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Little Kate

Part 4

This is a work of fiction if you would like more parts please send an email to [email protected]

Kate lied on her couch rubbing her breasts, and moaning occasionally, as she drew closer and closer to her 8th climax of the day. Hope had set her vibrator to 8 right before she left Kate to cope with the stimulation for 2 hours. Kate finally climaxed again into her diaper and again she wet herself a little bit.

"God, I gush like a porn star," thought Kate, as she checked her diaper again that was now very sticky and her she had soaked through all four layers already. Kate glanced at the clock Hope would be here any minute.

Finally there was a knock at her door. Kate got up from her chair and waddled over to the door. She looked through the spyglass in the door to see Hope waiting for her to answer. Excitedly Kate opened the door and pulled Hope in. Hope quickly closed the door and Kate threw her arms around her "Mommy!" Kate exclaimed.

"Hey little Kate," said Hope returning her hug.

Kate released Hope from her hug and studied Hope; She was carrying a big diaper bag that had "Mommy Hope" embroidered on the side, Hope had thigh high stockings on a mini tube top that barely covered her breasts, a old style nurses hat with a red plus symbol and a mini skirt. Kate took a second look at Hopes mini skirt, there was a bulge.

"Why is there a bulge under your skirt?" questioned Kate.

"Oh, because I used to be an AB and now I am a mommy but I still am incontinent from it." Hope reached and grabbed the hem of her skirt, she lifted it up revealing a large girls good night that was perfect size on Hope.

"So did you enjoy the two hours to yourself?" asked Hope grinning.

Kate blushed at the comment.

"Yes mommy."

Hope walked over to the changing mat tugging Kate along. Sitting Kate on the mat she laid her back and removed the first diaper it was slightly stained and damp. Hope then removed the safety pins and pulled the next diaper out from under Kate it was soaked. The next diaper Hope had to peel off being sticky with cum and heavy with urine. The Last diaper was dripping like it was hours ago and because of the 8 orgasms it was coated in Kate's juices.

"Wow baby you are a messy little one aren't you." Kate blushed again. Hope cleaned up Kate and put her in a fresh double cloth diaper. Hope put plastic pants over Kate's diaper and they both sat on the couch.

"Is little Kate hungry?" Hope questioned Kate.

"Yes mommy!" Kate exclaimed through her pacifier.

"Ok baby," Hope said taking off her top and revealing her double D breasts. Hope pulled Kate closer removing the pacifier and placing her nipple at her lips. Kate suckled on Hope's breast, milk dripping down her face, she suckled for two minutes. Kate unlatched from Hope's nipple, she had milk on her face and breasts, and latched onto her other nipple. Kate suckled on this nipple for a few minutes and by the time she was done she had drained Hope's breasts. Hope cleaned the milk off Kate's face and breasts. Hope placed Kate's pacifier back in her mouth and poked her index finger down into her diaper. Finding it a little damp she decided not to change her yet. Kate blushed then she had an idea, Kate poked her finger into Hope's Goodnight and found it soaked.

"Looks like mommy needs to be changed now," Kate said smiling at Hope.

"Well, you can't talk either little Kate," Hope retorted giving Kate a swat on her diaper.

"Can I change you mommy?" Kate asked hopefully "Pretty please!" She added trying to persuade her.

"Ok just this once," agreed Hope.

Kate stood up and walked Hope over to the changing mat. Setting Hope down Kate removed her mini skirt. Kate ripped the sides of the goodnight off and tossed the soaked garment into the trash can. Kate then cleaned her legs and her vagina once she was completely clean Kate crawled over Hope's naked body. Kate's diaper dragged across Hope's body as she leaned in to kiss her.

To be continued...

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