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Getting Lucky

In Which Maia and Mikey have a nice Saturday together.



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Getting Lucky

"Mikey! Good morning, Mikey!"

Maia's beautiful voice was better than any alarm clock at pulling Michael out of sleep. He smiled up at his new girlfriend. She was bending over him, and her big, weighty breasts hovered over him, enticing, just out of reach. They stretched the fabric of her pink nightgown, and he could see her nipples clearly through the thin fabric.

'I wish I could wake up like this every morning!' a happy Michael thought as he stretched lazily. Then he noticed two things that shocked him into full wakefulness. First, he was naked, except for a diaper and a pair of plastic panties. Second, he was in a crib, an actual baby crib!

"Oh, Mikey!" Maia said, her voice full of concern. Reaching over the bars of the crib, she lifted the man almost effortlessly and held him to her bosom.

"There, there!" She brushed away his tears and kissed his forehead.

"Maia's here, pumkin! Maia's got Mikey; everything will be alright!"

When he'd first opened his eyes, Michael hadn't had a thought about last night. Just staring up at Maia's big, huge breasts, and seeing her friendly smile, and looking up into her loving eyes, all he thought was how happy he was. Then he remembered the embarrassment of being diapered by this lady and the humiliation of wetting himself in public like a baby. Feeling his baby diaper and seeing his baby crib was too great a shock for him.

As Maia held Michael in her arms and crooned maternally over him, he began to feel better. Other memories from last night came flooding back. Maia said she loved him, said she already thought of him as her boyfriend! He could sense the depth of her love from the sweet tone of her voice and the gentle way she held him in her arms.

'She knows I had a rough night and wants to help me feel better,' thought Michael as his new girlfriend carried him back and forth in the nursery. 'She's so caring and nice!

Impulsively, Michael sat up in Maia's arms. He reached up to her face, held her cheeks in his small hands and planted a kiss on her lips. He'd come to a decision.

"I love you, Maia!" he said.

"Oh Mikey!" Now it seemed Maia was close to tears.

"I love you too!"

She lifted Michael up above her head, so the man felt for a second like he was flying.

"Maia loves her Mikey and ..." Then she pulled him down to her face and blew into his tummy. Michael giggled at the delicious, intolerably ticklish feeling.

"... Maia will always love her little Mikey!" Michael laughed breathlessly as she blew into his tummy again.

Then the reality of his situation came back to him in a hurry.

"Um, Maia!" The man struggled to get down from his girlfriend's embrace.

"Maia, I have to go to the bathroom - now!"

"Good boy, Mikey!" Michael felt too much urgency in his bladder to be irritated at how infantile Maia's praise made him feel. He hurried as she took his hand and led him to the bathroom. The man found himself making involuntary whining noises as his girlfriend lay him across her lap and unpinned his diaper. She stood him up quickly, just in time. Michael felt so relieved as he relieved himself.

Maia stood behind him, her arms around his shoulders as he relieved his bladder. When the man finished, she bent down and whispered to him, "That's Maia's good little baby boy!"

Michael had had enough of the babying and was about to give Maia an earful when both he and she noticed him becoming erect.

"Good boy!" She praised him.

"Mikey's little winkie remembers what Maia will do with her good little baby boy!"

Michael blushed as he remembered Maia's promise as she carried him into her home. Instead of cross words, all Michael felt like giving his new girlfriend was a warm hug. As his arms wrapped themselves around the big woman's waist, he found his lips kissing her big, huge breasts through her thin nightgown. Her soft thigh felt warm against his now very hard member.

Maia wrapped her arms around Michael's shoulders. She whispered in his ear, "you want to come again, pumkin?"

Michael looked up, his eyes shining with desire for her. He couldn't seem to speak, so he nodded.

Maia put down the seat and flushed, then led her naked little boyfriend out of the bathroom.

"Come on, precious!" She said, her voice so enticing Michael found himself blushing.

"Maia wants to make her little Mikey come again!"

When they were back in the nursery, Maia lifted a very disappointed Michael onto the changing table. 'Not again!' he thought.

"No, Maia! I'm not a baby!"

