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The Lesbian


I was your average twenty-something girl looking to help pay my way throught nightschool. I was going through a lot of changes in my life, and had made a big one a few years back. I became a lesbian. I had been with a lot of boys, but they always acted so immature and while they had fun with me, they brought me up to the highs I sent them to.

For a while, this left me very lonely, until I met my roommate freshman year, her name was Christine. Now I knew she was bisexual, but loved hanging but with her and because I moved out of state she quickly became my new best friend. She would always introduce me to her new 'partner' and seemed to have a new one every night. By the time I got my first degree, I was sure she had made out with every person at the school.

She tried her best to keep her lifestyle to herself, but anyone who's lived in a college dorm knows this is impossible. Night after night I would lay in my bed across the room from hers and listen to the moans and sounds the erotic pleasure. I was, in a short amount of time, able to sleep through it, but sometimes I stayed up and enjoyed her pleasure. It wasn't long before the pleasure she gave to my ears turned to my eyes, and I would occasionally roll over in bed and watch her and the other girl(s)/guy(s) deep in sex. One time, as my hand began to drift south while watching another girl licking her clit furiously, I let out a short gasp as I found my G spot.

Christine rolled her head over, with a look that was filled with an arousal I had never seen. She had caught me on my back with one hand on my breast, and the other very obviously running under the covers all of the way to my crotch. A big smile began to form on her face, and her eyes formed a look of curiousity. She had invited me to 'join her' a couple times before, but had never caught me at a time I was horny enough to consider it.

"Looks like Lizzy is enjoying the show," she said to her partner while not taking her eyes off of me.

The other girl looked up from her juicy treat and followed Christines look to me.

"Do you think she wants to join us?" She asked looking straight at me.

Now was the moment to decide. I had never had sex with a woman, though had thought plenty about it while watching the nightly show. Still, making the leap and coming out and saying I want to have sex with you two, I want to feel your tongue inside me, and my fingers probing the depths of your soaked cunt was more difficult than I could have possibly imagined. All I could manage was, "I.. I haven't.. I mean I want-"

"Introductions are always the hardest," said Christine.

"we'll come over and take it as far as you want," She said as she and the other girl slowly moved over to my bed. After ridding me of my cloths, they brought me to orgasm so many times I passed out till morning. It was this one time that truely inspired my love of women, because only women know where, how to use, and how far to bring a girl.

Chapter 1

I had recently finished my bachelors degree, and was looking for a good paying job to help me get my masters. I was tough, I had decided to work on the degree on weekends to leave more time open for work. After several applications and interviews that didn't pay near enough I heard word from a friend that a very well-to-do businesslady was moving to town from out of state and was looking for staff for her very large house.

I was about to laugh off working as a maid when my friend told me how much she was offering. I was dumfounded, I had never heard someone offering that much for a service that was so simple. Even though I knew I had neither the credentials or knowledge of what would be entailed, I couldn't resist the offer knowing that it would fully pay for my degree and leave some left over for decent living.

I spruced up my resume and sent an e-mail to the address provided. I was completely suprised when I heard back asking for an interview, we exchanged a couple e-mails and settled on a date. When it finally came, I was up early and full of energy. I spent a lot of time getting ready, trying to look professional, but not so much so that I seemed overqualified for the position. I even went so far as to rent a car so as to not drive up in a late 80's honda.

I followed the directions that were provided, and found the address quickly. The place was Huge. It wasn't the biggest mansion I had seen, but if she was living there alone like I read, I could understand why she would need help. Which made me wonder, why didn't she just contact a professional service. 'No time to get distracted now,' I thought.

After pulling in and parking, walked to the front door and rang the bell. A cute girl around my age in a short light blue housekeeper outfit answered the door and politely asked, "Hello, welcome to the Prade residence, would you be Elizabeth?

"Yes, I have an appointment with Lydia Prade," I said.

"Of course, she is expecting you, please walk this way," she said turning away.

"Did you find your way alright?" she asked making small talke while we went.

"Yes, the directions were clear and well given," I relied.

"Is there a large staff here?" I asked.

