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Locked in Rubber Panties

I got an email during the course of a demanding Friday at work. Despite the rigors of my workload, this email had kept me rather excited all day: 'Honey, I just picked up something for you from your favorite place on the internet. I can't wait to dress up my favorite baby! - Auntie Tatiana.' My little fetish actually had me so excited that it was difficult driving on the way home. I actually got 'flipped off' when I forgot to signal before changing lanes. Work had been rough, and my newfound inability to drive safely added further to my stress level. Fortunately, I knew my stress would be dissolved in short order.

When I arrived at home, I knew immediately that I was in for a special night. As soon as I opened the door, I could not help but notice that the changing table, playpen, and high chair were out. I could hear the sounds of running water from the bathroom.

"Cristine, come and take the nice bath I've made for you," called my lover, who I was now certain was going to spend the weekend as my 'Auntie.' Entering into the bathroom, 'Auntie' was wearing one of my favorite 'Mommy' dresses. It was denim and had cat appliques on it. It looked to be appropriate wear for a kindergarten teacher. My 'Auntie' chose dresses like this knowing that I found them comforting. I gave her a big hug! She had prepared an extra-special bath for me. Baby bath is a favorite and distinct scent, and always promotes a feeling of well-being. 'Auntie' helped me out of my adult clothes (which I suspected I would be unburdened of for the weekend). She was disappointed that my daytime diapers (which didn't rustle nicely like my favorite diapers) were unused. I wanted to use them, but could only rarely do so in public. I am just shy, I guess. After expressing her dissatisfaction with my dry daytime diapers by giving me a mild spanking, 'Auntie' helped me into the bath tub. These spankings were always rather mild, more reminder than punishment, and I secretly enjoy them. She stayed in the bathroom, helping me wash, and then read me a story while I settled into the warm water with a sense of ease and contentment.

After a time, 'Auntie' Tatiana helped me out of the 'tub and dried me off with the softest and most luxurious terry cloth towel ever. It had a picture of Big Bird on it! To help keep my skin silky, she rubbed me down with a little baby oil and a decadent amount of baby lotion. She always takes such good care of me! When I play 'Mommy' I always try to do the same for my 'babies.' 'Auntie' then let me over to the changing table, holding my hand (I am a little wobbly sometimes). She laid me down on the table. I could tell I was in for a treat, because my favorite plastic-backed disposable diapers were ready and powdered. They had an 'Elmo' sticker on them! 'Auntie' powdered me, raised up my behind a little, and slid a diaper in place. Before she taped it shut, she sent a couple of suppositories to their just and rightful end. These weren't going to be clean diapers for too long! "Cristine, you have been such a good girl that I have a nice surprise for you!" Auntie's surprises were always fun, so I got very excited. I wasn't disappointed, either. We have a close bond, and she understands my desires better than anyone ever has. She also has a propensity to push me into scenes I really want to be a part of, but am too timid to request. True to form, she produced a gift of almost breath-taking good fun! 'Auntie' had purchased locking waterproof panties for me! As they slid slowly up my legs, I enjoyed the feeling of cold, impermeable rubber. These were indisputably made to hold whatever mess I had the capacity to fill them with. As they were locked into place, I realized a new freedom, for the first time since my original infancy - I was free from having to choose rather or not to use my diaper. That choice had been made for me the moment Auntie locked my new rubber panties into place. I wished I had these at work - I wouldn't have been able to decide to use the adult bathroom, and my daytime diapers would have served their purpose.

Usually, if I am playing baby in the evening, Auntie puts me in a comfortable nightie, or in my footed sleepers. This time she put me in my best-loved dress. She had made it for me herself! I always feel so loved when I wear it, but it is saved for special occasions, so it'll last for a long time. It is pink and white, and filled with an abundance of ruffles and pink ribbons! Matched with my Mary-Janes, and with my long hair in pigtails, I looked and felt adorable.

After dressing me, 'Auntie' put me in my playpen. She clipped my pacifier onto my dress (so I wouldn't lose it) and put it in my mouth. This kept me from getting upset when she went into the other room. I wasn't feeling upset, but I sucked on it, and then discovered the crayons and coloring book in my pen! I happily colored, not thinking at all about what 'Auntie' might be doing.

