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Mary's Memorial Day Weekend

CHAPTER 4 - Mary's Story (Continued)

David said we were in a contest of wills and that he would win. Deep down I knew he was right, and yet, somehow the thought of giving this stranger an opportunity to change my diaper was repugnant to me. Sure, on a rational level he had already changed my diaper and seen all that he could see of my private parts, but somehow that was different. Ron was the only one who could change me.

I did my best to keep from giving David a reason to change my diapers, but I knew in my heart that he was going to win. But I had no idea the lengths he would go to in order to win.

I had awakened during the night and by sheer force of my will kept from wetting my diapers. The beer that David gave me last night was putting pressure on my bladder, but I was able to hold it in. When I woke up, David released me from the bed and took the mittens off my hands and the little freedom I had felt very good. And yet he left those darn locking panties on me and I knew that even if I could slip away, there was no way I could get those panties and diapers off and use the toilet. Eventually, my diapers would be used for their intended purposes.

My thoughts were interrupted when he handed me a 32 oz. plastic bottle with a plastic straw sticking out of the top. He told me that, since it was morning, it contained orange juice, and that I would be expected to empty a similar "sipper" as he called it, every two hours, and that if I didn't he would find another way to get the fluids into me. It did not take much imagination to realize what he meant. I have always been regular in my bowel movements and Ron has never had to give me an enema, but it was clear that this is what David had in mind if I did not consume my allotment of fluids. I dreaded the thought of being violated in this way and so drank the OJ as required.

As I said, I am usually regular in my bowel habits but I just could not bear the thought of having this guy change my messy diapers. Breakfast went by uneventfully and when I had finished eating and cleaning the dishes, David called me into the bedroom. I thought he was just going to check my diaper and possibly play with me when he told me to bend over the changing table. My thoughts were confirmed when he pulled aside the leg opening of my plastic panties and diapers and I felt him touching my rosebud. All of a sudden, something was being put up my rear end and then the first object was quickly followed by a second. As quickly as he had begun, David replaced my diapers and plastic panties to their original position and told me to stand up. I would have thought he would have spent more time playing with me and maybe brought me to climax and I was a little disappointed.

David brought me back into the living room and took my baby doll nightie off over my shoulders. With my top gone, I was wearing just my plastic panties and diapers. We were standing in front of a pair of glass doors which looked out onto a deck and had an excellent view of the lake. I never gave it a thought that the view could go both ways until he brought my hands behind my back and cuffed them there. I felt a blush begin to spread over my cheeks and I realized what this did to my little titties. David called my attention to the fact that anyone going by on the lake could see me in all my diapered glory. So that I would have no idea whether or when I was being watched, David placed a blindfold over my eyes. He told me he wanted me to remember that I was being punished for not wetting and messing my diapers. While he was saying this I felt him massaging my little titties and I could feel them stand erect at his touch. All of a sudden, I felt a sharp pain on my right tittie. Something heavy had been attached to my nipple, and it hurt. Shortly, a similar object was affixed to my left nipple. Apparently there was a weight attached to my nipples because every time I moved I could feel the object swinging back and forth, adding to the pain in my nipples.

No sooner had the weights been attached to my nipples than I began to feel a cramping in my bowels. Obviously whatever David had inserted in my rear end was beginning to work and make me want to mess my diapers. I don't know how long he left me standing there, but I do know I must have been a sight wiggling my cute little behind as I tried to alleviate the cramps in my bowels without messing my diapers. I was concentrating so much on keeping my rear sphincter muscle closed that I forgot for just a second that I had to pee and all of a sudden the urine was flowing out of me. Once it started, there was no stopping it, and I was so embarrassed, but I had kept from making a mess in my diapers.

I could feel David's frustration with my obstinacy. He grabbed my arm and pulled me with him. My hands were still cuffed behind my back and the blindfold kept me from seeing where we were going. I was afraid he was taking me outside, but I did not feel the deck under my feet. Instead he brought me into what I assumed was the master bedroom. I could feel him spreading my legs and cuffing them apart, about a yard apart. Next I felt him pushing on my back, causing me to bend over. I felt my neck rest on something and I could feel David releasing my hands and placing them on the wooden piece on which my neck was resting. Another board came down on top of my neck and wrists and I was trapped, bent over at the waist and unable to use my hands or close my legs.

I could feel the weights attached to my nipples swinging back and forth and felt additional pain as I tried to find the most comfortable position I could. As I shifted back and forth, I could feel David's hands at the leg openings of my plastic panties and diapers. Once again he was moving them out of the way and I was afraid that he was going to put some more things up my rear end.

