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Mary's Memorial Day Weekend

CHAPTER 7 - David's Story (Continued)

As I heard the first car come down the driveway to the cottage I called Mary out of the bedroom, a look of embarrassment and anticipation on her face. She had no idea what to expect or who was going to see her dressed the way she was.

In fact I had invited three college buddies and their girl friends over for a Memorial Day party. All three of the couples were straight, but I also knew that each of the girls was devoted to their man and would do anything he wanted her to do. I looked forward to an interesting evening.

As Bob and Laura were getting out of their car, I surveyed my diapered little French Maid. As she walked, she tried not to move very much below the waist and I could tell that her butt plug and Ben Wa balls were getting to her. Before the end of the evening, they would really get her hot.

Mary was dressed in the authentic uniform of an alluring, flirtatious French Maid. The black satin dress was trimmed in white lace around the scooped neckline, short puffed sleeves, and hem of the very short skirt, which was held out at a wide angle by stiff, short, white petticoats and was scooped-up-at-the-back to reveal her diapers and pink ruffled panties. A white taffeta, full bibbed apron lay on the front of the dress, and appeared like a pinafore due to the wide lace ruffles that trimmed the straps over Mary's shoulders, and met at the rear waistline in a large bow. Since she is small busted (to say the least) she wore a heavily padded bra (with extra falsies) which gave her the look of a well-endowed girl. A little beribboned maid's headband, fingerless elbow-length lace gloves, frilly garters, sheer black silk stockings (with a seam running up the back), and five inch high heels completed her outfit. Her makeup was spectacular: bright red lips, dark, dramatic eyes, and brightly rouged cheeks. She was a sight to behold and I was sure she would please my guests. I explained to Mary that she would be our maid for the evening, answering the door and making my guests comfortable, serving them drinks and snacks as the evening wore on. I further told her that I expected her to curtesy to them whenever she served them, lifting up her skirts on the sides as she did so, and to always address my guests politely as "sir" or "ma'am". I showed her where the wine and liquor were, she already knew the beer was in the refrigerator, and I told her that this evening, in lieu of her sipper, I expected her to consume no less than 4 cans of beer. She did not realize that for this party I had stocked the refrigerator with 16 oz. cans of beer (my friends are big beer drinkers).

Bob and Laura knocked on the door (we don't have a bell) and Mary answered and curtsied to them, lifting her skirts high as she was directed. Mary escorted them into the living room and saw that they were seated comfortably.

"Would you like something to drink, sir?, ma'am?"; she asked. They each ordered a beer, and I could see the look of amazement on their faces as she turned to fill their orders and they saw her bulging pink rhumba panties, and it registered with them what made her panties bulge so much.

Frank and Ruth were the next to arrive, followed closely by Tom and Linda. Each couple was appropriately greeted by Mary at the door, seated and their drink orders taken. Each also noticed the same thing as Bob and Laura had noticed about Mary's rear end when she turned to get their drinks (as I expected, beer was a popular beverage).

Bob and Frank and Tom and I spent a lot of time catching up on what we were doing while the girls got to know each better. Everything went fine for the first hour and a half, with Mary doing a splendid job of keeping our glasses filled and serving us snacks. My guests and I were not the only ones drinking, since Mary had her quota of beers to consume, and I guess it was the combination of the beers and the five inch high heels that caused the problem. Anyway, Mary was bringing another beer to Bob and Laura when she stumbled and spilled the beer down the front of Laura's blouse.

I was furious. Laura's blouse was sopping wet and clinging to her so that it was possible to see the very sexy bra she was wearing. Laura was very embarrassed and I told her that since she and Mary were about the same size, she could go into the bedroom and find one of Mary's blouses to wear.

I told Mary that she would have to be punished for her carelessness and ordered her to get down over my knee immediately. There was no need to hike up her skirts, her costume did that already. As she lay there, upper torso across my lap and her legs dangling down, I told her that I was not going to embarrass her this time by taking her panties and diaper off. Just the mention of her diapers and panties sent waves of blush through her body. I started lecturing her and telling her how much she owed me and how much I had tried to make a lady out of her and to prepare her for her eventual return to Ron. This lecture served a purpose of not only humiliating Mary further by treating her like a little girl, but gave Laura time to change and return to the room. While lecturing her, of course, my hand found its way under her panties and diapers and into her crack where my hand obviously excited her and she began to wriggle her cute pantied rear.

I felt it was only fitting that Laura should witness Mary's punishment (and take part in it). Laura returned and I began to spank Mary on her diapered bottom, knowing it would not hurt her physically, but the juvenile treatment would add to her embarrassment. The humiliation of what she was going through, more than the pain (at this point) caused her to start crying.

