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Things were going along pretty smoothly; my wife had accepted me for what I was. In fact she more than accepted it she had begun to really get into it as of late.

In the beginning she was kind of thrown by the whole thing of me wanting to be babied, but once she did it a few times, it turned her on. I think it was the feeling of dominance it gave that really hooked her.

Little did I know that what had started out, as so much fun for me would end up as much fun for her.

I was in seventh heaven; I was getting to spend most of the weekends and some of the weeknights in diapers and plastic panties. Best of all I wasn't just wearing them, I was using them for there intended purpose.

My wife had begun taking a real liking to having me diapered most of the time. She would constantly tease me about my diapers and why I had to wear them. She would say things to me like, "Little boys who wet their pants need to wear diapers and panties." I was wearing the diapers at night and on weekends, but she also insisted that since I was such a sissy, that I should wear panties of her choice, when I wasn't diapered.

This threw me a little, I was always into diapers, but women's panties, never really entered into my mind much. She sprung this on me one morning when I was getting ready to go to work.

"You know Mark, since you've been wearing diapers; you're becoming quite a sissy. I notice that you seem to be whining a lot lately, and I think if you're going to act like a sissy, then you should be dressed more appropriately." I shot back, "What do you mean I am acting like a sissy? I mean, I thought you liked what we are doing?" Judy replied, "Oh I do like it, but you know I am the Mommy, and if I think you're acting like a sissy, then that's it."

"What do you mean by being dressed appropriately?" I was already beginning to back down. After all I couldn't really complain, I was really enjoying the baby treatment.

"Since you wear diapers and plastic panties, you are a sissy. And a sissy also wears panties when Mommy decides. I have decided that you will wear panties when you are not diapered."

"But I can't wear panties to work Judy, please! What if someone found out?"

"Don't be silly sissy, why men's underpants are a step away from panties anyway, even though you like the plain old white jockey shorts. Most men are wearing the coloured briefs."

"I don't know Judy; I don't think I could do it."

"Well Mark, either you wear the panties I pick to work, or I'll get rid of your little layette." That was it, I knew I'd be wearing panties to work from now on; I didn't want to loose my diapers. It took me too long to find a willing partner. I hung my head down and said, "Okay Judy you win, but I really don't like that kind of thing."

"Oh don't worry sissy, there are some things about your little game that I don't really care for but I do it, and from know on, I won't even ask you about something I decide to do to you. I will just tell you. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?" I said, "Yes Judy." the feeling of humiliation coming over me.

Judy must have sensed it, I could tell by the look in her eye as she went into her underwear drawer.

"Well let's not make it to bad on little Markey there", she said as she pulled out a pair of blue panties.

I thought, "Well cripes, at least there are not pink!"

"Look," she said as she held them up to my face.

"They're Jockeys." She was right on the waistband said Jockeys in gold lettering.

"Now take off those ridiculous training pants." She was referring to my white jockey shorts. She held the panties out, and I stepped into them carefully. She slid them up my legs slowly, and stopped just when the panties were below my dick.

"My, what have we here, huh?" she said as she grasped my penis.

I looked down; my dick was like a rock.

"I see you're going to enjoy your little panties." She was right; my dick was sticking straight up. She pulled open the front of the panties and pulled them over my straining dick as best she could.

"Now finish getting dressed or you're going to be late." She walked out of the bedroom, and I quickly put on my suit and tie and headed downstairs.

"Now be a good boy today, and remember, every time you think of those panties, think about who put you in them." She gave me a kiss and I rushed out the door.

All day at work they were driving me crazy; I could hardly concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes. When I would, I'd notice my soft smooth underwear. Thank God it was a Friday, and the workload wasn't that bad. I couldn't wait to get home, and on top of the woman who was driving me crazy without even being there.

I left the office at 4:30 telling the receptionist that I had to see a client on my way home. As soon as I got in the car I made a beeline for home. When I walked in the door Judy was waiting for me.

"How's my little panty boy doing?" she asked.

I responded honestly, "Judy, I couldn't keep my mind off you all day.

All I could keep thinking about was coming home and making mad love to you."

"I knew they'd keep you hot. I also know that being the man you are, you didn't have the nerve to use the bathroom today, did you?" She was reading me like a book. I had deliberately lain off the coffee and soft drinks, to avoid using the bathroom. It was silly in a way, after all there are stalls and no one would have seen, but I guess it's just that being in panties and all.

"Ah no, you're right, I didn't use the bathroom today."

"Well you should have, because you're not going to use it tonight either. Let's get you in the bedroom and get you changed." I thought this is strange; she diapers me, but never really forced me to use them.

After I was stripped down to my blue panties, she told me to get up on the bed. Out came the diapers and plastic panties. She told me to lift my rear up, and off came the panties, which she gently laid on the dresser. Next she took several diapers and folded them together. I noticed as she told me to lift my rear end that there were more than I usually wore.

I asked, "How come so many diapers?"

"Well since you haven't used the potty today, I think you're going to need them." She was right. All this talk about the bathroom had suddenly begun to take its effect. I was feeling quite a pressure in my bladder. She pinned the bulky diapers tightly around me, and slid a pair of blue plastic pants up my legs.

"Lift that bottom sissy, we don't want to get Mommy's bed wet now do we?" Here I was hoping to come home to some hot sex, and now I was finding I was a victim to my own fetish.

With the plastic pants all tucked in Judy helped me off the bed.

"Now you know what I'd like?" I answered, "No, what?"

"I'd like you to go and stand in the corner of the bedroom there, and call me when you're going to wet your diapers." Judy was really getting in to this humiliation thing, I thought. She never made me do anything like this before. I wonder what's going on. I walked or should I say waddled over to the corner. I heard Judy leave the room. My mind was beginning to go into overload.

"Judy never made or even mentioned wetting my diapers before I thought to myself." Up until today my diapers were like a warm up to sex. It was something we used to get me hot. But never was there any humiliation involved.

My mind was racing when I heard her come back into the room.

"Turn around diaper boy," she commanded.

I turned around and saw her standing there with a baby bottle.

"I brought you something to drink. I thought you might be thirsty after a hard day a work." I looked at the bottle it contained coffee.

"Now I want you to drink your bottle honey." She sat on the edge of the bed and coaxed the whole bottle down.

Soon I began to fidget and dance. Judy picked right up on it.

"Those plastic pants make such a loud noise when you dance. Make some noise diaper boy!" she teased, "Do your little diaper dance." The words cut through me and I couldn't stand it any more.

"Judy I'm going to wet." I said.

"Come over here to Mommy diaper boy." I waddled very quickly over to her, and stood right in front of her.

She placed her hand on the front of my plastic pants and said, "Wet your diapers, diaper boy. Come on, wet for Mommy." I couldn't hold back any more and let it go. Judy smiled as the diapers began to get wet and heavy.

"Ah such a baby, such a little diaper boy, shame, shame." she said as she continued to rub the front of my plastic panties.

When I finished wetting, she told me to come out of the bedroom and downstairs, as it was time to eat. I asked her if she could change me.

She said, "Don't be silly asking me to change you. I decide WHEN and IF you get changed. Remember that." So I sat through dinner in my wet diapers, and through most of the evening.

She finally changed me before bedtime. As we were lying in bed my mind raced through a thousand things. Before she went to sleep she hit me with one more thing.

"You know honey, since you're turning in to such a baby, I'm not going to be able to let you be home alone anymore, I'm going to have to find you a baby sitter, when I have to go out." I didn't answer, and I knew she didn't expect me to! Part 2 I thought to myself, this is starting to get out of hand. I mean I like my diapers and all, but this forced wetting and all of that, I wonder what's going on. I thought about all this for a while, but soon my mind started wandering towards my sexual needs. I felt the bulky night diapers between my legs and my penis began to respond. I thought Judy was asleep so I rolled on to my stomach, and began to rub myself against the bed. With the thick diapers and the rubber panties, I was having considerable trouble getting anywhere.