But that was not what I felt. Something was rubbing along my crack and touching my pussy. I don't know why and am very ashamed of my reaction, but I started to get hot all over and began to rotate my hips. As I did so, the weights on my nipples swung freely, but I did not care. The heat in my pussy more than made up for the pain in my nipples. He was rubbing something along my pussy and I was afraid, no I was hoping, that his shaft would find its way into my pussy. I love Ron very much, but I had always wondered what it would feel like to have another man's shaft in my pussy. All of a sudden I felt some pressure at my little rosebud and before I knew it I had been violated in my rear hole. It hurt! David had stuffed his big thing up my rear end. He began to move back and forth, pushing his thing in and out of my rear. My rear opening was tight and I complained to David that he was hurting me, but he paid me no mind. I could not envision any greater ignominy than to be violated in the rear, when I felt his shaft pulse and he began pissing in my rear. I was horrified at what was being done to me.

When he had finished emptying his bladder into my rear end, he withdrew and replaced my diapers and plastic panties once again. Bent over as I was, I lacked control over my rear sphincter and soon was emptying my bowels into my diapers. I was so humiliated, because now he had cause to change my diapers again. And as wet and messy as I was, I really needed to be changed. But David delayed the necessary, having some sort of a little celebration of his victory over me. I begged him to release me, but he took his time doing this. I remained bent over at the waist with my wet and messy rear end sticking out while he told me that I would never again be allowed to take off my diapers myself, that when he had me take my plastic panties and diapers off last night it was to humiliate me by making me strip naked in front of him. Having said this, he removed the clips from my nipples, and I think it was more painful having them removed than it was wearing them.

He released me and removed my blindfold before bringing me to the bathroom. He left me there as he went to get the key to my locking panties. I stood meekly in the tub as he removed my plastic panties and diapers and rinsed me off with a handheld shower. He then refilled the tub, and at his prompting I sat down in the water as he washed me all over, paying special attention to my diaper area. Apparently I was not even going to be allowed to wash myself. When he had finished my bath and had rinsed me off he had me stand in the tub with my legs spread wide apart and told me to play with myself. I flushed with renewed embarrassment as he just sat there and watched me as I brought myself to climax. Fortunately we were way out in the woods, because I have never been able to climax quietly, and this time was no different. I screamed in ecstasy as I came over and over again.

I stood there as David dried me off, another humiliation, and then was led back to the changing table. After he had lifted me up on the table and secured my wrists and ankles to the four corners of the table, David slipped my diapers under me. I lay there wide open and naked, with the diaper still under me, but not on me, with my legs spread as David said something about my not having any control over my peeing. Initially I had no idea what he meant until I saw the tube in his hands. It was a urinary catheter and it was going to make me incontinent. I could not believe what David was going to do to me!

What had I done to Ron that warranted the suffering and humiliation I was going through? I watched helplessly as he opened a Betadine swab and began cleaning my little pee hole and disinfected the catheter and lubricated it with K-Y Jelly. He placed the tube at the entrance to my pee hole and threaded it in until it met resistance at my sphincter muscle. Using a gentle push, it went into my bladder and I felt a little pee come out. Quickly David inflated a balloon in my bladder, ensuring that I could not get the catheter out without his cooperation.

To add to my humiliation, David left me to wear just extra thick diapers with no plastic panties so he could see the yellow stain spread across the crotch of my diapers. I begged him to tell me how long I was to be host to this infernal catheter, but he refused to tell me, saying only that the more I pestered him, the longer it would stay in. I knew better than to press the issue and shut up.

I had forgotten about the sipper as he handed it to me and told me he expected it to be empty by lunchtime. That business over, David told me that he expected me to do chores around the cottage and that he wanted me to clean the kitchen floor and the living room before lunch. I promptly began my job, sucking on my sipper as I went along.

You can't imagine my humiliation when I realized that he expected me to get down on my hands and knees with my cute (but well diapered) little butt wiggling up in the air as I scrubbed the floor. I could not believe the humiliation I was willing to go through because I could not bring myself to disappoint Ron.

Before I knew it, it was lunchtime and David had me fix us both a sandwich and open a couple of beers for us. I knew that, with the catheter in place, there was no way I could hold my pee in, and the stain in the crotch of my diapers kept growing. David knew that, as he presented another beer and then another for me to drink -- and my stain grew larger.

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