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Life with my new Daddy

Part 1

I've been an ABDL for a while now. I was really a DL but with AB desires. I was in a long term relationship & didn't know how to get out of it, especially w/ him not knowing the truth about my secret. I had longed to be with a daddy. But didn't know how to go about it. I had met plenty of guys online that were willing to have me go & be with them. EVERYTHING paid for. I started to talk to a daddy that I connected well with. We were chatting everyday & talking about everything each other wanted. I really wanted to be somewhat of a baby slave. But we thought that b/c I never had the chance to really experience that I thought that's what I wanted. So daddy Nick told me we should experience 1st & see how that goes. We never got a chance. I would chicken out or I was busy or something would come up. Daddy was starting to get impatient & I noticed that. But never said anything. He knew the area I was living in but never made any attempts until one day. It was a sunny afternoon & I had to go to the supermarket. I decided to walk. I wasn't even halfway when I saw 2 white vans stop in front of me & beside me. The guy came up to me & pinched me with something & my mouth went numb. I started to get a little weak & that's when the guy grabbed me & through me in the van. Once in the van I was blindfolded & my hands were tied behind me. I didn't know what was going accept that I could tell there were more bodies in the van with me. I noticed we made a couple more stops & then we drove to what felt like hours. When we got there most of were all awake & fully alert but with gags in our mouth so we couldn't talk. I guess as we were waiting at the gate, a voice comes over the speaker.

"Hello ladies! I hope you're all doing well! My name is Andy & I am one of the head guys here, & I will be telling you what's going on. 1st things 1st, yes you are all ladies here & all my nurses are males. You have all been kidnapped & you are now at our secret location where we will have you start your new life. You have been taken by request because you have been chatting it up with a daddy somewhere, either Yahoo, Myspace or, & we all know you like to wear diapers & act out some sort of abdl. We also know that the majority of you have talked about a baby slave life with your daddy & all he can think about is that life with you. That's why you are going into our care for approximately 7 days, b/c every daddy wants to train you differently, we aren't going to train you accept for the normal stuff expected of you on your regular normal baby life. Meaning you will be wearing diapers 24/7 & become incontinent both bladder & bowel, also lose a lot of your ability in talking & learn how to eat baby food & take in lots of liquids, & all of your daddies want your lil butt holes stretched, so we will be working on that as well. You will also learn how to get used to being bound b/c most of you will always be in some sort of cuffs or something. Another small detail is that for the next 5 days you will spend your time sleeping. We will be regressing you back to the beginning & we don't want to get many fights out of you either. You will also learn how to get changes only once every 36 hrs. Your daddies will be coming in to check on your progress & apply any of the property things he will want to tag you with. We will also have you listening to hypnotic CD's the whole time, so you start your training. Sorry but we don't take any questions, so you'll have to wait to ask your daddy once you're in his possession. Thank you baby girls & welcome to your new life!"

With that we were all shaking & didn't know what to do. Seemed like there were enough nurses there to calm us down & shoot us with that groggy stuff again. We were all given the shot & started to calm down. We felt the door open & girls being taken out, a couple at a time, when my time came I was put on a stretcher my hands bound to my side & told to keep my eyes closed. So the blindfold was taken off & they held my eyes shut while I felt some milky stuff being put on it & then they insert those lil plastic ear pieces in my ear & a hood going over my head & down to my neck, the hood had an open area around my mouth so I guess they can leave my gag in place & do whatever needed to be done. I was so fucked up in the head I didn't know what to think. My mouth was numb & I couldn't move even if I tried. All along I could feel my clothes being ripped off me & I was being taken somewhere. By this time I couldn't hear anything or know what was going on. The gag in my mouth was exchanged to another & I felt some sort of plastic going into my mouth & liquids start. I was also pinched with a syringe where it was left there & taped as an I.V. I figured it was going to be where they inserted the medicines we were going to be given. By now we had stopped & I was in some room. I felt my legs being pulled apart & tied to an ankle cuff on the ceiling, & hands started to touch my privates. In an up & down motion they were just rubbing me, and then I felt a massive amount of cream poured on my front & back area. I was left there for what seemed like an hour, then it was wiped off with a towel & they started to shave me. I was shaven from the front all the way to the back, making sure that every last strand of hair was taken off me. When I thought that was done, I notice someone stick a finger inside my pussy, so I start to fight my restraints only to feel coldness going down my arm & I go numb again. They start again & this time I can't even move. After fingering me for a while I felt a dildo going inside of me, it went all the way in. it was pretty thick, at least thicker than what I'm used to. Then a clamp was attached to both of my clits to keep the dildo inside. Then someone poking at my peepee hole, & something being put in it, I felt it go all the way & then clamp on my bladder. All of a sudden a gush of pee came out of me, as they finished that, I felt lube being put on my asshole, & soon enough I had a nozzle going inside my back side, all I could feel was it going in deeper & deeper, finally it stopped & it started to fill up. It felt like eternity by the time it stopped, and then I felt another balloon fill up & then the flow of water. I don't know what was in the water but it burned as it went up. I think the water took at least 45 minutes to finish. I knew my stomach felt like I was 7 months pregnant, one of the idiots then pushed down on my stomach & I could tell I was huge. I must have taken way over 3 quart of an enema. I was then put into I would say 3 diapers & a couple stuffers in between & plastic pants. I was then left there & all I could feel was the pain in my stomach & the liquids going into my paci-gag. All I remember was falling asleep & crying, not knowing what was going to happen & who wanted me. I was then awaken with them taking my hood off, but no matter what I still couldn't open my eyes. They took the ear pieces out & replaced the hood. I could tell I wasn't full anymore but was super heavy down on my diaper, as they were checking me out I felt them rubbing my diaper & squishing my mess all over. Then I heard a voice over me talking.

