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Brian's Birthday

Chapter 1

Brian awoke on the morning of his 29th birthday to a sunny day in early April. He popped out of bed and moved briskly toward the bathroom in his flat. Neglecting the fly in his pajamas he pulled the front down in haste and managed to get most of the initial surge into the toilet. He looked up at the mirror in front of him and remarked aloud how that had been a close call. Normally, he wouldn't have cared but he had promised his girlfriend Amy that he would do better about his nighttime problem. At first she had been very understanding about the bedwetting. He knew she thought it was disgusting because she rarely stayed the night, but she was not critical. She even went so far as to put a waterproof mattress pad on her own bed for the few nights when he would stay.

"Is that love or what?" he thought. Slowly but surely, the eighteen month relationship started to become a strain on the two of them. Brian was wracked with guilt over his problem and Amy was beginning to show interest in other guys. She still loved him and wasn't overt about it, but Brian could tell that when a really masculine guy was near she carried herself a little differently. Her back got a little straighter, her lips a little more pouty and she seemed to move like a cat.

It wasn't that Brian wasn't a man, he stood just shy of six feet tall and was in good jogging shape, but he had a boyish look about him. Wavy brown hair fell just above his green eyes and he more often than not wore a smile. This morning was not one of those times. Amy had left in a huff last night because of an argument over what they would do for his birthday. <em> His </em>birthday! A beautiful meal, in a beautiful restaurant, with beautiful candles was not what he had in mind. He wanted to go down to the pub, have a few pints and play some pool. That was it. Nothing grand. What was so hard about that? The last words from Amy's mouth were "god you are so immature!" Immature? Who was the one that just stomped out of the room like a little girl? Who was the one demanding that he do something because she wanted it, on his birthday? Screw her, he thought, and then in his own mind recanted. He felt held over a barrell with her. She loved him, he knew that. And, she was understanding about his wetting which he knew from experience was rare. Maybe the nice restaurant wouldn't be that bad. He picked up the phone and called her- voicemail. He called again- voicemail. She was screening his calls? Wanting nothing more than to make up with her and fearing that this could be the straw that broke the camel's back he threw on some clothes and headed out the door to her house. It was only a ten minute walk that he did in 5. As Brian walked up on the stoop he gave a couple knocks on the door and let himself in. Her roommate Katlyn was sitting on the couch in the living room and staring at him like a deer caught in the headlights.

"Brian?! Hi, uh, happy birthday...," she forced from her mouth.

"So what are you doing here?" Brian looked at Katlyn and figured immediately that Amy had told her about the spat.

"Well, after last night I really need to talk to Amy. We parted on not so pleasant terms and I was hoping to take her to breakfast. Is she upstairs?"

"Ah, no actually she left at the crack of dawn, uh something about running errands or something."

"Oh, I thought I saw her car outside- is she in the neighborhood?" he asked.

"Uh, I guess she's around somewhere, uh, I really don't know," said Katlyn.

Something about the look she was giving him made Brian suspicious. Was she hiding something from him? He then heard the hard wood floors creaking upstairs and said, "she's avoiding me huh?"

"Well, yeah. She was uh, upset ya know and just needs a little time."

"I'd really like to talk to her, I need us to be ok."

"Now's not a good time," she said, "why don't you just leave her a note and she'll call you later."

"Oh come on, we're all adults here," he said as he walked toward the stairs.

"Brian no! Don't go up there, it's really not a good time!" As Brian headed up the stairs he realized that it was not just the floor creaking but the bed as well. He froze at the top step and heard Amy panting and moaning. His heart sank and tears welled up in his eyes. He turned back and mindlessly dropped from step to step until he reached the living room. His mouth was dry and his bottom lip quivered. The tears were streaking his cheeks as his eyes met Katlyn's.

"Oh Brian, I'm sorry, I wish, I mean, she didn't-" Brian raised his hand indicating she shouldn't go on.

"She did," he said and turned to the door.

"Brian seriously, it's not because you wet the bed." Brian's mouth dropped open and his cheeks went flush.

"How, wha-, who, she told you?!?" It was now Katlyn's turn to feel embarrassed. She hadn't meant to say that and in doing so had humiliated Brian and betrayed her friend's trust.

"We talked about it and she said that you guys were drifting apart and that she didn't see the relationship going much further but that she didn't want it to seem like she was leaving because you couldn't keep the bed dry."

"Who can't keep the bed dry?" said a voice coming down the stairs. The voice came from a man in a bathrobe and startled Brian and Katlyn. Brian took one look toward the voice, saw it was his robe, turned and walked out the front door. His head was spinning and he felt like he was going to vomit. He was bawling by the time he reached the corner and covered his face with his arm. He'd never been this humiliated.

"Who was just here?" asked Amy as she came down into the living room. Steve, the man in the bathrobe caught her in his arms as she hopped off the last step. They kissed briefly and then looked to Katlyn. Katlyn couldn't move. She couldn't speak. She just stared.

"What is it? What's going on?" asked Amy.

Katlyn pointed toward the door and said, "Brian."

"Oh god." Chapter 2 Brian spent the rest of the day in bed intermittently crying into his pillow and cursing his girlfriend. The answer to the how could she do this to me question was obvious. The fact that she would do this on his birthday made him sick. He finally dozed off to sleep in the middle of the afternoon while dreaming of Amy with her ass in the air as that scumbag slammed into her. During the dream he had gone into the bedroom to confront her and she just smiled at him as she took it from behind.

