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Dinner and a Show

Michael walked along the sidewalk, hand in hand with his date. A full moon had risen into the night sky, and the world, lit up by streetlights and storefront signs, seemed a magical place. But most magical of all was this lovely creature who walked alongside the young man. Maia, so beautiful even dressed casually in jeans and a denim jacket, with her long blonde hair tied in a thick braid, was talking to him about her neighborhood, the shops and parks and such. Michael wasn't really listening to the words, but found himself captivated by the voice, warm and inviting, like listening to beautiful music.

"So, what do you think, Mikey?". Maia asked.

"Um - " Michael felt a moment of panic. "Think about what?" He tried to remember what his date had been talking about.

"Why Mikey!". The big lady stopped and looked at Michael, her hands on her hips. She gazed down into the man's eyes, her expression at once both irritated and amused. "You haven't been listening to a word I've said, have you?"

"Um, I - that is, I - um--". Michael felt more than a little panic. He truly had no idea what she had been saying.

Maia broke the tension with a mirthful laugh, such a beautiful merry sound that Michael found himself smiling broadly in response. She reached out and hugged him. Maia's jacket was unbuttoned and as she held him tightly, Michael could feel her big, bouncy breasts beneath her soft shirt. His panic vanished away, replaced by a warm, secure feeling.

"It's ok, Mikey. Maia understands.". She stroked his hair with thick fingers as she held him. "Babies, especially baby boys like Mikey, don't hear their mommy's words so much as her tone of voice.". Michael didn't take objection to that. The man wasn't listening to his date's words; her tone of voice made it clear she was happy, not upset, and that was good enough for him. He put his arms around her waist - well, as far as they would go - and luxuriated against her breasts.

Until he felt his privates growing inside his diaper, and remembered they were outside on a busy sidewalk, and felt people staring at him, and suddenly didn't want to be snuggling against his date like he was some kind of little boy or something. Michael broke off the embrace, feeling embarrassed, his blushing cheeks warm.

The two walked on together, not holding hands this time. Michael was a man and didn't need to hold somebody's hand if he didn't want to. Maia didn't complain or anything; Michael could tell that she was the kind of date that understood when her man needed his space. 'She's so thoughtful,' he thought. Also thoughtful was that she slowed her pace to match his own. Between breaking in his hard, unbending shoes and learning to walk in his bulky diaper and plastic panties without them making noise - well, without them making much noise - he was going a little slower than usual.

"Oh, Mikey!". His date stopped suddenly at a storefront. "Look at the scarves - and they're on sale!"

Michael indulgently looked at the display. He knew how women were, especially with things on sale. Under the storefront lights, scarves in every colour of the rainbow were fluttering lightly in the night breeze. Maia picked a purple scarf, looking to Michael not unlike a gardener picking a flower. She held it up to her fair hair. "What do you think, little one?"

Michael was not impressed with her calling him 'little one,' because short people are sometimes sensitive about their height, but he was very impressed with how the scarf looked on her. "I think you're beautiful, Maia!"

"Awww!". She gave him her light-up-a-room smile. "You're such a charmer!". She playfully stroked his cheek with the scarf and he giggled at the ticklish touch.

Then something caught his eye. _World of Motion_, a hobby shop that specialized in radio-controlled vehicles, had opened a new branch right across the street from where they were standing. Being inordinately fond of radio-controlled cars and planes, Michael just had to see what new wonders they had at their new store. He glanced at Maia, and found that she was trying to decide between the purple one, a blue one with purple flowers, and one that was just blue.

'Girls take forever making up their minds!. Michael said to himself. 'I'll have time for a quick dash over to the store and back before Maia even realises I'm gone.. The man stepped off the sidewalk, carefully avoiding a puddle of water, and started across the street.

"NOOO!". The high-pitched scream stopped Michael in his tracks before he got halfway across. "NO-NO-NO!". Maia squealed. The terrified lady dashed out into the street, swept up Michael, her thick arm painfully tight around his waist, and ran back to the sidewalk. "NO!"

Maia set the man down on the side walk. As she knelt in front of him, her expression was still one of panic. "Michael Rivers you do NOT leave the sidewalk by yourself. That was VERY NAUGHTY!"

Michael only peripherally noticed that Maia called him by her own last name. He was more overwhelmed by his date's panicked reaction, and in response he was feeling very naughty indeed. Hot tears fell out of his eyes onto his cheeks. "I'm sorry, Maia!"

