor, and said, "I will have the other baby monitor with me at all times. So be a good girl and go to sleep.

Also if you need me I will know, but it had better be important. Because the Binky Rule states that you can't talk with it in and you can't remove it."

Then he showed me his clipped to his pocket. He kissed me on the forehead and said, "Good night my love, sweet dreams and never doubt for a second my love for you." With that he raised the rails, turned on the night light, turned off the light and closed the door. I was alone with Teddy and my new life. At that moment I wanted nothing more then to curl up with Matt and tell him the same, but I knew that wasn't going to happen. So I kissed Teddy through my binky and closed my eyes.

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