Suddenly, Judy was talking in my ear, "Listen, you stop that right now! I will tell you when you are permitted an orgasm. Do you understand?"

"Yes Judy," I muttered.

"Good now go to sleep sissy." I felt defeated; in the old days (3 days ago) Judy never cared if I masturbated. In fact I think she actually liked it. Well I thought about it some more but soon fell asleep.

In the morning I woke up to find Judy was already out of bed. I turned to look at the clock and noticed it was only 8:00 am. I thought to myself, "Gee she's up early. Judy rarely got up before 10 on a weekend." I then noticed the bulk between my legs, and the memories flooded into my mind from last night. As they ran through my mind, I also noticed that I needed to get to the bathroom. My morning routine finds me always on the toilet first thing.

I got out of bed, and headed out towards the bathroom, I was getting aroused by the feeling of the diapers and the noise the rubber pants were making.

I just turned down the hall when I heard Judy calling me.

"Oh Diaper Boy's awake. Come here honey." I turned and headed towards the kitchen.

"My sleepy head, you're up early. Come on sit down and let's have some breakfast."

"But Judy, I have to go to the bathroom."

"Why?" Judy asked.

"I have to pee and you know."

"Oh don't be silly, tell me what are you wearing? Hmm?"

"Well, diapers."

"That's right diaper boy. Diapers; thick fluffy white diapers. And what else, hmm?"

"Rubber pants," I said.

"Yes nice blue rubber panties, diaper boy, rubber panties. Now tell me who wears diapers and rubber panties?"

"Babies and toddlers do." I said.

"That's right diaper boy, and since you're walking I guess that makes you a toddler, doesn't it?"

"Ah come on Judy, what is all this stuff?"

"Shut Up! I asked you a question didn't I?"

"Yes, a toddler I guess." I didn't know what the hell was going on now.

I was getting more confused by the minute. This just didn't seem like the Judy I was used to. I thought I better play along, and not get her to pissed off.

"Good now sit down, and let's have some breakfast." We sat there and ate a good breakfast. Judy saw to it that I had plenty of high fibre cereal, as well as toast and coffee. As she poured my third cup of coffee, she got up from the table, and said, "Please be a good boy and clean off the table." I heard her go down the hall, as I started to put the dirty dishes in the sink. While I was doing this, I began to feel not only the pressure in my bladder, but my bowels as well. Coffee does some strange things to me; it not only makes me want to pee like a racehorse, it also works like a laxative on me. I thought to myself, "After I get this table cleaned up maybe Judy will be tired of the diaper game, and I can use the bathroom, as well as get a shower.

I just about had the last of the silverware in the sink when I heard her calling me, "Diaper boy come here." Judging by the echo of the sound I knew she was in the bathroom. I also noticed the diaper thing was just not letting up. I walked down the hall and into the bathroom. There was my princess sitting on the toilet.

"Come here." she said.

I moved in from the doorway closer to where Judy was sitting.

"Over here," she motioned with her finger, "Right in front of me." I waddled into the position she had directed, and my diapered crotch was just about in front of her face.

"I can sit here all day if I want to.

Do you know why?" she asked.

"No why?" I replied.

"Because I don't wear diapers like you do. Diapers are for little boys who don't know how to use the potty. I bet you're just dying to make pee, aren't you?"

"Yes Judy, I haven't gone since you made me wet my pants last night."

"I didn't make you wet your pants last night, diaper boy. You did that all by yourself, and by the way you call what you're wearing pants.

That's a laugh; men wear pants silly, you wear diapers." This remark shot right through me, now she was treading on ground where no one belonged. But at the same time, it was getting me stimulated.

She reached out and felt the front of my diapers through the rubber pants.

"You know what I'd like? I'd like you to wet your diapers for me." The feel of her touch and my full bladder were too much. I began to wet uncontrollably. When I felt the last drops soaking into my diapers I heard Judy begin to urinate.

"See diaper boy, I can use the potty, but not you. You wet your diapers like a baby, don't you?"

"Yes," I said. The feeling of her hand on my rubber pants and the weight of the wet diapers was too much. I would have said anything she wanted me to.

Judy began to pick up the pace rubbing my diapers. I began to feel a tremendous orgasm approaching, when she stopped abruptly.

"If you want me to finish, you're going to have to do something for me diaper boy." she said.

I thought to myself, "I'll do anything; lick you, stroke you, whatever." Judy had entirely different thoughts though, as I was soon to find out.

"What Judy, What do you want?" I kept asking her.

"Come into the bedroom with me." She finished what she was doing and I followed her into the bedroom.

She laughed as I walked through the door.

"You sure have trouble walking in your wet diapers don't you sweetheart."

"Well I guess I'm not use to it." I said.

"Well I think you'll get use to it in time." she said as she sat down on the bed. She once again motioned me over in front of her, and picked up where she left off it the bathroom. As she was rubbing my straining penis, she spoke.

"If you would like some attention for this bulge Markey, I want you to lie down on the bed." I couldn't resist. Between the panties yesterday and the full time diapers, I was dying to cum.

"I'm going to tie your hands and legs to the bed. Okay Sweetie?"

"Go ahead," I thought to myself, "Anything, just finish me off!" The next thing I know, I'm tied spread eagle on the bed, with a throbbing erection. Judy starts to rub the front of my rubber pants and wet diapers like she had done before. I'm a hair away from cumming when she suddenly stops.

"Judy, Judy please, please let's have sex!" I scream.

"Oh don't be silly. I can't have sex with you now. You have wet diapers on." She reaches out again and gives my padded penis another stroke or two and says, "But I will finish you off, but before I do, I want to see a nice little load in those wet diapers of yours."

"A load?" She wants me to shit my pants, I think to myself. I can't do that.

"Judy, I can't," I say.

"Oh, but you will sweetheart. You will if you ever want me to finish you off." She strokes me a few more times, and then tells me, "Call me when you need a diaper change sissy!" She laughs as she leaves the room.

Well I am lying there on the bed, I can't move and I begin to feel the effects of this morning's coffee and breakfast on my system. The pressure is beginning to build steadily. I'm thinking to myself, "This is too much; something is going on. Judy is turning into one of those bitches I've read about in domination magazines." All of the sudden nature is really on my doorstep, and to make matters worse I can hear Judy hanging around outside the bedroom. She must have heard me squirming around on the bed.

"Well, well diaper boy, how are we doing?" I know she can tell I'm a minute away from shitting my pants. She sits down on the bed along side me, and begins to rub my legs.

"Come on now silly, you know you can't hold back any longer. Look at your face; you're starting to turn red; that must be so uncomfortable." She was right there. The stroking of my legs began to create a stirring within, and I was loosing my concentration. Suddenly, it began to happen, I let out a little grunt, and Judy smiled.

"That's a good little boy fill those diapers, Come on." I couldn't do anything but comply at this point. I could feel the bulge building in the back of my diapers, and it doesn't take long before Judy's hand is poking around down there.

"That's it diaper boy, you sure had to go didn't you? My, my!" she says, as she's doing her best to pat me on my bottom. After she's satisfied that I really do have a load in my diapers, she takes her hand away.

"Well, well, what have we here?" She is now staring at the front of my diapers, which are bulging as much as the back.

"It looks to me that you really like filling you diapers, like a little boy" All I can do is blush.

"Ah now Mommy promised you some attention and now you're going to get it." She starts to rub the front of my diapers and rubber pants. I am in heaven; it feels so good, my balls must be three shades of blue by now.

It doesn't take too long with all the teasing I've had this morning.

My body begins to shudder, as I have one of the best orgasms in my life.

"That's a boy. Now you have everything you possibly could have in those diapers, don't you?" With that she gets up and starts to walk towards the door.

"Hey come on Judy, let me up now." All of the sudden, the wet messy and now sticky diapers are not feeling that great.

"Oh no Sweetie, you just earned yourself an hour on that bed. And remember something, from now on DON'T EVER TELL ME WHAT TO DO! IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?"

