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Mary's Memorial Day Weekend

CHAPTER 8 - Mary's Story (Continued)

As I sat there on the bed waiting for David to call me to come down and suffer what I was sure was going to be even greater humiliation, I had time to look back on the weekend so far and the degrading humiliations I had suffered at David's hands thus far.

I still vividly remembered his having me bend over, legs spread wide, with my head and hands locked in the pillory while he gave me a piss enema; the embarrassment I suffered when he had me come out on the deck wearing just my diapers and plastic panties and made we wave hello to people passing by in boats on the lake; the abject humiliation I suffered as I had to raise my feet in front of that shoe salesman and show him my diapers and panties under my tennis outfit; and worst of all, his making me beg to suck his thing in order to get my diapers changed.

I just could not imagine how he could humiliate me further, and yet I knew that I would soon find out how, for I knew that whatever the evening held, David did not plan for it to be pleasant for me.

I was brought back to reality by the sound of a car coming up the drive and by David's strident call for me. David had time to review my costume before the knock at the door sounded. I was dressed in a French Maid's costume complete with black satin dress and full-bibbed white taffeta apron. Under my very short skirt (which was scooped up in the back) were several stiff white crinoline petticoats which showed off my diapers and pink ruffled plastic panties to all. The sheer black silk stockings with a seam running up the back and the five inch heels David made me wear were certain to draw attention to the lower half of my body and my diapers.

I was to curtsey to his guests (lifting up the sides of my skirts as I did so) when I greeted or served them, David instructed me. I was also to address his guests politely as "sir" or "ma'am". Instead of my sipper, David expected me to consume at least four beers. I knew that the combination of that many beers when I am used to only one or two, and the five-inch heels I was wearing would cause me trouble.

The first couple knocked at the door and I answered it, curtseying before them and lifting my skirts high as I had been directed. David introduced them to me as Bob and Laura and I escorted them into the living room and saw that they were seated comfortably. Each of them ordered a beer and I saw the look of amazement on their faces as I turned to go to the kitchen and they saw the back of my skirt pulled up to show my bulging pink rumba panties, and I'm sure they figured out what made my panties bulge so.

You can't imagine the shock I had when I opened the refrigerator door and saw that David has stocked it with 16 oz. cans of beer. Ron always bought 12 oz. cans and after two of those I was tipsy, and David had told me he wanted me to consume no less than four of those 16 oz. cans of beer. David was in the kitchen when I went in and he told me to take a can for myself when I served Bob and Laura.

No sooner had I brought Bob and Laura their drinks than Frank and Ruth arrived, closely followed by Tom and Linda. I greeted each couple appropriately at the door with a curtsey and showed them into the living room. Each couple ordered beers and as I turned to go into the kitchen I heard the same sound of their inhaling as they saw my hiked-up skirt in the back and my pink rumba panties and the diapers they covered on full display.

The start of the evening went along pretty well. I kept their glasses full and served the snacks that David had bought, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. David kept reminding me to keep up with my quota of beers and I tried to do so. But when I had finished my second beer (remember they were 16 oz. each) I felt a little light-headed, and when I was halfway through my third I felt really tipsy. So I knew I was in trouble when Bob and Laura ordered another round. I did alright pouring the beers, but when I brought them to the guests, I stumbled on my high heels and spilled a beer all over the front of Laura's blouse.

I really felt embarrassed for Laura since you could see through her wet blouse and see the very sexy bra she was wearing. Since Laura and I are about the same size, David told her to go into the bedroom, and change into one of my blouses. David was furious and yelled about how could I embarrass his guest that way and how careless and clumsy I was and how I would have to be punished for my behavior. I was really scared.

David ordered me, then and there, to get across his lap for a spanking. He was going to humiliate me by spanking me like a little child in front of all his guests. I turned beet red as I did as I was told, knowing that just the act of laying across his lap brought my diapers and panties into full view of everyone in the room. And as if that were not enough, he called attention to them by saying he was not going to embarrass me by taking them off. Just the mention of my diapers and plastic panties made me blush even further.

