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Marsha's New Baby Life unfolds....

My boyfriend Jeremy and I lived together in a nice 2 bedroom apartment in New York . It was out in the country as we had chosen to be secluded for privacy reasons. We both had full time jobs. I worked as a receptionist in an office and he worked in a law firm while finishing law school. We used the other bedroom as our office where we surfed the net. I secretly came across a few diaper sites and found that it had really excited my sexuality. I couldn't wait to buy me some diapers and try them out but had to do it when Jeremy wasn't home because I didn't know how he would feel about it. Little did I know, my life would never be the same after that day.

I, Marsha, was off of work one day while Jeremy had been at work and had school in the late evening so I knew that I would be home alone for the entire day and part of the night. I went out to the store and walked into the store just hoping that no one I knew would see me buying diapers. I mean, how was I going to explain to my friends why I was buying diapers? Then I came up with a plan of what to tell them just incase I had seen them. I would tell them that I took on a part time job caring for a lady who needed diapers and I was here buying her some because she ran out before her shipment came to the house through United Parcel Service (UPS). I walked down some aisles upon entering the store as to not make myself noticeable about buying diapers and came to the diaper aisle. I went straight to the section. Several people were down this aisle so I turned to face other items not making it aware that diapers were the reason that I was there. After the people left the aisle, I turned to scan the diapers for the best price. I came to a package that seemed to be a great deal. So I hurriedly grabbed the package and headed to the front. I could feel the blood rushing to face in embarrassment. I mean, how many people come in here to buy diapers for themselves and turn around and lie about why they were actually purchasing them? I finally made it to the front counter and the clerk just gave me a blank stare. Noticing her blank stare, I explained that I was caring for a lady that had to have these and her shipment wasn't due for a few days and had run out. With assurance on her face, she scanned the diapers. I paid for them and walked quickly out the door in pure embarrassment. I opened the trunk of my car and slipped the diapers in so that no one see them. I drove home thinking, "phew, I am glad that it was over." Then as I drove home, I could feel the diapers calling to me and my body called out to them more and more the closer I got to my home. Finally, I was home.

Knowing that my boyfriend was going to be gone all day, I took the diapers out of the trunk and headed for the door. I unlocked the door and went inside, locking the door behind me. I quickly took the big bag into my room and began moving things around in my closet to try and hide them. Finally, I had them hid so that Jeremy couldn't find them....or so I thought.

I ripped the bag of diapers open and took one out and began undressing. I could feel the babygirl inside me coming out rather quickly and how excited she was to be getting to wear a diaper. I conveniently laid the diaper out on the bed and completely stripped leaving only a t-shirt to wear with it. I climbed onto the diaper that lay on the bed and began taping it up. There, it was on. And I really had to pee badly. I had tried so hard to push it out but it wouldn't come out on it's own. So I crawled under the covers and decided to take a 2 hour nap.

It felt so good to have the diaper on and fell asleep with a smile on my face. Two hours later, I woke up to a very soaking wet diaper. I couldn't believe it, I had peed during my sleep. I laid there in my wet diaper for a very long time and fell back to sleep for another 30 minutes. By this time, my diaper is soaking wet to the point of leaking. So I untaped the diaper and took it off. Not realizing the time, I noticed it was closer to when Jeremy would be walking through the door. So I quickly got up, and disposed of the diaper before he got home.

Three days later, I was in the kitchen cooking and Jeremy was trying to find something in our closet. I had to pee very badly and had wished that I had my diaper on so that I could just go without taking a break from the cooking. Jeremy thumbed through the closet and found my bag of diapers and then he remembered the websites that I had visited during that week because I left the computer on and forgot about the site still being up. The two ideas connected and so did an idea that he had that would forever change my life. He decided that he was going to get me to the point where I wouldn't be able to hold my urine and make me pee my pants. So then he came into the kitchen and started talking to me.

