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Mary's Memorial Day Weekend

CHAPTER 1 - David's Story

The phone call came out of the blue. I was sitting home alone on a Monday night watching a movie when my friend Ron called. I say friend, I knew him casually and we had some friends in common, but I did not really know much about him or his girlfriend, Mary. I did know that Ron was the stronger of the two and kept Mary on a pretty short leash (no pun intended) but you get what I mean.

Lately, Ron had kept Mary confined to diapers. At least I could tell that Mary was wearing diapers when I saw the girls around the neighborhood, and I assumed that he kept Mary in diapers at home as well. Anyway, Ron called to say that Mary had become more and more obstreperous lately and had gone so far this past weekend to totally refuse to comply with a demand Ron had made. Ron had read "The Story of O" to Mary to give her an idea of what he expected in a woman. In the story, "O" learns that true submissiveness entails doing what her masters wishes, even if that wish is that she serve another master.

Ron had consulted with our mutual acquaintances who had suggested that I might be able to assist. Ron wanted Mary to stay with me for a weekend and for me to treat her so that she would be forever grateful for Ron's tender care and concern for her.

I protested that I did not know Mary very well and perhaps one of our other friends would be better suited for the job, and besides next weekend was Memorial Day weekend and I already had a party planned out at my summer place by the lake on Saturday night. Ron countered that I was perfect for the job because Mary did not know me well and would have no way to know what to expect, and besides, she could help me with the party. I was a little dubious about the first argument, but the second clinched it for me. I always hated the cleaning up necessary to get ready for a party and perhaps having an extra pair of hands around wouldn't be so bad. Besides, the friends I had invited were couples and I was unattached at the time, so having Mary around would kind of even things out. I agreed, and arranged to pick Mary up on Friday night after she got home from work.

I had some of the equipment I needed, and what I did not have, I was able to borrow from my friends. And so I was all ready for Mary when I went to pick her up at her house on Friday night.

I had prepared my van by taking out the two rows of back seats and throwing a rug back there. I had also modified the front passenger seat belts by adding a pair of fur-lined leather cuffs, one to each part of the seat belt where they came up from the seat, so anyone so confined would not be able to move their hands or undo the seat belt.

I drove up to Ron and Mary's house and parked in their driveway. I went to the door and rang the bell. Ron answered and invited me in. He told me that he had told Mary that she needed to change her ways and that she was to spend the weekend with me in learning how to behave. If she chose not to cooperate, she could leave and he would send her things anywhere she said. But if she wanted to stay with him, she would have to learn how to obey, and his first command was that she obey me. With that he called for Mary who appeared at the top of the stairs that led up to what I assumed were the second floor bedrooms. Although I know her to be in her mid 20's, Mary was dressed more appropriately for a 13 year old. Her long hair was in pigtails and she had on a white cotton blouse with lace trim across the front, drawing attention to her breasts, or lack thereof, because she could have certainly passed for an immature 13 year old in that department. She wore no bra, as none was necessary, but her petite little nipples poked at the blouse ever so slightly. She had on a plaid miniskirt, much like the ones young school girls wear and it ended about 3 inches above her knees. On her feet were white anklet socks with pink ribbons around the top, and brown and white saddle shoes.

In short she looked every bit like a young schoolgirl going out on her first date. But there was one other thing that caught my eye. Her short skirt bulged at her hips where it should have flowed straight down. It was obvious that she was well diapered underneath.

I escorted Mary to the front passenger seat in the van and explained that one of my rules was that all passengers had to wear seat belts. I reached around her and fastened the seat belt and had her wrists locked in the cuffs before she knew what was happening.

Mary was thunderstruck. She had never dreamed that Ron would really do this to her. She started to cry as Ron handed me her diaper bag and overnight bag and told her to behave herself and do everything I asked. He reminded her that she was free to say "no" to going with me, but that if she did, their relationship was over. I assured Ron that Mary would be only too anxious to please me and not to worry. I asked Mary if that were not so, and she meekly nodded her head, "yes." With that I deprived Mary of the opportunity to see where we were going by slipping a blindfold over her head.

It was about an hour ride to my summer place on the lake and I did not talk much to Mary during the ride. I did, however, fold her skirt up her legs so I and anybody else up high enough (mostly truck drivers) could see her panties and diapers. It was then that I found out that Ron had her put on her best pink plastic lined rumba panties, with rows of lace all across the bottom. Her diapers also appeared very thick under her panties.

My reason for blindfolding her, in addition to keeping her from knowing whether anyone was staring at her, was to keep her disoriented and to test her submissiveness. My summerhouse is somewhat secluded in the woods alongside the lake, but we do have neighbors, and so there is not total privacy. By blindfolding Mary, she had no idea where we were or how far away other people were, or what the chances were that she might be seen if she were allowed outside dressed only in her diapers.

