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Mary's Memorial Day Weekend

CHAPTER 3 - David's Story (Continued)

When Mary woke up on Saturday morning she was still dry. Obviously we were in a test of wills and I was determined to win.

I released her from her bondage to the bed and removed her mittens so that she could regain the use of her hands, but I left her locking panties on her. The next thing I did was to give her one of those big sippers that you can get at mini-marts. It was filled with 32 oz. of orange juice and I told her I expected her to finish it immediately, and then it would be refilled and emptied every 2 hours while she was here (except for sleeping, of course). The sipper was hers to carry around with her, just so that she drank it all every 2 hours. Although I expected her to consume 32 oz. of liquid every two hours, how often she would be changed would depend on how cooperative she was. I also told her that if she failed to drink her allotted fluids, I would find another way to introduce them into her. With that threat in mind, she finished the juice.

Ron had told me to expect Mary to mess her diapers shortly after she woke up, and when she had not done so by the time she had finished her breakfast, I decided firm action was called for. I summoned her into the bedroom and had her bend over the changing table. I had her turn her head so she could not see what I was doing, and quickly unwrapped two Ducolax suppositories (known affectionately as rectal evacuators). I pulled aside the leg opening of her plastic panties, which were still locked on her, and her diapers, and quickly inserted one of the suppositories, immediately followed by the other. As I let her diapers and panties fall back into place I knew it would be only minutes before the cramping and need to expel would begin. But I was not through with her yet.

I took Mary into the living room and stripped her baby doll nightie off her. Situated as the cottage was, right at the edge of the lake, the builder could not ignore the superb view and had installed sliding glass doors from the living room out onto the deck overlooking the lake. I brought Mary over to the glass doors, wearing just her plastic panties and diapers and positioned her where she could look out over the lake, and anyone boating or swimming on the lake could see her. I brought her hands behind her and secured them with cuffs.

Bringing her hands behind her back emphasized what little titties she had and she began to blush. So that she would have no idea when she was being watched, I placed a blindfold on her. Just to remind her that she was being punished, I teased her little nipples until they stood at attention, and then quickly clamped a nipple clamp on each one. Each nipple clamp was connected by a three inch chain to a small weight, and so any movement on her part would swing the weight and place additional tension on her nipples.

She really looked cute, standing there in her panties and diapers, wiggling her butt as the cramps started to work on her and she tried to avoid soiling her diapers. I let her stand there for about a half hour of what was for her complete misery. She had not been able to keep from pissing, what with the beer from the night before and the orange juice from this morning in her system, and her diaper was very wet and starting to droop, but she still had not messed in her diaper. I decided drastic tactics were needed.

I brought Mary, still blindfolded and handcuffed, back into the master bedroom to introduce her to another piece of furniture my friend had built for me. Using old plans from Colonial Williamsburg, he had constructed a pillory for me. Many people call them stocks, but the stocks are the ones where you sit down and your feet are secured, a pillory is where your head and arms are secured. This particular pillory is about three feet high and after I had tied her feet spread out to the base, she really had to bend over and stick her butt out to get her neck and wrists into the holes in the pillory. I brought the top down over her neck and wrists and she was secured. She began sobbing softly as the weights from her breasts swung freely while she tried to adjust to her new position and get as comfortable as possible. I told her that I would not put up with her obstinacy and contumacious conduct and that in a battle of wills she could be sure I would win. I reached my hand down the front of her diaper and played with her a little, just enough to get her hot, and boy did she whimper as she moved in response to my teasing and the little weights hanging from her titties swung back and forth.

Tiring of this game, I stood behind her and again moved her panties and diaper aside so that her crack was available. I dropped my pants and began to caress her buns and crack with my prick. Bent over as she was, she was an inviting target that I could not resist. Rubbing my prick down her crack and along her pussy, I picked up the necessary lubricant (she was really hot and responding in spite of the added pain of the nipple clamps) and slid my prick into her rosebud. She had a very tight rear hole and she grunted and complained at this invasion, but I paid her no mind. You see, in preparation for this moment, I too had been drinking a lot of water this morning, and with my prick in place, I gave Mary quite a piss enema, moving my prick in and out, fucking her rear end as I emptied my bladder.

I withdrew when I was finished and again replaced her diapers and panties and waited. It did not take long before I was victorious and little Mary was emptying her bowels into her diaper. I left her in the pillory for a few minutes while I went to get a beer and celebrate my triumph. When I returned she was appropriately contrite and promised never to disobey or test me again. She begged me to let her out of the pillory. Before letting her out, I told her that while I had embarrassed her last night by making her strip naked before me, never again would she be allowed to take off her own diapers. Having said this, I took her nipple clips off and released her from the pillory, and she followed me meekly into the bathroom to be cleaned off.

I left her in the bathroom while I went back into the master bedroom to get the key to her panties. I had her stand in the bath tub while I removed her panties and her soggy diapers. I then had her sit down and gave her a bath, washing her all over and paying close attention to her diaper area. When I was finished playing with her I rinsed her off and drained the water out of the tub. I then had her stand up in the tub with her legs spread and as I watched, made her play with herself until she climaxed.

After I dried her off, we went back into the bedroom and I placed her on the changing table. After I had secured her wrists and ankles to the four corners of the table and had placed special diapers under her, I told her that she would be deprived of all control over her urine. The quizzical look on her face told me that she had no idea what I was talking about, but that look quickly changed to one of horror as I held a catheter in front of her. She knew exactly what it was and where it was going. Using a Betadine swab, I carefully cleaned around her little pee hole and also disinfected the catheter. Wearing surgical gloves, I inserted the catheter carefully into Mary's pee hole and threaded it in until it pushed past her sphincter muscle. I knew when it was in place because a little spurt of pee came out and I allowed it to drain into her diaper. I then used a syringe to inflate the catheter's balloon inside her bladder, ensuring that the catheter would not come out.

I finished diapering her with, as I said, special diapers. They were made of four layers of Birdseye cloth separated by 4 layers of terry cloth which were nine inches wide and ran the length of the diapers. I decided to leave her in just her diapers for the time being, so I could see the yellow stain grow as she continued to drink her fluids and they went straight into her diapers.

When I lifted her off the changing table the diapers between her legs were so thick she could not bring her thighs together. She was forced to waddle around with her legs spread wide and with her cute little diapered butt wiggling like she was a duck.

I refused to answer her insistent questions as to how long I intended to leave the catheter in, other than to tell her that the more she bothered me about it, the longer it would stay in. That cured her and she let me alone. It was about 10:00 AM when I handed her the sipper, newly filled with water, and told her I expected it to be empty by lunchtime. I then assigned her the task of finishing up the house cleaning. To add insult to injury, I had her do several tasks which forced her onto her hands and knees with her diapered butt sticking up in the air. I had her take a scrub brush and, on her hands and knees, scrub my kitchen floor. When she had finished that, I had her do the same to my patio deck. She was most embarrassed by this, knowing that anybody passing by on the lake could see her diapered rear almost waving in the wind on my deck.

There was another reason I wanted Mary on her hands and knees. Knowing that she could not control her peeing, gravity brought her pee to the front of her diapers when she was on her hands and knees and helped distribute the wetness and the area of the yellow stain.

Sooner than I expected it was lunch time and I had Mary fix a sandwich and open a beer for each of us, knowing full well where Mary's beer was headed. I wanted Mary compliant for the afternoon's activities and so we each had another couple of beers as the yellow stain in Mary's diaper continued to grow larger.

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