"I know you don't want to hear this, my love." She replied as she pushed him back down onto his back.

"But just last night you were crying because you wet your diaper, which shows you're not really an adult. Now please may I give you another orgasm, to show you I love you?"

Michael might have found all this baby stuff intolerable, but his member didn't mind. It was sticking up straight, almost reaching out for Maia's touch. And Maia was looking both eager and vulnerable; he wouldn't want to reject someone he was falling in love with. And darn it! What real man would _turn down_ sexual pleasure from a pretty lady? Reluctantly, yet eagerly inside, he nodded again.

"Thank you Mikey!" Michael was confused; Maia looked overjoyed, like he'd just given her a present. But then Maia had a diaper under him, drawn up between his small legs, and wrapped around his erect member. He was filled with pleasure as, gently at first, Maia rubbed him through his diaper. She began crooning maternally over him again, telling him things that were lost to him as she immersed him in a sea of pleasure centered on his private parts.

As before, Michael was held captive under Maia. He squirmed and moaned and whimpered and finally was babbling like an infant as Maia carefully, lovingly masturbated him through his diaper.

"Good little Mikey! Maia loves Mikey, Mikey loves Maia. Maia always cares for Mikey, Mikey always obeys Maia. Maia is Mikey's Mommy, Mikey is Maia's baby." Michael's world was filled with pleasure, centered on his penis, and more, on the Woman giving him pleasure.

"When Mikey loves Maia ... when Mikey obeys Maia ... when Mikey is Maia's baby ... then Mikey always feels just ... like ... this!"

As Maia's hands filled Michael with pleasure, her words filled his unconscious, shaping him forever. The tabula rasa of Michael's sexuality was being filled indelibly by Maia's words, conceived in love, bestowed with care, intended for always. As before, when Maia commanded Michael to come, he obeyed. His orgasm was filled with Maia, the feel of her touch, the look of her breasts and face, the sound of her voice.

"Thank you, Mikey!" Maia leaned down and kissed his forehead.

"I love making you feel good. Now let's get you ready for the day." Michael was too tired to be upset or to fight her when Maia took out a fresh diaper and plastic panties. Instead, he lay there languidly as she wiped his diaper area clean with baby wipes, dried him carefully with a towel, covered him with a liberal sprinkling of baby powder and fastened the new diaper on him.

After that came the plastic panties, another onesie - despite himself Michael smiled at the blue airplanes printed on it, and a pair of blue shorts. Michael noticed that the plastic panties were clearly visible through the legs, but didn't mind since they were inside. And the fuzzy white socks slid on by Maia the Tickle Monster distracted him from any worries.

"Want some breakfast, pumkin?"

Michael smiled up at Maia. She seemed always to know just what her man needed.

"Yes, ma'am!" came his cheerful reply.

Maia scooped the man up and carried him over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

"I like carrying you this way, little one, because I can spank you if you need it!" They both giggled as she gave the man some gentle pats on his diapered bottom. Michael kicked his legs playfully, letting himself enjoy her game. She flipped him over to cradle him in her arms a second, before depositing him in a booster seat at her table.

"Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat, Mr. Mikey?"

"Actually Maia, I'd prefer eggs sunny side up, and bacon if you have it."

"Bacon and eggs ..." She kissed his cheek and ruffled his hair.

"Fat and cholesterol. Nope, that's not good for little boys. Would you like raisins to put in your oatmeal?"

Michael was not a little boy. He opened his mouth to protest, when she put a plump, juicy raisin in it. He smiled involuntarily at the delicious taste and when she held out the box of organic raisins, he took it gratefully. When she came back a few minutes later with a steaming bowl of oatmeal and a cold cup of milk, he'd forgotten to protest, or even be angry.

The two played with Michael's breakfast, Michael putting a raisin border around the bowl while Maia made a happy face out of raisins. As she did last night, Maia spoonfed her boyfriend. She made sure to include one or two delicious raisins in every bite, and in short order she transferred all the oatmeal from bowl to boyfriend.

