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Little Kate

Part 3

This is a work of fiction, if you would like to have more parts added please email [email protected]

Kate awoke to the sound of her TV; she sat up stretched and turned it off. She crawled out of bed and stood in front of her mirror, she looked herself up and down.

"I look just like a baby." she observed; with her sagging yellow disposable, oversized pacifier and fluffy purple socks. She studied her diaper more closely; it was an Attends with a wetness indicator that had long ago faded.

"I really should get changed before I get a rash," Kate thought to herself. She walked away from her mirror toward her changing mat. Turning the corner into her living room she walked up to the mat and sat down. She untapped the saturated diaper and tossed it in the trash can. She then reached into one of her drawers and pulled out four cloth diapers and pinned them all on.

"Well its Saturday, no classes today, might as well have some fun," Kate said aloud smiling. She got up and waddled to her closet.

Kate waddled through her room into her closet and began hunting for something. A few seconds later she found it, a small black shoebox, opening the box she pulled out her vibrator.

"Score," she said to herself. She plopped down on her puffy ass and pulled the super thick diaper aside. She slid the vibrator into her vagina and placed the diaper back into place. She picked up the remote to her vibrator, she was already wet just thinking about it, and turned the vibrator to 1 on the dial. The vibrator slowly started to hum, it felt good inside her. She stood up and waddled to her kitchen to get a bottle of apple juice. She got to the fridge and noticed something, the pizza advertisement on her fridge, she suddenly craved it. She grabbed the bottle and placed it on her coffee table; grabbing her cell phone she dialed the number to the pizza place and ordered a small cheese pizza. She had 30 minutes. Hanging up her phone she had to catch her breath her vagina was very wet and she was getting more aroused by the minute.

Ten minutes or so passed and Kate was nearing her first orgasm she laid on the couch rubbing her bare breasts, breathing heavily, she turned the dial to 3. The vibrator sprung into action and within seconds Kate came to a screaming orgasm. Still catching her breath she dialed down the vibrator to 2 and looked down at her diaper it was sagging slightly, but could hold much more. The vibrator still stimulating her she sighed contentedly. Kate checked the clock and saw she had about 15 minutes, and then Kate had a devious idea. She would answer the door topless with only one diaper on, drinking her bottle and vibrator remote in hand. That would really be a good practical joke to play on the delivery boy she thought. Kate moved to her changing mat and started unpinning her thick diapers. The first layer was dry as was the second, and then she got to the third layer it was very damp, she removed it. She then saw her first diaper it was sticky with cum and so saturated with urine it was yellow and to the point of leaking.

"Well the pizza should be here soon ill just wear this. Plus I look cuter in a wet diaper it makes me look more like a real baby," she observed. She then cranked the vibrator up to 4. Well at least ill have more fun before the pizza guy gets here.

Thirty minutes passed and Kate had dribbled more into her diaper and it was taking longer for her to climax for the second time.

"Well, I may look cuter in a soaked diaper, but I'm gonna leak if I don't change before he gets here, and if he's not here yet I probably have a few more minutes," she said as she turned the dial up to 7. Another wave of pleasure came over her as she walked to her changing mat. She stumbled a bit and sat down to catch her breath. Then her doorbell rang.

"Here now? Oh great," she said as she ran to grab her money and bottle. Money in hand she placed the vibrator remote on the hip of her diaper and popped the bottle in her mouth as she opened the door. The figure standing in front of her was not a delivery boy but a delivery girl. She finally came into focus as Kate's eyes adjusted to the brightness. Kate realized before the girl that this was Hope from her science class yesterday. Hope was about Kate's height and build but Hope had D's instead of C's and was a blonde.

"Hi," said Hope as she was writing down the total for the order and hadn't taken notice of Kate yet.

Kate was frozen.

"Hi," she managed to squeak out. The waves of pleasure were coming faster and faster now that she had turned up the vibrator. She was breathing heavier and Hope finally turned to see Kate.

"Woah..." said Hope staring at Kate blankly. Hope absent mindedly handed the pizza to Kate who placed it on the table behind her.

Kate was shaking and on the very verge of an intense orgasm. Kate handed her the money and her knees were shaking as she stood.

"Kate, why are you wearing a wet diaper, drinking from a bottle and have a remote attached to your diaper?"

Kate couldn't take it anymore. In between moans and gasps of air she fell on fours and bit her lower lip trying to curb her loud moans. She leaned back sitting with legs to her sides, diapered ass on the floor and let out a few more moans of pleasure then came to an orgasm cumming into her diaper. Immediately after her orgasm Kate felt a strong stream of urine escaping into her diaper. A few breaths later she looked up at Hope and Hope pointed down. Kate looked at her sad state in a yellow sticky cloth diaper sitting on her front door step dressed like an infant, orgasming, and to top it all off her diaper couldn't hold anymore it leaked all over her front door step. Kate began to cry.

"Oh, Kate don't cry." Hope said tenderly leaning down she kissed Kate on the forehead.

"Don't worry baby Kate, Mommy Hope will be back to take care of you when I get off work." Hope helped Kate to her feet, she was dripping wet, and gave her a soft swat on her soaked diaper.

"Get cleaned up and ill be back in two hours. Oh and leave this on until I get back," said Hope turning Kate's vibrator up to 8. Hope kissed Kate on the lips this time and she was off.

Kate stumbled back into her apartment in shock from the experience. She was so excited at the thought of having someone play mommy for her the only thing she could think of about was how to burn two hours. She walked over to her changing table and placed her three cloth diapers over her cum stained and urine saturated one.

"Mommy will appreciate that I kept on my dirty diapers until she gets home to change me, but I'm a baby so I can't change myself anyways," thought Kate smiling.

To be continued...

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