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The Date

In which Michael meets Maia, and their relationship begins 1. Warning: This story may warp your fragile little mind.


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3. Send me feedback! Leowulf "at" gmail "dot" com. Let me know what you like (or dislike) about my stories! :)


The Date

Michael was shy and skinny, and at only 4'10" he was not very impressive.

He really wanted to impress people, so when he started working at MultiNational corporation, he made a careful purchase: platform shoes.

They were uncomfortable, but at least they gave him a little height, and a little confidence. And that helped him make a few friends at his new job.

After he'd been there several months, his best friend, a coworker named Janie, had offered to arrange a date for him with her good friend Maia.

Michael had never met Maia; he had never even been on a date. But Janie said she had a great personality and that they were perfect for each other. He trusted his close friend Janie, so accepted her offer.

The week dragged by. Michael thought Friday afternoon would never arrive. When it finally did, he raced home from work and freshened up.

With his best shirt, his platform shoes and pair of jeans long enough to cover them, Michael looked impressive. He left his little apartment with an eager smile.

His home was only a few blocks from Maia's address, so he decided to walk. It had been raining hard all day, but now the sky was clear, and puddles on the ground reflected the sunset in radiant hues.

"What a beautiful evening!" he said to himself, breathing in the fresh spring air. He was able to buy some flowers at a corner stand, just perfect for impressing his date. As he reached the entrance to Maia's building, Michael almost giggled in joyful anticipation. He thought, 'She's going to like me - I know it!'

"Watch where you're going, shrimp!" A group of tough looking guys was headed his way, and one of them shoved Michael out of their way. He fell and landed in a deep, muddy puddle with an embarrassing "splash." Even worse, when he tried to stand, Michael found his shirt was caught on a tree branch laying in the puddle. He tore his nice shirt and tripped, falling with another splash. The tough guys laughed at him as they passed.

"Bastards!" Michael didn't yell. He assessed the damage. One of his platform shoes was broken; the other was lost down a sewer drain. His nice shirt was ruined. Even his flowers were waterlogged. 'What a waste,' he thought. 'I'll never impress Maia now.' He sat up on the curb and almost cried at his predicament.

"Here, honey!" Michael felt a warm blanket being placed around his wet shoulders. He looked up to see a smiling, friendly-looking lady. She was a bit fat, but had a pretty face.

"Let me help you," she said. She carefully removed the branch from his shirt, pushed off his broken shoe and helped him stand.

Standing near the lady, Michael was shocked to see how much taller she was than he; she was over six feet tall. She had long, blonde hair tied back in a pony tail. He couldn't help noticing her large, round breasts - his height barely reached their level. Her eyes were a deep blue, like the sky in summer.

"Come on inside," the lady said.

"I'll help you get cleaned up."

"It's ok." Michael's disappointment at ruining his date won out over his embarrassment at being all wet.

"I was going here to meet someone for dinner, but it's probably better if I just go home with what dignity I have left."

"Oh! Are you Mikey?" The lady smiled her delight.

"Um, yes. I'm Michael." The small man chose never to truncate his name; Michael carried more weight, in his view.

"I'm Maia! Don't worry, honey. We'll get you all cleaned up and go on that date."

"No, really!" Michael found himself being led up the stairs.

"It's not necessary. I'm not quite up to this any more, anyway."

But the lady was already leading him up and into her building.

"Don't worry, Mikey." she said cheerfully.

"Maia will take care of everything." She had one strong arm around his shoulders her hand vicelike on his arm. With her other hand, she held his small hand and led him up the stairs to her apartment.

"My cousin Jerry lives with me when he's not away at the university," she said as they climbed the stairs inside.

"You two are about the same size, Mikey. I'll put you in his clothes and we can go out."

Michael protested when he could get a word in edgewise.

"Please, Maia; you really don't have to do this!"

"My name is _Michael_."

"I'll be fine just going home; we can try this some other time."

At the door to her apartment, Maia finally stopped and seemed to pay attention to his protests. She let go and knelt beside him, to look him straight in the eye. Her expression was very serious. Michael couldn't tell whether she felt hurt or angry, but suddenly he felt very guilty.

He looked down.

Maia lifted his chin up with one thick, gentle finger.

"Mikey," she said slowly.

"I _like_ you; I want us to go on dates and much more. But if we're going to have a relationship, you must do one thing: obey me." She tenderly moved a few wet strands of hair away from Michael's eyes and continued.

"I will do everything else, but I want you to do that one thing: obey." She surprised Michael by kissing his cheek.