"Actually no, though it may look big, Ms. Prade stays in her office most of the time, so there's little mess to clean up. So all that needs to be done is to keep the place dusted, and make the meals," As I followed her, my eyes drifted down to her butt. Wow, it was tight, it barely fit in her skirt. A little more round than usual, but that just meant more to hold on to, "Right now, I am the only person on her staff, and I started myself a couple weeks ago. Ms. Prade and I both agree we need another person on staff seeing how I currently do everything around here from cooking to cleaning," she continued.

Bonus! If I got this job, I would get to work with her all day long. Also, if the boss stayed in her office most of the day, that gave me time to try and hook up with this girl. I was starting to get wet in anticipation. 'Stop, you're losing your focus,' I told myself. I tore my eyes from her rear only to catch a glimpse of her nice full round breasts in a passing mirror. Dang! once I get turned on, it's a real pain to stop noticing things like that.

"Well, we're here," she said, bringing me back to reality.

"I'll go in and let her know that you're here." She walked in the large double doors before us and came back out in a few minutes later followed by the woman I assumed was Lydia Prade.

She was wearing a very professional looking maroon outfit. Her skirt widened as it came from her knees into her full round hips. She had a tight fitting jacket on that showed off her great figure and full breasts. Her lipstick was the same color as her suit, though not quite as dark. She had her hair up in a way that only a professional business lady can seem to wear it. Though she was ten years older than me, I couldn't decide who was hotter, her or her assistant.

I quickly caught myself and gave her a smile that I'm friendly, but know what I'm doing, and offered her a handshake. She sent the same smile right back and shook my hand firmly, "Follow me inside and we'll get started."

Her office was like the kind you expect to see owned by an aging executive. It seemed to be made from some nice exotic wood, deeply stained to give it a full rich texture. The walls had several bookcases on them packed with titles I couldn't make out, but could tell were more than casual reading material. This was obviously her place of business, 'a perk to working high up in a company,' I assumed.

She sat at her desk and offered me on of the chairs across from it, which I gratefully accepted.

"I'll need to make this quick, I have a teleconference as soon as I'm done here. The position I have available is for a full time maid, Claire is great, but it's too much for one person to handle," she started. Claire, she must be the girl that led me in, I had forgotten to ask her name.

"I spend most of the day in my office, but do occasionally entertain business guests. Claire can instruct you on anything else you may need to do. You might have wondered why I didn't contact a professional service to take care of things. The answer is simply that I have too many items of either great intrinsic or commercial value. I understand some companies guarentee their staff, but in my position, I cannot afford to take risks and prefer to higher people who have proven that they are hardworkers and trustworthy. I saw on your resume that you have your bachelors degree in law, and a minor in business ethics. With that I assume that you know the consequences of any actions someone might take to sell personal or company property. Yours was the only resume that came across with qualifications like this, so you were the only one I called back for an interview. The position is available if you want it," she finished.

Wow, I couldn't believe how quickly that went, I was kind of stunned but managed to say, "I'll take it."

"Great! Here is the paperwork you will need to fill out," she said as she reached into a desk drawer and pulled out a small packet and handed it to me.

"You can just slide that under my door when you've finished. Also, if you would like, I have staff quarters available that you can use at no charge. I know you have an apartment but you are welcome to stay here if it is easier. Now, if you'll go back out and see claire, she'll get you a uniform. You can begin as soon as you want, but I would like you to start some time this week if possible," she finished as she lead me to the door.

"I'll be able to start immediatly, thought will need a couple of days off this week to prepare to move in," I said.

We were now going back through the door, "That's fine. Claire, Elizabeth will be starting working with us today, I'd like you to get her a uniform while she fills out her paperwork and then you can show here the ropes," she said.

"Yes ma'am," Claire said as Ms Prade went back into her study.

"You can fill out those papers here," Claire said as she motioned to a desk, "I'll be back in a few minutes with the Uniform."

I watched her walk away, her ass swinging with each step. Man, she had the curves and the walk, I couldn't wait to start to hit on that thing, this was going to be a Great job!

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