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Mary's Memorial Day Weekend

Chapter 9 - David's Story (Continued)

When we woke up, the sun had dawned bright and shining on a beautiful Sunday. After I had fondled Mary a little more (she could not help but put up with it), we got out of bed and I had her fix breakfast. She was still wearing the dildo and butt plug, secured by the "T" belt, and I could tell she could feel their presence by the way she walked. Mary asked me to change her, but I told her to wait until after breakfast.

I had Mary fixed us bacon and eggs for breakfast, with orange juice and lots of big mugs of black coffee. We both like our coffee black. But I knew where Mary's coffee was going, and from the look on her face, so did she. It was the start of another nice day and so I decided we should have breakfast out on the deck. I was feeling a little beneficent and so let Mary keep her baby doll top on, knowing that she knew that it did nothing to conceal her diapers and plastic panties, and the translucent plastic panties did nothing to conceal the yellow stain that was growing in her crotch.

After breakfast I led Mary back into the bedroom and lifted her up onto the changing table. I secured her wrists, and after removing her plastic panties, I secured her ankles to the table. I removed her sopping wet diapers and reached under her to unlock the "T" belt. Having done that I removed the dildo (actually I moved it in and out for a bit just to excite her) and she gasped at the stimulation. I then removed the butt plug and held it up before her face. It was full of shit and I warned her about holding it in. I told her it was not healthy and that if she would not do poopies on her own, I would help her.

I cleaned her diaper area well with baby wipes - they help keep her smelling clean - and paid special attention to her pussy and ass. I unfastened her ankles and had her lift her legs up with her knees bent toward her chin. Her wrists were still cuffed to the table and so she could do nothing to resist. The removal of the butt plug had left some poopoo on her rear and I scolded her for not being able to stay clean. I careful cleaned around her back hole, even forcing my baby wipe covered finger part way into her to get her fully cleaned. I had her spread her knees with her feet up to give me open access to her pussy. I could see that it was already damp, and not from pee this time. Her love juices were flowing and it was clear that having her diaper area cleaned was turning her on.

I had the changing table built much like an obstetrical table, in that the part under the lower torso could be lowered out of the way. In addition, I had the table constructed so that it's height could be pneumatically adjusted by a foot pedal, kind of like a barber's chair. Warning her to keep her knees up and spread, I lowered the bottom part of the table and adjusted its height. She immediately reacted with a combination of fear and desire, for those two moves brought her pelvic area to the same level as mine at the same time as it removed any barrier between us.

But I was in no hurry. I took my time playing with my little Mary, running my finger up and down her love valley, each time touching her clit and making her shudder. I spent some time concentrating on rubbing my finger around her love button to the point that she screamed out in a violent orgasm, all the while remembering to keep her knees up and out.

Her position gave me access to both her pussy and her rear entrance and I took the time to lubricate my index finger with her pussy juices before it found its way down her crack to her rear and forced its way in. She was now impaled on my index finger while my thumb played with her clit. Whatever she did, she pressed against my thumb on her clit or my index finger in her ass. The sensations drove her wild and she bucked back and forth as my thumb found the entrance to her love canal and pushed in.

I continued to finger-fuck her front and back for quite a while as it drove her wild and I was sure she was totally embarrassed by her reactions and her inability to control her emotions.

However there is a limit to my control and, finally, leaning with my elbows on the inside of her knees to push them all the way back, I entered her. I was sufficiently well lubricated myself that I entered without any trouble, for I did not enter her love canal but her rear hole, telling her that she had not yet earned a real fucking. The beauty of a rear fucking was that it allowed me release while denying her the satisfaction of feeling me in her pussy where all her nerve endings were crying out for contact.

It did not take me long to come and I withdrew. As I did so, I had some of her poopoo on me and I threatened to make her clean me off with her mouth if she did not properly thank me for fucking her in her rear. I could tell that she still had a hint of rebellion left in her, but eventually she got the words out even if she did not mean them yet.

I took pity on her, something I don't often do, and cleaned myself off before getting dressed. I brought the bottom of the table back into place and raised the table to a convenient changing height.

I rediapered Mary and dressed her in those cute pink rumba panties I loved to see on her cute butt, and we spent the rest of the morning relaxing on the veranda, although I doubt that she did anything but think about her last diaper change. I allowed Mary to put on a tee shirt, but that was all she was allowed to wear to cover her titties and her diapers and panties. The tee shirt did not come any lower than the middle line of ruffles on her panties. Her crotch was on full display and she had to constantly worry about people boating by and seeing her.

While we relaxed I had Mary fix us some mimosas, that is a mixture of orange juice and champagne. Mary seemed to loosen up after a couple of those and we had a good time talking about her love of diapers and how much she missed Ron. She even talked a little bit about how confused she had felt earlier when I had played with her and entered her.

For lunch we had sandwiches and a couple of beers, knowing full where Mary's beers were going. After lunch Mary told me she needed to be changed and that she was afraid she would begin to leak, a fact that I already knew from gauging her liquid consumption.