"I promise: if you will, I'll do my best to make you glad you did."

Suddenly Maia stood and took her now wet blanket from Michael's shoulders.

"Mikey, I told you I intend to put you in my cousin's clothes and take you out on our date. If you'd rather go home with your dignity, then go. But if you'd rather have fun with me, then no more protesting.

Just obey Maia."

She stepped away from Michael, allowing him a clear path downstairs, and outside.

"Which will it be, Mikey? Go or obey?"

Looking up at her, Michael felt like a small child. He looked at the stairs leading down and outside. He finally decided; when he spoke his voice was small: "obey."

Maia opened her door and, taking Michael's hand, led him into her home.

It was softly lit by lamps and smelled nice too. She led him straight to her bathroom and helped him climb into her massive bathtub. Without her blanket, Michael was shivering with cold.

"Alright," she said.

"Let's get these awful things off."

As she reached for his shirt, he held her hands.

"Maia, I can undress myself; why don't you get your cousin's clothes while I do?"

"I'm sure there are lots of things you can do for yourself, but I'm going to do this for you." She kissed his hands and smiled ruefully.

"While Maia does everything else, what's the one thing Mikey does?"

"Um, could you call me Michael? It's more dignified."

"I could but I won't," she answered matter-of-factly.

"I like 'Mikey' better; on you it sounds less pretentious. 'Michael' sounds like you're trying to impress someone. 'Mikey' is more honest. Now, what does Mikey do for Maia?"

"Obey." Michael felt guilty; he _had_ been using his name to make himself seem bigger. He looked down.

"It's ok." Maia squeezed his hands, gently, like she was hugging his hands with hers.

"Maia still loves you."

'Love?' That made Michael feel uncomfortable, but her smile was so disarmingly friendly, and her manner was so casual. Michael found himself smiling back.

Quickly and efficiently, Maia removed off Michael's muddy, wet clothes.

He lifted his arms for her to take off his tattered shirt, and his feet for her to peel off his socks. He was hardly embarrassed when she casually removed his tight, uncomfortable jeans.

But when she reached for the waistband of his torn, wet underwear, the man put his hands in her way.

"I can do the rest. Leave me a little modesty, ok?"

"No honey, I won't leave you _any_ modesty." She looked him in the eye as she continued.

"I intend to bathe you and dress you and later I may even make love with you. I promise that if you stop fighting me, I will make you come both before we go out and after we get back."

Michael's mouth dropped open at such a bold announcement. He hadn't dared hope he'd get lucky tonight, and his date - a very weird lady to be sure - promised him just that. Thinking about that news, he barely noticed lifting his feet so she could slip his shorts off his ankles.

Maia turned on the hot bath water, it was uncomfortable at first, then soothing. As it filled the tub, she gathered his clothes into a torn, wet, muddy pile. She shook her head sadly "These are past salvaging, honey. I've saved your wallet and keys, and I'm getting rid of the rest, ok?"

"I agree," the fastidious Michael said.

"I'll just wear your cousin's clothes home tonight, and return them to you tomorrow, ok?"

"Of course you can wear Jerry's clothes. But maybe you didn't hear; after our date you're not going home tonight." She kissed him on the lips, brushing his lips with her tongue.

"Stay where you are, I'll get rid of this mess."

The water was pretty deep when she returned, and when she helped him sit carefully in the hot water, Michael felt comfortable for the first time since his fall. It felt weird to be bathed like a kid, but Maia asked him questions, kept him talking about his work. Curiously, being the center of attention like that distracted him from feeling uncomfortable as she washed his body.

Until she reached his personal areas. Maia had him kneeling so she could better reach his back and torso. When she put the washcloth against his behind he scooted away, nervously.

"I can finish, Maia," he told her.

"Mikey, I've already seen your naked ass, and I said I would bathe you.

What's your part?"

"Obey." Michael felt like crying. This pretty lady was washing his behind like he was a little baby, even washing the _hole_ part. He has never so embarrassed.

The pretty lady crooned to him as she washed his behind.

"There, there.

Maia's here. Maia loves Mikey. Maia makes everything all better." She put an arm around his wet shoulder and drew him close. Michael could smell her soap-fresh body, feel her soft, bouncy breast against his cheek.

"It's all done. Now, was it really that bad?"

"Not really," Michael had to admit.

"I'm glad." She kissed his cheek.

"Now for the front."

Instinctively, Michael covered his privates.

"Don't worry, Mikey." She calmly reassured him.

