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Mark and Jackie

My name is Mark and I am an Adult baby/ Diaper Lover and this story is all about one night where my dreams finally became realities. Last year sometime I was at one of my best friends houses just chilling watching CSI Miami with his mom, dad, My buddy Josh, and I. His Older brother was at University at the time and his younger sister was in her room doing gosh knows what. Her name is Jackie.

About half way through the show she came out to join us. She is a very attractive girl. She has short curly brown hair, very cute girl. She was a knockout actually. And she was 2 years older than me. This was about the first time that I noticed how attractive she was. I was 18 at the time. She appeared before us with a cheeky little smile and joined us to watch the remainder of the show.

This was the first time that I had been over for the night. Jackie wore a pink footed sleeper with very babyish print all over it. It was very cute on her. I even noticed that it had a bum flap in the back. I assumed just a childish addition to keep those young at heart. She came and sat down right beside me. As she bent and plopped herself next to me, I heard a destined sound come from under her pink clad cute little bottom. It was that crinkle that I listen for in ever woman I come into contact with. The crinkle that one only hears from an infant as they tumble upon their diaper encased bottom.

I did not pay much attention to her throughout the TV show because i did not want to be too obvious to her parents. Josh became thirsty and went to get a soda from the basement but did not return. We thought nothing of it.

When the show was over Jackie announced that she was ready to retired to her bed and see everyone in the morning. As she got up I heard that crinkle again and noticed as she walked she waddled a considerable amount. At this point I was positive what she was wearing under her sleeper. All of the pieces added up too perfectly to be any other possibility.

She wished everyone a goodnight and she got about a third down her hallway, still in plain view, and her father asked her "Jackie, do you need to be changed?"

Her head snapped around like I had never seen before and she almost had tears In her eyes. I remember hearing her whisper under her breath, "Not tonight Daddy!"

Her dad asked again in a much firmer tone "JACKIE! Do you need your diaper changed?" The tears start to stream down her face at this point because she had been reveled to me. She replied to him in a stronger voice "NO Daddy, not tonight." He said, "Get over here ill see for myself."

She did as she was told with her head facing the carpet the entire trip over to her father. He grabbed her hand and pulled her over his knees and expertly undid the butt-flap in the seat of her sleep to exposed a very thick white disposable diaper. It had to be a triple thick diaper. Her dad put his finger in the waistband of her diapers, pulled back and said "Were you planning on sleeping in your poopy diaper?? Because I know you weren't going to change it yourself again. You know what that means if you do, another week of school in a diaper, and I told you the next time you change yourself I would make sure you were double diapered every morning so everyone you see during the day would realized what a baby you are!...And as For LYING to me "SMACK! He spanked her right on top of her messy diaper, hard, and she started to whimper. SMACK SMACK SMACK. Three more hard spanks came her way in a hurry. He said to her, "Are you going to behave yourself from now on and obey the rules that I have set out for you?" Nothing came from her except quiet whimpers and sobbing.

Her dad then said in a loud voice "I guess that means no, so I will have to teach what happens to naughty little girls that don't obey the rules" I had no idea what was going to happen at this point.

"You will receive 10 spankings on your messy diapered little behind and you will count every one of them. Then you will receive 10 more on your bare bottom to ensure that you do not try this again when we have company over."

With that said the punishment started SMACK.....

"one", "young lady, unless you want more than you are promised you had better speak up!" SMACK "TWO", SMACK "THREE", SMACK "FOUR", I could hear by the sound of the smack that the spankings were progressively getting harder on her cushioned bottom. SMACK "FIVE", SMACK "SIX", SMACK "SEVEN", SMACK "EIGHT", SMACK "NINE", SMACK "TEN".

Jackie had steady tears coming down and was on the verge of full out crying. Her dad then grabbed the top of her diapers and pulled them down just below her cute little butt and repeated the same procedure. On the first SMACK, her body jolted and an instant hand print appeared on her cheek. She stammered out a meek "one" and I saw the sympathy in her father's eyes. He lighted up slightly on the next 3 or 4 but just as before continued to spank her harder as they continued and by number 10 Jackie was balling her eyes out.

"Just to make sure... SMACK!!!!" Number 11 hit her hard. That was the loudest and hardest one of them all. She started a full out crying fit after that one. She was a 20 year old girl bent over her fathers knees, with her messy diapers pulled down to her thighs and being spanked, right in plain sight in front of me.

