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Mary's Memorial Day Weekend

CHAPTER 5 - David's Story (Continued)

As we finished lunch it was clear that the contents of the sipper and all those beers had gone straight into Mary's diapers and she was very wet and getting uncomfortable. I told her that she would have to beg me and be very *nice* to me if she wanted to be changed. I could tell she was torn between her innate modesty and her fear of what being *nice* to me entailed on the one hand, and her desire to be comfortable on the other. I gave her some chores to do cleaning the cottage in preparation for the night's party (which I had not yet told her about) and told her to let me know when she wanted to be changed. Dressed as she was only in diapers with no plastic panties for protection and with no way to control her peeing because of the catheter which I had inserted, I felt that I also had to warn her not to drip on my floors.

After about an hour of cleaning she came, sopping wet, and asked me to change her.

"Mary," I said, "you must listen to what I say and understand that I pick my words carefully. When I said you would have to 'beg' to be changed, I meant exactly that. If you want to be changed, you'll have to kneel on the floor in front of me with your knees apart, and beg me to change you." Hearing this, her cheeks blushed and the blush spread all the way down to her nipples as she contemplated what she would have to do. She also knew there would be severe consequences if she were not changed soon and her diapers began to leak on the floor. Slowly she sank to the floor with her knees about eighteen inches apart and looked woefully up into my eyes.

"Please David, please change me!"

"If my little Mary wants me to change her, she's going to have to do better than that," I told her.

"Try again!"

"Please, Pretty please, change your little Mary. She needs to be changed so badly and she's afraid she'll wet the floor and make you really mad."

What will you do for me if I agree to change you?" I asked. Her face registered thinly disguised shock. She had forgotten about the being "very *nice* to me" part.

"I'll do whatever you want," was her lame response.

"You'll have to do better than that," I said.

"Will you suck me off?"

Mary hesitated for a bit as she considered the implications of her answer either way.

"Y-y-yes," she finally stuttered. I knew this whole scene was very humiliating for her.

"Not good enough," I said again.

"I want to hear you say it. I want to hear you ask to suck me off!"

"Please, David, don't make me say it. I'll do whatever you want, but don't make me ask for it like that!"

"You'd better not drip on the floor," was my only response.

Humiliation and resignation combined on her face as she realized that she had no choice. She had already tasted some of my punishments and she did not want to provoke me.

"Please, David, let me suck you off," she almost whined. I was enjoying this and getting hotter and hotter so I kept it up.

"Not good enough. What part of me do you want to suck?"

"Please let me suck your.... t-t-thing," she responded.

"I don't know what you mean. Are you saying you want to suck my cock, my prick? Is that what you want to take in your pretty mouth and suck on?"


"Then you'd better say it before your diaper starts leaking all over my floor."

Finally she got it out, but without much enthusiasm, "Please let me suck on your cock, your prick."

I was getting too hot and couldn't wait any longer or I would burst.

"OK," I said, "lower my pants and shorts and take my cock in your mouth and suck. And you better not let any of my juice spill out of your mouth. I want you to swallow all of it."

She undid my belt, pulled down my zipper, and let my pants slide down my legs to my ankles. My shorts soon followed and as she reached for my cock I stopped her.

"Don't use your hands. In fact, clasp your hands behind you. I want you to use your mouth only." I could tell this was very embarrassing for her as she grasped her hands behind her back and thereby thrust out her little titties. Her face and nipples grew redder as she sought the tip of my cock with her lips.

I could tell this was not comfortable for her and that she was not used to having a man's cock in her mouth. Still, with an amazing natural ability Mary moved her head back and forth along my shaft, eventually taking it all in. Soon I could feel her tongue running all around the head of my shaft and I began to breathe heavier with passion. God, how I loved it!! It did not take Mary long to bring me to climax, and remembering my words she swallowed every drop of my cum. I removed my shaft from her mouth and pulled up my shorts and pants, leaving Mary kneeling there in her sopping wet diapers.

Remembering my promise, I told Mary to come into the bedroom and get up on the changing table. Once she had stretched out on the table, I secured her wrists and ankles. She was by now so familiar with this procedure that she voiced no protest. I removed her diapers and thoroughly cleaned her diaper area, letting my hand run over her clit once or twice, and she responded with a pronounced, but obviously restrained, twitch each time she was touched. I placed a single diaper under her and fastened the diaper around her tiny hips and covered the diaper with a pair of plain transparent plastic panties.

I left her secured to the changing table while I laid out the clothes she was to wear that afternoon. I laid out Mary's training bra and a pair of athletic socks and tennis shoes. Mary's look of puzzlement quickly turned to dismay when I took her nice white tennis outfit out of the closet. Ron had thoughtfully had it altered by having the sewn-in panties removed and replacing them with sewn-in snap-crotch panties.

I loosed her from the changing table and sat down in a chair, telling her to get dressed as I watched. Blushing with embarrassment, she first put on the training bra. Her breasts are so small that she really does not need a bra, but it does help to build her breasts up and it keeps the fabric of her dress from rubbing against her nipples. She next turned to the tennis dress and slipped it on. As she reached to snap the crotch of her panties, I told her to do only one snap. She gave me a questioning look, but did not dare voice her thoughts as she did as she was told. She donned her socks and tennis shoes and looked quite fetching in her outfit, her diapers barely visible beneath her skirt. But only if she walked carefully.

