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Mary's Memorial Day Weekend

CHAPTER 2 - Mary's Story

I could not believe Ron was doing this to me. After all the years of dedicated service I have given him. I guess I should have paid more attention when he read me that story about that girl who was sent by her master to serve another master. But it didn't seem relevant to me at the time. It was bad enough when I got home from work that Friday and he told me that it was time for me to learn some obedience, or to leave him. How could I leave him? I love him.

Ron told me that he was sending me to visit someone for the weekend, someone who would teach me proper obedience. He told me that I could refuse if I wanted to, and in that case he would have my things shipped wherever I wanted, but that we were through. I agreed to do whatever he wanted if only he would let me stay with him. He told me that if we were to stay together, I must go with this person for the weekend, and obey him as my master, the way that girl in the story he had read to me had done. But first we had time for some fun. He told me he wanted me to play the whore, a role I was well familiar with, and he had me put rouge on my nipples and pussy lips and apply my special lipstick to my little rosebud. He pulled down his pants, he was naked underneath, and bade me come over and service him.

After I had satisfied him, (but he would not let me satisfy myself) he changed me into double diapers and my cute pink rumba panties and told me to put on my school girl outfit. That should have been a clue, but I was so trusting that it never occurred to me that something was amiss. You see, the school girl outfit, with its thin revealing white blouse and short plaid skirt with anklet socks and saddle shoes was something I wore in the privacy of our home when we did role playing and I played the role of a 13 year old school girl. Never before had I been asked to wear the costume in public. It was far too revealing.

He would not allow me to remove my makeup before getting dressed. He said that would keep me from showing off too much. I had no idea what he meant by that, but I dressed as instructed and then waited in our bedroom for him to call me. It seemed like an eternity but was probably only a matter of minutes that I sat there, still hot and bothered by my session with Ron and with my pussy dripping into my diapers and my little nipples outing and pressing against the fabric of my blouse. Shortly I heard the door bell ring and heard Ron talking to a man downstairs. I could not hear what they were saying, but soon I heard Ron call my name and I came to the top of the stairs. It was then that I saw my new "master" for the first time, well not really because I had seen him around the neighborhood occasionally, but had never spoken to him. Ron introduced him to me as David and said that he hoped we would both have a good time.

David did not say much, but escorted me out to his van and opened the passenger front door and helped me up into the seat. He said something about having to wear a seat belt and reached around me to fasten mine. It all was so quick that I had no idea what he was doing, but before I knew what was happening he had secured my wrists in cuffs he had riveted to the seat belt. There was no way I could use my hands or undo the seat belt. I was trapped. I turned to plead with Ron and saw him handing my diaper bag and overnight bag to David, before he came to talk to me.

I knew I had been a little difficult recently, but I had done nothing to deserve this treatment. Ron said that the final straw was last weekend when he had finished using the toilet (he is allowed to use it, I'm not) and bent over and told me to lick his ass clean. I'd do almost anything for that man, I love him so, but licking shit is so repulsive to me I could not bring myself to do it. And he never forgave me for my disobedience, but began planning this weekend, this long Memorial Day Weekend, when I would learn to appreciate his love and caresses more. I began to protest my innocence, but he told me to shut up or he would have David gag me. I stopped but could not help sobbing as David pulled a blindfold down over my eyes, shutting out all light. The last thing I heard Ron say to me was to behave myself, make David happy, and do everything David asked me to do or there would be dire consequences.

I heard David close the van door and start the engine, and just before we started to drive away, I felt a cool breeze on my upper thighs and realized that he had folded my skirt all the way up to my waist, exposing my panties and diapers to all who wanted to look. And blindfolded the way I was, I could not even tell how many people were staring at me as we drove along. We drove for what seemed like an eternity, but I really have no idea how long it was. Eventually we seemed to leave the highway and drove for some distance along a bumpy road. When David finally stopped the van and took my blindfold off I saw we were parked next a cottage in on the side of a lake in the middle of a forest. I assumed from the time we had been driving that we were one of the many small lakes somewhere in Maine, but I had no idea where or how close civilization might be.