"It's ok, Precious!". Maia wrapped her arms around the man. "Maia still loves her Mikey, always will!". Michael felt warm and snug in her embrace, and when she kissed him repeatedly all over his face, he felt almost ok again.

Then Maia sat back on her knees, though she kept her arms loosely around Michael's shoulders. "Mikey," his pretty date began. "Never, ever run off like that again. Always tell Maia if you want to go somewhere."

Michael didn't like that at all. He knew he'd been naughty. Very naughty. But darn it, He wasn't some little boy who had to ask permission every time he needed to use the bathroom. The man opened his mouth to protest.

"Hush.". Maia gently laid a finger across his lips. "I know you don't want to hear this, but you must never go anywhere without my permission. I need to know where you are, because I don't want anything bad ever to happen to you. I love you, Mikey."

The man was nonplussed. Though they had just met that evening, Maia had said that a couple of times already. But it was like he'd only now heard it, really heard it. His date had really fallen in love with him.

"And Mikey must never leave the sidewalk without holding Maia's hand, ever. Mikey always waits and doesn't ever go into the street unless Mikey holds Maia's hand. Now, what are the rules?"

"Maia, this is -". Michael had just begun his reasoned argument, when Maia interrupted.

"What does Mikey always do for Maia?"

"Obey, but-!". The man's dander was getting up, and he was about to let his date know. It was Maia's serious expression more than her words that stopped him before he started.

"Michael," Maia said. She held his hands in her warm grasp. "I know that this is hard for you; I know that we only just met and you haven't learned to trust me yet. But I promise you, as I said before. if you obey, I will always do my best to make you glad you did. Earlier tonight you promised you would obey me.". Maia's eyes looked so serious Michael knew all this was never a game to her. "Now I am on my knees begging you. Please would you keep your promise. Would you please obey me always?"

'I'm not a little boy, I'm not.. Michael thought. 'But I did promise her.. Looking at his date, on her knees begging him for nothing more than what he had promised, Michael felt so ashamed for not keeping his word. The man nodded wordlessly, but from his date's expression he knew he would have to do more than that. "I - I'll obey, Maia. I'll obey you always!"

"My good little Mikey!". Maia hugged Michael so tight he thought he might faint. "I knew I could count on you!". She loosened her arms, but still kept her hands on his shoulders, keeping his attention on her. "Now, what will Mikey do for Maia?"


"Good boy!". The man felt genuinely happy at his date's praise. "And what if Mikey wants to go somewhere?"

"Ask first."

"And before leaving the sidewalk?"

"Always hold Maia's hand!". Michael found himself meeting her joyful smile with one of his own.

Maia stood and brushed off her knees. "Come on Mikey!". She took his hand in hers. "We've got a date to go on!"

She stopped at the little shop to buy a scarf - the blue one with purple flowers. When she conducted business, Maia let go of Michael's hands and put them on the waistband of her blue jeans. The man understood she intended him to hold on to her while she got money out of her purse and gave it to the vender. It felt weird, but she felt so good to his grasp that the man didn't mind holding onto his date like a little boy holding onto his mommy.

Then she took his hand in hers and again they were off. She took him further up the street, holding his hand - a little too tightly as they crossed first one street then another - and talking to him as though the earlier bad stuff hadn't happened. Maia looked so pretty, even prettier with the scarf tied in her hair, and Michael was so proud to be seen with her.

"Here we are, my love!". Maia gestured grandly to the building, and the sign that said, "Jo's Diner."

"It's a diner.". Michael tried without success to hide his disappointment.

"It's also got the best food in the city,". Maia said good naturedly. "And the owner is my friend."

"Oh,". Michael said eloquently. He felt so embarrassed, turning up his nose at a good place run by his pretty date's friend. "I'm sorry. I'm sure it's good."

"I forgive you, sweetie.". Maia hugged Michael and he felt like it was all better. "Come on in, you'll love it!"

Michael walked with his date into the bright, cheerful diner. Looking around he was surprised to see it looked much nicer than he thought diners would look. Maia led him to a table in the corner near a window and helped him into a chair.

A pretty lady with dark hair tied in a bun came over to them. "Hi Jo!". Maia said. "How goes it tonight?"

