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I sat at the back of the bus, with no idea how much my life was about to change. I've been obsessed with diapers since I was 4. Throughout my life I've gone through "phases" or periods where I have worn diapers,at times wearing them once in a while in secret or nearly or even all the time, boldly as if people my age (whatever age I was at the time) wore them all the time as though it were natural. For the most part I've derived great enjoyment and satisfaction from wearing diapers, my only real annoyance or point of contention regarding them is not having anyone to share them with. A girlfriend who shares my desires or who would at least indulge me in them would be like a goddess to me. Ironically, my wish would not be long in coming, because fate was about to alter the course of my life.

I fell asleep halfway through my busride and when I woke up the first thing I noticed was that my diaper was soaked. I quickly felt the seat under me, which was wet. Great, of all the times for my diaper to leak it had to be when I was wearing tan shorts. I was in such a panic that I got off the bus at the next stop without checking to see where I was. Luckily the bus was nearly empty. As the bus pulled away I looked at my ass to survey the damage.

"Great!" I thought to myself as I looked down to discover two half moons on either side of my ass, a telltale sign to anyone who had ever spent any time around babies that I was wearing a leaky diaper. I began walking down the road and after a few blocks came to the realization that I had no clue where I was. I was waiting for a traffic light to change when a car came up behind me. I looked over to discover a cute red-head driving a convertable also stopped at the light. We made eye contact and she had a smile on her face. We each nodded a hello so I asked her where we were. The light turned green and she started to drive, I thought she was just going to continue on her way but to my surprise she turned the corner and stopped. As I approached her car she said, "We're in Royal Oak. You need a lift?" I nodded in agreement.

"Excuse me for being blunt but it looks like you either sat in something or your diaper leaked." I was shocked and didn't know what to say. She pulled a plastic bag out from behind her seat and spread it out on the passenger seat.

"No offence, its just to protect my appostry. So, hop in." she instructed. I got in the car and we headed off. She said, "My name's Mandy. What's your's?"

"Mike." I replied.

We drove for about 5 minutes with very little 'small talk' when Mandy suddenly asked, "So which is it?" Seeing the confused look on my face she elaborated, "Did you sit in something or is your diaper leaking?"

I was totally stunned, how was I supposed to answer that? My body made the decision for me as my bladder suddenly gave way.

"Oh no." I gasped as I looked at my crotch. I knew there would be now way to hide the fact that my diaper had leaked now that I was peeing in it again.

We were stopped at a light and Mandy reached over and grabbed my crotch and non-chalantly said, "As I figured. A leaky diaper, and getting wetter by the second by the feel of things."

I could feel the pee leaking out of the leg openings and soak into my shorts, thankfully the plastic bag I was sitting on was keeping Mandy's seat covers dry.

"How did you know that..." I began

"You were wearing a leaky diaper?" Mandy finished.

"I run a day care, I'd know that pattern of wetness anywhere. There's a drugstore just around the corner, I think we need to stop and get you some fresh diapers." I wasn't about to argue.

We pulled into the parking lot and Mandy said, "Wait here, I'll just be a second." Then she paused and asked, "What type of diapers do you wear?"

"Depend Overnights, Medium." I replied.

Mandy went into the drugstore and emerged a few minutes later carrying a bag of my diapers (with no store bag to conceal them). She handed them to me through the open roof smiling, "There you are baby, nice clean diapers." I could've died with embarrasment.

"Hey, I live just a few blocks from here, how about we go to my place so you can change and we can find you some dry clothes." Mandy offered.

I thanked her greatfully. I wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea of getting changed out in the open, nor would I have enjoyed walking several miles to my house in soaking wet shorts smelling of urine.

So we sped off to Mandy's house and were there in a few minutes. There was a large sign on her front lawn that said "Baby-kins Day Care", I should have realized that she ran the day care out of her home.

"She said come on inside so we can get you out of that soggy diaper."