When it was all over her diaper was pulled back up into place and her sleeper buttoned back up to cover her diaper clad rump. Her dad then said "Lastly, you will sleep in your messy diaper as further punishment because I nor your mother will change you and until someone does agree to change you, you will remain in it." She said nothing and did nothing except rub her very sore diapered butt. She then sauntered down the hallway to finally go to her much desired bed to get away from this mess of an evening.

Josh, her brother, who had been done stairs the whole time this was going on was now yelling for help. His mom went running down only to come back up shortly saying that josh had tumbled down the stairs and twisted his ankle. His parents then took him to the emergency hospital to get it looked at. They told me to stay their due to the fact that they might be many hours at the hospital and my parents were away.

They were gone maybe a half hour and I went to check on Jackie. I snuck in quietly to not disturb her but I heard her still crying slightly. I looked around her room in the dark and made out what I could of it. She had a lot of stuffed animals around her room and her walls were painted pink with babyish prints on them such as baby loony toon who were also wearing diapers and baby bottles and soothers all in a boarder around her pink room. I saw her in bed and she did not look at me or move at all. She had a desk to work at, a dresser with a mirror on it with scattered makeup covering the top of it. Then there was one item I had not expected. It was a long dresser that came just above my hip. It had a soft cushioned top on it and I noticed in a half open drawer, a stack of roughly 10 attends adult diapers. It was her diaper changing table.

I walked over to the wide awake girl and whisper in her ear, ill change your diaper... if you'll do the same for me. She turned over to look at me with swollen, sad eyes. I picked her up gently and placed her on the changing table and proceeded with the changing. I got her sleeper off and she laid before me, dirty diapers and nothing else. I took off her diaper and used about half a dozen baby wipes to clean up her very red and sore tushy.

I took a bottle of baby oil and rubbed it all over her bum and placed 5 cloth diapers under her. I used a liberal amount or baby powder on her bum, crotch area, and her diaper. Then i pulled up the massive diaper bulk and pinned it in place with 6 pins. I searched through the drawers and found a nice pair of pink plastic panties with cartoon figures on them and some nice bum ruffles on them. I pulled them over her diapers and found a pink shirt that was about 3 sizes too small for her and pulled it down over her head. It said on the shirt "Diapered Princess." She looked too cute for words. i picked her up in my arms and carried her over the the bed where i just held her and cuddled with her for almost an hour while she nestled her head just under my chin on my neck.

She turned to me after and said, "I've got to keep my promise." She got up, took my hand and led me up on to the changing table. I hoped up and she practically ripped my pants off me and then came my shirt. She took her sweet time with my boxers next. She ran her fingers through the waistband of them and snapped them against my skin. She then ran her hands up the openings of the bottom of the legs and brushed her chilled hands against my rock hard cock. She ripped my underwear off me to leave me buck naked.

I was standing at attention, to say the least. Then i saw the diaper come out. She had decided upon a disposable attends night time diaper. Jackie slid it under me and applied a hefty load of baby powder to my cock and balls, and my diaper. She stroked me a couple of times and i started to moan. She quit and forced my large cock into my diaper which she taped very tightly to my body. The night time diaper felt very thick once it was taped to me.

Jackie began to rub the front of my diaper and got her finger nail caught in the plastic. She didn't stop pulling when she got it caught and ripped the front open. She said to me "This just won't do, you are going to leak when you wet." She took out another diaper and put it on me but ripped that one too. I caught on then to her little game and it continued until i had 5 night time diapers on. She then got out some plastic panties to put over top just incase i guess. They were also pink with a very babyish print all over them. She told me to stand up while she slide them on me. I did as I was told. The diapers made it almost impossible to stand up and walking in these things was not even an option. She stood behind me and pulled up the panties. When they got to the top i heard a familiar "Click". I reached behind my waist only to feel a small pad lock, put in to hold a small chain through the waistband.

I looked at her with teary eyes and asked "What are you doing?" She explained to me that the reason she was in diapers at all is because her parents came home late one night, to find her with her locked in her plastic panties and 10, very wet, cloth diapers on underneath. She was searching her room frantically for the key to her diapers. Her mom then reached into her pocket and pulled out the key which she had acquired about a week before when cleaning her room. Jackie said that she was not unlocked out of her diaper prison but rather left in the same diapers for 24 more hours on top of what she had already been in them. Those 24 hours included a "7 Hour School" day. That was the worst punishment she could have gone through. That day she had to wear a short flowing skirt, to hide her bulk and a tight t-shirt which her parents made her wear so if she bent over, the top of the plastic panties would show under her shirt. She said that no one noticed but she got some funny looks about the smell. On top of all of that she couldn't hold her bowels through the night and had to go through the entire school day like that. And ever since that day, life has been the same as today. Her parents usually let her wear pull-ups to school so she can use the restroom but still be reminded of the baby she is.