"We're going to have sex tonight remember? I've already seen you naked. Besides, if I'm going to make you come later, you can let me wash your little winkie now."

They laughed together at that, and when she reached again for him, Michael allowed the sweet woman her way. She gently massaged his testicles and his penis, whispering softly to him, how good he was to obey, even when he felt embarrassed. As he grew under her touch, she murmured her approval.

"What a lovely little winkie, getting nice and hard for Maia!"

Then, with him fully erect and expecting more, she declared, "Bath's over, Mikey! Let's get you dried off and into some clean clothes."

Maia let the water out, and as it drained, she grabbed a huge towel and held her arms out for Michael. 'She's a weird one,' he thought. 'But now I think I understand her game.' He followed his hard penis out of the tub and into her waiting arms. Michael luxuriated in Maia's warm embrace, while she rubbed him dry, paying special attention to his private parts.

"All dry!" She kissed Michael on top of his head. He looked up from nuzzling her huge breasts, embarrassed. But Maia wasn't angry. She looked knowingly from Michael's face next to her breast to his very erect penis.

"Does Mikey like Maia giving him a bath?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he said blushing.

"'Yes, Ma'am,'" Maia favored him with an approving smile.

"I like that."

"Come on, honey, let's get you dressed." Maia picked him up, or tried to. Michael didn't want to be picked up like a baby, and he struggled, almost falling out of her grasping arms. But her thick arms were much too strong for him, and he found himself squeezed against her plump body, unable to move.

"There, there, honey!" Her tone was tender, soothing him as she carried him into her bedroom.

"Maia will never let her Mikey go. But stop fighting me, ok?"

The man just nodded. He didn't like being carried like a baby; it was undignified. Maia deposited him on a largish bench, about three or four feet high, and about six feet long. It was made of polished wood, and it had a small wooden railing running along its perimeter. It had one long, soft cushion, covered in vinyl.

As Maia turned to a dresser next to the table-bench, Michael sat up, but his legs were uncomfortable on the rail. Maia noticed his movement and in a flash she was in front of him, her brow furrowed with worry.

"No, no, honey!" She admonished.

"When Maia or any female puts Mikey on a changing table, Mikey lays still!"

'Changing table?' Michael didn't know which was worse, that she treated him like a baby, or that she worried over him like he was one.

"I'm NOT a baby, Maia! I don't need to lay on a changing table!"

"Fair enough, Mikey." Maia considered.

"although shouting at me for putting you on a changing table, and struggling like a toddler when I pick you up show you're not really an adult. But would you _please_ sit still so I can get you some clothes?"

Michael waited patiently. 'She'll stop this game once I'm dressed,' he thought. 'I can play along until then.'

"Now Mikey, lift your arms." Maia held a shirt bunched to slip over his head.

"This is one of Jerry's favorites," She said as she slipped head and arms into place.

"And it fits perfect."

"What are these snaps for?"

"Silly Mikey!" She tickled his belly.

"This is a onesie. It snaps between your legs, so it doesn't ride up at the waist."

This was the final straw.

"I'm _not_ wearing baby clothes!" he spat.

Maia stood there patiently while he struggled out of the onesie and threw it to the floor.

Maia finally replied slowly, gently and clearly.

"Mikey, you promised when I let you in my home that you would obey."

"Maia, this is too weird," Michael said.

"I'm not a baby."

"Fair enough," Maia picked up the onesie.

"Although you just had a temper tantrum like a toddler, which shows you're not really an adult.

But would you please let me dress you so I can give you the best evening of your life?"

Michael held up his hands for Maia to put him in the onesie, thinking 'She did promise me a good time. I'm man enough to humor her.'

"Now Mikey, lay down." He played along, but almost panicked when she pulled out a thick cloth diaper. Seeing his worry, she said, "it's ok, Mikey. Maia's got everything under control."

Michael was prepared to bolt; no _way_ he was going to wear a diaper, even to get laid. But Maia didn't try to diaper him. Instead she covered his penis with the diaper and started squeezing him through the material.

"There, isn't that good!" It did feel good, as his erection showed.

When he was fully hard, Maia lifted his thin little legs and placed the diaper under him. When she drew it up between his legs, Michael almost bolted off the changing table, but before he could, she quickly wrapped the front of the diaper around his hard penis and started rubbing him.

"Mmm. mmmm!" Michael moaned, quietly at first, as Maia brought ripples of pleasure to his body through his penis. She looked down into his eyes and said, "There, Mikey, isn't that wonderful!" Michael nodded his agreement. He had never had anyone make him feel good there before.