I asked him if he could watch the stuff on the stove while I went to the bathroom but he told me that he was doing something in the bathroom and could I just hold on for a few more minutes. He began asking me how my day went and I told him about work that day as he ended by telling me about his day at work and class at law school. Trying to listen intently, I was also focused on the matter that I had to pee so bad that I knew any moment if I didn't use the toilet, I would pee my pants. Josh kept talking about his day in detail and two minutes later, I couldn't hold it anymore, and peed my pants right in front of him. I gasped while I looked at him in embarrassment and shame and wasn't sure what he was going to say.

He assured me that it was okay and led me to the bedroom to help me clean up and dress. Once I had my all my clothes off, he stopped and looked at me. And this is where my life changed.

"Marsha, I am going to ask you if you have bought anything unusual at the store in the past few days. And if you lie to me, I will spank you." He had never spanked me before so that really shocked me to no end. I did lie to him and told him, "No Jeremy, I haven't bought anything in the past few days. I was home a few days ago but spent all my time on the net and cleaning house." Just then, he sat on the bed without indication that he was about to bend me over his knees to spank me. He grabbed me and held me firmly in place and told me that he knew that I was lying to him because while looking for something in the closet, he found my bag of diapers." I immediately confessed and started apologizing but for Jeremy, it was too late for apologies. I was in for it deep. He spanked me hard until I cried and then laid me back onto the bed...and the Dominant side of Jeremy came out.

He went to the closet, pulled out the entire bag of diapers and said, "Oh, I see there is one diaper missing from this bunch? And where exactly is that diaper?" I knew that my face was red with embarrassment and shame at this point so I admitted to wearing one and used it but got rid of it before he came home. He took out two diapers from the bag. The first one, he cut a slit in and put it over the second diaper. He took both diapers and laid them before my nakedness. He grabbed my ankles and lifted them up and slid the diapers underneath me as if a daddy was changing my diapers. He rested my ankles back onto the bed once he had my diapers in place under me. The first diaper he brought up between my legs as I can feel the wetness and throbbing of excitedness happening down there. I am sure that he noticed as well. He taped up the first diaper and pulled the second diaper into its placed and taped that as well. He went to his tool box to grab the duct tape to make sure that the diapers were staying on for a long while until they were fully used. He came back into our room and had me stand. He stretched the duct tape and wrapped the duct tape around my body onto the diaper to hold it in place. Snap. Now the duct tape was resting firm onto the diaper that I now was placed into.

Jeremy stood back and said, "This is the first day of your new baby life. If you are going to act like a baby, then you will surely be treated as one. You will no longer call me Jeremy, you are to call me "daddy". You will not be allowed to use the potty anymore, that is what your diapers are for. You are no longer allowed to feed yourself. You will not drink from a cup, but from a bottle. You will no longer dress or bathe yourself and you will sleep in a crib. And tonight, we are going shopping." I stood there awe-stricken. I knew I had to somehow resist going out in public with diapers on but knew that I probably wouldn't win so I didn't even try. He pulled out some tight spandex pants in my drawer and pulled them up my legs and over my hips that were now covered with bulky diapers. He chose a long T-shirt enough to cover my bottom but not long enough so that people could see what I was wearing underneath.

"Time to go shopping," he said. He took my and led me to the car. He opened the back door and I climbed in, he buckled me into the backseat and told me not to move. He got in and drove to the nearest medical furniture store. We arrived and he opened the door to my side of the car from the backseat, unbuckled me and took my hand and led me in the store.