"A quiet evening, Maia," the lady smiled back. "Just the way I like them.". Then in a higher, friendly voice, she added, "who's this little cutie?"

"This little boy is Mikey," Maia answered. "Little Mikey's my new boyfriend, isn't that right, sweetheart?"

Michael was again surprised - and delighted. He had never been on a date before in his life, and now he found he had a girlfriend. He didn't even notice the "little" comments Maia made, he just nodded his agreement with an eager "that's right!"

"Awww!". The lady reached out and tousled Michael's hair. "What a charming little boy you are; Maia's lucky to have you!"

"Um,". Michael responded with his usual glibness. The man was put off being called a little boy, but the diner owner seemed genuinely to like him. "Thank you, ma'am. I'm lucky too."

"Ah, 'Ma'am.. How polite you are!". The pretty diner lady smiled. "You may call me 'Miss Joanne.'"

"Thank you Miss Joanne.". Michael found himself smiling back.

Maia sat with Michael looking at the menu. A couple of things looked good to the man, though his date didn't seem concerned about what to have for supper. "How about this, Maia?". He pointed to the menu item for her. "Portabello steak with shallots and wine sauce?"

The pretty blonde smiled indulgently. "Do you think it would be yummy, Mikey?"

"Yes, ma'am!"

"I do like how polite Mikey is to Maia, and all females.". She considered a second. "Ok, my smart boyfriend. I'll take your suggestion. Hey Jo!"

Miss Joanne came back to their table. "Decided yet?"

"Yes. At my boyfriend's suggestion,". Maia nodded her approval to Michael, "I will have the portabello steak, and a glass of white wine. And bring a bowl of spiced applesauce and a cup of milk for little Mikey."

"Actually - " Michael began to interrupt.

"Don't interrupt, honey.". Maia said. Turning back to the diner owner, she said, "and bring the milk in a safe cup for my sweetheart, ok?"

"I don't want applesauce, it's - ". Michael was going to say something like that was for little children, and he was not a little child, but Maia interrupted him.

"Mikey, have you eaten here before?"

"No ma'am.". Michael felt small when he answered. Maia was clearly not impressed with him.

"So you don't know what a treat Miss Joanne's spiced applesauce is?"

"No, but I - "

"I promised if you obey, I'll make you glad. If Maia tells little Mikey, 'eat your applesauce,' what does my smart boyfriend do?"

"Obey," the man said sheepishly.

"Eat your applesauce, Mikey!". Maia's bright light-up-a-room smile returned and Michael felt warm inside to see it. "You'll be glad you did!"

When Miss Joanne brought their drinks, Michael was surprised and irritated to see the large sippy cup. Maia sipped her wine, looking at the man intently. Waiting for his reaction. 'So my date wants me to use a toddler cup,' Michael sighed, 'I can be a man about it.'

"What a good Mikey!". The man blushed as his date gushed her approval. "I'm so proud of you!"

Actually using the toddler's cup was difficult. It was weighted at the bottom, so when he tipped it to drink, the milk overbalanced it. Michael had to hold it with both hands to have the right control to sip without spilling.

So, with both hands busy holding his toddler cup, Michael couldn't resist when Miss Joanne slipped a bib onto his chest and tied it behind his neck.

"There there, Mikey.". Maia's voice sounded soothing. "I think you look very handsome. The bib looks fine and I like seeing you in it!"

Michael opened his mouth to protest anyway, when Maia put a spoonful of heaven in his mouth.

"Mmmm!". Michael didn't know when he'd had anything that good. It was sweet and savory at once, with a delicate blend of spices that made his tongue feel warm and cooled at once. "Wow that's good!"

"I knew you'd be glad.". Maia beamed triumphantly. She fed the man another spoonful of applesauce. "Miss Joanne's recipe won awards in worldwide competitions."

As Maia spoonfed Michael his applesauce, she talked to him about Miss Joanne's restaurant, and their long friendship and how she taught Maia how to cook. As his pretty date fed Michael his delicious supper, the sound of her voice was the sweetest music to his ears.

And the food was so good that the man opened his mouth automatically for his date to feed him, without even considering how he must look to the other customers. he was wearing a bib, holding a with both both hands a toddler cup, being spoonfed a fancy baby food. And he obviously liked it. And during the whole supper, Michael never noticed that the chair Maia put him in was a large wooden toddler seat, with bunnies printed on the sides.

