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Little Kate

Part 1

Kate sat in her desk waiting anxiously for the bell to ring. It had been a long day at school and she just wanted to go home. Sitting there she began to shift back and forth her diaper was completely full and near leaking on her desk."Its cold" she thought as she counted the minutes until her algebra class was dismissed.

Finally the bell rang and everyone immediately leapt up from their desks and trotted out the door...except Kate she sat there pretending to write something down in her planner until her teacher left the room. Once her instructor had left Kate slowly got out of her seat and surveyed the situation. The fairly short skirt she had picked for the day seemed like a good idea when her diaper wasn't puffy and full.

"It's not so bad," Kate thought as she pulled down her skirt as low as it could and her diaper still poked out a little.

Kate slowly walked out the door and saw no one so she moved out of the doorway and down the hall. With every step she took her diaper crinkled loudly.

"Shouldn't have waited until after my only class this morning to change out of my over night disposable." She mumbled quietly as she rounded the corner and out the door to the stair well. She trotted down the stairs and out the door and toward the parking lot.

She got into her car safely without being seen by anyone and quickly drove back to her apartment. As she walked in the door she noticed something, a warm feeling sliding down her perfect thighs.

"Oh great now I soaked it so much, it's leaking." She said to her empty apartment and quickly took off her shoes then her short school girl skirt that showed off her legs and tight ass. Kate sighed contently as she lied on her changing mat and tossed the disposable in the garbage. Taking a wet nap she wiped her vagina and thighs clean. Then a thought occurred. Kate reached down and with two fingers slowly started rubbing her vagina. Minutes passed as Kate moaned with pleasure and became wetter. After fifteen minutes she finally climaxed and as she lay there on the changing mat completely drained from the experience she began peeing on her changing mat.

"Damn!" she cursed aloud realizing what she was doing and was powerless to stop her stream of urine. Seconds went by before she finally stopped and quickly cleaned up the mess.

"Well now I guess I won't have to worry about changing myself for a while," She said aloud.

Once the mess was taken care of Kate returned to her now clean again changing mat and gave herself a puff of baby powder onto her shaved vagina. She stood up and got a medium girls goodnight from the drawers then pulled it up, it was skin tight against her figure.

"Time for some me time," Kate thought to herself. She walked back over to the same drawer where all her diapers were kept and opened the bottom one. This drawer had all her pacifiers in it. She quickly located her favorite purple one and popped it in her mouth. She sighed contently as she sat on the couch watching cartoons.

To be continued

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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