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This is a continuance of my last story... Enjoy! I don't know if I'll finish it but I would love comments...

We finally arrived at the house & I could tell we came into a garage & i was taken out of the van. As that was done I felt another set of hands shoot my arm with medication.

"What was that Betty?" Daddy says.

"Oh, that was a mix of everything together, her sedative, her diuretic, medication to keep her weak & I added a medicine that will have her words slurred & make her gurgle."

"Wonderful!" Responded daddy. Then out of no where I feel her grab my lip & pinch it with that numb meds to keep me drooling. I was then taken inside & I smell the house, which smelled like baby. We stopped & I was taken out of the jacket & brace & my cuffs from my feet, the gag was taken off as well & replaced with a smaller pacifier which afterward showed how my mouth was used to the size it was & my mouth couldn't 't close correctly & you can tell that i was drooling like crazy. They then unsnapped me from all the snaps & I fell to the side, b/c I was so weak. I guess Betty caught me & took me out of the chair & took me over to the changing table.

"Lil Girl we are going to see if u need changing & daddy Nick will be in to set the rules." She undid my diapers & saw i was wet, so she changed me, & as she wiped my butt she saw I was letting some poo out, so she decided on an enema. I was plugged & the water started to flow.

"whats going on here?!" I hear as daddy walks in.

"O this lil girl was a little dirty in her bottom, so I decided to clean her out some. Not so big b/c we are expecting her to be messing overnight. Is that ok Mr. Nick!?"

"O no not a problem whats so ever, but lets keep her plugged after your done & we'll go through the rules while she knows what it feels like to stay in an enema." I felt the cramps start & I felt like i was 9 months pregnant. I didn't know what an enema felt like b/c I had never had one, well maybe one of those Fleet ones from the supermarket, but that was nothing compared to this. I was then picked up & put into the crib. I heard the bars go up & then a snap. Then I feel Nurse Betty add a bib on me & attach pacifier in my mouth that then has the strap to go around my head, & then I felt a tube being put in through the paci & 1/2 way into my mouth & a click, which seemed to lock the tube in place.

"Lil girl, I am going to start ur feeding & when u feel the liquid you need to start swallowing, this is a little over a gallon & this is what you will be drinking from now on, about 4 times a day, along with your bottles filled with water during the day. Daddy will explain the rest to you in a couple minutes." With that said, I hear daddy coming in, I guess talking on the phone, "Yes Sir, she's here & I couldn 't be happier, Please make sure that shipment is getting here soon, we need everything in that shipment, plus the other things I ordered for that enormous party in a couple weeks. Of course I'm going to show her off, & also have some of her fantasy dreams come true, make her into the best baby girl possible. I hope to see you here, correct?! Will you be bringing your lil one? Awesome! Ok Talk to you then. So is she ready Nurse!?" I then felt fingers run through my diaper area & then a tap on my butt. Of course I jumped.

"Ok my angel, let's have a chat! I am going to explain the rules, & though by the time you have to start abiding by them it'll be too late into the training, still I want you to know what needs to be done & what I expect from you. 1st things first, tomorrow you are going back to sleep for another week, & wake you up as a baby. You will be doing everything a newborn will be supposed to do. After that you will grow a month every week, so if you do the math it'll be 12 weeks before your a year old... but by about 10 weeks we'll start teaching you how to crawl, & you will be crawling for about 24-30 weeks, then you will learn how to walk with a waddle & that's how you will stay, b/c no matter what you will be thickly diapered so your always going to have to waddle from the thickness in your bottom. We will try to have you incontinent by the end of the 12 weeks. As you heard, for your 1 yr birthday you will have a party with all the other mommy & daddies that have babies & they will be here. Nurse Betty will pretty much be like your mommy, she will take care of you all the time & I will be there to play & watch you grow & get better at your baby state. Nurse Betty lives here with us & she will have 2 days off during the week, so you will be all mine those days. Though you're a baby in a grown up body, your still going to get your sexual releases which will be taught to you over time. I will be working at the office 3 times a week from 9-5pm until I can find a manager who can handle the office & then I will be home full time, except Mondays when we have Senior Meetings, about 1/2 of my staff are Mommies or daddies like myself & the other half know about what we do but don't have anything to do with it. I will be removing your goggles in a week, which then you will be able to see us. Also you will have a new name & it's going to be Trisha, you will have to learn your new name, & you will with the hypnosis. Yes you will be hearing tapes along with having a doctor coming in twice a week having sessions with you for about 2 hrs at a time. He's going to get you to stop talking at least until you are about 3 years old, that way little by little we can stop injecting you with the medication, worse case scenario you may never speak correctly again & that's fine by me. So I'm sure you understand, you will not be allowed to talk, walk, have control of your bodily functions, or your sexual releases, you will be a baby most of your adult life from now on, you wont be doing anything grown up for at least 10 REAL years. & by then you'll be so used to the lifestyle you may not want to or may not accept growing up. Also, when you start having sexual relations we will be giving you the shot & then maybe go ahead & tie your tubes, so you can't have any children, you will be the ONLY baby/little girl in this house. Well unless there are guests over. Is that ok?!" I shrugged my shoulder; it was TOO much info in 5 minutes.