"Yes," I say meekly.

"Good! Now you just lay there and stew awhile." she says this laughingly as she leaves the room.

"What a mess!" I think as I lay there. Me and my big mouth! Where in the hell is she getting all this domination stuff from? She's got me by the balls, and I can't do a thing about it.

After what seems like three days, I suddenly see a flash go off. It blinds me. Then another, and another. When I can finally focus my eyes, I see her standing there with an instant camera and a big smile on her face.

"Ah so cute; Baby's first pictures. Look you can even tell the baby has a dirty diaper. Here look." she says.

She is right; the brown mess is pretty clear through the yellow plastic pants I'm wearing. She walks out of the room, and I'm actually contemplating crying. She's back again.

"Now diaper boy, Mommy's going to untie you. But in order to get those stinky diapers changed you're going to have to do something for me, okay?" At this point, the smell and the feel are becoming very uncomfortable, and after everything else, why not.

"Yes Judy." I say.

"Well for openers, I don't want you calling me Judy when you're a diaper boy. And when I untie you, I want you to pose for some pictures." I figure, what the hell, she already hid the first pictures. I'm screwed now anyway.

"Okay Mommy." I say.

"Good." It feels good to have the ropes untied; my wrists and ankles were starting to get sore.

"Now come on diaper boy. Let's get up." I start to slide towards the side of the bed, lifting my bottom up because the load is so uncomfortable.

"That's a good boy. Don't squish your little load. Mommy wants it nice and bulgy for a good picture." As I stand up I can feel the incredible weight of the diapers. They immediately begin to droop. Judy just loves it.

"Oh my diaper boy! Mommy better get busy before somebody drops his diapers right on the floor. Good thing for the panties. Now come on stand up nice and straight." SNAP the camera gets a picture of me from the front.

"Now turn around. That's right. Look over your shoulder. I want to see that sad face. Perfect." SNAP.

"Now I want you to put your hand on your little mess there." I'm evidently not doing it right, and she takes my hand and places it firmly on my loaded bottom.

"There that's it!" SNAP.

"Now for a naughty little boy picture. Turn around and get your hand down your diapers." That was it! Everything starts to well up inside me. The next thing I know, as I'm putting my hand into my wet sticky diapers, tears begin to flow down my cheeks.

"Oh isn't that sweet? What an affect." SNAP.

She's gone again; I'm just standing there crying and sniffling.

"There, there, diaper boy. Let's get you cleaned up. You'll feel much better." She pushes me towards the door.

"I think that's just adorable the way you waddle with that load in your diapers." I get into the bathroom, and I go to take my rubber pants down when I hear, "What do you think you're doing, huh?"

"I was just going to get cleaned up Mommy."

"Don't you ever touch your diapers or rubber panties again. Is that understood? ANSWER ME!"

"Yes Mommy." I say.

"If I EVER catch you touching your diapers or panties again, you will be the sorriest diaper boy in the world. Shame, shame, diaper boy. Look at the mess you've made." she says this as she takes down the yellow plastic pants.

"You'd never know you were a grown man would you?"

"No Mommy."

"Grown men don't wear diapers, do they?"

"No Mommy."

"Grown men don't fill and wet their pants do they?"

"No Mommy."

"Who wets and dirties in their pants? Hmm?"

"Little boys, Mommy."

"No, little diaper boys. Little boys eventually get toilet trained.

But not diaper boys; they wear diapers and panties all the time, don't they?"

"Yes Mommy." She hands me the dirty diaper and tells me to rinse it out in the potty.

"Look at the potty diaper boy, and remember when you used to use it.

And remember you'll never use it again unless I decide you can."

"Yes Mommy." I say as I rinse out the dirty diapers.

Part 3 Well it's been quite a morning, after being forced to wet, mess and cum in my diapers, I'm all cleaned up and re-diapered. My head is spinning a mile a minute when I'm hit with another blow.

"Let's get you ready stinky." Ready for what I think.

"Come on get in here right now." I hear her calling from the bedroom.

I waddled in to the bedroom, and I see that Judy has clothes laid out on the bed.

"Ready for what?" I asked.

"Well, I've got to get you dressed. You wouldn't want me taking you out in just your diapers and panties, would you?" It's coming too fast, OUT - Out in diapers and panties! No, no, I'm thinking. Getting dressed would be fine. But I still don't want to go out. I'm beginning to panic and Judy senses it.

"Come over here will you. Now don't get all excited. We have a little trip to make to one of my friends."

"Judy, I can't go out wearing diapers and rubber pants. Please not that."

"Put your arms out." she tells me. Instinctively I put my arms and hands out in front of me and very quickly she has my wrists bound in front of me. Suddenly she lets into me.

"Now look I've just about had it with you. How many times do I have to tell you? When I tell you something, you are not to talk back, argue, or complain at all. Is that understood?"

"I know but..." She cuts me off, "You just don't seem to learn. Well there's only one thing left to do to teach you that when I tell you something, no matter what it is that you obey me. But I can see that little Markey is going to be trouble, but I'm more than prepared to deal with that." She sits down on the bed and says, "I knew it was going to come to this Markey. Now stand in front of me." The next thing I know the yellow rubber pants are coming down my legs.

"Lift up your leg, now the other one. Good boy." Next I feel a hand plunging into my diapers.

"Ah, you're not wet." she says in a mocking tone. The diaper pins are undone as the diapers fall to the floor. She positions her self on the bed and then tells me, "Now get over my lap, you naughty boy." The next thing I know I'm across her lap with my hands tied in front of me.

"Now Markey, it's time to teach you some of the rules." I feel her reaching for something on the bed. The next thing I feel is CRACK, my ass feels like its on fire.

"What's rule number one Markey." CRACK.

I'm not answering fast enough.

"Don't talk back." I yell. CRACK.

"That's very good Markey. I think your beginning to learn." CRACK.

"Rule number 2?"

"Not to argue!" CRACK.

"Rule 3?"

"Not to complain," I whine.

As she continues her lecture each thought is punctuated with a CRACK.

The tears are beginning to roll down my cheeks as she continues the humiliation. She finally stands me up, and laughs as she sees the tears still coming down my cheeks. I can see that she has been peppering me with an old ping-pong paddle.

"See this Markey? This is what you can expect if you give me any more trouble. Is that understood?"

"Yes." I say mildly regaining my composure.

"That's a good boy, a good diaper boy. Now turn around and look in the mirror. That's right look at those little buns. Nice and bright red." She was right about that. My ass looked like it was on fire.

"Now let's try this again. We're going to get dressed so we can go visit my friend. Is that understood?"

"Yes Mommy."

"Good stinky, now lay on the bed like a good boy, so Mommy can get you ready." I lay down on my back but she tells me, "Roll over on your belly so Mommy can get rub those little buns with oil. They're so sensitive now, and we wouldn't want you getting diaper rash would we?" I feel the cool baby oil being spread all over my behind and it feels wonderful. As the massaging continues, I also feel my dick begin to press into the bed.

"Roll over," she commands. As I do, she takes immediate notice of my erection.

"My, my, little diaper boy loves getting his rear end rubbed, doesn't he?"

"Yes." I mutter.

She squirts some oil right on my shaft and begins to rub my penis. She continues to rub it right to the point where I'm feeling as if I'm going to cum.

"There, there, sissy," she say's stopping abruptly.

"They'll be plenty of time for that." The next thing I know she's telling me to lift my rear end, and on go the double diapers. She places the yellow rubber panties on my legs and tells me to stand up. I get off the bed and she pulls them all the way up. She adjusts the legs and waistband telling me, "We have to make sure you don't leak, especially in the car. Now Markey, I'm going to untie you so I can finish dressing you and I don't want any trouble, understand?"

"Yes Mommy." I say.

"Good boy." She has me sit on the bed while she puts a pair of white shorts on my legs.