After a few spanks on her diapered butt, I began to turn my attention to her upper thighs. Alternating from right to left and back I raised quite a red spot on the back of her thighs before I finished. When I did so, she was sobbing more from the pain than from the humiliation. I then had her stand before me and thank me for taking the time to correct her careless behavior. Gulping out her words, she complied.

I then told her that I as her master (this was the first time I had used that word, but I'm sure she had already gotten the idea) was not the only one offended by her carelessness. She had to go over to Laura and to ask Laura to punish her for her carelessness. Slowly, Mary turned and went over to Laura and asked Laura to punish her for her carelessness. Laura was happy to oblige and soon Mary was bent over Laura's lap for a continuation of her spanking. When Laura was finished, Mary was openly crying, and then suffered the humiliation of begging Laura's forgiveness and thanking Laura for correcting her.

Mary's make-up did not survive this correction and I sent her to the bedroom to fix it. While she was doing that we all had a great time laughing and joking about how cute Mary's diapered bum looked stretched out over my lap and over Laura's. Because I did not want her to know how turned on I was, I hoped that Mary had not felt my hardness as she was draped over my lap.

Mary was taking too long to fix her make-up and eventually I called her back into the room, having told my guests that it was time for the evening's entertainment to begin. Mary entered the room and I had her stand in the middle of the circle formed by our chairs. As she stood there, not knowing what to expect, but anticipating that she was the entertainment and was not going to enjoy it, I went over to my music center and pushed the "play" button on the cassette tape player.

The tape, which I had previously inserted in the machine, was one Ron had sent along entitled "How to Strip for Your Husband". It is a live recording from a burlesque theater band, including all the cat-calls and wolf-whistles! As the music began, I told Mary that she was the entertainment and she knew what to do to the music. A bright red blush spread from her cheeks down to her breasts and, clearly beyond, although covered by her French Maid costume.

The music began, and Mary's hips began to gyrate, almost by themselves. A gloss came over her eyes and it was almost as if she were some kind of hussie on auto-pilot, revealing her charms to us all. As she danced, I could see her rubbing her thighs together, pressing her diaper up between her legs and turning her on. The Ben Wa balls and butt plug added to her excitement. We all watched as she began to strip.

First, of course, came her little beribboned maid's headband, then her fingerless elbow-length lace gloves. Next to hit the floor was her lacy white apron. Now things began to get interesting. What would she remove next, her dress or something else? We were a little disappointed that she removed her 5 inch heels next and then unclipped her stockings. When she had removed these, she was faced with a dilemma that I knew would soon come. She had already removed all her clothing that could be removed without experiencing real embarrassment. I mean, how embarrassing is it to remove a hat and gloves, shoes, even unsnapping her garters from, and removing, her stockings.

But now the real fun began. Mary reached behind her and grabbed the zipper on her dress. She slowly pulled it downward until the bodice of her dress fell free. Mary slipped out of the straps of her dress and slid it down over her legs and it fell to the floor. Mary was so caught up in the music that she unconsciously kicked the dress from her feet. Tom caught it to mighty cheers from Mary's audience. Next came her petticoats, all but one. As each petticoat came off, the cat-calls on the tape were reinforced by comments from Mary's audience.

Mary reached up under her petticoat and unsnapped and removed her garterbelt. It was clear from the way Mary was gyrating her hips and rubbing her legs together, that she was going to climax soon. As she continued to bump and grind I could tell from the look on her face that her diapers were very wet and that she was turned on by them. It did not take long before Mary came for the first time during her strip-tease, and she did not cum quietly. I always wondered about those scenes where the cops clamp the hand-cuffs on a beautiful woman and tell her to come quietly. As I have learned, Mary never cums quietly.

Mary was obviously torn about what garment to remove next. If she removed her last petticoat, she would expose her pretty pink rhumba panties. If she removed her bra, she would be revealing the paucity of her breasts, a fact that was adequately covered by her padded bra.

She made her choice. She removed her petticoat and, to everyone's oohs and ahhs, revealed her cute panties and well diapered butt. What modesty that provided was short lived as the next article of clothing to go was her padded bra. She was left dancing and grinding her hips in her baby pink ruffled panties and diapers. She looked at me for guidance as she knew she could not remove any more of her clothing without breaking my rule about taking her panties and diapers off by herself. A nod of my head told her that she need not proceed further, but had better continue dancing with her little breasts not even bouncing to the music.

