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Mary's Memorial Day Weekend

CHAPTER 6 - Mary's Story (Continued)

I knew that I could not control my peeing with that infernal catheter stuck up my pee-hole and that sooner or later I was going to have to give in to his demands as much as it galled me to do so. David had made sure that he was going to be the winner in our test of wills and I knew that he was not going to make losing easy for me, nor was he going to make it pleasant.

David had given me three beers to drink with lunch and I could feel my diaper getting wetter and wetter as the day went on. Between the beers and the sippers, I had no idea how much my diapers would hold and when they would start dripping onto the floor. I did know that I did not have much time left before I had an accident and wet the floor and I dreaded what David would do to me in punishment for that.

After lunch, David had me doing chores generally cleaning up the cottage, dusting the living room, etc. I put off asking him to change me for as long as I dared, but after about an hour of cleaning I was afraid to wait any longer.

I waddled over to where David was sitting on the couch in the living room. I had to keep my knees apart for fear that bringing them together would squeeze my diaper in the crotch and my diaper would start leaking. It was that full. As politely as I could, I asked David to please change me before I started leaking.

The response I got from David was worse than I had imagined. I had totally forgotten (maybe I wanted to forget) about what he had said about begging him to change me and about being *nice* to him if I expected to be changed.

He told me that if I expected to be changed, I would have to assume the usual position, on my knees in front of him with my knees spread far apart, and beg him to change me. I tried my best, but my first few attempts were not satisfactory to him and he kept me kneeling there begging him to change me before I started leaking. Finally in my most subservient voice, I begged him to change me before I wet the floor and made him really mad at me.

It was then that he brought up the *nice* part and asked me what I was willing to do for him if he agreed to change me. Just agreeing to do whatever he wanted was not enough. He wanted me to suck him off and worst than that, he expected me to beg him for the privilege of performing that obnoxious act.

You see, Ron knew that I was revolted at the thought of taking a man's thing in my mouth and, kind as he was, never forced himself on me that way. Did I say, "kind as he was"? Didn't Ron tell me way back on Friday (it seems so long ago) that I would return from my weekend with David appreciating his love and caresses even more. I was sorely tempted to refuse to perform this obnoxious act on David, but then I considered what the alternatives might be and I did not want to tempt David to do his worst to me.

I was desperate, and I figured that he had maneuvered me into a position where I had no choice and so it was not really my fault if I did what he asked. Finally I choked the words out and, I can't believe this, I actually asked him for permission to suck on his cock.

He stood up and told me to undo his pants and bring his shorts down to his ankles. I did what I was told, but when I started to take his prick in my hands he stopped me and had me grasp my hands behind my back. I was to finish the job without the use of my hands. As I started to surround his cock with my lips, he told me that I had better not let any of his juices drip out of my mouth and that I must swallow all he gave me.

I did my best but I can tell you that I am not used to doing this. Ron never had me to it because he knew that it revolted me. I think that's why David forced me to do it. I closed my eyes and tried to think about anything other than what I was being compelled to do. I can't even describe what I did because I have blocked it out of my memory. But I do know that David came mercifully quickly and I was able to swallow all his cum.

When it was over, I opened my mouth and allowed him to withdraw. He pulled up his shorts and pants while leaving me there kneeling in front of him with my wet diapers hanging between my spread legs.

Well, to make a long story short, he changed me. Following his by now normal procedure, he had me get up on the changing table and secured my wrists and ankles to the four corners of the table. He removed my diaper and spent a little too much time, I think, cleaning my diaper area and in particular running his fingers over my love button and giving me the shakes each time he did so. He then diapered me in a single diaper and plastic panties, but left me bound on the table while he made some other preparations.

It did not take me long to realize that he was laying out some clothes for me to wear. First I saw my training bra and my athletic socks and tennis shoes. Nothing surprising there, but then I saw my tennis outfit in his hands and I shuddered. Ron had had it altered by removing the traditional sewn-in panties and substituting for them sewn-in snap-crotch panties for easy changing. the real problem lay in the fact that just as tennis panties can be seen when a woman is playing tennis, my snap-crotch panties can be seen when I am playing tennis, and because of the bulkiness they cover, whenever I do not walk perfectly quiet and straight, ie. whenever my skirt moves around, my panties are in full view.

With this in mind, I could not believe it when David told me that we were going, of all things, shopping. Ron had always reserved the tennis outfit for our special times together, but had never let me be seen in it in public. Just how far is David willing to go to embarrass me, I wondered, and shuddered at the possible answer.

David released me from the changing table and told me to get dressed. Now, I don't really need a training bra, my titties are so small, but Ron had told me that it keeps me from getting excited from my blouse rubbing against my titties. As I was dressing, the other shoe fell when David told me to just do one of the three snaps in the crotch of my panties. That meant that anybody who saw the crotch of my tennis panties, a not too unlikely event the way my skirt moved, would also see my diaper and plastic panties.

We went out to the van and as he helped me into the front passenger seat I could feel his hand on my fully diapered rear as he helped me up. Once in the seat, he had me lift up and pull my skirt out from under my bottom so I was sitting on nothing other than the seat cover, and my skirt was pulled up around my waist. Having accomplished this, he fastened my seat belt, placed my hands in the special cuffs I have mentioned earlier, and placed a blindfold across my eyes. I was helpless and humiliated, my skirt was folded up for all the world to see my panties and diaper, and I could not see a thing.