"Stand up Markey." As I stand up she pulls the white shorts up over my diapers and rubber pants. Next she takes a white T-Shirt and puts it over my head. She helps me put my arms in like I'm some kind of infant. She pulls the shirt down over my shorts and steps back to admire her work.

"Turn around diaper boy" she says.

"Perfect," she say's smiling, "Go over by the mirror and look." I'm horrified. On the front of the T-Shirt it says MY LITTLE DIAPER BOY. Then she tells me to turn around and look at my self from the back. Shock number two; I can see the yellow panties showing clearly through the shorts.

"Please Mommy, Please!" She puts her finger to her lips and says, "Now Markey, we don't want to get all undressed again and get punished. Do we?"

"No Mommy."

"Now there, there. I'll let you wear your jacket over your T-shirt." I felt a little better, but I was still quite worried about the thin white shorts. I figured there wasn't much I could do about it and my ass was still stinging and I didn't want any more of that.

"Now put your sneakers on while I finish getting your bag together."

"My bag together?" I thought. What kind of bag was she talking about? I finished putting my sneakers on and while going for my jacket in the closet; I couldn't help but get a look at myself in the mirror. Man did I look ridiculous. Even if the shorts didn't show the yellow panties, the bulge was enough of a give away. Anybody could tell I was diapered.

Seeing myself without her in the room also began to get my dick swelling again. Damn fetish I thought; got me more than I can chew this time. I put my jacket on, and tried to console myself that I looked a lot better.

"Let's go stinky," she yelled from the kitchen.

I hurried; I didn't want to piss her off now. She was standing in the door to the garage holding a pink bag over her shoulder. My eyes bugged out as I read the words stencilled across it. D I A P E R S in big baby blue letters.

"Here carry your bag," she laughed.

I reluctantly took the bag and went to go to the driver's side when she stopped me abruptly, "And what do you think you're doing?"

"I was going to drive." I said.

Judy always hated to drive, when we went somewhere.

"Oh I don't think so. Little diaper boys don't drive. They just sit in the car and wait for Mommy to take them places." I didn't say anything. I just blushed as I walked towards the passenger door.

We backed out of the driveway and headed down the street. All the while, I couldn't keep from panicking. In my mind I saw the car breaking down, or getting in an accident, or driving by someone we knew.

These thoughts kept racing through my mind.

Judy must have picked up on my distress, "What is the matter Stinky?"

"Uh, I am worried."

"Worried about what?"

"Well, what if we had to stop or get out of the car or something?"

"Well then we would, wouldn't we?"

"Yea I know, but what if somebody saw me like this?"

"Oh gee I don't know Markey. You'd think of something wouldn't you?" she says laughingly.

I decide to just keep my mouth shut. It seems these days no matter what I say, it comes back to haunt me.

Judy breaks the silence, "Now when we get there, I suggest you do everything you're told. Do you understand?"

"Yes." I answer.

"Good, because I don't think my friend would treat you with so much understanding." I'm dying to ask the question, "What friend?" But I know that I'd just get myself in more trouble.

We turn into a street off of the main road and I really begin to panic.

Judy pulls over and takes a pair of handcuffs out of "my" diaper bag.

"Just to make sure we have no problems," she says as she snaps them shut.

Cripes I think to myself this is the street Bob and Karen live on. Judy use to go to school with Karen, and we all became quite good friends.

I'm mulling it over in my mind. No it can't be Judy would never humiliate me in front of our friends. Would she? The answer came quicker than I wanted it. We were turning into their driveway! "Judy! You CAN'T be serious! This is Bob and Karen's House!"

"Deadly serious my little man."

"Please, Please don't humiliate me this way."

"Listen diaper boy, you're treading on thin ice. Remember this is what YOU wanted. YOU wanted to wear diapers and rubber pants and act like a two year old. So this is what you're going to get. UNDERSTAND!"

"But Judy, Please I'd be so embarrassed."

"Now look, I'm getting tired of your incessant whining. You certainly do know how to act like a two year old. If you keep this up, you are really going to be sorry." She got out of the car and came around to open my door.

"Get out and carry your bag it will hide your handcuffs in case a neighbour is watching." I got out of the car, my legs were trembling. I held the bag as best I could. Judy put her arm around me and started leading me up the walk to the front door.

"Why don't you ring the bell stinky?" she says laughing again.

"Oh I'm just teasing. I know you're having enough trouble holding your diaper bag." With that she rings the bell. My heart feels as if would stop any moment. Deep down, I'm kind of wishing it would.

The door begins to open; I want to just melt away into the sidewalk.

Judy however, is there to make sure that I'm the first one anyone will see. There before my eyes is Karen. I feel like my face is as pink as the diaper bag I'm carrying.

"Well, well, what have we here? Would you like to come in Markey?" Markey, Markey, she's calling me Markey too. Suddenly the whole thing is coming together in my mind. Karen is well aware of what Judy has been doing to me! I'm jolted back to reality by Judy.

"Diaper boy! Karen asked you a question.

"Ah, ah, why ah yes." Judy opens the door, and the next thing I know we are standing in Karen's living room.

"Oh I see you had to handcuff the little one." Karen says.

"Well I didn't want to take a chance and have a scene in your front lawn."

"I don't think he would have gone too far dressed the way he is, do you?"

"Well, I like to be on the safe side." Judy said.

"Well Judy when I'm finished with him, you'll never have to worry about that again."

"Markey, let's get those handcuff's off you, and get your jacket off." Karen says.

"Oh that's alright," I say, "I'm fine."

"Don't be silly. It's much to warm to be wearing that jacket." Karen is removing the cuffs with the key Judy has given her.

"Good now give me that jacket so I can hang it up." I start to tremble as I begin to unzip the jacket. I can see Karen is starting to become impatient so I speed things up a bit, I don't want to get Judy pissed. Little did I know that it's Karen I don't want to get madder.

"Isn't that sweet? Look at that shirt, MY LITTLE DIAPER BOY." Karen says.

"Where did you find that Judy?"

"I got it at that T-Shirt place. The girl who made it up for me got quite a kick out of it when I told her why I wanted it. She told me to come back any time if I needed any other T-Shirts." My mind is racing; the whole damn town must know I wear diapers now I thought.

"Markey, turn around and show Karen your shorts." I instinctively turn around and Karen stops me when my behind is in front of her, "Oh my, now there is no fooling, as to what you're wearing young man. Is there?"

"No Karen." I reply.

"What are you wearing Markey?" Karen asks.

"Diapers and plastic panties." I mumble.

"Markey, when I ask you a question, I expect that you answer it quickly and clearly."

"Diapers and plastic panties!" I say louder.

"Good! Now turn around. I want you to sit down on the floor over there.

Judy, let's go into the kitchen, I'll get us some coffee." The two women wander into the kitchen, and I sit down as instructed.

Sitting on the floor, I become quite aware of my bulky diapers again.

My mind is racing again. Gee what if Bob came in now. I feel like I've fallen into quick sand. My so preoccupied that I don't even notice the women come back into the living room.

"Markey, let's get you downstairs now." Karen says.

"Downstairs?" I think.

"Good. At least I won't have to be embarrassed if Bob came home, or a neighbour came to the door." I lead the way downstairs to the family room, or at least what I thought was the family room. Karen pushes me towards the far wall. The next thing I know the wall is sliding open! I can't believe it. How many times have I sat in this room? I never would have suspected there was another room, behind the family room.

PART 4 As the wall is sliding open, I can't believe my eyes. Inside is a combination nursery/dungeon. This however is no nursery for a child.

I'm wondering again. Certainly Karen wouldn't have gone through all of this just for me. No there has got to be more to this than I can comprehend at the moment.

"How do you like your room Markey?" Karen asks, breaking my thoughts.

"My room, what do you mean my room?" I ask.

"Well Judy is going to be gone for the weekend and she's asked me to baby-sit for you." she laughs.

"Oh my God!" I think. This is what she was talking about.

Just then Judy chimes in, "I don't think he'll give you any trouble Karen. He has been wetting his diapers quite a bit lately and has gotten use to it. He also filled his diapers, but I think he still needs a little encouragement in this area."