David unfastened my hands and seat belt and told me to bring my diaper bag and overnight bag inside. Once there, he showed me where the master bedroom was and told me to leave my bags in there and then join him in the living room. While in the master bedroom I saw some very peculiar furniture which only served to heighten my anxiety.

Doing as I was bidden, I returned to the living room and found David sitting on the couch. He motioned for me to come and stand before him and then told me to kneel with my knees apart. He told me that there were some ground rules which I must obey or suffer the consequences, that I would be severely punished for any disobedience. The first of these was that my diapers had to be visible whenever we were in the cottage. Having said this, David just stopped and stared at me. I soon realized that he meant starting now, and I unfastened my skirt and lifted it over my head, since I was still kneeling. My face started to turn red as I realized the sight he must have had of me, kneeling, legs apart, thick bulky diapers covered by pink rumba panties around my waist, my blouse not really concealing anything, not that I had much to conceal up there. After a short while he spoke again and told me to stand up and strip naked. He said that he wanted to give me a mild taste of the punishment I could expect if I dared disobey. I got redder and redder as I undid the buttons on my blouse and opened it for his inspection.

I knew that I was blushing right down to my little titties. Slowly I pushed my pink rumba panties down to the floor and undid the pins on my diapers. It had been hours since Ron had changed me and my diapers were sopping wet. When the last pin was removed they hit the floor with a splat.

There I was, standing before this total stranger with my legs spread wide apart, totally naked. I wondered if he saw the rouge still on my nipples and pussy lips, although he gave no indication that he did.

David grabbed my wrist and in one motion pulled me down across his lap and wrapped his left arm across my upper body. His hand cupped my right tittie and he began to massage it as he raised and lowered his right hand, spanking me on my bare behind.

It seemed that he spanked me a hundred times but I know it was less. About half way through I broke down and started crying, not so much from the spanking which did sting, but from the humiliation of being spanked like a little girl. He finally let me off his lap and had me kneel in front of him, knees spread apart (which I began to realize was to be a standard position for me), and made me thank him for taking the time to spank me.

It was getting late and I was thankful when he told me it was time for bed and led me into the master bedroom. He brought me over to a naugahyde covered table and lifted me in his arms and placed me down on the table. Having done this, he then secured my wrists in cuffs affixed by a short chain to each corner at the head of the table and did the same to my ankles at the bottom of the table. As I lay there spread-eagled and open to anything he might want to do, he opened my diaper bag, took out three extra thick night diapers, and brought them over to the changing table. I begged him not to diaper me, or at least to let me do it myself, but he refused. I don't know what got into me, but I got stubborn and refused to raise my hips to allow David to slide the diaper under me. He seemed to know exactly what he wanted to do and calmly took one of my titties between his fingers and squeezed and twisted. The pain brought tears to my eyes and I would have done anything to get him to stop. What I did do, was to raise my hips, thereby offering my pussy to anything he might wish to do to it, and let him slip the diapers under me. He quickly pinned them on me and slipped a pair of locking panties up my legs and over my diapers. As soon as he locked the padlock which secured the panties around my waist, he released my hands and handed me a baby doll nightie to put on. I never felt so dressed up in all my life.

After he had chained my ankle to the bed, he left the room and returned with a big glass of beer for me to drink. He said it would make me sleepy, but I knew he wanted me compliant. Anyway I was grateful because I was thirsty, and so I guzzled it right down.

David was determined that we sleep in the same bed and there was nothing I could do to dissuade him. I had trouble getting to sleep since I kept thinking of all that had happened to me and worrying what else was in store for me this weekend. It didn't help that he slipped his hand down inside my diapers and began to finger fuck me in my pussy and ass hole.

Whether I pushed forwards or backward, I impaled myself on one of his fingers. It did not take too long before I came in great globs and he let me go to sleep.

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