When we arrived at the store, Daddy looked around to find the cribs. Sure enough, he found them. He looked at me and told me, "You ARE going to pick out the crib you like the best and say nothing more, is that clear?" I nodded in reply. After searching down the aisles, we finally came upon a crib that lit up my eyes. I didn't know that Daddy was watching me intently. He knew that I loved the sight of the crib and told the clerk, "We will purchase this one." Then Daddy went down another aisle where the baby bottles and pacifiers were located. He picked up 4 pacifiers, 8 bottles, baby wipes, diaper cream, baby lotion, baby powder and a box of enemas. In one small section there were baby toys and he grabbed a few items of toys. Then Daddy went down another aisle where he found the hypnotic CD's for incontinence. He picked one off the shelf and headed to the cashier. When we got to the counter to pay for the stuff, the clerk was ringing up the stuff on the register. While she was doing this, Daddy decided to check my diapers in front of her by lifting up my shirt in the back and peeling away my pants that covered my diapers. The clerk just stared in disbelief. I think she knew who the crib was for at that moment and smiled. Daddy put his hand to the front of my diaper and I hadn't been wet so he relented and put my pants and shirt back in their place and continued with the transaction. Once finished and about to leave, the clerk asked, "Is she wearing a diaper?" Daddy answered, "Yes, she was a naughty girl and peed her pants." The clerk giggled as she looked at my now embarrassed expression on my face.

Daddy put the packaged box with the crib, on top of the car and strapped it down for our ride home. Daddy opened the backseat and let me back in the car, buckled me in and shut the door. Feeling the excitement of all this, I really needed to pee but didn't want to use the diaper. So I held it as long as I could until half way home and couldn't hold it anymore. I suddenly felt a gush of warm pee covering the lining of the diaper inside and how wet it felt but at the same time, it felt wonderful. When we arrived safely at home, Daddy opened the door, and unbuckled me from the backseat, and took me in the house. He laid a blanket on the floor and put in a Disney movie for me to watch. He then went out to the car and unloaded the crib, and bag that held my pacifiers, bottles, toys enemas, and CD's that Daddy intended to use to make me incontinent.

As I sat on the floor watching Daddy carry the crib box into our room, he shut the door and left me there for the duration of the entire movie assembling the crib and putting everything into place for my first night sleeping in my new crib. When Daddy was finished, he opened the door to our room and came out and took me into change my diapers. This time, he took out 2 more diapers and laid them out while he unfastened my now soaking diaper. He reached into the bag and pulled out the box of enemas, baby powder, baby lotion, diaper cream and baby wipes. He opened the baby wipes and proceeded to clean me up from my wet diaper. He slid the 2 clean diapers underneath me and began putting diaper cream and baby powder on me. Then he took baby powder and massaged my whole body in it so that I would smell like a baby. He turned me onto my side and opened the box of enemas. Carefully, he slid two enemas in my butt. Then he rolled me back over and began taping up the diapers for the night. He took out a pair of my long underwear from the drawer that I wore in the winter to keep warm. I had a 3 pairs of long underwear that were one pieces. So he began dressing me in it as my bulky diapers tried to find their fitted place into my long underwear. He stood me up, and walked me into the living room and sat me on the couch. He then went in to make me 3 bottles of milk before I was to go to bed. It was 8p.m. Daddy returned with all 3 bottles full of milk. Daddy sat on the couch and took me in his arms and put the bottle to my mouth where I gladly accepted the nipple and began sucking. Daddy said, "That's a good baby girl. She needs her milk before she goes to bed. And her diapers are on and she is all ready for beddie-bye." I continued to suck the first bottle and within minutes, had finished. After 15 minutes, all 3 bottles of milk were completely sucked out of all the bottles. Daddy sat me up and began burping me and I let out one big burp. He got up and took my hand and led me to our room where my crib awaited me.

Daddy let the side of the crib down and told me to climb in. I climbed into the crib with my new baby look of diapers and long underwear as Daddy reached into the bag and took out a pacifier. As I lay in the crib, Daddy put the pacifier into my mouth and covered me up and put the rail back up so that I wouldn't get out. He went over to the dresser where his radio and CD player were sitting and began opening the package for the Hypnosis CD's. He put the first CD into the player, and left the room.

I listened to the whole CD and soon fell asleep.