"Oh don't worry about a thing Judy. When you get back, you won't even know him." I'm beginning to feel like a little child who is separated from his mother for the first time. I feel like crying, "Don't leave me Mommy.

Please!" But I know better than that. I just am overwhelmed by everything that is happening here. Judy comes over and gives me a kiss.

"Now you be a good boy for Karen, and don't give her any trouble. She is not as gentle as Mommy so I suggest you behave. I'll see you when I get back."

"But where are you going?" I ask.

"Well that is really no concern of yours, now is it? You know us mothers need a little time to ourselves." Too much is happening to quickly; I all of a sudden I feel like I'm lost. My wife has put me through some of the most humiliating days of my existence, and now she is leaving me at a friend's house totally exposed, and she won't even tell me where she is going.

Karen has me lie down on a cot of some kind, and the next thing I know I am strapped down to it. I am left to lie there while Karen and Judy go on talking. They leave the room, the wall slides back and I have strange thoughts racing through my mind. I begin to wonder if anyone will ever see me again! After what seems like hours, though I have no way of knowing what time it is the wall opens and in comes Karen. She has changed and is in a wool skirt and cotton blouse. She looks like a very stern mother type.

The first thing she does is pull down my white shorts.

"Now we don't need these anymore do we?" As the shorts come off my legs, I feel very vulnerable in just my diapers and panties.

"Oh how cute. Judy did find some nice panties for you." She then slips her hand down the front of my rubber panties, and comments, "My, my! You're still dry. This will never do. You must remember something my little man. You are wearing those diapers for a purpose. That means that they should be nice and wet. You will learn this before you leave here." Next she's over by what looks like a sink. I see her filling a large type of bottle. When she returns, she swings over a metal rack of some sort. She hooks the bag up to this. Into the bag she attaches a tube.

The tube is placed into my mouth with some sort of a device that makes it very difficult to spit out. The whole thing is strapped around the back of my head so it won't fall out.

She releases the clamp and water begins to flow into my mouth. It isn't coming in that fast, but I notice that it has a strange taste. Well needless to say that with my mouth gagged this way I won't be asking what I'm drinking.

"There, there that's much better. Now you won't have to worry about being thirsty. By the way the next time I come in here, your diapers better be soaked or do you know what's going to happen to you? Well I hope you don't find out." She again left the room.

Suddenly in what couldn't have even been 5 minutes, the wall opens and again there she is.

"Time to check your pants young man. Diapers!" she corrects herself and laughs, "Why, you don't wear pants do you? No, pants are for big boys.

Little sissies who wet themselves wear diapers. Now let me check you." Horror is running through my mind, I didn't wet my diapers. Oh no what's going to happen? I try with all my might, but I can't let go. I can't pee. I feel the ominous hand plunging into my panties once again.

"Well, well, so you're going to be a tough guy are you? You're going to try and be a big boy and not wet your diapers. You're being very silly Markey. And for being silly, you are going to be punished.

I wish I could talk. I'd tell her that I'm trying. I think she wouldn't buy it any way. I feel my restraints being loosened. She ties my feet together before releasing my hands.

"Markey I'm going to only tell you once. If you even make the slightest attempt at freeing yourself, you are going to wish you were dead! Do you understand?" I nod my head yes. She releases my hands and has me sit up on the cot.

She takes a piece of leather and attaches my two hands in front of me.

"There that should do it. Stand up!" I stand up and she slowly lowers my yellow rubber pants to my knees.

She rubs my rear end through the diaper. She unpins the diapers and pulls them from my crotch. She delights that I have no hair anywhere.

"Nice and clean." she says as she rubs the smooth skin above my penis.

This of course gets an immediate reaction from my penis, which goes unnoticed.

She tells me to get across her lap. I do but it's quite a struggle with the gag and tube and all. When I'm finally situated to her liking she begins her speech.

"Diaper boy, you wear diapers like a little baby. Little babies, who wear diapers, wet their diapers. Your diapers were dry when I checked you two times. This is not acceptable. If I find dry diapers on your second pants-check, you get punished. You are now going to be punished for not following MY rules." The next thing I know my ass is on fire, and I hear the slap. She is spanking me with her hand, but it feels like she's hitting me with a stick. Over and over, I'm crying uncontrollably.

All of the sudden, I feel myself wetting.

"OH MY GOD!" I think. Tell me I'm doing this now. Why couldn't it have happened earlier? "YOU DIRTY BABY! Just what do you think you're doing? Get off of me!" I try to jump up as quickly as I can. As I'm standing there, the pee is continuing to flow from me. I'm making a big mess on her floor.

"Look at what you did to me. My skirt is soaking wet! You are going to pay for this young man. You are going to pay dearly!" I'm quickly thrown back on the cot, though this time she doesn't tie me to the cot, although with my hands and feet tied together, I'm not going to be going anywhere in a hurry. She efficiently diapers me without so much as a word. I'm getting that feeling like when I was a little kid.

You know when you did something to your mother, and she doesn't say a word, she just gives you that look. I try to avoid looking directly at her, like that's going to make things better or something.

She leaves the room. I'm lying there, and I'm beginning to wonder what's going to happen to me. I begin to feel the urge to pee again; I think, "Gee, I just peed a little while ago." This time I just relax and let it flow. I feel it soaking my diapers. The double diapers have no trouble containing it all though. I actually feel relieved that I'd wet my diapers. It starts to dawn on me; Karen is making me become incontinent out of fear. I mull it over in my mind, but I try not to think about it. It conflicts with my male ego too much.

My mind then turns to other thoughts; I wonder what Karen is going to do to me. Man, I can't believe I pissed on her. Once again the door/wall slides open, and in walks Karen. This time she is dressed a little more appropriately. Over her clothes she is wearing a rubber apron.

"As you can see pissy boy, I'm dressed for you now. Let's check your diapers." The hand goes plunging into the panties, and a small smile cracks her face.

"Ah, what happened? Hmm?" Of course I can't answer her.

She takes the liberty of answering her own questions, "My, my, we certainly wet the diapers haven't we? Tell me Markey, how does it feel to be a grown man, and pissing in diapers?" I can feel my face flushing with embarrassment.

"A big boy wetting his diapers in front of his wife's best friend." I'm feeling very humiliated, and she knows it.

She rolls me over on one side, and begins to pat my diapered behind.

"Judy told me you like to have your little bottom patted." The humiliation is getting very intense. I feel like I could cry. The patting doesn't seem to help; the wet diaper on my bottom is not very enjoyable.

"Well mister pissy pants, you WANTED this. REMEMBER?" My mind remembers all to well. In one quick tug she again has my plastic panties down as low as they will go with my legs tied. I'm pushed on my back again. Off come the diapers, which she lays on my plastic covered pillow next to my head. She tells me to roll over on my stomach. This is not too comfortable either. My wet skin does not slide to well on the plastic covered mattress. Next she tells me to lift my head up. I try to do the best I can given my situation. She lays the wet diapers over the pillow. Having my feet tied, and my hands, I can tell that it won't be very long till my neck muscles get tired and my face is in that wet diaper. It doesn't matter if I turn my head or not.

Karen senses my discomfort, "Well diaper boy, I told you would be sorry for wetting on me. You are going to punish yourself. You are going to lay in your own pee." With that I hear and feel a crack to my ass. Being startled, my head goes down on the wet diapers.

"Come on Stinky, get that head up." I try to get my head up, and just as I do another 'Crack', and on it goes, until I don't even try. The humiliation is incredible. Karen finally tires of the game, and rolls me over. She quickly pins on two more diapers and up come the plastic panties. She again rolls me over onto the wet diapers.

"Now I hope this will teach you to disobey me. Why don't you try and get some rest, you're going to need it. Now remember, I will be coming in periodically to check your diapers, and they better be nice and wet." The diaper checking continued on for what seemed like hours. I managed to be wet within the allotted two-time check. The curse of this though was that each time I was changed, the diapers that were taken off were put up by my head. My ass was also getting very sore from the spankings. After what seemed like eternity Karen changed the rules a little.

