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Lil Girl Big Diapers


Daddy took me by the hand and led me over to my bed where the remaining two diapers were still lying.

"Well it looks like were going to have to get little girl some diapies soon aren't we your running a bit low." He said to me in his deep voice. Gosh he looked big form down here; I was still crawling on my hand and knees you understand, not that he wasn't a big man anyway. He was 6'6" and at least 320lbs. he was in the police force you see and he never wanted to be thought of as weak.

"I'm jus low because these are the only once I have the only once I've ever had. I...I jus wanted to you know, try them out..." I looked down embarrassed.

"Well your going to get your chance, believe me about that. But enough talk lets get you out of that wet diaper and into a nice fresh one huh?" With that he picked me up off the floor and laid me down on my bed. I don't know if it was possible for me to feel more embarrassed at that moment in time, I was 18 and I was about to have my dad change my wet diapers. I must have looked like a tomato I was that red.

He started to undo the tapes on the sides that I had done up not so long ago. Then he pulled down the front.

"Wow, my little girl made quite a lot of peepee didn't you?" He smiled, pulled the diaper out form under me and folded it up.

"I'll be right back hunny, just need to get a wash cloth and the powder from the bathroom." With that he walked out of the room and left me lying naked on my bed and smelling like pee. I began to cry a little bit, "this was supposed to be fun!" I thought to my self, "How could I be so stupid!" Daddy walked back into the room and looked down at me.

"Hun, what's wrong? He said a bit concerned.

"I'm sorry daddy I won't do it again just don't but me in another diaper. I'm sorry"

With that I started to sob my heart out.

"I'm sorry hunny but I've got to, a little baby has to wear diapers or they make a big mess everywhere. Why jus look at how much you peed in you diapies just now, if you hadn't been wearing one, well I wouldn't like to think what would have happened." As he said this he started to run down my crotch and butt with the warm cloth he'd brought in with him.

"It's for the best trust me." He then sprinkled power over my belly and sensitive area. He grabbed one of the two diapers I had left and unfolded it.

"You'll see that soon" He lifted my legs up in the air and slid the diaper under me and pulled the soft front up between my legs and then taped me in again.

"There you go baby." He cooed.

I looked down at my self, once again glad only if the soft whiteness of a diaper. Daddy took my hand and walked me over to the cupboard. Well he walked and I waddled along behind him. I was still crying but I had calmed down a lot.

"Now then," he said "I think you still have some of your sisters dresses in here form when this used to be her room....ah yes here we go this will do nicely!" He pulled out a very pink, very small dress.

"Daddy, there is no way that will fit my, plus its too short"

"Well Shelly your not really that big so I think it might just fit you, could be a bit tight but you'll live. And I'm sorry hunny but its meant to be short, that way every one can see those lovely diapies of yours." My mind latched on to the last thing he said with fear.

"Who did he mean when he said everyone?!" I screamed inside my head. But before I had time to object or say anything more on the subject he pulled the dress over my head and zipped up the back.

He was right, the dress only came down about half over my diaper and it was clearly visible to anyone who might look.

"Come on hunny its time to go to the store, we've got to get my girl some more diapies. I don't want her to have an accident and be all out now do I?" With that he put the last diaper, the powder and the cloth in a backpack and took my hand. There was no way I could resist, I was tiny and he made about 4 of me! He dragged me out to the car and buckled me in. I was so thankful that none of the other people on our street, or out side saw me. Daddy climbed in the seat next to me and looked at me.

"This is going to be a lot of fun hunny I promise" He smiled. More tears rolled down my cheeks. The worst part was that I already felt like I had to pee again. This was most surly not going to be any fun for me...

To be continued if wanted, [email protected]

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