I asked her where she put the key to these panties because I was about to wet them very soon. She said to me "I told you, my mom found the key a while back. She didn't give it back if that's what you're thinking!" I looked at her with devastated eyes, "WHAT! Well how am I going to get out of this mess?"

"Wait for my mom to get home and ask her for the key," she said. I said a definite no to that, and she said that theirs no other way.

She told me to worry about all of that later and for now just enjoy what was going on between us. With that she started to rub my crotch with one hand and she put her other hand on the back of my neck and kissed me very patiently. We just made out for hours on her bed in out thickly diapered bottoms.

We kept making out until we heard the front door open. I had wet myself a few times by now and was needing a change quite badly. Jackie said, "Hop in bed with me, get under the covers, and pretend you're sleeping when mom comes in. She won't care." I did as I was told because I didn't see any other way out.

So here are two young adults, lying in bed together, both in wet very thick diapers hidden only by a couple of blankets. When Jackie's mom came in, she sure did care. First she came in and saw that we were in bed together. She started to yell, "What the hell is going on here? I leave for a while and you two end up in bed together?" I found out later that Jackie's brother had to stay the night at the hospital and his dad stayed with him. Her Mom continued "Get out of that bed right NOW!" As she said this, she yanked the covers off of us only to expose out diapered predicaments. It was clear that we both were in need of changing and that Jackie had been changed out of her diapers that she was meant to sleep in.

This was when it all started. She said to me "So it would appear that we have 2 babies in this house now. Well i guess i had better treat you accordingly." She grabbed my by my ear and pulled me across her lap. Then she laid into my well diapered bottom only for a couple swats. She then produced a key out of her pocket, unlocked my diapers and pulled them down to my knees. Then she tore a strip out of me. She spanked my bare bum for probably a half hour. I was bawling my eyes out by the end. When she was finally done I just dropped off her knees onto mine. I was told to stand up, and as I did Jackie's mom pulled my soaked diapers back into place and locked the panties back up. She told me to get into the corner of the room and don't take my nose out of it.

I did as I was told. Her mom left the room and Jackie came over to me. She was giggling the entire way over. She got really close to me and whispered in my ear, "That was the hottest thing I've ever seen, I hope you'll do that to me tomorrow." I looked at her as if she was crazy. She told me that her parents are leaving for the week tomorrow and with her brother in the hospital for a few days the house was all hers.

Jackie heard her mom coming back down the hallway and scurried into bed. Her mom came into the room and told me to get over there. As I tuned around I saw what she had left the room for. She had gone and fetched a baby crib. She said to me "Since I see that you like to dress like a baby and act like a baby, then you will be treated like a baby." She told me to get into the crib and as I was climbing in she gave my stinging diapered butt a hard swat to reassure me to stay in there through the night. I didn't think It would, but the crib held my weight and wasn't really too small either. She told me that I had to sleep wet, and in the crib for the night and maybe in the morning she would clean me up before they left.

She left the room with me trapped in my crib and facing Jackie on her bed and . Jackie opened a drour in her dresser and took out a pink girly pacifier came over to me and shoved it in my mouth. I did not dare spit it out, being in the position that i was in. She crawled up into the crib with me and we fell asleep together. That was the moment that i realized how much i loved this girl. She loved me and I loved her back.

I awoke cuddled up with Jackie laying on top of me. Her mom came in and gave Jackie the key to my diapers and said "do what you want with him." Her mom then left promptly after giving Jackie a hug and a kiss and the same to me. She told me she was sorry for last night but the same would happen again if she found us that way any more. I fully understood her thinking.

So she left the house and Jackie released me an hour later after she got enough sleep. She took all of the dirty diapers off me and but two disposable diapers back on me. She said that we were going out so she put some tight thin red jogging pants and the diapered princess shirt that she had worn before. I was quite the sight, Pink shirt, tight pants, pacifier pined to my shirt and clearly diapered. She took great care of me all weekend while her parents were gone and took me home Sunday evening in my diapers and clothes to conceal them. We stayed together for years after that even as a couple and eventually got married. At this moment we don't have any kids and we also neither own any underwear. We are diapered 100% of the time, and wouldn't have it any other way.

The End

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