As he sat there enjoying his refilled sippy cup of milk, Maia enjoyed her supper. Between bites, she talked about how nice it was, with such good food and with Michael such good company. But the man found himself fidgeting in his wooden booster seat, a growing pressure in his bladder.

"Mikey are you ok?". asked a concerned Maia. "You're fidgeting a lot."

"I just have to use the bathroom."

"Do you need me to take you into the Ladies' Room and help you out of your diaper and help you go potty?"

"No!". Michael looked with panic at one of the other customers going into the ladies' room. As she passed their table, she looked at the man curiously. "I mean, no thank you. I can hold it."

Maia shrugged and went back to savoring her food and sipping her wine and telling her story. She was so impressed with her little Mikey. Janie had told her he was smart and she was right. As she spoke to him, Michael kept fidgeting, the pressure in his bladder becoming a problem.

"Michael Rivers, please let me take you into the ladies' room and help you make wee-wee in the potty."

Just as she said that, a pair of young girls were on their way into the ladies' room. They looked at Michael and giggled.

"No, please no!". The thought of being taken into the ladies' room where those girls were, the humiliating thought of having to be helped to make wee-wee - 'to use the potty,' Michael corrected himself angrily - was intolerable. "I mean, no. I can just wait."

"As you wish, Michael.". Maia said, with a longsuffering sigh. She finished her tale of her friendship with his friend Janie, then she called the pretty Miss Joanne over and settled the bill. The man sat in his booster seat, holding onto his sipper cup and concentrating on not wetting his diaper.

But when his date picked him up and started to carry him out of the diner, Michael squirmed out of her arms and onto his feet. "I'm too heavy to carry like a baby," Michael explained, hoping Maia wasn't as disappointed as she looked.

"It's ok, Mikey," she said. "Maia understands. Come on; I've got a treat in store for you."

The two walked along a while, Maia going slow to match her boyfriend's awkward pace. He was uncomfortable with the hard, round-toed shoes, and after sitting for so long, his diaper and plastic panties crinkled noisily as they adjusted back to a walking shape. But what made him more uncomfortable was that every noisy step reminded him of his need to use the potty.

They had gotten to the end of the block, next to a closed office building, waiting for the traffic light to change, when it happened. Michael was just thinking he had it beat, he could wait until this evening was over; he had just allowed himself a self-satisfied smile and a sigh of relief, when --

"Oh, no!"

"What's the matter, my darling?". Maia looked down at her boyfriend, the man who spent most of each day trying to be impressive. As her concerned eyes met his, Michael found that the little accident he was having couldn't be stopped; despite his greatest effort, the trickle became a flood. The man looked up at his pretty girlfriend and cried as he wet his diaper.

"Oh Mikey!". Maia briefly hugged him. "Did you make wee-wee in your diaper?"

"Uh huh!" Michael gasped between sobs. Standing there on a street corner, wetting himself in front of everybody was more than the man could take. He wept bitterly, overwhelmed by his helplessness and humiliation.

"Come on, sweetheart,". Maia said, her voice a sympathetic blanket comforting the man. She gently took his hand and led him back the way they came. "Maia will make it all better."

Michael couldn't stop crying as his pretty date led him back to the diner, a long walk of shame. They passed one of the customers they saw, and she gave the man a look at once understanding and sympathetic. Somehow the lady sympathizing with him made Michael feel a little better, despite the physical discomfort and squishy-crinkly sound of walking with a full diaper.

"Welcome back, Maia,". The pretty diner owner said as they came back in. "What's wrong?"

"Hi again, Jo!". Maia replied ruefully. "We had a little accident - well, a big accident, didn't we, Mikey?"

Michael noticed that some of the other customers were looking at them. He forced himself to stop weeping and manfully replied, "Yes, ma'am.". Then his overwrought emotions took over and again he was crying like a little boy.

"I know you don't want to hear this, Mikey," Maia said gently as she led him to the Ladies' Room. "But if you had obeyed when Maia said to, you would have made wee-wee in the potty instead of your diaper."

They were passing the table with the two little girls Michael saw earlier, and when they heard Maia's say this they pointed and giggled at the humiliated man. Michael just hung his head in shame and waddled after his girlfriend, his diaper making "squish-squish" noises with every step.