As he held me there on his lap, he began lecturing me on how much I owed him and how much effort he had put into trying to make me into a properly obedient and submissive girl for my eventual return to Ron and how much I had disappointed him. He kept me there, balanced on his lap with my hands stretched out to his left and my feet to his right, while he waited for Laura to return. As I waited for the spanking to begin, I could feel his hand at the leg band of my panties and then under my diapers. I could not help my reaction as his hand touched my most sensitive parts, and I am sure that my wiggling butt put on quite a show for his guests.

David waited for Laura to return before he began to spank me. At first, he spanked me on my diapered butt and I was sure that he did that for humiliation purposes only because it really did not hurt. But the humiliation of being turned over his knee and spanked on my diapers and pink plastic rumba panties was too much for me to bear and I started crying and begging to be let off. But he had no intention of letting me off easy. I began to feel his hand land on my upper thighs and I knew the pain was about to begin. He alternated between my thighs until I guess they were as red as the blush that covered the rest of my body. I continued to cry and beg to be let off, and David continued to spank me.

Eventually he stopped and had me stand before him and thank him for taking the time to correct me. I knew that if I did not do what he said, he would just pull me down over his knee again and I did not want that. So I tried my hardest and between sobs was able to get the right words out.

But my punishment was not over yet. David told me that as my master (he actually called himself my master? I couldn't believe it, although I guess the way he had treated me gave him that right) he was not the only one offended by my carelessness and that I had to go over to Laura and ask her to punish me also. I was not sure what Laura would want to do to me, but I had no choice but to comply, and I soon found myself face down over Laura's lap for another spanking. Maybe I am imagining things, but I found Laura's spanking harder to take and it hurt far more than the spanking David had just given me. About halfway through her spanking I totally lost it and was crying uncontrollably when she finished. But my humiliation was not yet over. I had to stand there with my thighs burning and ask Laura to forgive me and then thank her for spanking me. Again I was helpless and had no alternative but to comply as soon as I could get my crying under a little control.

My makeup was a mess and David told me to go and fix it. From the bedroom I could hear them all talking and laughing about how cute my diapered and pantied butt looked bouncing up and down as I responded to each spank. Just hearing them talk about what had happened to me added to my humiliation and I put off returning to the living room until I heard David call me. As I entered the room, David and his guests were all seated in a circle and I was told to stand in the middle. David announced that it was time for the evening's entertainment and I suspected that somehow I was to be that entertainment. As usual when I thought the worst, I was right.

As I stood in the middle of the circle, David pushed the "play" button on the cassette player and the music began. As soon as I heard the first few chords I recognized what it was and blushed a deep red. Ron had found a tape called "How to Strip for Your Husband" and obviously had lent it to David. I had no problem stripping for Ron and, indeed, was rather good at it if I might say so myself. But Ron had always reserved that fun for when we were alone and had never asked me to strip in front of others. Obviously David was, and I wondered how far he expected me to go. Clearly, David would stop at nothing to humiliate me in front of his friends.

I could not help it, my hips just started gyrating to the music as if they had a will of their own. And just as soon as they started moving I could feel the fullness of the butt plug up my rear and the Ben wa balls moving around in my love box. They really turned me on and I just could not help myself.

Starting to strip was easy. Deciding what to take off first was simple. First my maid's headband and then, one by one and ever so slowly, my fingerless gloves, followed by my lacy white apron. It was a relief to get out of those five inch heels and my stockings, although I am sure that my panties were on prominent display as I rolled the stockings down off my thighs.

But now things got tougher. What was to be next? I reached behind me and pulled the zipper of my dress down until the bodice fell free revealing the padded bra that David had made me wear, but at least the bra was some covering for my "little titties", as Ron likes to call them. I slipped out of the dress and kicked it out of my way. Tom caught it and you'd think we were at the burlesque for all the cheers and cat calls I was receiving. Next I removed my petticoats (all but the last). It seemed that with each item of clothing I removed David and his guests were getting hotter and hotter.

I doffed my garter belt next as I continued to bump and grind. I realized that as I danced the bulk of my wet diapers put pressure on my love spot and added to my personal enjoyment. As I continued to dance, I climaxed for the first time. Now I have to tell you that I do not climax quietly. Ron always said that when I cum the whole world knows it, I scream so loud with ecstasy. And I was not quiet this time either.