The next morning, I awoke to a fully loaded and wet diaper. I couldn't believe that I had pooped my diaper in my sleep. I looked over and Daddy was still sleep so I tried to go back to sleep but the wet and squishy feeling I had in my diaper, wouldn't allow me to so I started to whimper. Daddy aroused from his sleep and walked over to my crib where he could smell the aroma of my new babylife starting to take it's form. He leaned in and said, "It's still early babygirl, you let Daddy sleep just awhile longer and I will get up and change your diapers, ok?" With that, I began to cry. I didn't want to be in my wet and dirty diaper but knew that I didn't have a choice. So, I laid there in my tears and finally fell back to sleep. Daddy woke me up and I found him dressed. He smelled like he had been outside. He helped me climb out of the crib and laid me down on our bed (now his bed) to change my diapers. He took out 1 diaper from the closet and laid it on the bed next to me. He peeled the diaper off of me to find quite a surprise mess inside. I could see Daddy smiling to the sight of that as he knew that his plan was already working. Just then, he announced that I would not be returning to work. I was to call into my job and tell them that I am quitting because now that I am a baby, babies don't work. Daddy continued to clean me up but didn't put the diaper on me right away. He stood me up and led me to the bathroom where a tub of warm water and tub toys were waiting for my play. Daddy helped me into the tub and began washing every part of me. I played with my tub toys while Daddy washed me over and over again to make sure that I was nice and clean. Then Daddy washed and rinsed my hair and took a towel from the shelf and lifted me up out of the tub. He wrapped the towel around me and began wiping and drying me off.

After I was dried off, Daddy took my hand and led me back to the bedroom and laid me back onto the bed to be put back into my diaper. He grabbed my ankles and lifted them to slide the diaper underneath me. He took the diaper cream, and baby lotion and baby powder and began massaging my body again to make me smell like a brand new baby. It worked. I smelled good. Daddy put the pacifier back into my mouth while he assembled my diaper in its place and pulled out another long underwear piece from my drawer that had footies on attached. He dressed me for the day and stood me up and led me out to the kitchen to the high chair that awaited me for feeding. I was right, Daddy did go outside. He went back to that store while I slept and purchased a high chair and a few bibs, and playpen for my use. While he was out, he also went to the grocery store and purchased a whole cupboard FULL of babyfood, cereal and juices for me. He set me in the high-chair and put my bib on me as he made my breakfast which was consumed of baby food and cereal mixed with fruit. He fed me from my high chair one spoonful at a time and when I was finished eating, he washed my face and hands and removed the bib for later cleaning. There was food spilled onto the bib that had dribbled out of my mouth while Daddy was feeding me. I think he did this intentionally. Then he removed the tray from the high-chair and helped me down and led me to the couch to sit and wait for him. He went back into the kitchen and prepared 2 more bottles for me to nurse from. He brought them in and sat on the couch and took me into his arms to nurse from the bottles while he stroked my hair. Daddy said, "What a good baby girl I have. She used her diapers and was fed well and now she is nursing before she goes to play in her play pen." Just then, the doorbell rang. I panicked. I didn't want anyone to see me in my diapers and outfit. Daddy lifted me from his lap to answer the door. It was the clerk from the store. When Daddy went back to the store, he mentioned that he needed to have someone here to babysit me while he went to work and she volunteered to sit for me.

I looked at Daddy with embarrassment and he explained to me that he had to go to work but that Cindy would be my babysitter today. I was to give her no trouble or I would be getting a spanking from him when he returned home later that day. Daddy grabbed his coat and lunch and books for college, came over and kissed me on my forehead and explained to Cindy that I hadn't quite finished up the first bottle and would she finish feeding me? She replied and assured him that I would finish my bottlefeeding. Then Daddy left for the day.

Cindy gently came over to the couch and sat down and laid me across her lap but instead of giving me the bottle, she took out her breast. I began suckling her breast like an infant and didn't know that she was lactating from having her own child. I began receiving Cindy's milk and breastfed rather well. She smiled and called me her babygirl. She patted my diapered bottom and treated me just as a mommy would treat her babygirl with such gentleness and caring. She kissed me on my forehead and sat me up and laid me across her lap in the other direction ready to take her other breast. I began suckling the other breast and within 15 minutes, I was asleep from breastfeeding. She held me very tight to her chest while I slept and rocked me. I felt that I was in the right place in my life, finally. A babygirl. Maybe that website served me a good purpose because I finally had my dream fulfilled.