I was a bit nervous and looked around suspiciously, half expecting to see a 'Candid Camera' sign or something like that but it was just a normal looking house/day care. Mandy took me by the arm and led me inside.

Her livingroom was just off to the right of the entryway and in the middle of the room was a large playpen. There were stuffed animals scattered around the room and in the playpen and the house had the unmistakeable aroma of baby powder. Mandy led me straight through the living room and down the hall to a room set up like a nursery. There were 2 cribs against one wall, a large changing table with shelves full of baby powder, oil, lotion, wipes, cloth and disposable diapers set against another wall. Beside the changing table were several packages of Pampers and Huggies in various sizes. A large diaper pail sat at the foot of the table. Once inside, Mandy immediately grabbed the front of my shorts and undid the snap, she had my fly down before I even had time to react.

Before I could move though she let go of my shorts and they fell around my ankles with a faint spat of damp cotton, leaving me standing facing her with my sagging, drenched diaper on full display. She began pushing me towards the changing table cooing, "Now lie down baby so Mandy can change that soggy didee." This was a dream come true. I did just what I was told and lay down on the padded table top. Mandy quickly popped the tapes of my sodden diaper and slid it out from under me. I was hit with the smell of slightly stale urine and baby powder. She rolled the soiled diaper up and dropped it in the diaper pail then grabbed several baby wipes and proceeded to clean my diaper area. I had to lift my butt so she could get all of my crotch clean. As she worked Mandy made little comments such as, "My you're a bit bigger than most of the babies I usually have to change." and, "I think the oldest boy I had ever changed before you was 7! But he was wearing diapers as punishment for peeing his pants." Next she poured some baby lotion into her hands and rubbed them together to warm it up before massaging it into my crotch. All this attention combined with the smells of baby powder and lying back looking straight up at Mandy's ample bosom was getting me quite aroused. Mandy noticed my growing erection and commented, "Almost all male babies get an erection when they get thier diapers changed but I don't remember any of them having such a large penis." She squirted some more baby lotion in her hand and gently wrapped it around my cock. She stroked my penis from tip to base, the lotion making a wonderfull smelling lubricant.

"I don't think I can get a diaper to properly fit until we do something about this. She continued stroking me to a quick but powerfull orgasm. After cleaning up my cum with a baby wipe she dusted me with baby powder before placing the package of my diapers on the table and tearing it open. She unfolded one of the diapers and with a little help from me, slid it under my butt and pulled it up and fastened my tapes.

Mandy stepped back from the changing table to admire her handiwork.

"You look really cute in diapers." She commented.

"Now there are a few things you should know...Since this is 'MY' daycare, I make the rules and rule number one is if one of my 'babies' refuses to let me know when they need their diaper changed and ends up wetting their pants, they must keep their diaper exposed so that I can see when they need to be changed." Mandy explained to me as she collected my soggy shorts, "Now you just wait here while I put your WET clothes in the wash."

I got to my feet and waddled around the room. I couldn't walk properly with the bulk of the diaper's padding forcing my legs apart. The room smelled heavenly, a strong scent of baby powder with underlying tones of Pampers (not quite the same scent) and a faint hint of urine. I wished I wasn't a grown man and was still able to fit into those Pampers, adult diapers while nice just aren't the same. I haven't been able to fit into Pampers since I was 13, unfortunately it wasn't until I was about 19 or 20 that they came out with Pampers size 6 (I probably could have worn them for another year or two).

Mandy came back and asked if I was thirsty. I was, so she led me out of the nursery to the kitchen. There were a couple of highchairs lined up but the one that was most prominent (and set aside from the others) looked to be about twice the size of the largest of the rest of them. She led me over to it and removed the tray, "Sit down." I did as she instructed. It was a tight squeeze but I managed to get into the highchair. Mandy replaced the tray and got a baby bottle of juice out of the fridge. (to be continued)

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