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Little Kate

Part 2

This is a work of fiction, if you would like to have more parts added please email

Kate's eyes slowly opened and took stock of her surroundings. She had fallen asleep watching cartoons that was obvious, and it had been several hours. She got up from her comfy chair and tossed the blanket she had aside. She walked into the kitchen and made a bottle of formula. She pulled her pacifier out of her mouth and set it aside.

"I'm hungry," thought Kate realizing she had eaten since this morning, and it was now the early afternoon. Kate popped the nipple of her bottle in her mouth and began drinking. Kate walked back to her living room and sat on the changing mat. She looked down at her goodnight and the symbols on the front had faded.

"Wow," thought Kate. She had never wet a goodnight so much that all the wetness indicators faded.

"I know I can't hold it anymore since the car accident, but I've had some control." Kate was just fooling herself the doctor said that she would never have control again. She pulled at each side of the good night and ripped it down the side. Kate threw the goodnight into the garbage can and reached over to grab a double cloth diaper. She placed the cloth diaper under her and pulled it into place, grabbing her safety pins she pinned the diaper on.

"Its only one class I won't need plastic pants," thought Kate.

Kate stood up and walked into her room. She made a bee line to her closet and grabbed a short red dress. Walking over to her mirror she pulled on her dress, and checked to make sure she couldn't see her diaper underneath her dress. There was a slight bulge to her butt but it wouldn't be noticeable she thought. She had one more class for the day in 30 minutes, so she rushed out the door grabbing her backpack on the way. Kate walked down the steps and speed walked to her car. She grabbed the keys from her pocket and started her car. Pulling out of her parking space she sped off to class.

Kate slowly walked up the steps to her science class and stepped through the door then through the mass of students. She quietly slipped into her regular desk, its cold, she thought. After a few minutes her instructor walked to the front of the class and began writing on the white board. Kate began copying notes for the next forty minutes. After several pages of notes she looked to each side of her, seeing now no one was looking at her. She slipped her index finger into her diaper; it was wet and still warm. I can make it until the end of class Kate said to herself. A few minutes passed and she heard a familiar sound...dripping. She looked down at her diaper but before she could do anything the girl sitting next to her, her name was Hope, exclaimed "Oh, my god, Kate is wetting herself!"

Kate grabbed her belongings quickly and shoved them into her backpack tears streaming down her face she rushed out of the classroom. Arriving at her car she leapt in the driver's seat and drove home.

Once she arrived in her apartment she dropped her backpack carelessly aside, and walked over to her full length mirror and observed the damage. Her sexy red dress was darker from the first few inches up to her diaper which you could now clearly see through her dress because her urine made it stick.

"Why didn't I wear plastic pants?" she asked to her empty apartment.

"I'm going to have to start being more subtle with my protection," She stated. Kate walked over to her changing mat and took off her dress exposing her C cup bra and yellowed cloth diaper. She quickly took her saturated diaper off and tossed it in the hamper to be washed later. Taking a baby wipe she cleaned herself up, and with a puff of baby powered she was ready to be diapered again. From the changing mat she reached and grabbed a thick overnight disposable and her purple pacifier. She popped the pacifier in her mouth but before she could secure the disposable on her she noticed she was dribbling on the changing mat. Without a word Kate, still dribbling urine, hopped up and grabbed some paper towels to clean the mess on the mat and the trail to the kitchen.

"There all clean," she said finally securing the disposable to her waist.

Getting up from the changing mat Kate walked into the kitchen again and grabbed an oversized bottle of formula. With the bottle in hand Kate walked into her bedroom set the pacifier on her night stand and popped the nipple of the bottle in her mouth. Within a few minutes Kate had drained the bottle and swapped it back for her pacifier. She lied on her bed watching TV suckling on her pacifier until she fell asleep.

To be continued

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