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Its half 9 in the morning my time and there's a loud ringing at my door. I get out of bed kind of groggily and head downstairs. Grab a towel on my way and put it round my waist and go to the door.

I open it up and there's good old' posited standing on my doorstep with something in his hands.

"Sorry did I wake you up?" He says in his country bumpkin kind of way.

"Its jus that I've got a package here for you."

He then places a large brown parcel in my hands and turns round and walks off. I'll look down at it and it's covered in airmail stickers but I can see both The Companies name and mine on it clearly. All of a sudden I feel like my heart is going to explode. I slam the door and run up stairs clutching it in my hands and plant my self on my bed. I stair at the this thing for like 2 minutes and finally get the courage to rip it one and pour the stuff out onto my bed.

I look down at the three whit objects sitting next to my pillow. I knew no one would be home for hours so I thought why not and took of my bra and panties. My long brown hair came just to my freshly exposed breasts and over my almost neon green eyes.

"Oh my God" my voice sad a little wavy.

"I'm going to put on my first diaper in 16 years!" Being 18 years old this wasn't a bad guess, I didn't know exactly when I had been potty trained but I knew for sure that I regretted it ever since. But thanks to the wonders of the internet I had my chance to go back to that blissful state and since my parents wouldn't be home for hours I had it all to myself.

I lay down on the bed and slid the diaper under myself. I wanted to make this feel as babyish as I could so I kicked my feet in the air a little bit and giggled. I then reached down and pulled the front the diaper up over myself, loving the crinkling sounds it made and the soft feel of the lining. I pull the first set of tapes tightly around my small waist and then the other and just lay there. I couldn't believe it. There I lay in just a diaper. I kicked my feet in the air again and giggled some more, the rustling sounds making me feel so damn childish that I could have dyed of happiness. This was exactly what I had always wanted. I got up off the bed and stood there for a second. It was funny walking jus didn't seem right when your dressed like this so why not make the most of it. I got down on my hands and knees and stuck my in the well padded butt up and wiggled it a bit. I crawled over to the full length mirror and could feel the huge bulk between my legs as I did so. This was pure bliss.

When I got to the mirror I simply sat on the floor in front of it with my legs open so I could really look at myself.

"Wow..." I said in complete awe of what I saw looking back at me. It was just how I always pictured it. I put my thumb in my mouth and jus sat there looking at the think white diaper. I shifted my butt around on the floor to make the diaper rustle again and giggled when it did.

It was then I started to feel it. I hadn't peed like I always did when I first got up in the morning and I had to do it now.

"Well I guess I'm just gunna have to wet my diapers since I can't get out of them all by my self" This came out in the cutest baby talk you've ever heard, and with it a started to push. At first nothing came but with some deep breaths and the constant reminder that I WANTED to wet myself, a stead flow began. As I was wetting my thirsty diapers I watched in the mirror as they started to grow yellow and the wetness indicator light up. When it finally stopped I felt the front of my diapers and rubbed a little bit.

"Oh no! I've had an accident! Ohhhhh daddy's gunna be so mad I wet my dipies!" Oh if only I had a daddy like that! I've never mentioned my diaper fetish to anyone and I don't think I ever will if I can help it.

"Well time for a change I guess" I said to myself.

"I agree" Came a voice form the door. My heart stopped dead. It was a voice I knew all to well. I looked up and there was my dad standing there looking at me.

"Come on then baby lets get you changed out of your wet dipies and some nice clean ones. I think your going to be in them for a long time after all and we cant have you sitting in wet ones now can we?"

I felt a lump in my throat.

"No daddy..."

To be continued if it's wanted.

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After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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