Seeing that Mary had finished her stripping, Frank told Ruth to get up and begin dancing. Ruth blushed deeply, but began to bump and grind and remove her clothes to the music. As Ruth stripped, we could hear and see Mary dancing and cumming. When Ruth had finally stripped down to her panties, Frank took pity on her and allowed her to stop. She and Mary were then told to put their arms around each other and when they had done so, their hands were cuffed together behind each other's back. Mary seemed strangely uncomfortable at her proximity to Ruth's nearly naked body. Ruth, on the other hand, seemed ready to make the most of it. While Mary seemed to try to put as much distance as possible between their bodies, Ruth tried to pull Mary as close to herself as possible, cupping her hands around Mary's diapered, pantied buns and pulling Mary's crotch close to her own. At one point, I even saw Ruth's hands disappear under Mary's diaper and Mary gave an involuntary twitch. The music continued and they were forced to continue dancing, naked breasts rubbing naked breasts, pantied crotch rubbing diapered pantied crotch.

No sooner were Mary and Ruth dancing together, then Bob and Tom told Laura and Linda to start stripping. When they had stripped down to their panties, they looked at their masters and found no reprieve. Laura and Linda were compelled to continue stripping until they were naked. They were then told to face each other and Laura's hands were cuffed together. Linda's hands were then cuffed through Laura's and they were told to play with each other's pussy as they danced. Soon all four were cumming in eruptions like volcanos.

When we had had our fill of this entertainment, and this took some time, we uncuffed the girls, but did not allow them to get dressed. We resumed our seats in a circle and Mary was made to ask each of my guests to check and see if she needed a diaper change. She went from one guest to the other, her blush growing as she asked each one to check her diapers. Guest after guest, male and female, reached down inside Mary's diapers to check her wetness. It seemed, however, that their hands reached down much further than was necessary to check for wetness, and the wiggling of Mary's behind told me what was happening. The look of curiosity on their faces told me their hands had found the catheter I had inserted in Mary.

Needless to say, it was clear that Mary needed changing, if only because of the puddles of pussy juice in her diapers (but she had also copiously pee'd in her diapers). She laid down on the floor and I removed her pink plastic rhumba panties and diapers. My guests all gathered around to see exactly what it was they had found with their hands as they had fondled Mary. I placed clean diapers under her, cleaned her up with some wipes, and as I was about to bring the diapers up to pin them around her waist, Frank had an idea. How about having Mary and Ruth entertain each other? Mary was already lying naked on the floor and Ruth quickly shed her panties and jumped (so to speak) at the opportunity. Assuming the classic 69 position they were made to eat each other's pussies. Actually Mary was the only one who needed encouragement, since Ruth was wholeheartedly into the game. I encouraged Mary to cooperate with an occasional tweak of her nipple and we all watched as Mary's tongue flicked tentatively at Ruth's pussy and Ruth reciprocated. It was clear that this was not a punishment for Ruth, but Mary was more reticent until she began to feel the effects of Ruth's tongue. Then she suddenly became quite enthusiastic, thrusting her pelvis into Ruth's face, and lapping furiously at Ruth's pussy.

We could not let Laura and Linda feel left out and soon they were on the floor servicing each other. You should have seen the orgasisms the girls had, thrusting their hips around and moaning loudly.

Soon we tired of this entertainment. If the truth be known, my buddies and I were horny as hell and began to break up the couples on the floor. Talking alone did not work and so we began to spank their bare butts. For a while, our spankings only seemed to increase the girls' activity, but soon our spankings took their toll and the girls broke their embraces.

As the girls began to get a hold of themselves, they were told that they had their fun and now it was our turn. Each of the girls was told to stand before one of the guys (not the one they came with) and to make him happy.

As you can guess, the party was a great success. Eventually my guests left and I was alone with Mary again. I was happy with the way she performed this evening. Oh, the spill, I knew something would eventually happen with Mary walking on five inch heels and drinking beers.

I led Mary to the changing table and secured her wrists and ankles. Having done this and removed her wet diapers, I sucked the air out of the balloon in her bladder and removed the catheter and then removed the Ben Wa balls from her pussy. She noticed with apprehension that I left the butt plug in place. I placed clean diapers under her, but before diapering her, I brought a T-belt and 10 inch dildo into her view. The T-belt was designed so that the arms would go around the waist of a person coming together in the back, with one side fitting over a metal loop in the other. The tail of the T-belt then comes up through the crotch and fits over the same metal loop. A lock can then be inserted in the loop and the belt is secured on the wearer and any equipment previously inserted in the area covered by the belt (such as dildos or butt plugs) is secured as well. After inserting the dildo and leaving the butt plug in place, and locking the T-belt around her waist and up through her crotch, I brought her three diapers up and pinned them securely to her waist and covered them with a pair of translucent plastic panties. I let her off the table and gave her a baby doll nightie to put on and finally chained her ankle to the bedpost and climbed in beside her.

I slipped my hand under her baby doll nightie and cupped her cute little tittie as we both fell asleep. Tomorrow would be another rough and humiliating day for my cute little Mary and she needed

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