"Ok , Little Trish, we'll take it day by day. I think that may be enough for you today. If anything we will add rules along the way or just adjust them to adjust to your new life. By the way... I am Daddy Nick, you know the Nick you've been talking to for over 2 years online? I decided to do this to you for all the teasing you have done to me, & I knew you wanted this but didn 't know how to get away from your boyfriend, so when I heard about this program I thought why not! & I'm glad to hear you're adjusting well, I just hope you never get bored of it, well you wont be b/c we're going to break you down like you've always wanted & keep you like this until maybe forever. So, you enjoy the rest of your day b/c starting tonight when you go to bed you won't be waking up till next Saturday. Bye, bye baby!" Then I felt a hand going into my diapers & trying to pull the plug out, "Baby don't let it out till we fix your diaper if not you'll leak." I felt another diaper being put on me & then some weird feeling shorts. I started to moan from the pain & I heard daddy laugh, "Baby ur going to have to get used to this, b/c you're going to be getting bigger ones & stay in it longer, hold on!" With that I felt the waistband being tightened & I felt a lock go on it. The tube also was inserted into my paci gag & the flow started. I started to drink & knew there was something funny with the juice. Then I felt a tap on my butt & told to let go! So I did little by little, & then I couldn't anymore & it just started coming out. But I don't know if it was because it was inside me for so long or what but I felt like it wouldn't stop & it kept going. Soon enough I felt sleepy but I was still going, but I couldn't stay awake anymore, & knowing that I was still drinking. I think the bag was huge & that is what would keep me hydrated & sleeping along with the relaxants & the food I need through the bag. I woke up with my bottom bothering me; I started to make noises from the pacifier. I tried moving some & all I felt is the mess moving all over under me, & I think I was making more of a mess. I was so busy wondering what was going on in my diapers that I didn 't hear Nurse Betty come in.

"Naughty Baby what are you doing? R u trying to move from all that mess? Well you won't be able to, trust me your well destined & you will be in it till late tonight. Now I am going to start your diaper training with the mess on you. You have to learn how to be in a messy diaper for long, & you will ONLY be allowed to orgasm while in mess. You will not be allowed to cum when ur not messed, at least not for the 1st 2 years of your life, even if daddy fucks you, you cant cum. maybe when you get a boyfriend or daddy allows you to fulfill your fantasy with the boys he's going to put you with later on." She replaced my paci with a larger one, saying that since I wont be eating anymore until tomorrow I don't need the smaller one, on top of that daddy wants me to get used to bigger things in my mouth b/c I will be taking in large cocks. What i didnt realize was that I had a vibrator in my pussy. When I came to realize it, it was a pretty big one too. She turned on the vibe & little by little I started to move my hips to get a good feeling for it. I heard Ms Betty laugh, she then started rubbing the diapers up & down, up & down. I felt the mess spreading around, she then grabbed my legs & started bringing them together, opening & closing my legs, she brought one of my legs up to my bottom, to make my foot touch the diaper, so she started massaging me with my own foot, she finally stopped, but I still hadn't cum. She got my hands & made me rub myself, & hard.

"Rub naughty girl! You're a messy lil slut & you need to cum...cum for nurse Betty. Remember ur now a lil diaper slave & lil girls who wear diapers mess & when in messy diapers have to do naughtiness in their diapers. Cum baby girl cum, naughty girl.That's why your in a diapers, tell ur self u deserve the diapers." So I started gargling things in my paci, but since I couldn't hardly talk it was weird stuff coming out, & i would drool. I would feel the drool going down my face & chin.

"Good girl! Look at you drooling, if daddy could only see you now."

"Who says I cant see & hear her?" Daddy walked in; scared i took my hands off the diapers. Then I felt a slap on my hands, "Put those hands back on your pussy, (slap)" I put my hands back on my diaper & started to rub.

"Rub harder, rub deeper. I want your hands to start off all the way in the back of your diaper & then bring as much as you can to the front & rub! Ummm.. Daddy is getting hard just looking at you." I then felt something weird touch my face & the pacifier get unsnapped, & the head of his cock touch my lips.