"Hi baby Chrissy, I'm Bobby! I am one of your nurses; I'm going to tell you what's going to happen now. We just gave you a 4 quart enema & left it there for over an hour; once we pulled the balloons out you expelled the mess all by yourself & that will be happening every 2 days. We will be feeding you sedatives in every serving of your liquids & every couple of hours you will get different medications to get your body used to the new & different things that will take affect for your new life. We will keep you in these diapers until bedtime, which is 9 o'clock, and then we will change you & added a new surprise to ur bottom. As you may have felt you do have a dildo in you to keep you open. Your daddy will be passing by during the week to see you & see what else is needed to be done to you before you go home to him next week. Also we have sent a picture of you to your new daddy & he wants you to lose weight, so you will start here. Instead of you getting regular food through the tube you'll be getting liquids with vitamins so you can start losing 3 lbs a day. You will be on this for the next week & then he'll have his own way to get you to lose weight. You will be bound like this for the next week & we expect your limbs to weaken so you will have to learn how to walk again. Now I am going to start your CD's & this is the last you'll hear from me. Take care & enjoy your new state. By the way you will be getting rashes, but that's ok we'll take care of them, but we also would like your little bottom to get used to staying in messes for long period of times. Night Night Lil Chrissy!"

With that he put headphones on me, along with a neck brace that had D rings on them & I could feel him locking them to the side of the bed. I felt a small sting in my arm. I figured he added some sort of medicine. I started to listen to the CD & I slowly fell asleep. I don't know how many days I was out but one day I slowly woke up to hear voices & my bottom left hip in pain, along with my nipples. I moved my head & they noticed me starting to wake up. I still couldn't open my eyes but the headphones weren't put on. I tried to move to cover up the pain but realized my hands still tied to my side. I then heard a voice over me,

"Hey baby girl! It's daddy. I finally came to se you & see how you're doing seems like your progressing pretty well, just ur messing isn't going to well. So we've had to up the lax a little. Your butt plug is going well & your asshole has widened, but not to where I want it so you have a lot more to go. Right now were doing your tattoo, its going to say Daddy's baby girl forever...Property of me! With my name on it. You won't get to see who I am til you leave here in 4 days. This will be Saturday. I don't think you feel it yet but we have also pierced your nipples, we pierced them with a nice size ring & your pussy as well. Ill be using those rings real well. I can't wait. And once you're out of here I also want to pierce your tongue. I see you have lost about 15 lbs already, looking good baby girl! We may be able to get you into those baby pampers after all, huh!? I can't wait. The nursery is almost ready for you too, just a couple more touch ups. We also have your punishment room almost ready to go as well. Can't wait! Well I hope you are enjoying your time here b/c you will have the best life ever when u get home. The nurses will put you back to sleep now & I'll see you in a couple days."