Now I had a problem. I was down to bare bones in the clothing department and torn over what to remove next. In fact, I was wearing that last petticoat and my padded bra. If I removed the petticoat, my diapers and plastic panties would be on full view for all to see. If I removed the bra, my little titties would be obvious to all. Neither choice was great so I decided to go for the petticoat, thinking that at least I was wearing something below my waist. However, it was not long before I was forced to take my bra off and suffer the comments from the audience about my child-like breasts.

I looked at David since I had been earlier forbidden by him to remove my plastic panties or diapers. He gave me a reprieve (sort of) and told me to continue dancing dressed as I was.

While I was dancing, Frank told Ruth to get up and join me. She obeyed him and soon was removing her clothing, although if you ask me, I did it better. As she got down to her bra and panties, I began to get a strange feeling in my loins and I spread my legs and allowed my wet diaper to rub its way further up between my legs. I did my bump and grind and came all over again, just as loud as before. When Ruth took off her bra and looked at Frank to see if he would at least let her keep her panties on, he took pity on her and let her do so. It was not long that we were dancing together in our panties (me in my diaper and panties) before we were told to face each other and to put our arms around each other. Our hands were promptly cuffed together behind the other's back, each of us with our right arm under the other's left so that we could not untangle ourselves. We were stuck in this very awkward position, naked except for our panties, facing each other with our breasts rubbing against the other's.

I had never been this close to a half-naked woman before and was both repelled and drawn by the closeness and the feelings I was experiencing. Ruth seemed to be pulling me closer to her as we danced. I could feel her hands at my waist and then they dropped down inside my wet diaper. I could feel her cupping my rear cheeks in her hands and then her right hand slipped to the center and into my crack. Her finger toyed with my rear opening and wiggled the butt plug David had left in my rear. I could not help but respond and started wriggling my diaper covered buns. Comments from David and his guests told me that my reactions had not gone unnoticed.

While Ruth and I were dancing, shackled together in a most intimate way, Linda and Laura were told to get up and join us in dancing and stripping. As they got down to their panties, however, they found no favor from their masters and had to continue until they were naked. I had never really looked at other women in a sexually stimulating situation before, and I was surprised at how hot I got just watching them, They were then told to face each other, and Laura's hands were cuffed together in front of her and Linda's hands were cuffed through Laura's. Cuffed as they were with their hands in front, they were ordered to play with each other's pussy as they danced. The very idea of that was strangely exciting, and suddenly Ruth's gyrations against my diapers were much more stimulating too. Very quickly all four of us were cumming in gigantic eruptions, with me moaning and screaming in orgasmic ecstasy. I must tell you that I felt very uncomfortable being brought to climax by another woman and felt pretty guilty and ashamed of myself for enjoying it so much.

Soon, but not soon enough as far as I was concerned, the boys tired of our entertainment and uncuffed us but did not allow us to get dressed. Linda and Laura were still naked and Ruth was in her panties and I in my diapers and plastic panties. Everyone but me sat in a circle and David thought it would be fun for me to go around the circle and ask each one to check my diapers and see if I needed a change. And so I had to suffer the ignominious humiliation of asking each of David's guests to check my diapers.

One by one they put their hands inside my diapers, front and back, to see if I needed a change and their hands went much farther than necessary to make that assessment. Almost all of them found David's infernal catheter as they checked the front of my diapers and all used the guise of checking the back of my diapers thinking to give me a well placed goose, but discovered my butt plug instead. I almost wished that I had needed a change back there? that would have showed them. But on the other hand, I sort of liked having my diapers checked and getting fondled and felt up in front since I had no choice and it was against my will.

I can't explain the feelings that came over me as Ruth checked my diapers. I felt a warm rush that I had never felt before and which I can't explain, as she reached down and placed her finger inside my pussy and started to rub. And then as she reached around behind me and pushed on the butt plug in my rear, I could feel a huge blush overcome my entire body. I was so embarrassed, not so much by what was being done to me, since I could not control that, but by my reaction to her touch.

The unanimous decision was that I needed changing and David told me to lay down on the floor then and there. He slipped off my pink plastic rumba panties and unpinned my diapers. Everyone looked closely at my diaper area to discover what it was they had felt when they fondled me. There was some discussion about how the catheter took all control over my peeing away from me and made me totally reliant on my diapers to keep from wetting all over the place.