"Suck baby girl, suck! Dont touch my cock but your pussy, Nurse Betty get her legs together & make her cum. Stop fighting it, just cum! Suck daddies bottle, & make daddies milk come out. Daddy is hard to cum so suck hard b/c we want you to taste daddy & then wear daddies cum on you for a couple hours. Make you feel like a dirty lil slut. The slut I'm going to make you become. Come on baby cum." I was starting to feel dirty, but I guess that's the way I am suppose to be from now on. I started to orgasm, started to move my head back & inside my goggles my eyes were rolling back. But daddies cock didn't let me do much, he was pretty much deep throating me, & I felt like i was going to gag, when I felt Nurse Betty help rub my diaper & the vibe go on stronger, I think i was going crazy. When I finally started cumming, & moaned under daddies cock, at the same time Nurse Betty felt that I pooped some more.

"Mr Nick, we are going to have a cummer & dirty whore at the same time. She pooped some more." Nurse Betty commented to Daddy.

"Awesome, make sure she has that mess spread all over her, she's well covered correct?"

"Yes sir!" She responded.

"Wonderful, so mess her up real well & if she leaks, o well! I don't want her to be able to close her legs from her mess, she needs to learn how to waddle from all that thickness. You know what, let me finish here, shes not sucking good enough & we'll put her down. Baby slut suck daddy." With that comment I got dick slapped & the cock shoved back into my mouth, then pulled out again, slapped & back in my mouth.

"Beg for that cock baby girl, BEG! Let me see that tongue, beg for your daddies bottle." I stuck out my tongue & I felt the drool coming down my face & I gargles something out, trying to say cock daddy.

"Huh baby girl, cant hear you! I don't understand you, speak!" Of course with all the meds & not being able to speak for a couple days my mouth couldn't, so I tried again..

"gaggaaa, coooockk daaawwwie, cooockk ." All I heard was laughter, "You see what a baby you are? see how you need those diapers, you cant even ask daddy to stop giving you cock, you like the cock don't you?" I shook my head yes! "Good here we go." The cock back in my mouth, this time I felt it fall some so I knew i had to work extra hard to get it back up again. So I sucked, I think it was another 20mins & I felt him get harder & then the cum came out.

"I don't want you swallowing, take it all in your mouth but don't swallow, come on suck, harder, take all that milk out of daddy! Now i wanna see you play with it in your mouth, around your mouth, drool some out & lick your lips to get it back, now with your hand I want you to pour it out of your mouth & onto your hands & then rub your hands together & spread all that cum around your face, don't forget your nose & around your eyes, around your mouth, now whatever you can get from you lips & whatever is left over from your hands I want you to suck your fingers & hands to eat the rest. Good girl! How does that taste baby slut?!" I shook my head though I knew it tasted funny. I felt like a mess, I was dirty. I was starting to get sticky. Then I felt Nurse Betty come & clean the rest of my hands with a baby wipe. My face remained a mess & it was starting to dry, the pacifier was put back in & strapped back in. I was lifted up only to have them rub my diapers some more from the back to the front, & i was wetting at the same time & I could feel the mess get messier & I felt the diapers leak, but b/c of the plastic pants shorts I had on, it caught it.

"Good Girl! We are now going to put you back to bed & take another nap before we clean you up forur week long nap." Nurse Betty was saying. I think the tube that was going into my mouth also had a place to insert medication, b/c I tasted some weird stuff. Soon enough I was asleep with the headphones on.

"OK, baby Trish, time for that final change. It is about 1230AM, & we are going to give you a bath, change you & put you into 4 diapers & 5stuffers & your plastic pants, strap you down, put in your pacifier & keep you hydrated along with all the meds your going to need for the next week." Nurse Betty was explaining. I felt something being put on my nose so i couldn't smell, & I feel the process begin. 1st off I was injected with something on my thighs, then everything started to come off, I soon started to notice that it was meds to numb my legs. I was washed down & taken to i guess the bathroom. I was put into a tub & warm water started to fall down on me, she started to scrub me down & I was feeling good, clean & refreshed. It was somewhat of a long bath & I figured that i needed it for the long amount of time i was in those messy diapers & b/c of the one week nap I'll be taking. I was taken out of the tub dried down & carried to my room, I was powered, oil & plenty of destin on my butt, I even felt her finger go into my hole, I guess she was putting destin in there.