In the ladies' room, Maia let down the changing table and covered it with a long, wide sheet of thick, absorbant tissue. Then she picked up her boyfriend and lay him on the changing table. Michael was so ashamed of his predicament that it didn't even occur to him to protest.

"There, there,". his pretty date said softly. She undid the laces on his hard shoes. "Maia's here, Mikey. Maia will make Mikey all better.". She removed the shoes and socks. Michael was shocked to see the diaper had leaked and his pants and even his socks were wet.

"Oh what wet clothes Mikey has!". The man submitted miserably as she pulled off his pants and the plastic panties. She unsnapped Michael's onesie, unpinned the soaked diaper and put them into a thick plastic bag, with the pants and socks. Then she sealed the bag and put it into another bag, which she sealed also, making a doubly watertight, secure package.

'Oh, this is just awful!. Michael thought miserably as lay there, weeping weakly. He didn't have the strength to protest as Maia gently but thoroughly washed his privates, front and back, and even his legs and feet. Maia sang over her man a sweet, maternal song as, just as gently, she rinsed and dried him from the waist down. By the time she was finished, her song had worked its magic; the man had stopped sobbing and lay there submissively as she powered his diaper area from penis to bottom.

"No, pease," Michael protested weakly, as with one hand Maia lifted both ankles and with the other hand she slipped another diaper under his bottom.

"Hush little one," Maia soothed her man. "Remember back home, how Maia made little Mikey like his diapers?". She smiled sweetly as she rubbed Michael's penis through his diaper, gently coaxing his member to life. "See. Mikey likes when Maia puts him in diapers.". She stroked him more quickly, more insistantly. "Mikey likes to obey Maia, and this is how it feels when Mikey obeys Maia.". Michael lay gasping as Maia stroked him very quickly through his diaper. "Mikey always obeys Maia and Maia always makes Mikey feel good.". Maia was making Michael feel so good, he felt as if he would burst. And when Maia said, "Come little baby Mikey. Come for Maia!". he obeyed.

His orgasm seemed to last forever, and was almost painful in it's intensity. Maia gently spoke to Michael, as she squeezed and tugged on his member, continuing with a practiced hand to stimulate him, provoke him to keep coming in his diaper. "Good boy, Mikey!" squeeze-tug "Obey Maia!" rub-stroke "How Maia loves Mikey!" squeeze-tug "How Mikey loves Maia!"

When he felt he couldn't take any more, Maia finally let Michael stop coming. His pretty date cooed maternally over the man as she fastened his thick, fluffy diaper. Michael didn't even protest when she slid another pair of plastic panties up his legs and over his diaper, then pulled another onesie over him. All the while she cooed, "Mommy's good little baby, Maia's good little Mikey.". Then she kissed his forehead and picked him up off the changing table.

"Maia didn't bring another pair of britches, Mikey.". She helped him wrap bare legs around her waist. "But it'll be ok, Maia will keep you warm."

Maia slipped her big denim purse over her shoulder and carried Michael out of the Ladies' Room. With one big, soft hand, she caressed the man's diapered bottom, and her other arm was wrapped around his thin shoulders. Maia paused at the diner entrance to say goodnight to Miss Joanne.

The two young girls who had pointed and giggled at Michael were waiting while their mother paid their bill. The pair approached Michael shyly.

"Hello baby," the older girl said, her voice gentle. She stroked one of the man's bare legs from his plastic panties to his knee. "Good baby."

"Come on girls, we have to go," their mother said. She smiled at the sleepy Michael as his pretty date rocked him gently in her arms. To Maia she said, "after that show your boy gave us earlier, it's no wonder he's all worn out."

"Yep," agreed Maia. "I definitely have to take this little boy home to bed!"

Maia left the diner and headed home. As she carried him, Michael thought about the two ladies had said. He certainly had given everybody a show, and nobody had been impressed, least of all himself. "Maia?"

"Yes, pumkin?"

"I"m sorry I put on such a show earlier."

Maia kissed the top of the man's head as she carried him along. "It's ok; Mikey's still learning to obey Maia. But wanna hear a secret that will help Mikey obey Maia?"

Michael was fed up with Maia treating him - and talking down to him - like he was a baby. But she was so pretty and her smile was so captivating. Despite himself, Mikey found himself nodding.

Maia kissed his ear and told her secret. "Maia fucks good little baby boys!"

Michael's pretty date carried him into her home.

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