End of part one.

PART TWO - Marsha's New Baby Life unfolds....

After 30 minutes of sleeping in Cindy's arms, she woke me up and took me to my crib. She put the rail down and helped me climb in and put the rail back up. She covered me up and left the room for me to nap. I was also required to nap every day for 1 hour and 30 minutes. After my nap, I woke up soaking wet in my diapers again and began whimpering. Cindy heard this and came in and got me out of my crib, and laid me onto the bed to begin changing my diaper. As she removed the diaper, my baby parts were exposed. She took the baby wipes and began wiping me off clean. She grabbed another diaper from the closet, unfolded it, lifted my legs and slipped the diaper underneath me. She powdered, lotioned and put diaper cream on me before taping the diaper in it's place. After she put my "jammies" back on, she led me to the playpen out in the living room that Daddy had bought for me to play in. I had my new toys in there waiting for me to play with. She helped me climb into the playpen and put the handle up so I couldn't sneak out. I sat and played with my toys until Daddy got home. Finally, Daddy came through the door but carrying 3 big bags of diapers for me along with his books from college. Cindy gathered her things and pulled him to the side and explained that she had breastfed me that afternoon and I took it very well. He smiled and said, "Good, from now on while you are here, just breastfeed her." She agreed. Daddy paid her for her services and she was on her way. I stared at Daddy as I could feel myself wetting my diaper again.

But now I had to poop. I pushed really hard to let out my poopie. And as I pushed really hard, I grunted to push it out. Daddy knew what I was doing and didn't even have to ask. His babygirl was finally using her diapers for their intended use. Finally I was done pooping and Daddy walked into the kitchen and muffled through what sounded like dishes and some pots and pans. Daddy was making dinner....his dinner. Mine was in the cupboard already cooked in the jars. Daddy made his dinner and then made mine. Daddy prepared my high-chair for my dinner because Daddy knew that his babygirl was hungry. So he came over to the playpen and let down the rail and helped me climb out still in my poopy diaper and led me to the high chair. He sat me down more in my poopy diaper in that high-chair for feeding time. By now, I have a squishy messy diaper. Daddy noticed the smell but didn't really let me see that it was bothering him. He just ignored it and continued feeding me while he fed himself his own dinner.

When Daddy had finished feeding me, it was almost my bedtime. Daddy cleaned me up and announced that he had a special day planned for our day the next day and that I had to hurry and get my diaper changed and into the bed and get lots of rest. So with that, he led me to the bedroom, laid me down, took off my "jammies" to change my diaper. I hadn't realized that wearing diapers was actually much easier than running to the toilet all the time. No wonder babies don't wanna be potty-trained. Daddy finished cleaning, diapering, dressing and placing two enemas in my butt before bed and fed me 3 bottles of milk before bedtime. Then he put me back into my crib for my 2nd night of babyhood to listen to another hypnosis CD for incontinence.

PART THREE - Marsha's New Baby Life unfolds.......

The next day came and Daddy had it planned special for me and him. Daddy got me up, fed me breakfast and bottlefed me, dressed me for the day. I was dressed in overalls with a pink shirt that had teddy bears on it that he had purchased from the Disney store before my "babyhood." I wore pink socks and white shoes to match. And around my neck hung my pacifier latch. So that whenever I wanted to suck on my pacifier, I could just pop it into my mouth. Daddy grabbed the diaper bag with extra diapers, wipes, lotion and other stuff and led me to the car. Since I hadn't been out of the house in three days, I didn't know that Daddy had purchased a special seat for me for the car. When I got in it, it was like a car seat, but for adults like babies. Daddy got me all buckled in nice and snug so that I wouldn't fall over or get out of my seat in the car. Daddy got in and started driving.