He then leaned over & kissed me on the forehead. I notice them change the bag over my head & then the coldness in my arms, & the headphones back on. As I fell asleep I thought about my state & didn't know if it was the medication or the hypnosis, but I was like if I was in another world, not a care in the world, my brain still was telling me that this isn't your real life, that I had to go back home to my family not be sent to a complete stranger, but another part of me didn't care. My mind was thinking like a small child, all I wanted was a blinky & to feel the soft padding between my legs & know I was wet & going to be changed soon. The other thing on my mind was the pain coming from my asshole; it felt like it had its own heartbeat, from how sore it was. I didn't know really what was going on but I didn't care either. I finally started to wake up & realized that I could open my eyes as well. But I couldn't move my arms at all. I could tell the hood was still over my head & I had the plugs in my ear. My legs were bound together & I couldn't move them. I must have started to move a lot b/c the next thing I know a nurse comes to get me & pulls my hood off, he takes the plugs out & tells me he's going to put some goggles on me, so I can open my eyes but the cant see yet. The goggles are black so I can't see out. I open my eyes to find myself self still in the dark. I was then lifted but I couldn't move my neck b/c of the brace. I tried to move my legs but they felt weak. The nurse told me that I was given medication to weaken my muscles. As I got up, I noticed the soreness in my butt & how wet I was. I also noticed how full I felt in my bottom. The nurse let me know that I haven't been changed yet & that tonight would be my changing day, but b/c I was leaving tomorrow & I wasn't leaking that they would leave me in the same diapers until it was time for me to leave. He also told me that I had the plug inside me & that they had actually replaced the plug with a bigger one, & one that would inflate a lot bigger since I did so well in the plug training. As he sat me up I also noticed my lips felt funny, I couldn't move them nor feel them & noticed drool coming down my mouth. So the nurse wiped my mouth & told me that I was injected with numb medication for my lips so I have no control of them & was able to drool like a real baby. That the medication lasts for about 2 weeks at a time & as long as my daddy wanted me like that he would inject me once every 2 weeks. But the drool also came from the ball gag in my mouth. As I was finally sat up, I noticed my arms tied into a straight jacket, & the nurse started to undo the jacket, but not before he injected me in both arms. As the jacket came undone my arms just fell to my side & I felt like I was totally helpless. He then picked me up & put me on some sort of chair. I was able to lay back & the snaps being snapped between my legs. Then a blanket over my legs & we started to move. He took me to another room where I could hear a lot of chatter going on. We finally stopped & someone else came & started playing with my hair. I still wasn't able to do much b/c of the goggles on my eyes & the brace on my neck. As they braided my hair someone took the gag out of my mouth & I heard the juggling of jars.

"Open up baby girl!" I heard. I opened my mouth & I felt the mushy food going down my throat. Because my mouth was numb I couldn't catch all the food so I felt the mush going down my chin. After eating 4 jars of whatever that mush was, I was given a large bottle of juice, which most likely ½ was lost from all the drooling. Once I was done there, they took me into another room where I felt other "baby girls" there as well. We were left there for a while & all you can hear was gurgling & a mix of sounds. We heard the door open & it was the director, Andy!

"Well little girls, it's Andy! You know the director, the one in charge of this place! Well you have all come a long way in the past week & all your daddies are very proud. Most of you haven't put up a fight b/c you have gone through a lot of hypnotic therapy & seems like you all are ready to live the life daddy wants you to live. To start off all you little babies are dl's or ab's of some sort but never went ahead with your fantasy, well we have made that little fantasy come true for you now & the only way that was possible was by having a daddy who truly wanted you. Just wanted to let you all know, you are all going home tomorrow & I'm sure some of you are thinking what happened to your past life? Well you are all dead. We played out some sort of situation that would end up having a death certificate for you. So you will forever be someone else. Your names have changed as well & a lot more will change too. You will all be heading home tomorrow in the morning. Bye bye girlies!"