"Well it seems that you finally learned what your diapers are for diaper boy. I am now going to finish your punishment for wetting my skirt earlier this day. Do you know how disgusting that was? You have only had a taste of disgusting. Did you like lying in your own pee Stinky? I'm going to get everything ready for you now my smelly little boy." I could hear her over near the water again. I was starting to become exhausted. My mind was overwhelmed. What else could she possibly do to me? She came over to the cot and began to explain what was in store for me, much to my horror.

"I'm going to get the baby ready for bed," she said as she stripped off my smelly diapers.

"I'm going to untie your feet and I want you to roll on your stomach." I did as I was told, "My, my your poor behind, it's so red." As she said this she rubbed her hand on my ass. Man, did it hurt? I only really noticed it now. It must have been the air hitting it.

"I hope you don't get diaper rash." she laughed.

"But I just think you might be." Again more laughter.

The next thing I felt was something being pushed up my rectum.

"Now just relax diaper boy. I'm giving you your special treat. Just like you gave me a special treat earlier today. It's just a little fleet enema. Surely that won't bother a big boy like you?" Slowly she inserted the enema into me and released its contents.

"Now roll over and let's get you ready for bed." Out came the diapers, this time three! "We don't want any mess in the bed now do we?" Next came a fresh pair of yellow plastic panties. These were real stiff, and made a lot of noise. She seemed to like that.

"I can't wait to see how these look in the morning." she said.

They were a little tough going on over the three diapers. I could really feel the bulk of the diapers with the pants holding them snugly to me.

"Nice and tight. Good! That should keep everything where it's supposed to be." She then placed a smock kind of thing over my head.

"Roll over smelly boy." I did as I was told. I could feel her tying my feet to the cot again.

The spreading of my legs reminded me of the enema, in my behind. She untied my hands and finished pulling the smock down over me.

"It will be easier to see what's going on down here." she explained while patting my sore bottom.

She removed the wet diapers from the pillow.

"I don't want these to distract you from all the other lovely smells that will soon be permeating your little room."

"Thank goodness!" I thought. At least I don't have to smell pee anymore.

She tied my arms to each side of the cot.

"Nice and comfy?" Judy asked me.

"You really got off on wearing your diapers Markey. She said you just love to masturbate in them." She came over and released the tube from my mouth. That felt good, my mouth was starting to get sore.

"Now you may answer my questions smelly boy, but if you make one comment, you'll have that back in your mouth for the whole night. Is that Understood?"

"Yes." I said.

"Good boy. Now tell me don't you just love to masturbate in your diapers?"

"Yes I do."

"Good stinky, because we are going to play a little game. If you can cum in your diapers before 5 minutes, I'll release you and let you use the potty like a big boy."

"Wow!" I thought, that would be great! Finally cumming, and not having to endure the ultimate humiliation. Gee, maybe Karen has a heart after all.

"However baby, if you don't cum in 5 minutes, I'll have to do the job, but baby will have to sleep in stinky diapers. Are you up for this little game Stinky?" Like I actually had some kind of real choice.

"Yes ma'am." I replied.

"Good then let's get started. When I start the timer you begin and do your best now. Try and be a big boy."

"Ma'am I have a question."

"What is it Stinky?"

"How am I going to masturbate myself all tied up like this?"

"Well, looking at your predicament, the only suggestion I could offer is to try and rub your little thing against your diapers and the bed. Now get, ready, GO!" I tried with all my might. I had a couple of things against me. The restraints on the bed afforded little movement, and the little movement I did have was not getting me anywhere. I simply could not develop any friction on my penis. The plastic panties were so tight that the diapers would not move, and the panties just slid against the plastic sheet. Karen was obviously enjoying my predicament.

"Oh come on Sissy, try harder. Move that diapered ass. Come on." As much as I tried, the only thing I managed to do in four minutes was develop a hard on. Buzzzz "Ah, poor Stinky. Couldn't cum in your diapers like a big boy, could you? Too bad." I was feeling terribly humiliated. I also felt like a fool for getting my hopes up. Obviously Karen was very experienced with this kind of thing. I should have known better. I felt very defeated, and Karen sensed it.

"There, there, let Aunt Karen help you out there." She lay down almost on top of me and struggled to get her hand into my diapers. I had to admit, considering everything that happened to me today; this did not feel too bad. She began to stroke my penis while whispering humiliating comments into my ear.

"Who is going to mess in his diapers? Hmm?"

"Me ma'am." I would respond. I was beginning to become quite aroused, but I also noticed that the enema was beginning to do its trick. It also didn't help matters having Karen pressing down on my back.

"Now remember little boy. If I hear or feel you messing your diapers, my hand is coming right out, and you won't get to cum. So try and be a big boy and hold it." It definitely was starting to become quite a struggle. I could feel intense pressure on my bowels. Karen's hand on my penis felt so wonderful. I was caught in the ultimate pain and pleasure game. Karen kept stroking, and the more involved I became in looking forward to a mind-bending climax, the more I noticed, I was starting to loose control of my bowels.

When I was nearly right on the urge of cumming, a loud escape of gas came from my behind. Almost instantly Karen's hand came out of my diapers. The frustration of not being able to cum and realizing that I would not caused me to loose all control. Slowly I felt myself filling my diapers. I'd actually started to cry.

"Oh shame, shame, Stinky! I almost thought for a moment that you were going to be a big boy. No look at you, a chance to have an orgasm and what do you do. Fill your diapers like a little baby. I guess you like stinky diapers better than cumming, huh?" All I could do was lay there sniffling.

"You have a good night little boy," she said kissing my head.

"Try to get a rest and be good and maybe will play some more games tomorrow.

I'd bet you'd like that wouldn't you?" I felt her hand patting my loaded bottom.

"I hope you don't get diaper rash sweetie," she said as she left the room.

Chapter 8 I lay there feeling like the biggest fool in the world. I was very aware of the load in the back of my diapers. The tight plastic panties kept it right up against my bottom. I also noticed that my bottom was getting extremely tender. Despite it all it I was feeling very sleepy it had been quite a day.

I awoke startled; my diaper was soaked. Man, I can't believe it. I wet while I was sleeping. Not knowing what time it was and still feeling tired, I drifted back to sleep.

Suddenly the opening of the wall woke me from sleep.

"P U! Does it stink in here? It smells just like a nursery."

"Oh no!" I thought to my self, another day of this. I don't know if I can take this.

"My, my, you are a mess. Let's get you cleaned up." I felt her untying my hands and feet.

"Okay, now mister Stinky, let's stand up and we'll get you into the tub. Wouldn't that be nice?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Good now stand up." As I started to stand up, I noticed my legs had become very weak and I landed back down on the cot with quite a splash.

"Oh my! We are acting like quite the toddler aren't we? Here let me help you." I felt Karen steadying me as I stood up this time. I was now acutely aware of my sore behind. I could still feel the load in the back of my diapers. As I started to walk I noticed that it was making me walk funny.

"Oh, isn't that cute?" Karen let go of me, and I was much steadier now.

"Walk for me, I think that's just adorable. I love the way you walk with stinky diapers on." she laughed.

I finally made it across the room and into the bathroom. Karen had the tub filled with water. As I was standing there I made a drastic mistake. Instinctively I went to pull down my plastic panties. I guess looking at the tub filled with water was to inviting.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING?" rang through my head.

"You don't EVER touch your diapers! Now sit down on the toilet." The lid was up, and the seat was down. Man this was the weirdest feeling in the world; sitting on a toilet with diapers on. The pressure was causing the messy diapers to push even tighter on my ass.

"You just sit there till I come back for you." What a punishment. I could have gotten up when she left but for some strange reason I just sat there. I was starting to believe that this woman was breaking me. After what seemed like hours, she came back in.