She let Michael dawdle over his milk as she washed the breakfast dishes. The man enjoyed the look of his new girlfriend's behind through the thin nightgown. She turned and caught him staring and he blushed. Butterflies fluttered in his tummy as she came over, but his worry turned to joy when she kissed him.

"Keep staring, little boy." She turned in a slow circle for him.

"Like what you see?"

Michael nodded enthusiastically.

"You're so pretty, Maia!"

She hugged him tight to her bosom.

"And you've charmed my socks off, Mr. Mikey!" Still hugging him, Maia stood, lifting him up.

"Come on, honey!"

"Where are we going?"

Maia gave her boyfriend a knowing smile.

"To my bedroom."

The overjoyed man beamed as his girlfriend carried him on her wide hip, stopping at the kitchen sink to wipe his mouth and fingers with a warm, wet cloth. He liked the feel of the wet cloth on his fingers, changing them from sticky to smooth. And he had to admit he liked Maia doting on him. It made him feel loved.

Michael held onto her warm, gausy nightgown as she carried him to her bedroom. His member, stiffening with anticipation, felt good inside his diaper. He sighed with the happy expectation of how good it would feel inside Maia. She lay him on his back on her wide bed.

"Stay on Maia's bed; ok, pumkin?" For Maia's smile and the look in her eyes, Michael would gladly have stayed anywhere she wanted. He was panting with anticipation as he watched Maia lift up her night gown. He saw only a flash of skin though, as she pitched her nightgown over his head. Not wanting to miss anything, Michael quickly pulled it off. But when he did, all he saw was a glimpse of her lovely behind as she went into her bathroom.

"Is my Mikey on my bed?" Maia's voice was like a beautiful song, accompanied by the music of running water from the sink. Michael was about to climb down from the bed and go join his girlfriend when her question stopped him short.

"Yes Ma'am!" He was rewarded for this by a pleased sound, like a purr, from Maia. That made him feel warm inside and he smiled as he continued.

"But I miss you Maia. I'm going to come join you!"

Maia appeared in the doorway, covered in a towel.

"No, no," she admonished.

"Stay on Maia's bed, little one. I'll be done washing in a minute. You can cuddle my nightgown while you wait."

She disappeared back into the bathroom. 'Women always take forever in the bathroom,' Michael thought with a sigh. He lay there, holding her nightgown in his arms. It was soft and smelled like Maia; fresh, like scented soap. He closed his eyes and snuggled Maia's nightgown, not noticing when she came back into the bedroom.

"Open your eyes, Mikey!"

Eagerly Michael opened his eyes. He expected to be captivated by the beauty of Maia's naked body. Instead, she stood there, wearing a denim skirt and holding a flowered flannel shirt in front of her chest.

"What do you think of this one, pumkin?"

"You're getting dressed." Michael couldn't hide his disappointment; he didn't even want to.

"Yes I am, honey. I can't take you out to the park without any clothes on, silly goose!"

"Oh." Michael said.

"I thought we were going to make love."

"Michael Rivers!" Maia crossed her arms in front of her chest.

"Is that all I am to you; an easy fuck?"

"NO!" Michael was shocked.

"I didn't mean, that is -"

"There, there." Still holding her shirt in front of her breasts, Maia sat on the bed beside Michael.

"I know you didn't mean it, honey." She stroked the man's hair lovingly.

"You're a good boy, but sometimes little boys like my Mikey try to be the big, selfish macho men society wants them to be, instead of letting themselves be the good little boys that females like Maia want them to be."

"I'm sorry, Maia. I didn't mean to be selfish." Michael felt big, hot tears of shame rolling down his cheeks. The truth was, he had been looking forward to getting lucky since he met Maia. He'd been putting up with her treating him like a baby, just because he'd hoped she'd be ... an easy fuck.

"I'm so sorry."

Maia brushed her boyfriend's tears away. She pulled the man up and cradled him tenderly to her bosom. When she said, "I forgive you, Mikey," the real weeping started. Maia gently rocked Michael as he cried freely, weeping out his shame and sorrow.

"There there," she cooed to him.

"Maia's here, pumkin.

"Maia still loves her Mikey; Maia will always love Mikey."