After I had been cleaned up with diaper wipes and David was about to bring the clean diapers up between my legs, Frank had an idea. He suggested that Ruth and I "entertain" each other. Since I was already naked on the floor, Ruth quickly, rather too quickly if you ask me, shed her panties and climbed on top of me - 69 style.

Again I felt confused by my emotions. My upbringing told me that *nice* girls don't do this sort of thing, but my emotions told me that I was being excited and satisfied by Ruth's ministrations. My reluctance to participate was apparently obvious because David came over and took one of my nipples between his thumb and forefinger and started to twist. The pain from that was sufficient to convince me that I had no alternative but to cooperate and join in the entertainment. I tried to focus on what was being done to me and to reciprocate. Ruth's tongue was pulsing in and out of my pussy, she sucked on my pussy lips which were already engorged and wide open, and every so often she sucked on my love button in such a way that it nearly drove me up a wall. It was obvious to me that this was no first for Ruth. She knew just where to do what, and she did it enthusiastically. I tried to do the same to her and had all the encouragement from David that I needed. At first I flicked my tongue tentatively at Ruth's pussy lips and was not nearly as repulsed as I thought I would be. Her taste was musky and salty-sweet, her smell was not quite the same as my own, but very strangely exciting. I had sometimes fantasized about doing this with another woman but had never really thought I would. But you have to understand, I had no choice but to cooperate or David would hurt my nipple again and probably tell Ron I was disobedient. I must admit though that, despite my mind's reluctance, Ruth very quickly had my body convinced that this was very exciting and satisfying sex. Every once in a while I felt the catheter move in my pee hole and I suspected that Ruth was licking little droplets of pee off the end. Just the thought of her doing such an intimate act to me heightened my excitement and made me realize how wonderful she was.

Eventually I gave way to my emotions and joined wholeheartedly in the fun, thrusting my pelvis at Ruth's face and furiously lapping away at her pussy, driving my tongue as far into her as I could, realizing suddenly that I already knew just what would please her best because I knew what pleased me. I nipped gently at her clit and she came almost instantaneously. I lost track of how many orgasms Ruth gave me.

At one point in our frenzy we apparently rolled over and I found myself on top. It was not long after that when I felt slapping on my butt and realized that someone was spanking me. That only added to my excitement and I worked harder at Ruth's pussy. Eventually, however, the spanking became painful and I realized that David was trying to get us to stop and break apart. It was only when we did so that I realized that Laura and Linda were doing the same thing Ruth and I were doing, and that all four of us were creating quite a spectacle for the men.

We finally broke loose from each other and the guys announced that it was now their turn. Each one of us had to stand naked in front of one of the guys (who was not our date, or in my case my master) and "make him happy." I was given to Frank. I'll leave it to your imagination what we had to do to satisfy the guys. Suffice it to say that each guy had his own idea and each of us girls had no choice but to comply with his wishes. At least Frank had a gentle touch and knowing ways, making it easier for me to submit to him.

It was now getting late and the guests left. I found myself hoping I'd meet Ruth and Frank again sometime. David and I were then alone. He led me to my changing table and secured my wrists and ankles to the table top. When he had removed my diapers (which he had replaced after I had satisfied Frank) he sucked the air out of the balloon in my bladder and removed the catheter. He then removed the Ben Wa balls but left the butt plug in place, and I could only imagine what discomfort he had in store for me. After placing clean diapers under me he reached under the table and brought out a 10 inch dildo and some kind of leather device into my view. The leather device was in the shape of a large "T". He wrapped the two arms of the device around my waist before inserting the dildo in my pussy. He then brought the tail of the device, (which I later learned was called, of all things, a "T" belt) through my legs, and, leaving the dildo and butt plug in place, he lifted my legs up and locked the belt in place in back.

David then finished triple diapering me and covered my diapers with a pair of translucent plastic panties. He helped me off the changing table, gave me a baby doll nightie to complete my evening ensemble, and he again chained my ankle to the bedpost. As I drifted off to sleep after a very rough and full day, I could feel him climb into bed beside me, slip his hand under my nightie, and cup one of my little titties in his hand. It didn't feel as unwelcome as it had the night before.

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