"Well have you learned your lesson stinky?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Now tell me what must you NEVER do?"

"Touch my diapers or pants." I replied.

"Panties!" she corrected, "You wear plastic panties Baby!"

"Panties?" I replied.

"You see little Markey, when you're bad, I'm going to make you punish yourself. It's much more effective that way, don't you think?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"That's a good little boy. Now stand up and let me get you undressed." Off came the smock and the panties as she called them.

"My just look at those diapers, even with three, you can see the big stain in the back and look at the yellow in the front. You're really quite the baby." She unpinned the diapers, and as soon as the air hit me, I almost start crying.

"Ah poor baby," she taunted.

"Look in the mirror. Look at what you did to your poor bottom. Did you deserve the punishment you gave to yourself Markey?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Now you get in that tub and soak that poor little bottom." She placed the dirty diapers in a plastic bag and left the bathroom.

The water stung at first when I sat down, but after a while it felt real good.

About a half an hour later I heard the bathroom door open, "Come on Stinky, we can't have you in here all day." She reached for a big towel and told me to get up. She wrapped the towel around me and told me to get back to my room and, "Lay down on your bed." I did as I was told.

"This will make your little bottom feel much better." She applied some kind of ointment to my behind and tenderly rubbed it in.

"I hope you will try and do a little better today. I would hate to make you punish yourself again this way."

"I'll try hard Ma'am." Again out come the diapers. This time there is only one diaper though, and no plastic panties.

"I'm going to leave your panties off of you for now. But today, before you do anything, I want you to tell me so I can change you quickly. I don't want that diaper rash to get any worse.

But believe me if you give me any trouble, I'll pack you back in heavy diapers and panties, and when you leave here you'll have to explain to some doctor how you got diaper rash. Now you wouldn't want me to do that would you?"

"No Ma'am." It actually felt kind of funny to have only one diaper on and no panties. I almost felt naked.

"Now drink this," she said handing me some apple juice in a trainer cup, "That's a good boy." As I was drinking the juice she placed a large bowl of some kind of cereal in front of me.

"Now do your best and eat it all up." Karen didn't have to prod me on this one; I was starving. I quickly ate all that was in the bowl.

"My, you sure are hungry. Would you like some more?" she smiled.

"Yes Ma'am." She produced another bowl, although it didn't taste very good, it was satisfying my hunger.

After finishing my cereal, Karen told me to get up and to come with her.

I was actually getting kind of use to the small room. At least in there I knew nobody would see me in my present condition.

"Come on," she said, "Bob is out of town this weekend. But if you want to spend the day in your little room, that could be arranged." Well even though it would have been all right with me, I knew that this wasn't the correct response.

I quickly followed her out into the family room. She told me to sit on the floor, because I wasn't wearing any panties. She also reminded me to make sure and tell her before I wet. She went upstairs and I was left to watch Children's shows on TV. It wasn't more than about twenty minutes when I got the first feelings that I needed to pee. I thought about it for a minute or two, and decided that I best call her. I didn't want to go through another day like yesterday. I mustered up my courage and started in a quiet voice, "Karen? Karen?"

"Speak up baby. Are you talking to me?"

"I a have to a wet...." I stammered.

I heard her come down the steps.

"Ah what's the matter?" I thought to myself, "How many times is she going to make me say this?".

"I have to go to the bathroom." She started laughing, "What do you want to go to the bathroom for?"

"I have to wet."

"Ah, you have to wet. Isn't that sweet? You sound just like a baby.

Well we know that you're not potty trained, and since you're wearing diapers, I don't see any reason for you to want to go into the bathroom.

Now get up and go get those newspapers there and spread them on the floor. Good boy. Now stand on them, I don't want my rug to get wet in case your little diaper doesn't hold it all sweetie." I stood on the newspapers, feeling very foolish. Karen was standing right in front of me waiting for me to pee. I didn't want to push my luck, so I concentrated on peeing as best as I could. Soon enough, I saw a smile begin to spread across her face as my pee spread across my diaper.

"That's a good boy. Now don't you feel better?"

"Yes." I stammered. Man, was this humiliating, having to pee in your diapers in front of a woman. Karen knew this all too well and was having a good time with me.

"How does it feel to have to wear a diaper and pee in front of me? You look so cute with your little diapers sagging that way. Now since you were a good boy and did what you were told, I'll change your pissy diapers. Isn't that nice of me?"

"Yes Ma'am." Karen took me into the nursery and quickly had me changed into a clean diaper, and back out into the family room I went. This isn't too bad I thought; I could handle this. It beats the hell out of yesterday. The rest of the morning continued this way, Karen made sure I got plenty of liquids, and I had several more diaper changes before lunch.

Lunch was the same as breakfast, more of that cereal, or so I thought, actually it was a fibre laxative mixed with cereal. After lunch, I was again sitting in front of the TV when I thought I heard voices talking upstairs. I began to get a little panicky. The more carefully I listened, the more I began to realize that Karen was talking to another woman upstairs! My mind began doing the two-minute panic drill. Man, what if I have to wet again? I wonder if I'm supposed to call her? Maybe she wouldn't want me to call her? Maybe the woman upstairs doesn't know about Karen's lifestyle? All these questions what am I supposed to do? Well despite all the questions no answers were coming. I tried to calm down.

I felt like running, but I knew that was out of the question. I didn't even know where my clothes were! As I sat there pondering everything, I noticed another problem beginning to take shape. My stomach was feeling very full and I was noticing an increasing pressure on my bowels. I also noticed that my bladder was filling as well. I tried not to think about it, but I knew I was going to have to deal with this soon. I kept hoping that the woman upstairs would just leave. As I was straining to hear upstairs, I suddenly heard quite clearly, "Come on Debbie let's watch the movie you brought over."

"Ah shit!" I thought. There's no way I'm going to hold out for two hours! Several more minutes passed, and I was beginning to feel cramps. I made up my mind. I was just going to do it, and wait to see what happens.

It seemed like a no-win situation. (Of course it was all devised by Karen!) I stood up and almost immediately began to fill my diapers. I couldn't believe how much was coming out of me. Man, for having an enema last night, I'm so full.

I decided I would stand up so I wouldn't have to sit in the mess and squish it all over my bottom. I also stepped on to the newspapers, because I now had to wet very badly. As I let go I felt the warm pee fill my diapers and begin to drip down on to the newspapers. Man I'm going to be in quite a bit of trouble I thought. Karen is going to know something's up. It's been to long since I called her to change me. I figured there was nothing I could do now except wait.

CHAPTER 10 As I stood there, I cursed my damn fetish. Gee I wish I never got Judy involved in this stuff. She never does anything halfway; it's always full tilt. Me and my big mouth! Judy was always having the last laugh wherever she was. Here I was having my dream fantasy. Yea more like a nightmare.

I was snapped back to reality by the smell in the room. It was beginning to become real bad. It was then I heard the visiting woman's voice as it passed next to the stairs.

"Karen, I think you have a problem in your basement. Something smells real bad at the top of the steps." I could hear Karen begin to walk out to where her friend was, "Could you run down and see?" said Karen.

"Oh no!" I thought. How could she do this to me? I don't even know this woman. There was nowhere to hide. I just froze like a statue, and gazed at the stairs waiting for the inevitable. Slowly a very shapely pair of legs began to come down the steps. I wished I could of made myself melt.

"It's definitely something down here." she said.

I began to tremble as I stood leaking on the newspapers. I tried to keep my eyes glued to the floor but the woman called Debbie was coming into full view now. I thought to myself, "Why does every woman I'm exposed to now have to be so damn beautiful?" She stood there just looking at me for what must have been a second, but it felt like a year.

She broke into a very large smile. From upstairs Karen spoke, "Did you find it?"

"Oh yes," she said.

"I sure did." she said this as she walked toward me.

"I think you better get down here Karen. I think somebody has quite a mess."

"That better be the sewer backed up, and not Markey; if he knows what's good for him." I began to get real nervous now. I knew I was in deep trouble again.