"Mikey likes this!" she crooned, still holding him under her gaze.

"Mikey likes it when Maia's in charge!" She kept up the rubbing, slowing down as he was close to coming, then rubbing hard when he calmed some.

"Oh, yes! Mikey likes Maia rubbing him through his diaper," she cooed.

Maia kept Michael pinned under her delicate touch for what seemed like forever. She rubbed his penis through the diaper and kept remarking on how much he was enjoying it, and he responded with louder, more quavery moans.

"Oh look how much Mikey loves Maia being in charge of him and making him feel good!"

At long last - and too soon, it seemed - Maia finally gave Michael is climax. The big lady pulled his diaper taut against his behind, tight between his legs, wrapped more firmly about his penis. Then she rubbed him, very hard, very quickly. When his orgasm neared, instead of slowing, she increased the pace of her hands, and of her words:

"That's right Mikey: lay there and obey Maia! How good Maia makes Mikey feel. How good your diaper makes you feel; warm, safe under Maia. Mikey obeys Maia and this is what Mikey gets when he obeys. Now Maia wants Mikey to come in a second. Does Mikey want to obey Maia? Yes? Yes! Come, Mikey! Come for Maia!"

Michael came at Maia's command, his body convulsing repeatedly with wave after wave of ecstasy. Maia kept rubbing the little man fiercely, as he kept coming in his diaper, and when she finally stopped, he lay there unmoving, panting, exhausted. Maia kissed his forehead.

He barely noticed as Maia lifted up his legs, put a very thick diaper under his behind. It even felt good when she liberally dusted his privates and even his bottom with baby powder. But when she drew the diaper up between his legs, and secured it in place, Michael was not amused.

"No, no." he protested weakly, his body still recovering slowly from his most powerful orgasm ever. Panting, breathless, he tried to move her hands.

"No diaper!"

"There, there darling!" Maia smiled down at Michael.

"Maia has to change Mikey's diaper, because Mikey came in the first diaper Maia put on him!" Then, as if diapering him like a baby weren't bad enough, she slipped a big pair of plastic panties over his feet, and pulled them up his legs and over the diaper.

The big lady snapped Michael's onesie closed between his legs. The little man sighed, wondering when she was going to stop this. Not soon apparently. Humming to herself, she got out a pair of fuzzy socks.

"Give me a foot, precious!" As Michael obeyed and she put the soft, fuzzy socks on, she tickled his foot.

"Good boy!" she praised.

"You obey Maia so well!" The little man giggled and smiled, until he remembered to be embarrassed.

But finally it looked like she was done playing. Maia put a pair of nice, normal-looking jeans over his feet and pulled them up his legs, over his diaper and plastic panties.

"One more thing," she said, taking out a pair of shoes, like two-toned shoes, but with round, blunt toes and they laced up to the ankles. When she put them on, they were very tight.

Her hands under his arms, Maia picked up Michael and set him on his feet.

"You're all dressed, precious," she said.

"How do you feel?"

"The shoes kinda hurt."

"You'll get used to them." Maia ran her fingers through his hair.

"Mikey just has to break in his new shoes."

She kneeled in front of him and ran a comb through his hair, gently pulling out the tangles from his bath and struggles afterward. She was so gentle, and she held Michael close to her soft, round bosom as she combed his hair. Part of the little man wanted to be irritated at being treated like a child, but another part just liked the feel of Maia's breasts, and her pudgy fingers working out his tangles.

"Ok!" Maia kissed the tip of Michael's nose.

"We're ready for that date! Come on, sweetie, I want to show you a good time!"

Michael found himself returning his date's smile. He didn't even mind when she put a powder-blue sweater on him and buttoned it for him too.

Well, he did mind the ducky on the front, and he hoped nobody would notice it. She grabbed a jacket for herself, and they were ready to go.

When he took Maia's hand and let her lead him from her apartment, Michael's shoes hurt his feet, making his steps uncertain; he felt clumsy when he walked. He noticed that the plastic panties crinkled under his jeans with every movement; he hoped nobody else would notice.

Of course, he had grown used to the scent of the baby powder and didn't realize that it was as noticeable as the bow-legged toddling he didn't realize he made as he tried to walk while wearing his big, thick diaper.

And he couldn't see the seat of his jeans, stretched over the bulky diaper; he had a ducky on one back pocket, and balloons on the other.

All he knew was that he was going on a date, with a pretty girl who really liked him and promised to show him a good time. Michael was very happy.

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