The man calmed as his new girlfriend rocked him gently in her arms. He looked up as she dried his tears, met her beautiful blue eyes. Her face was so full of love for him that Michael almost started crying again. In turn, he felt his love for her well up from the center of his being. In all his life, Michael had never felt so attached to, so much a part of, anyone before.

"I love you, Maia!"

Maia smiled broadly and lifted Michael up higher until her lips met his. Never having had a girlfriend before, Michael had never made out with anyone. The long, repeated kisses left him breathless, and when she licked his lips and teeth and pushed her tongue into his mouth, he felt himself responding with such desire for her that he felt he would burst. And when Maia wrapped her flannel shirt around the man, swaddling him tightly, Michael felt so secure and so very loved.

After all the kissing and all the hugging, Maia moved him down to her bare breasts. Snuggled to her bosom, swaddled like an infant, Michael for once didn't fuss about Maia treating him like a baby. He didn't even think of it; being diapered and dressed in baby clothes and swaddled securely in a thick flannel blanket and held to Maia's breast felt natural. Maia's gentle, maternal cooing to him, making him so calm and so happy, felt very natural. So Michael did the most natural thing of all. Feeling so loved and so in love, the man took Maia's nipple into his mouth and nursed.

"Oh, how Maia loves her little baby Mikey!" Michael was in heaven, Maia's voice was like a choir of angels.

"Mikey is Maia's good little baby boy!"

How long his pretty girlfriend breastfed him, Michael had no idea. He was moved from one breast to the other, but was aware of nothing other than Maia's loving voice and the sweet ecstasy of suckling at her breasts. He didn't remember tasting any milk, but when Maia stopped nursing him, Michael felt full anyway, and very content.

Maia lay a swaddled Michael on her bed and lay topless next to him. Her nipples were shiny wet from nursing him, and Michael felt a deep longing for Maia's breasts, and a deeper attachment to Maia herself.

"Now remember, Mommy Maia does everything; all little baby Mikey does is ... obey Maia."

In Michael's current frame of mine, whatever Maia said would become part of him forever. He stared up into her eyes, his own gaze revealing a level of attachment to Maia that he was not consciously aware of. But Maia was very aware. Her smile, at once grateful and loving and very proud, made the swaddled, diapered man's heart swell with joy.

They lay like that for a while, coming down from the intense emotional plateau they had shared. Michael actually cooed for joy as Maia snuggled the man to her bare bosom and sang softly, maternally over him. When they both were feeling more like their normal selves, Maia smiled playfully at her new boyfriend.

"So Mikey, two things are going to happen today." Maia drew lazy circles on the flannel shirt swaddling the man.

"Wanna know what?"

"Yes, Ma'am!"

"Mmmm ... Good Mikey!" Maia leaned over and kissed his cheek.

"We are going to go out to the park and play, and we are going to lay in this bed and make love."

Michael couldn't reply. After their conversation earlier, the man had abandoned any thought of having sex with Maia. Now she said she wanted to?

Maia interrupted his confused thoughts with an amused laugh. It was a rich, musical sound and Michael found himself smiling in response.

"Silly goose! Did you forget how Maia rewards good little baby boys like Mikey?"

Despite how close he felt to her, Michael still found himself blushing. But the man's member stirred in his diaper; he remembered what she said last night, as though it was a second ago.

"But Maia," a confused Michael began.

"I thought you said -"

Maia laid a finger over his lips.

"Maia is not an easy fuck for a macho man. I never will be." She kissed his lips.

"And Mikey is not a macho man. You never will be."

Maia slipped an arm around Michael's securely wrapped body. Her embrace was at once maternal and sexy.

"Mikey is Maia's good little baby boy. So, pumkin, I'm going to give you a choice: do you want to make love quickly now, and then go to the park; or do you want to go to the park now, and then make love slowly later?"

She kissed the tip of the man's nose.

"Make love quickly now, then park; or park now and make love slowly later? What does my Mikey choose?

Being given the choice made Michael feel important. He smiled his pleasure as he considered.

"Make love ... now!"

"Okay pumkin," Maia smiled back.

"Your wish is my command!"