Debbie walked slowly around me stopping when she was behind me. I could tell she was starring at the back of my sagging diapers.

"Tch, tch, tch", was all she said. I could feel her beautiful eyes burning right through me as Karen slowly came down the stairs.

"I don't know what I'm going to do with you Markey! I gave you one simple rule to follow today. Do you remember what that rule was Markey? Hmm?" As she said this she lifted my chin with her long fingers. All this time Debbie was standing behind me, "I asked you a question Markey." Then from out of know where I felt a swat right on the seat of my loaded diaper, I couldn't believe this. Debbie was smacking my ass. I quickly came to attention. My humiliation was beyond belief.

"Uh yes, Ma'am. You told me to call you if I had to go."

"Diaper boy! Please speak up, I for one barely heard you and I'm sure all that Debbie heard was some mumbling." CRACK, another swat landed on my loaded bottom, I could feel the mess now spreading down towards my balls and all the way up my back.

"I was supposed to tell you when I have to go to the bathroom." I said in a louder voice.

"My goodness," said Karen to Debbie, "Can you imagine this sissy wanting to use a bathroom?" They both laughed for what seemed like an eternity.

"No sissy diaper boy, I TOLD YOU TO CALL ME WHEN YOU HAD TO WET AND MESS!" she screamed.

I played it over in my head, but the only thing I could remember was calling her when I had to wet. I thought about this for a minute, and finally came to reality, like I was going to argue or something.

Karen looked me right in the eye, "I told you last night that if you couldn't behave I was going to make you punish yourself didn't I?" I quickly responded, "Yes Ma'am."

"I'm glad you remember something sissy." With that Karen and Debbie walked over to the other side of the room, and began talking. I could hear certain things like diapers, changing him, punishment and then a lot of laughter.

"Well stinky boy, I'm sure glad that Debbie dropped by today, she has come up with a marvellous punishment for a little diaper boy like you.

Tell him what's in store for him Debbie." Debbie walked over to me and placed one hand right on the bottom of my dirty diaper. She slowly started to pat the mess, "Karen tells me that you like to be masturbated when you have stinky diapers."

"Yes Ma'am." I stammered.

"Good, then I have the perfect treat for you." As she was saying this she was continuing to rub the mess in my diapers while starting at the wet front of my diapers.

"I see that little stinky diapers is getting aroused." She said this as she looked at the front of my diapers. There was no denying that. My erection was definitely begging to bulge. Debbie grabbed me by my erection and started leading me into the little room.

Karen had already opened the wall. I wondered for a moment, that with all the stink and wetness how these two ladies couldn't get grossed out, it just didn't seem to faze them.

"Get in there you stinky boy." Debbie ordered.

"Now just stand still." Karen and Debbie got on either side of me and slowly undid the pins holding my diapers up. When the got them undone. Debbie slowly lowered the diaper, so that all of the mess was contained within it. As soon as she had it down, she turned it around. Now the back was to the front, and the front was to the back. She lifted it up again and with Karen's assistance they began to pull the diaper back up my legs. I couldn't believe it. They're going to put that mess against my penis! "Hold still." shouted Karen.

I stood there as I felt the warm mess spread against my penis and the cold pee cover my backside. They pinned the diaper especially tight.

"There we go nice and tight." said Debbie.

"You're really pretty lucky diaper boy," chimed in Karen.

"All messy and you got your diapers changed." They both started laughing.

"Now let's come out into the family room stinky." said Debbie.

I walked out as best I could. It didn't seem to matter if I waddled or walked straight. The feeling was too much for words. The girls sat down on the couch in front of me while I stood.

"Quite a bulge he's got there." said Debbie.

"I wonder if it's for real or just a bunch of shit." laughed Karen.

"Well stinky, here's your punishment. If you want to get those shitty pissy diapers off your bottom and front you're going to have to do something. If you want to get those dirty diapers changed, you're going to have to lie down on the little rubber mat and masturbate to climax." said Debbie.

My face must have gone three shades of red.

"But just think stinky, not like last night when your hands were tied.

Today you have freedom to move. But don't let me catch those hands in your diapers." Karen stated.

"Yea right," I thought.

"The last place I want to put my hand now is in a load of shit."

"Now don't worry little diaper boy, just take your time. We've got all day. But remember, how foolish you look with a load in the front of your diapers." I stood there for a minute or two while the girls occasionally poked the front of my diapers with their feet. I better do it. It would be better than having to stand here all day with them poking me and making comments. I fidgeted a bit and then made a move to get down on the mat.

"Oh no," said Debbie.

"Tell us what you want to do."

"I want to masturbate so I get my diapers changed." I stuttered.

"Just wait a minute." Karen said.

"First I want you to ask permission like a good boy."

"May I please masturbate to get my diapers changed?" I asked with real sincerity.

"Why sure you can little diaper boy, but there is one thing I forgot to tell you about." With that Karen got up and headed for the nursery behind the wall. When she came out, I almost shit my pants again. Out comes Karen carrying that stupid timer. Karen sat down and holding the timer out for me began to explain.

"Now I'm sure you haven't forgotten how we played this game last night.

Only today it will be a little different. You will get to lie down on the mat and masturbate to orgasm in three minutes, but it you don't, you have to punish yourself again."

"Punish my self again?" I thought. What the hell is she talking about? "If you don't cum in the three minutes, I won't help you this time. But before you get to try again, you'll have to wait till you wet your diaper again. If you don't succeed the first time, you will have to call us both to announce that you have to wet so we can both witness your babyish act." This is getting crazier by the minute I thought. Where in the hell do they think up these things? I'm begging my penis in my mind to not let me down, so I don't have to go through an afternoon of this.

"Are you ready snookums?" Debbie asks.

I slowly get down on the mat while Karen and Debbie direct me as to where my hands should be. I hear Karen setting the timer, and then saying, "Okay diaper boy give us a good show." I start to masturbate slowly against the rubber mat, and despite the load in the front of my diapers, I'm making some headway. Karen and Debbie must sense this and decide that it's not going to be that easy.

They begin calling me names, and poking the rear of my diapers, saying things like,.

"Don't fill 'em up again Stinky." and, "Isn't he the most disgusting excuse for a man." and so on, and so on.

The references to MAN drive me crazy. Every time they say this my erection deflates. I know deep down that they also know me and I am again resigned to failure. RING! The timer goes off.

"Oh, poor little diaper boy! Such a face! Shame, shame. I hope that after you wet your diapers you'll do a little better." Debbie hands me a trainer cup of water.

"Drink up stinky, you don't want to be in shitty diapers all day or do you?"

"No Ma'am." I say.

They keep handing me water and I keep drinking it.

Finally I say, "Ladies, I have to a wet."

"Ah isn't that sweet?" says Debbie.

"Go and bring your newspapers over, we don't want your mat to get wet." laughs Karen.

"Do I have to?" I reply wondering where I get this sudden urge of rebellion.

"Oh you don't have to, but I guess I'd better get you another nice pair of slippery rubber panties." I quickly get the newspapers. I spread them out and stand on them.

Slowly the inevitable begins to happen. Debbie and Karen are starring intently on my bulging diapers. The pee quickly saturates the already straining diapers and runs down my legs and on to the newspapers.

The girls make me stand there till no more is dripping from the diaper.

"Are we ready to try again sissy?" asks Debbie.

"Yes Ma'am." The whole process is repeated, but no matter how much I try and can simply not cum in the three minutes allotted.

"I guess it's going to be a long, shitty, and pissy day for you Stinky." say's Karen.

"It would have been so much easier to just call me when you had to wet and mess, wouldn't it? Honestly you men want to be babies, but when you're given the chance you still want to hold on to that male ego thing. Well before we're through with you, you'll wet and mess in front of anyone, at anytime." I quickly realized that with the shit and piss in the front of my diapers, I would never come to an orgasm. The girls knew this all along, but decide to give me another option.

To be continued ...

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