We were then strolled back into our rooms & put to bed. The jacket wasn't put back on but I did feel medication being injected into me & my wrists tied to the side of the bed. I then felt a pumping noise & my asshole started to grow. I started to whine from the pain & the gag was forcefully put into my mouth & then the ear plugs & the hood. I then started to hear the CD's as well, how did they do that I have no clue, but the CD was playing. The tube was inserted to my gag & the liquid flow started. As I fell asleep, all I can think of was my new baby state & what was going to happen to me but I also wanted to be used in all my holes to keep daddy happy. Left in messy diapers for long periods as punishment & beg to cum while in them. That was to be my new life, a baby sex slave. I was going to be a slave to a Dom man, do whatever he wanted but I would be in diapers & made to use them & stay in them until my daddy saw fit. The next morning I was awaken & taken out of the hood & plugs. I was taken into another room where the diapers & everything else I had on was taken off & put into a bathtub, where I can feel warm water with bubbles. I was then cleaned from head to toe & special attention with my bottom holes. I could tell my tattoo was being cleaned & my nipples. I was then turned over & I heard some nurses talking, they tried putting me on all fours but I would just fall. I was too weak to do anything on my own. Then one of them said they should check my ass & make sure it was wide enough for now. With that I felt a dildo being rammed into me & then taken out. Then I felt 3 fingers going into my asshole & moving around, finally a 4th finger.

"Seems like she's doing pretty well. I think I can stick my whole hand in there if I want", one of them said.

"No, no don't do that we don't want to hurt her, let her daddy do it!" another commented back. Then to my pussy they went & I realized how tight I was. He wasn't able to stick 2 fingers in.

"Is this how tight she's supposed to be after a week in a large dildo?"

"I would suppose so, Bob. That's weird!" the other said. They finished cleaning me & took me out. Wrapped me in a towel that closed at the end & made me look like a mummy. I was then taken back to my room, where my legs were spread apart. The cream was applied on me & then the wiping of the towel. They cleaned out all my hairs once again, from my entire front, back & my legs. Then the enormous plug was put inside me & I felt some sort of belt go around my waist & under me, then snap with a lock. Then I felt powder & cream being rubbed on me & the super thick diaper. They made small holes on the diaper & then another one, finally the plastic pants that were more like shorts locked onto me. They were short enough to hide under shorts or skirts, but they weren't your regular plastic pants. I felt a skirt being put on me & then a wife beater. I can tell my shirt was ripped in the front so there was more cleavage showing. I also felt my breasts bigger & heavier, & sore. The neck brace was still on & my arms still weak, not as weak as before but I couldn't do much, they still put me in some sort of jacket, not a straight jacket but my arms went into an arm brace that didn't have holes at the end for my hands, & they connected behind my back which crossed my arms like a straight jacket & finished locking. I noticed cuffs being put on my ankles & locked together. They then picked me up & put me back in the wheelchair/stroller. My ankles were locked to the chair by the back & then I felt my jacket click onto something which didn't allow me to go forward. The gag was replaced with a paci gag that wrapped around my head so I can't spit it out, & I was ready to be delivered to my new daddy. I was then strolled into the main room where I guess the daddies would come get their babies; there I can hear all the other daddies talking to the nurses about how their babies did during the week. I heard one nurse tell a daddy how that babies hole wasn't wide enough & how she was fighting the transition & he said:

"We'll just see about that when she gets home, that ass is going to be so big that I'm going to be able to stick 5 cocks in it, let her get home & she'll get punished, severely." It thought to myself, "O my God, these daddies are mean, I hope mine isn't as mean." All of a sudden I hear "There she is, there's my baby Chrissy, Nurse how did she do?" Daddy exclaimed.

"She did well; she's accepting her state a little better, seems like this is what she really wants, but not as fast as she got it. Her ass is wide enough, but her pussy is pretty tight. So I'm sure you need to work on that."

"O don't worry she'll get enough fucks in that pussy to widen her up!" Daddy responded, adding "Anything else I need to know?"

"Sir I think she enjoys being in her dirty diapers for long periods of time, b/c when we change her right away she complains, if we leave it for a couple hours she complains, but once we left it on for about 2 days & she started to cry, we didn't know what it was so we left her there. About 12 hours later we allowed her to telll us what she wanted & she pointed to her diaper, we thought she wanted relieve so we allowed her to release herself & you can see the smile on her face. Once we stopped & started to change her & she cried. So we put the diaper back on & played with her some more & she smiled again. Thought id let you know." Said the nurse. Daddy didn't seem surprised, "O do I know that's all we would talk about. How she wanted to remain in dirty diapers for long periods. Did you ever talk dirty to her or tell her what a naughty baby she was or say things to degrade her? She loves that!" Nurse responded by saying that yeah they actually did.

"Wonderful, are we ready to go?! I believe you will send the final invoice?"

"Yes Mr Nick!" Yelled Andy from the other side of the room.

"Don't worry your all taken care of, I hope you enjoy her!" Please email me with comments...

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