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Intentional Wetters gets Diapered

Fron Issue 9

When I was seven my older brother was still wetting the bed. He was 10. I woke up one night around three in the morning and rather than go to the bathroom I just laid there in bed and peed. It felt good and my mom never found out because my brother's bed was wet and the room smelled like pee anyway. I just threw my pajamas in the wash and Mom assumed they were his.

This went on for about six months before my brother figured it out. One Saturday my mom sent him to wake me and he yanked the blankets off and saw the big wet spot on my bed - and my soaked blue sleeper. I told him I had recently started wetting and he agreed not to tell my Mom. And he didn't... for almost three weeks.

It was Thanksgiving and company was coming over. My mom checked our room and finding it smelling of urine - as usual - and she blasted my brother for it. My brother told her that it was I who was still wetting. She asked if it was true. I denied it at first, but when she demanded to see my pajamas from the previous night I had no choice but to fess up.

Having lied to her earned me a spanking, plus a warning to "knock it off" or be put back in diapers.

"Diapers won't fit me!" I shot back. Turns out they would!

The very next night she brought a bag of small Depends into our bedroom and proceeded to diaper me. That night I wet my diaper and went right back to sleep. I loved it and was instantly hooked. I've worn them ever since and have no desire to stop. Thanks Mom!

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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