Maia slipped her arm out from under the swaddled man and stood. She lifted her skirt, and when he saw her panties, Michael's heart skipped a beat. She slid them down and off, leaving her skirt on. Then she sat down beside her boyfriend to get him ready.

First she unwrapped her thick, flannel shirt. After so long wrapped up in it, Michael felt uncomfortably cold without it. But he was distracted from the cold by Maia's warm hands on his bare arms and legs. She sat comfortably for a few minutes, doing nothing but stroking his bare legs and arms. Then she grasped his blue toddler shorts and pulled them down his legs and off. Next she unsnapped the man's onesie and pulled the end up from his plastic panties. A slow tug later, the plastic panties were off.

Next it was time for the diaper. As she unpinned it, Maia looked surprised.

"It's nothing," she said in response to Michael's questioning look.

"You wet a little is all; probably while we were talking before. It was a pretty intense conversation, so that's easy to understand; would have been hard for anybody to stay dry through that."

Michael nodded. It was an accident; anybody could make a mistake. He was glad his girlfriend understood these things. And he was even gladder when she started fondling his privates. She had a plastic bottle of baby oil next to her bed and put a little on her hands. When she returned her warm hands to his privates, her fondling went from feeling good to feeling truly wonderful!

"What a good baby; Maia's good baby!"

Then Maia moved over on top of Michael. She straddled him, squeezing his legs with hers, while she squeezed his member with her slippery hand. She supported most of her weight on one arm, but still, Michael had trouble breathing under her. Seeing his discomfort, Maia kissed him briefly then sat up -

- and swallowed Michael's penis inside her vagina. Michael gasped with the new sensation. It was like her hand but all over and very smooth and very wet and so hot and so tight it almost hurt. Maia looked down into her new boyfriend's eyes, held him immobile under her intense gaze, and rode his erection.

She held him inside herself, sliding up, down, up, down, slowly at first, then quickly, then just rocking back and forth. All the while as she fucked Michael, she cooed maternally over him, words he would not remember, but seared into his unconscious, forever molding him the way she wanted -

"Mikey will always love Maia, respect Maia, trust Maia, obey Maia forever!"

- and making vows to him that she would keep forever -

"Maia will always love Mikey, care for Mikey, protect Mikey, and guide Mikey forever!"

- and all the while she held Michael in a sea of the most intense pleasure he'd ever experienced. He stared up at Maia, drinking in the sight and sound and feel of her, as Maia pleasured him with her most special place. Then when his pretty girlfriend commanded him to, Michael came and came.

Afterward they lay together, boyfriend and girlfriend. Michael luxuriated in Maia's embrace, while Maia stroked her Mikey, enjoying the soft feel of his skin. Then, reluctantly, she got up, pulled her panties back on and put her shirt on.

"You lay there, Mr. Mikey; Maia will be right back!"

Maia took the man's diaper into the bathroom and put it in the pail with the two wet from last night, and with the two wet from this morning. She'd have to do laundry that afternoon, after she put her new boyfriend down for a nap. And she'd have to go with him on Monday to cancel the lease on his apartment and arrange for his things to be sold or given away. And to see what few things he couldn't live without.

She went to the nursery - Mikey's room - and fetched a new diaper, thick and fresh and white, and the baby wipes and baby powder. Between now and then was another day of boyfriend training, at which he was progressing better than she had hoped. He was becoming so very attached to her, and she to him. Maia loved her Mikey so much it hurt; she couldn't imagine either of them becoming more attached to each other.

Maia took her cousin's other pair of shoes, white sneakers with blue duckies printed on the sides, and returned to her bedroom. She smiled when she saw her new boyfriend dozing on her bed, cuddling with her nightgown. He looked so small, so adorably childlike. Janie was right; Maia and Mikey were perfect for each other. Maia was so glad her new boyfriend came into her life!

Michael woke up to find Maia sliding his plastic panties up over his fresh diaper. He smiled up at her as she snapped the onesie over the plastic panties and pulled his toddler shorts over the onesie. He giggled as she bicycled his legs and put on his shoes. Janie was right, Michael and Maia were perfect for each other. Michael was so glad his new girlfriend came into his life!

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