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Good thing I brought a diaper and change of clothes for my husband when we were going to the city to meet some friends for dinner. Though the ride is only two hours, you never know when you might be stuck in traffic for many more hours.

Sure enough, as we got to the Lincoln Tunnel, traffic stopped dead. Though I made sure he had gone before we left the house, he groaned and sqeezed his crotch when he saw it would be awhile before we got to the restaurant, and there was nowhere to stop on the way.

Luckily, traffic sped up once we entered the tunnel, still he barely made it, I had to drop him off in front and park the car myself.

We had been to the doctor just a few days ago, trying to find out why he was suddenly having these problems. He had alway had problems wetting the bed on and off, but he had a few daytime accidents when he suddenly had to pee and couldn't get to a bathroom in time.

The doctor didn't find any physical reason for the wetting and suggested he try some incontinence products, which my husband refused to do. I bought some diapers and plastic pants the next day, hoping he would come to his sense. It had to be worse to wet himself and worry about someone seeing him than discretely wear diapers for protection.

When I got into the restaurant he told me he had just made it and in fact had lost control as he pulled down his pants and had to throw away his underwear.

Soon our friends arrived and as we greeted and caught up with everyone, the lost underwear were forgotten. The big screen over the bar was playing the Yankees/Red Sox game which of course, the guys were glued to as we girls talked non-stop.

At one point I felt my husband fidgeting next to me and I whispered in his ear that he better get to the bathroom before he had a problem. He gave me the dirtiest look although no one had heard me. Fine, I thought, let him worry about himself. Sure enough, at the next commercial, he bolted away to the men's room.

We stayed until the restaurant closed around us. After last call, the ladies all made a pit stop. I told my husband he should also go before we left. His friend laughed, saying men have larger bladders than women, they didn't have to worry about it. So, of course, my husband wasn't about to go now.

As we left our group to walk to the car I told my husband he was pretty foolish to let his friend decide when he was or wasn't going to use the bathroom, after all John probably hadn't wet his underwear earlier that night. He knew I was right and would have probably gone back but the restaurant door was locked behind us.

I drove home because Jim had too much to drink. As we went back through the tunnel he asked me if I could find someplace to stop as soon as we got out of the tunnel.

"Are you crazy? I'm not driving through these side streets in search of a bathroom. We'll be on the Turnpike soon and we'll stop at the rest area."

There was no traffic at that hour and we would be at the rest stop in about 15 minutes. I could tell right away that he was having a hard time holding on. He was jumping around in his seat, rubbing his crotch and swearing under his breath. Soon we got on the Turnpike and it was only five minutes to the rest stop. He screamed at me to pull over to the side of the road, but there are no trees or any cover at all and I didn't feel like getting hassled by the state troopers.

"We're almost there", I said as we saw the sign "1 mile to rest area". He relaxed a little and said he thought he would make it but then suddenly grabbed himself, almost standing in his seat.

"Oh my God, I'm wetting my pants!"

The fact that I was turning off to the rest stop was small consolation and his bladder emptied into his pants just as I parked the car.

"Now I have to sit in this the whole way home". We were still an hour and a half from the house.

"Maybe not, I have something in the trunk that might be helpful." I popped the trunk and got out the bag I had packed before we left. Inside were some wipes, baby powder, a diaper and plastic pants and a pair of shorts.

"Are you kidding me? Where did you get all that?"

I explained that I had made the purchase after his doctor's appointment and had brought everything along just in case of such an emergency.

"I can't walk in to the men's room to change like this"

"I know, just lay down in the back and I'll help you"

He didn't have much choice so he reluctantly did as I told him and I pulled off his wet pants. As I thoroughly wiped him clean his hardening penis made me think he liked this more than he let on. I powdered and diapered him, pulling his shorts over the diapers. He decided to lay down in the back seat because the cloth in the passenger seat was soaked.

He was fast asleep before I got back on the turnpike. He looked so cute sleeping in his diaper, even though the diaper was covered by the shorts, I knew they were there.

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