I don't know how long we drove, but eventually we came to a stop and David removed my blindfold and handed me my sipper. I had almost forgotten about the sipper, but seeing it reminded me of that infernal catheter that removed all my ability to control my peeing. Under compulsion, (David threatened that I would get the contents of the sipper one way or another and it did not take much imagination to understand what he had in mind) I drank from the sipper and a short time later felt my diaper get wetter.

As I looked around, I realized that we were at a shopping center. Not a mall, but one of those where all the stores open onto a big parking lot. We went to the supermarket where David bought some food. I was beyond caring what he bought since I would have to eat what he gave me anyway. I didn't dare cross him. My diaper was getting wetter and wetter as the minutes went by.

After David put the food in the van, he took me back to the stores. I was convinced he did this to increase my humiliation. And what he did after that confirmed that he wanted to humiliate me in the worst way possible. Using some pretext about how difficult it must be to get shoes to fit my petite feet, he brought me into a shoe store that was running a sale on "all sizes."

I was going to refuse, but he gave me that look that said if I did, I would regret it even more. I was keenly aware that I was wearing my tennis outfit with just one snap of my panties snapped and so anyone sitting in front of me (such as a shoe salesman) would have a perfect view of my diapered crotch, especially if David made me raise my foot for the salesman to try a shoe on me. I just knew what was coming but I was helpless to prevent it. I was going to be humiliated beyond belief.

I don't know why I let David do these things to me. But I love Ron so much and he loves me and I know that he would not let me be put through this if he didn't think it was for my own good. I'm sure this training has its purpose and that I'll be a better diaper slave when it is all over, but it is very hard to go through.

As expected, a young salesman came over and asked if he could help us. I wanted to tell him that we were just looking, but David said we would like to try on some sneakers, size 5 1/2 narrow, which were obviously for me. The look in his eyes told me that he fully realized the view he would get under my short tennis skirt when I raised my foot to let him put the sneaker on me. Little did he realize the real view he would get. Even with all three snaps of my tennis panties snapped it was obvious that I was well diapered underneath. With only one snap done, my diapers and plastic panties would be clearly visible the moment I raised my foot.

As I raised my foot, I could tell by the rising redness of his face that the salesman had seen my most intimate secret. It was kind of funny watching him squirm as he realized that he was seeing something that he ought not to be seeing, something that was very embarrassing to us both. But that did not keep him from looking.

David had the salesman put both sneakers on me and then had me walk through the shoe store, he said it was to see how they felt. I know it was to let everyone see my diapers and panties as I walked, for certainly the short skirt bounced up a little with each step and displayed my humiliation.

To top the whole experience off, as David was paying the salesman for the sneakers, he casually turned to me and told me that I must be very wet by now and that it must be time for a change. I am not sure which of us, myself or the salesman, blushed the deepest shade of red.

David led me out to the van and changed me in the back. As I have told you, he had removed all seats but the two front ones and had put a rug in the back. It is kind of funny, but I was almost getting used to having him change me and I didn't mind it so much when he cleaned me off in my most intimate areas with the diaper wipes. When he was through he fastened me into the front seat again, with my wrists in the cuffs and my skirt raised to show my diaper and panties. I was again blindfolded as we drove back to the cottage.

When we returned to the cottage David had me strip down to my diapers and plastic panties and he began fixing our steak supper on the grill on his deck. He told me that the potatoes would take about an hour and that until it was time for me to cook the vegetables on the stove I should join him on the deck. He handed me my sipper which subtly reminded me of the threats of what would happen if I did not finish it soon.

I really did not want to go out on the open deck wearing just my diaper and panties, but I had no choice. There was no obstruction between the deck and the lake and anybody going by would certainly have a bird's eye view of my nakedness and humiliation. Several boats did go by and when I tried to turn to hide my face, David told me that I had to turn and face the people going by and to wave to them. You can't believe the humiliation as several of them waved back and shouted "Hi!".

We ate out on the deck, me still wearing nothing but my diapers and panties. David said that steak was wasted without beer and so made me drink a few, which went directly into my diapers courtesy of the infernal catheter which was still lodged inside me.

After dinner, David told me that he was having some friends over for a party and that I was to serve them. I couldn't believe he was going to do this to me and I had no idea what he was going to do to me. I was sure that before the night was over I would die from humiliation.

As he was changing my diaper, he inserted a butt plug in my bottom and my Ben Wa balls in my pussy. He told me that this would continually remind me of my servile position, as if the diapers and plastic panties were not enough. He told me that I was to serve his guests perfectly and that if I did not, he would take the butt plug out of my ass and use it as a gag for me. I certainly did to want to tempt him to do that.

He then finished diapering me with three diapers and pulled my rhumba panties on me, assuring that all his guests would know of my diapered state. Then the final shock (or so I thought), he laid out my costume for the evening, a French Maid's outfit, complete with multiple crinolines which would raise my skirt up and show off my beautiful rhumba panties for all to see.

As David left the room, he handed me my sipper and told me to get dressed and wait in the bedroom for him to call me.

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