"Little girl, we're going to put in a average size dildo in your pussy so you don't tighten up, I have put in a mild type of suppository in your bottom, which will take about 3-6 hours to start working, I want you to keep in mind you will be in the same diaper for 3.5 days, your going to get 2 changes within the next week, that's how daddy wants you changed, though depending on how much your peeing, we may add extra diapers, spread your legs apart more & your going to get used to having ur legs spread b/c that's the way you need to be to weaken your legs when u start to crawl/waddle, & learn that that's the way men like you when they wanna fuck those holes of yours." I heard Nurse say. I was soon dressed & ready to go, I was in a short sleeve onesie that had the snaps at the bottom. I felt the pacifier being put back in my mouth along with the tube down my throat, & i felt Nurse Betty give me a shot."OK little one you are ready, I will be in checking on you every 2-3 hours, except at night. I will be feeding you your bag 3 times a day & injecting you with the sedatives & diuretic & I will need to inject your lip one time this week, I will also add laxatives to 2-3 of your bags so we make sure you are pooing & starting to loose control& on Tuesday night I will change your diapers & somewhat clean you, on Friday mid afternoon I will stop giving you the sedatives & wait til Saturday when you are fully awake.ok !? Enjoy! your going to get the best sleep in the world." With that I was strapped down & rechecked, & another shot was given into my tube, very soon I was sleeping.

Sunday Morning- (Nurse Betty looking in)

"Good morning Mr Nick! Hows things?" I asked my boss.

"Good morning Betty, I am doing great. I couldn't be happier with the little one here, Its been so long, you don't understand. You don't know how much I am going to do with her, everything she had ever mentioned to me & more. Thank you for agreeing to do this for me & helping me out, I thought I would never find a nurse to do this for me, & Thank goodness your local." Nick responded.

" O don't worry, You know from past conversations how I've loved to see girls in diapers, & thank goodness for my nurse experience that I was able to come work with you. So whats the news, what else is going to be happening?" I responded & asked.

" To tell you the truth, I will be working & looking for that President for the office & train him for about 6 months, before I know I can come home & be here, I want to find me a wife, a woman who wants to have an AB in the house. I want to be able to work from home but also have plenty of trips before Trish is old enough to start going out with though that will take her about 3 years to do. I have this party to plan & I'm hoping everything goes great, I'm sure she's going to be surprised to see what happens here. By the way, I would like you to be ready to see alot of babies, mommies, daddies, wet, messy diapers, sex, oral sex & who knows what else, please don't be offended." He warns me.

"Mr Nick no way will it offend me, that's something Ive enjoyed but really do too much about, I would love to be a mommy someday but for now, I'll be so happy being around Trisha. I don't have a problem seeing all that, I'll make sure that little Trish gets all the cock, cum, & sex she can get."

"Awesome! Just the way I'm thinking!" Mr Nick responds. With that I walked away very happy. I know he has alot to do in reference to the party. Today is my day off so I have decided to take off & see friends. Before I leave I decided to look at Trish, & sound asleep she was, with her pacifier in her mouth taking in her liquids & the headphones on her ear so she can hear all those hypnosis & start messing & peeing uncontrollably.

Sunday Evening-

I got home just now & have been out all day. I did alittle shopping with a close friend of mine who is also ABDL but he has a wife who knows he wears, but he cant go any further than that. Mr Nick isn't around & I would think he's out with friends or something. I checked on Trisha & changed her bag of food & made sure she got another CD of the hypnosis. I usually like to diaper myself at night so Ive taken a shower & put one on. I am going to lay back & enjoy some chats online. Talk to you alllaters.


I have been awake since about 6:30 AM, checked on Baby Trish & changed her bag, injected her once again & have been cleaning around the house. Mr Nick left to the office for his weekly meeting & I should expect him back soon. But truthfully this week I don't have much to do while shes asleep, so its just pretty much clean the house, keep an eye out on her & Nick has those shipments coming in, so I need to be here to expect them. So I can also just hang out online & chat with others.

230pm- Mr Nick arrived & hes on the phone about the party. He's asked for me to help him, get together all the guests & made sure to have over 100 people here. This isn't going to be a little party, I'm thinking about $5K. Crazy huh?!

900PM- Well I was in with Mr Nick until a couple minutes ago, checked on Trish, fed her & made sure she was knocked out. Shes doing well, her diapers are pretty swollen & it looks like shes almost going through the 3rd diaper, & mind you she has 2stuffers on with the 1st diaper, that is slit in different areas, along with another stuffer & diaper #2, then 2 more stuffers & diaper #3 & 4, I put on her plastic pants that are like long shorts & locked on the top. I put her over a plastic pad so she cant leak out & her legs are taped up with duct tape, so we make sure that she cant leak out, so pretty much if she does leak from her diapers all her pee or mess will land in the pants & we'll see it. Speaking of mess, shes messed already a couple times, I have to move her around & spread the mess down to the front sotheres space for more. Its sooo fun to see her like this. I enjoy making little girls be in this state, you see her legs going wider & spreading apart more & more all b/c shes so swollen. You know what Im going to run it by Mr Nick, But I dont think we should change her, I'm going to make sure with him & just add another 2 diapers & stuffers & keep her like that. Well I am going to bed, I will post again tomorrow! Bye for now.

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