As he was driving, I noticed he was driving in the direction of the highway. Was Daddy planning on taking me on a long trip? I found out that Daddy spent some time on the internet and found some other adult babies that I could go and play with. After 30 minutes in the car seat, I fell asleep. After I woke from my nap, I saw Daddy turning into someone's driveway. I didn't want anyone else to see me in my diapers and baby clothes that Daddy dressed me in. So I started resisting getting out of the car. Daddy told me, "Young lady, if you don't get out of that car, I am going to paddle you when we get front of everyone." Just then a lady and man came out to greet us but I still didn't want to get out of the car, I was embarrassed. The lady finally coaxed me into coming out of the car and took my hand and led me into the house. She took the diaper bag from Daddy and took me into a room where there was a changing table set up to change adult babies. When she took my diaper off, Daddy came in to get me and took my exposed bottom and baby parts to the living room where some people were waiting. They saw me walk in with Daddy and knew what was about to happen. Apparently Daddy had warned them that he was going to spank me for resisting to get out of the car and that I had to learn to be obedient to him. He sat down in a chair and took me over his knee and held me firmly in place and began spanking me. SWAT. The first swat really hurt but I didn't cry right away. Then the swats came again and again and I couldn't hold back the tears. I began sobbing and crying and pleading to Daddy.

"Daddy, please no more spankings, I will be good." With that, Daddy replied, "I am going to make sure my babygirl understands who is the boss here and that when Daddy tells you to do something, you will do it, won't you?" Sobbing profusely and between my tears, I said, "Yes Daddy." Before he finished spanking me, my bottom was completely red from the sting of his hand and the swats. The lady took me back into the room and put a fresh clean diaper on me but this time, she grabbed two of her own cloth diapers and pins and pinned them onto me. Then she grabbed some plastic pants and slipped them on over my cloth diapers. I now had a very bulky feeling of diapers and no sooner did the diapers go on and I had to wet again. So I did, releasing that warm pee into my diapers which barely soaked my diapers. She went to the closet and pulled out a very frilly yellow dress with duck prints on it and dressed me. It came with a bonnet and she tied the bonnet on my head and put the mary jane shoes she picked out and dressed me up. Then when finished, she took me out to see my Daddy. Daddy saw me and marveled at his newly dressed babygirl. He commented how cute I looked in the dress and the lady told Daddy that he could keep the dress for me. And that she had 10 more dresses to give him along with some other babygirl outfits because she wasn't taking care of adult babies anymore and wanted to get rid of them.

We stayed the entire day to visit with her and other adult babies that I played with. They were dressed in diapers too. I couldn't believe there were other adult babies like me that wore diapers too. Much to my amazement, they acted just like me. Daddy was thrilled at the thought of me having other companions to play with and didn't really want to leave. By now, it was getting dark outside and getting time to return home. Daddy started gathering our things to leave. But before we left, he led me into the room where the lady was waiting to dress me in my nighttime jammies, but not mine.

She reached into the bag that she was giving Daddy for me and took out a onesie, and 2 more cloth diapers and new plastic pants and a nice adult baby sleeper that locked at the top so I wouldn't be tempted to take off my diapers. When she zipped it up, she locked the top and handed Daddy the key. Now I knew that I couldn't take it off. Daddy was ready to leave and led me to the car fist before loading the car. He strapped me in my car seat, and finished loading the car. He thanked the couple for everything and especially the new baby clothes for us. She welcomed him back to their home at any time for a visit and Daddy reassured her that we would be back.

When we got home, Daddy had to wake me up to take me into the house because I had fallen asleep on our road trip home. Daddy took me into the house, and put the rail down on my crib, helped me to crawl in as he patted my diapered bottom and pulled the covers over me. He turned on the CD and it played while I slept. (Yes, Daddy did insert two enemas every night at bedtime.) With that, I was on my way to dreamland....

More to come...

by froggies

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