Only now did I tell her that we were going to do some shopping. A look of horror came across her face as she contemplated going out in public in her outfit, and wondered how far I would go to embarrass her. I led her out to the van and helped her into the front passenger seat, giving her a boost with my hand on her nicely cushioned butt. I had her lift up her short skirt in the back so that she was sitting directly on the seat and her skirt was up around her waist. I fastened the seat belt and placed her hands in the cuffs on the seat belt. Finally I placed the blindfold over her eyes and rolled up what little there was to the front of her skirt. Aside from the thrill of thinking she might be seen by passersby, I like to look at her diapered and pantied crotch as we drive. With only one snap done, her plastic panties were fully visible.

We drove for about a half hour and when we stopped we were in the parking lot of a strip shopping center with a supermarket and 6 satellite stores. I removed Mary's blindfold, took her cuffs off, and handed her the sipper. I reminded her that she had about 30 minutes to finish the full 32 oz. and she had better start drinking, or she'd get it another way. It did not take much encouragement for her to finish the sipper right away. She was taking no chances in finding out what I meant by "another way." We went into the supermarket, where I bought a steak and some baking potatoes and vegetables for dinner. I could tell by Mary's squirming that the fluids she had drank were filling her diaper, since with the catheter still in place, she could not even hold it in. I felt it was time to increase her humiliation one more notch and so, after placing the groceries in the van, we went back to the stores to do some window shopping. Looking in the windows, I stopped at the shoe store and remarked about the great sale they were having on women's sneakers. And the sign said "ALL SIZES." Knowing how hard it is to find shoes for Mary's tiny feet, I said, "Wow, that's just too good to pass up. Come on in." She froze as she realized what this meant, but one look from me and she knew better than to say something.

We went inside and sat down in a couple of chairs. A young salesman came over and offered to help us. I told him we would like to try on some sneakers, size 5 1/2 narrow. A glint came into his eyes as he realized that the sneakers were for Mary, and that as he tried them on her, he would be sitting at her feet with an excellent view of her crotch, especially with the short tennis skirt she was wearing. He said we were in luck, that 5 1/2 was a hard size to find, but that they had just received a shipment and they might have some sneakers left in that size. He quickly went along the shelves and came back with three styles for Mary to try on. Sitting on the stool in front of Mary he motioned for her to put her foot up on the foot stool so he could take off the sneaker she was wearing. As Mary lifted her leg up to put her foot on the rest, the salesman got his first look at her crotch. He had not expected to see a diaper and plastic panties, but that was what caught his eye since the one snap on her tennis panties did little to conceal her diapered state. He shifted uncomfortably as his gaze rose to Mary's face and he saw the deep blush there. He knew he was seeing things he ought not be seeing, but his eyes were brought irresistibly back to Mary's panties.

He was brought back to reality as I told him to put the other sneaker on Mary so she could see how they felt walking. With his eyes riveted on her crotch, and her eyes riveted on him, he placed her other foot on the foot rest and put the new sneaker on that foot. Mary did all she could to maintain what little modesty she could as I instructed her to walk to the other end of the store and back. She did so, but walked very carefully, so as not to bounce her skirt too much. When she returned she said they were terrific and could we buy them and leave. I had accomplished my purpose and so I told the salesman we'd take them. After we had finished paying for the sneakers, I turned to Mary and said, "Come on now dear, its time for a change. You must be very wet by now." Both Mary and the salesman blushed a deep red as we left the store.

Mary was wet and we went out to the van to change her. It was just for such an opportunity as this that I had removed all the back seats and put the rug in the back of the van. We climbed in and I had Mary lie down in the back, I undid the one snap of her tennis panties and removed her plastic panties and diaper. Using some diaper wipes, I cleaned her off and rediapered her. I placed her once again in the front passenger seat -- seat belt, cuffs, and blindfold on, and skirt pulled up as we drove back to the cottage.

When we arrived back at the cottage, it was almost supper time. I had her take off all her clothes (except for the diaper and plastic panties, of course) and began fixing supper. As I said before, my living room opens out onto a deck that overlooks the lake. The deck is rather large and I have a barbecue grill on it. I told Mary that I was going to fix our baked potatoes and steak on the grill and that, when the time came, she should heat up the vegetables on the stove, but that the potatoes would take about an hour to cook, and so she should just come out on the deck with me. I handed her the sipper in the meantime.

She was not too sure about going outside, dressed only in diapers and plastic panties, but thought better than to voice an objection. There was no obstruction between the deck and the lake and anybody going by in a boat had a wonderful view of pretty Mary and her diapers. Several boats did go by and Mary's first reaction was to turn her back to the water until I told her not to, that I wanted her to keep looking out over the lake whenever anybody came by. In fact, I had suggested to some of my more open-minded friends that they ought to motor by around supper time. And they did!!

Our supper was uneventful as we ate out on the deck and washed our steak down with a few beers, which went directly into her diapers, since she still had that catheter inserted in her.

After dinner, I explained my plans for that evening as I changed Mary. I explained that I was having a few friends over and that Mary would serve us. As I was changing her diaper, I inserted a butt plug in her bottom and her Ben Wa balls in her pussy. She was to be continually reminded of her servile position. I told her that I expected perfect service from her and that she was to be especially nice to my guests. If she wasn't, I told her, I'd take the butt plug out of her bottom and put it in her mouth as a gag. The very thought of having that shitty butt plug in her mouth was enough to guarantee her cooperation.

I finished diapering her with three diapers and pulled her pink rumba panties on her. Then, before letting her off the changing table, I laid out her costume for the evening. It consisted of a French Maid's outfit, complete with many crinoline petticoats. As I handed her the sipper, I told her to get dressed and wait in the bedroom for me to call for her.

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