When we arrived at my place I took off her blindfold and unfastened her from her seat. I had her carry her bags into the cottage and put them in the master bedroom. I then sat on the couch in the living room and had her kneel before me with her legs apart. It was time to set the ground rules and let her know what I expected and how I would respond to disobedience. The first thing I told her was that her diapers were to be clearly visible at all times when she was in the cottage. I waited and stared at her until she got the idea and started to remove her skirt, unfastening the waistband and pulling it over her head as I had not given her permission to get off her knees.

I told her I expected to be obeyed without hesitation and without argument in everything I told her to do. I further told her that she could expect to be severely punished for any disobedience. She could not expect me to be as loving and tender as Ron was. I told her that my first order was to stand up and strip naked, that I was going to give her a mild dose of what she could expect for disobedience. She stood up but began shifting about from foot to foot. I told her to hurry up or I would lose my patience. Her face grew red and she began to sob as she undid the front buttons on her blouse. She opened her blouse, pulled it off her shoulders, and let it fall to the floor. Standing there, naked from the waist up, it was clear that her titties were those of a little girl, rather than a grown woman. Her hands went to cover up her little nipples and I told her to finish undressing. She carefully slid her pink rumba panties down to the floor and her hands went to the diaper pins at her sides. She was wearing two diapers and had to unpin them one at a time. Soon both diapers joined the panties on the floor and she stood there naked before me. Her love box was as clean-shaven as the day she was born. I grabbed her left arm and pulled her down over my knees. Wrapping my left arm around her body, and grabbing a little tittie while doing so, I began to spank her with my right hand. I wanted to just give her a taste, and so I only gave her 10 swats on each of her nether cheeks and then let her up. Even so, she was sobbing at the pain and humiliation of being bent over my knees like a little girl.

To add to her humiliation, I had her kneel in front of me with her legs spread apart and thank me for taking the time to correct her. By now it was time for Mary to go to bed. Tomorrow would be a busy day for little Mary and she needed her bed rest.

I led her into the master bedroom where I had installed a changing table. Actually it had been constructed by a carpenter friend of mine. It was 2 1/2 feet wide by 6 feet long, covered with padded Naugahyde, and built sturdy. Mary is only a wisp of a girl and I easily lifted her up and placed her on the table. She immediately began to complain that she did not want me to diaper her, that she wanted to do it herself. Without responding, I fastened her wrists to the cuffs that had been placed at each corner at the top of the table. Similar cuffs were affixed to the corners at the foot of the table and her ankles were quickly secured. Spread-eagled as she was, there was little she could do to stop me from diapering her, except refusing to lift her bottom up so I could get the diapers underneath. She did all that she could to press her bottom into the table and frustrate my attempts to diaper her.

But she underestimated me. Taking her right tittie between my thumb and index finger, I squeezed and twisted. Letting out a yelp, she gave in and raised her hips in obeisance to me. I slid three overnight diapers under her and began to pin them on. When they were all pinned on, I released her feet and slid her locking plastic panties up her legs and over her diapers. These panties are unusual in that they have a thin but strong chain sewn into the waistband. Both ends of the chain come out through a hole in the center of the back of the panties where they can be locked with a small padlock. With Mary's hourglass figure there was no way she could get those panties, which were locked around her waist, down over her hips and diapers. Finally, I allowed her to put on a frilly baby doll nightie to cover her breasts and give her a feeling of modesty.

I finished her nighttime arrangements by placing her hands in a pair of leather mittens that were constructed so that there was a ring sewn into the mittens at the fingertips. These rings could be secured together to bind her hands together, or they could be attached to the lock that secured the mittens to her wrists, thereby rendering her hands just one big ball of leather. For the night, I chose to secure her fingers to her wrists, and then added one more precaution. I placed a fur-lined cuff about her right ankle and locked it to the foot of the bed by means of a three-foot chain. Mary was not going anywhere this night.

I put out the light and climbed into bed beside her. Her petite body, lying there right next to me, was just too irresistible. I reached over and began to message one of her titties (they are not big enough to be called tits.) As I massaged, I could hear her breathing getting heavier and faster. I let my hand slide gently down her stomach to the waistband of her panties. I could feel her tense up as she contemplated my next move. I slipped my hand inside the waistband and down past her naked mons pubis. My middle finger found the cleft in her body and burrowed inside. Surprisingly, it slipped in easily since there was plenty of natural lubricant present. She was getting hot. Soon my thumb joined my middle finger as my fingers ran up and down her clit and she got hotter and hotter. My middle finger slipped out and found the entrance to her ass. She tensed even more. Lubricated as it was with pussy juice, my finger slipped in easily and soon she was being finger fucked front and rear, caught between my two fingers and unable to avoid the sensations which soon brought her to climax. We were both tired and we had a long weekend ahead of us. There was no need to rush, and so I removed my fingers and finally let her go to sleep for the night.

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