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Locked in, for the weekend?

I'm fairly new to being a AB and have been slowly buying myself toys, clothes and accessories, and finally my new dress has arrived, It's a gorgeous pink PVC dress with puff sleeves, a very short skirt with a very full petticoat, and it comes with a matching pair of pink lockable rubber pants.

Finally the time was here, I had been waiting for this weekend for ages. now that I had everything I wanted to totally helpless like a real baby so when my girlfriend said she was going to visit family for the weekend i jumped at the opportunity.

On the way home from work i dropped the padded envelope into the post- it contained two keys that would eventually let me out of my babified state when they arrived in the post on Monday morning.

When I got home I stripped off and slipped into the bath with a bottle of wine to get me in the mood, after the bath I waxed my legs and bum to make sure I was totally baby smooth, next I oiled and powdered all round my bum and between my legs.

From my cupboard I took out 6 super thick disposable diapers, my new dress and pants, I tied my hair up in little bunches with pink ribbon and started to dress;

First was a 2.5" wide piece of tubing that I slowly eased into my arsehole to keep it nicely open and to ensure that I had absolutely no bowel control. Next came the six diapers taped tightly over each other gradually forcing my legs further and further apartover these I pulled up my pink rubber pants and with a deep breath locked the padlock in the waistband- No escape now, well not till monday anyhow!

after the pants I slipped on a beautiful pair of sheer white stockings with little pink bows on them and finally the piece de resistance my gorgeous new dress, I slipped it on over my naked shoulders and over my now erect and sensitive nipples, finally it was in place and I slowly drew the zip up the back slowly pulling it tight to my skin and gently carressing my neck, and now for the second lock to secure the zip.

Finally I'm all dressed and waddle over to the mirror- god I look so cute and girly I nearly cum in my diapers just looking and my fantasy turned reality.

I waddled my way through the house to the kitchen where I took 4 senna laxatives with another glass of wine.

I settled myself down in the living room plopping down onto my thickly padded behind and sucking my pacifier i watched cartoons for about half an hour, I was having a great time and almost without realising i felt myself wetting for the first time that weekend, about 20 minutes later I felt the laxatives working and then soon after felt my diaper filling with my squishy poo I could feel it working all up between my legs and bum. I spent the whole evening like this, and before i went to bed i had two bottles of warm milk and a big bowl of childrens porridge- just to fill myelf up for the night.

As I drifted off to sleep i was the happiest little baby girl ever, but little did I know this was going to change.......

I awoke to the sun streaming through the window, and a I rolled over I realised that I had filled my diapers even more over night they were getting heavier and squishier but there was still lots more space and the rubber pants were doing their job. I got up and released a long warm stream of piss into my diaper and waddled into the kitchen for breakfast, sitting down to a bowl of oatmeal and 2 more warm bottles of milk i felt everything moving in my diapers- I was in heaven then while I was lying down enjoying my second bottle of milk it happened- I heard the front door open and my girlfriend calling that she was home early!

OH MY GOD! I just froze and so the first thing she saw when she came in was my sucking on a bottle with my heavily diapered and rubber covered bum easily on show under my dress.

My girlfriend is quite openminded and she knows I'm a TV but i'd never told her about the diapers so now she got upset, saying that I should have trusted her then when the tears stopped she got angry, this was a bad sign- she has a really dominant side to her and this came right out, She walked over to me and ordered me to stand up so she could inspect her little girl, she asked where the keys were and I told her that they were in the post and I wouldn't get them till monday, That's fine she said- you'll have to get used to your new status because monday won't be your last day like this, in fact you won't get out until I decide you can.......

I started to worry then, what did she have planned?

she came over and patted my diaper covered butt checking how wet i was, it was then that she discovered the poop- oh you are a dirty little girl aren't you? she said "well i'm sure that'll be nice and sore by monday- IF I let you out on monday now kneel down!" I knew that if I ever wanted to be released I needed to please her- something she was going to take great advantage of!

I kneeled in front of her and watched as she raised her skirt over her stockings and slid her thong down revealing her shaved and pierced pussy- grabbing the back of my head she said now LICK!

After nearly 10 minutes of licking, sucking and nibbling she finally came flooding my face and mouth with her juices, I pulled away but she stopped me.

"I have decided that as you like wetting so much then you can go to the toilet for two" and on this she started to pee in my mouth, I swallowed most of it but some managed to dribble down my chin and onto my dress.

Her abuse of me continued all weekend- I was made to wash, clean, and cook for my new Mistress all weekend she in turn relaxed, enjoyed herself and researched my new life- she made a number of new mummy friends and has told me she has great plans for her new baby girl.

Finally Monday morning arrived and mummy finally relented and let me out of my now VERY full diapers- I'm glad I had so many on- but she's warned me not to get too used to being without them, as she has some very exciting plans for me............

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