"what the hell are you doing?!?!?" he screamed.

"Getting, uh, a nice, uh, big, UH, dick! UUUUhhhhh," she wailed as she rocketed into orgasm. The guy behind her just kept on fucking her and looked up to say, "who the hell are you?" He then refocused on drilling Brian's girlfriend. When she came he held her tight on his cock, gripping her hips and watching her squirm beneath him. When she settled down he continued pumping into her while staring at Brian and smiling. As he reached orgasm he pulled out and shot gobs and gobs of cum on her back and ass. Brian felt as though he could feel it splashing on his own back and shuddered. He awoke.

It wasn't cum that he felt on his back, it was pee. He had completely soaked the bed and was wet nearly up to his armpits. Brian started crying again. His infantile state, Amy, Katlyn knowing and then that guy- it was all too much. Why couldn't it have been a dream? Why couldn't he keep his bed dry? Why?.........

Meanwhile, as Brian emptied his tear ducts and his bladder into the sheets, Katlyn and Amy were having a chat. There wasn't a whole lot for Katlyn to say except that she was sorry she had told Brian that she knew about his problem. Amy forgave her immediately and blamed herself.

"I do wish you hadn't let him in though," she lamented.

"I didn't- he just walked through the door!"

"I know, I just wish it hadn't happened that way, it's my own fault. At least he didn't walk in on us, that I don't think I could have dealt with. And who knows how Steve would have reacted," said Amy.

"Who the heck is he anyway?"

"He works at the hardware store down the street. I've flirted with him for awhile now and we ran into each other when I left Brian's last night. He asked me if I was alright, I told him no. He asked if he could make me better. I said yes. And the next thing I know we're in my room tearing each other's clothes off."


"He was amazing. He was so strong and powerful, I don't think I've ever experienced anything like it."

"And he left your sheets dry," Katlyn chided.

"Hey- now that's not fair. He actually didn't you know."


"He left them soaked in my sweat."

"Well, that robe of his didn't cover him very well and he certainly was a man," Katlyn giggled.

"My god what a beautiful cock huh? He made me snort more than once and I've never cum that much."

"So what now?"

"Now? I don't know, ant to go to lunch?"

"No! I mean what now with Brian?"

"Oh, I don't know. Knowing him he's sobbing away in bed, probably sucking on his thumb."

"I can't believe you're being so callus about this. You guys have been dating for a long time, you're not even sad?"

"Sad? A little. More relieved than anything. It certainly saves the ordeal of having a drawn out conversation with him. He just wouldn't understand why I don't have feelings for him anymore. He'd get all worked up and call me superficial because I don't want to sleep with a man that wets the bed like a baby. We've talked about this before and he just doesn't get it."

"Doesn't get it? Don't you think-"

"That his mother should have finished potty training him? Yes, I do think so."

"I was going to say that don't you think that he feels ashamed about his problem and really lucky to have found someone like you who accepted him?"

"That was my first mistake. He's sweet and smart and cute and allot of the things you want in a guy. But the wet beds got to be too much. And then the next day after one of his accidents he would be all sulky and clingy. Honestly, I want to have kids, I just don't want to date one."

"I know, I know. I just feel bad for him. I mean obviously it's not like he wants to be that way," Katlyn said with her voice trailing off.

"Katlyn, do you have a little crush on Brian?"

"No, I just, I mean he just looked so sad and I just wanted to give him a hug."

"Don't squeeze him too hard," Amy joked, "you'll end up having to change his pants too."

"Oh, stop. Come on- let's go get some lunch." Chapter 3 The following day Brian awoke in another wet bed. Not surprising really, considering that when he got stressed out this happened more and he felt like the world was crushing him right now. It was an overcast Saturday with a little mist in the air. Brian moped into the living room and stared at the clock. He had to wait 15 more minutes until he could order some food for delivery- there was no way he was going outside today. He turned on the television and channel surfed through the wait. After ordering some Chinese food he grabbed a quick shower and then pulled the sheets from the washer and threw them in the dryer. Just as he shut the door the buzzer rang and he went to answer. He opened the door and found a little asian guy standing there with a bag of food. Not unusual. What was unusual was the box at his feet. He paid the guy and then looked down at the label on the box. It was addressed to him.

He shoved the box in with his foot and closed the door behind him. He set the food on the coffee table and grabbed his keys to open the package. As he carved open the tape he noticed there wasn't a return address on it. He pulled the flaps aside and gasped. Brian plopped back on his ass and stared at the now visible contents of the box. He felt the tears well up again and try to imagine that Amy could be this cruel. The box was filled with adult diapers. There were some cloth, some disposable and at the bottom a pacifier sized for an adult. He kicked the box across the room after he read the note inside.

"There, there sweety it'll be ok," was all it said.

Brian was in a fit of rage.

"That bitch! How could she do this to me? It wasn't bad enough that I had to watch her get fucked?" he said, and then realized that he hadn't actually seen her, only heard her. He grabbed the phone and dialed Amy- voicemail.

"Is this your idea of a fucking joke? It's not bad enough that you told Katlyn and then fucked some guy who probably now knows too- but you're rubbing my face in it? Fuck you," and he hung up.

He stood in the middle of the living room visibly shaking and uncontrollably wetting his pants.......

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