I led her back into the bedroom and placed her on the changing table. I secured her wrists to the table and removed her diapers. While they were sopping wet, she still had not pooped her diapers. I told her that we would have to remedy that. I secured her ankles to a spreader bar and then affixed a rope from a ceiling pulley to an eye-bolt in the middle of the spreader bar. Pulling on the loose end of the rope, I began to raise her legs -- and eventually her bottom -- off the table. With her legs way up in the air, I lowered the bottom part of the table again. Leaving her hanging like that, I went off to prepare to assist her to poop.

I took a liter and a half of red wine and emptied it into a combination hot water bottle/enema bottle. That is, one that is open on only one end, and that opening can be either stoppered to be used as a hot water bottle or a nozzle can be attached to be used as a enema bag. I attached the enema tube to the bag and then attached a 30 inch high colonic hose to the tube. I put a little K-Y jelly on Mary's bottom hole and began to thread the tube up that entrance that had so recently held my manhood. I could tell that she could feel the hose winding its way up her colon and the look of anticipation on her face told me that she was not used to receiving enemas. When I had the high colonic hose all the way up Mary's butt, I placed the enema bag on the table and lowered her bottom onto it, with her legs still suspended in the air in a "V shape.

Mary had two options. She could relax and let the weight of her body force the enema way up inside her body or she could pull up on her legs, thereby keeping her bottom off the bag. Of course, either way I was standing at the bottom of the table playing with her clit and driving her mad. As she bucked and heaved under my ministrations, she unconsciously pressed on the bag and with each movement forced more enema into her colon. Soon she had received enough wine enema that she no longer cared what was being done to her and she settled down to relax and enjoy it. That, of course, forced the rest of the enema into her. When it was done, I had her lift up a little and took the bag out from under her and held it up for the last few drops to drain into her. Warning her not to let any of the enema drip out, I slowly removed the colon tube and from her moans I knew she could feel it as I it withdrew from her bottom. As soon as it was out, I picked up a greased butt plug that I had nearby and pushed it home. She was securely stoppered and would not be able to expel the enema until I gave her permission.

She was quite a sight, babbling in words that made no sense, apparently feeling no pain from the wine enema, with her legs suspended, spread wide in the air. With her legs spread up in the air the way they were there was no place she could go, and so I released her wrists and told her that I would not let her expel the enema until she played with herself and made herself cum while I watched. She was so high with the wine enema that she couldn't care who was watching as she reached down between her legs and spread her pussy lips with her left hand and began to massage her clit with her right. I had a perfect view, looking right at her wide open pussy through her wide-spread legs.

Mary was breathing heavily and I thought she would hyper-ventilate as she brought herself to climax. I was so glad I had no neighbors nearby because her shouts could have awakened the dead. When she was through, I refastened her wrists to the top of the table. She was so lubricated that I could not help myself. I lowered my pants and stepped up to the bottom of the table. My shaft was at just the right angle as I bent through her legs and entered her pussy. I slid right in and she gasped at the invasion. In and out, in and out, I went and there was nothing she could do to stop me. Finally I could feel a climax coming on and I paused as I shot wad after wad of cum into her pussy. I withdrew and went to the head of the table and had her clean me off with her sweet mouth.

Having satisfied myself, I decided it was time to let Mary expel the enema. I placed three nighttime diapers under her and got two pairs of plastic panties ready. I warned her not to lose a drop as I lowered her legs, released them from the spreader bar, and withdrew the butt plug from her bottom. I quickly drew the diapers up between her legs and pinned them tightly around her waist and pulled both pair of plastic panties up over her legs and around her diapers. I released her wrists and she began to grimace with the cramps the enema was bringing on.

Just to be on the safe side, I led Mary out onto the veranda, where any leakage could just be hosed off. If she was not so high on the wine, she would have been embarrassed to be out on the veranda in just very thick diapers and without a top on. We sat out on the veranda as she emptied her bowels into the diapers again and again. As I expected, even three diapers could not hold the effluent, and she began to leak all over. She was just a mess and when she was through I just stripped her diapers off her and hosed her down to clean her off. Naked as she was, I could see her blush spread from her face all the way down to her little titties as I sprayed her as if she were a dirty car.

After she was hosed off, I brought Mary into the bathroom and gave her a bubble bath. Naturally I had to make sure every crevice in her diaper area was clean, and I paid special attention to her little nipples which rose to attention under my touch.

Mary seemed to enjoy the bubble bath and the attention I was paying to her. She even talked about how wonderful her orgasms had been and thought that the wine had heightened them. I knew even as she talked that the wine was still affecting her and making her very talkative, but I could sense a kind of bond developing between us as she came to accept me as her master more and more. I knew that before the weekend was over, we would be making love and that she would be a willing participant in that activity. But for now, it was important that I keep her conscious of her position as my diaper slave.

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