I was surprised when 'Auntie' came out of the other room dressed to go out.

Was she planning on leaving me? I was just a baby! I spit out my dummy and started wailing.

"What is wrong, sweet-heart? Your 'Auntie' loves you! We're going out for ice cream!" I settled down, and began to ponder my situation. It was a treat to go out as a baby, but it was also scary. 'Auntie' always did manage to keep me safe, though. It wasn't really a matter of great consideration, though, because 'Auntie' had already decided we were going.

She led me outside, past some neighbors, who smiled. They were used to 'Auntie' eccentricities, and I imagine the comings and goings from her house were a topic of some local discussion. They were never anything but friendly towards me. 'Auntie' helped me into her truck, and we drove to the ice cream parlor.

We definitely raised some eyebrows inside, but no one was overtly hostile.

'Auntie' got me some vanilla, and spoon fed it to me so I wouldn't ruin my dress. I was enjoying myself, when I felt a rumbling in my stomach. Then I remembered the suppositories! Before long, they did their job, and I had made quite a mess in my pants. Being a baby, I didn't think much of it. I had just finished my ice cream, when 'Auntie' noticed.

"Cristine, you have a stinky diaper, honey," she said loudly.

"We have to go into the bathroom to change you!" We received some interesting looks, mixed pity, surprise, and perhaps a touch of revulsion. She took me into the bathroom, looked in her purse, and realized she had left the key at home 'accidently.' She marched me out past everyone in the ice cream parlor, and I wondered if they were as aware of the rustling, squishing sounds I made as I wobbled out of the door with my 'Auntie.' She buckled me into place in her truck, and we left for home. The trip was without incident, except I peed a little when we hit a speed bump.

At home, she retrieved the key, changed me, and locked the now clean rubber pants back into place. She settled me down with a bottle of warm formula, and I quickly fell asleep. I was unaware that the formula had been doctored with spironolactone (a potent dieuretic), metamucil, and clonapin. I was soon sound asleep.

In the morning, 'Auntie' woke me up gently, and cuddled me for a time. Then she changed my wet diaper. Before putting me in a fresh one, she rolled me over on my tummy. I assumed that this was just to apply some more powder to my behind. I determined this was not the case when I felt some sort of tube slide in to me.

"I want to make sure baby is nice and clean inside, Sweetie,' she said cheerfully. I felt the contents of an enema fill me up. Baby space seldom is sexual for me, but this was. When she was done, she locked me back into clean and thirsty diapers and the locking panties. It wasn't long before I released the contents of my bowels. The metamucil had added some bulk to the mixture. At this point 'Auntie' got a phone call. Despite my need to be changed, she was a long time on the phone.

"Honey, there is an emergency at work. I have to leave right away. Since you're an Adult Baby, I know I can leave you here and you'll be all right.

To make sure you are safe though, let me leash you in place while I am gone.

I'll even leave you a bottle of apple juice, okay?" After she left, I sipped my apple juice, and fell away into a blissful nap.

Unbeknownst to me, I wet in my sleep. I woke up with that warm moist feeling twixt my legs, and fell back asleep, knowing my 'Auntie' would be home to change me. It helped to know that there was nothing I could do about my situation - I was secured by expert rope-work, and I was here rather I wanted to be or not. Fortunately, this was exactly what I wanted. I drifted off into blissful sleep again.

"I'm home! I can tell my little one needs a change. I'll get to you as soon as I am done taking a shower." After 'Auntie' took a long and relaxing shower, she came out, unhitched me, changed me, and put me in front of a 'Tele-Tubbies' video until it was bed-time.

As she laid me down in my little sleeper, she said "Honey, maybe I'll send you to work tomorrow locked into your daytime diapers..." The thoughts of that prospect made me excited, but I was a little worried about the bulk and rustling that could be somewhat noticeable beneath my work cloths. Oh, well, my 'Auntie' knew what was best for me, and I willingly gave her control over my bladder and bowels. There was far less for me to worry about that way. I drifted off to sleep, thinking about the pending work day...

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