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It all started about four years ago while my husband, Chris, and I were visiting his family in rural northwest Connecticut in January right after the holidays. My husband and I are both skiers and so are his siblings so we do a lot of skiing while visiting; it is one of the few things we all enjoy. One night we went skiing at Catamount, a ski area right on the border between New York and Massachusetts. It was a nice night but it was a little icy as a lot of the resorts out East use so much man made snow. Chris, his brother and his brother-in-law took off down a black trail that was closed. Chris came around a steep, sharp corner and went right into some icy rollers. He went flying off the third roller, land hard on his back and fell down into a deep ravine. He tried to ski more but his back hurt so bad he could barely lift his poles so I went and sat with him in the lodge by the fire. When we got back to his sister's home in Litchfield Chris had an accident in bed that night, we figured he was just tired from the injury. The last night we were he wet the bed again.

Two days later we left for the long drive back to our home in Lake Forest, IL a suburb on the north shore of Chicago. During the car ride Chris had two accidents while driving the car and he was pretty upset. I made him stop at the Walgreens in town before we got and home and I ran inside. I picked up a package of Depends diapers for him, although he didn't know that was what I was buying until I got back in the car. He didn't say much when he found out, just that he was going to go and see his doctor that next week. After we got home and unpacked we took a shower together and then ordered some take out. After ordering food, I put a diaper on my husband and I have to admit he looked pretty cute.

The next week he went and saw his physician, one of the best doctors in Chicago and he sent Chris for some tests and with a referral to a back specialist and a urologist. After several more appointments and tests the verdict was that Chris had some bruising in his back, but nothing serious. As for the accidents they could not pin point the cause; they were not even sure if it was because of the skiing accident. They said they could try medication but it almost never works completely and the side effects are pretty annoying. Chris called me and told me on his drive home from the city (Chicago) after the end of his work day. He said the doctor said to try to manage it with "protection" when it was an issue and otherwise it should go away.

Secretly, I was a little excited. I thought that my husband was pretty cute in diapers and I kind of liked taking care of him. It turned me on. While he was driving home I went out shopping. First I went to the Walgreens picked up more diapers, Depends, and got some baby wipes. Then I ran to the town over and did some shopping for a new diaper bag. I found a really cute Kate Spade bag. After I got home I put my new purchases away in my closet and waited for Chris to get home.

After he got home, we both went downstairs to our gym and worked out together for about an hour. After we were done we both took a shower and I put a fresh diaper on Chris. It was a Friday evening so we decided to meet some of our friends for dinner and drinks. After we both got dressed I put my things in my new bag and grabbed some travel wipes and a few diapers for Chris. When he say my bag, he didn't even realize it was a diaper bag but commented that it looked nice.

After dinner we decided to go with our friends to a new movie that just came out. So once in the car I told Chris to climb in the back and I would change him real quick. God he looks so hot in a diaper. We climbed into the back of the Range Rover in the parking garage and I put a fresh clean diaper on my sexy husband. We met our friends for the movie and of course had lots of popcorn and soda. After the movie ended I noticed Chris had leaked a little because of some dark spots around his crotch on his jeans. I knew the Depends weren't that great but I had not had time to find anything else.

That night when we got home I jumped on the internet and I discovered the Abena X-Plus and Bambino. I ordered a package of each to try them out... When they got here they were both great for different reasons. The X-Plus was great because of how thick it is and how I can tell Chris has a diaper on even through his jeans if I look closely enough. Of course I always tell him I can't though... little white lie. The bambino diaper is a little thinner but it looks just like an old school baby diaper. Both diapers absorb way better than the Depends so I ordered a case of each.

A few weeks went by of diapering my husband when he needed the help and it usually included great sex at night. One night I started to get an idea that he liked it as well. A long time ago he had bought me an expensive vibrator, the rabbit, because he traveled a lot for work and he said he didn't want me to "miss out". Outside of using the vibrator while he was gone we would occasionally take it out and include it in our fun, use it to get me going before he actually made love to me. Well one night he took out the vibrator while he was still in a diaper. I was so incredibly turned on to see him in a diaper towering over me with the vibrator... It felt pretty incredible. He started to fuck me pretty hard with the vibrator and I reached over and started to rub his rock hard dick through his bambino diaper. We both had pretty amazing orgasms that night. When we were done I got up and cleaned up the vibrator and myself then went over to the bed and put Chris in a fresh new diaper with lots of powder. I climbed into bed and we snuggled all night.

A couple months went by... Sometimes I had Chris in diapers and sometimes he said he didn't feel like he needed them. One night we were going up to my parents place outside of Rockford, IL. We were going to see the annual outdoor concert series called On the Waterfront near the river. Before we left my parents house I put Chris in a diaper and then grabbed my favorite Kate Spade diaper bag full of bambinos, wipes and powder. Near the end of the night I had to pee really bad so I got in line for the port-o-potties. Once I got inside I was disgusted! Instead of sitting on or near that nasty seat I decided to put on one of Chris' diapers. It was way too big but I got it to work. Then I noticed I kind of liked it.

I left the port-o-potty and found Chris waiting for me. I told him what happened and that I was sorry but I put on one of his diapers. I could tell he was turned on...

When we got back to my parents we went out to our bedroom suite and we took turns changing each other before putting our PJs on and going down to the family room to watch some TV with my parents. That night Chris desperately wanted to make love but I was terrified my parents would hear us so we just snuggled. Chris sleeps in just a diaper and I had on a tshirt and one of his diapers. That was the last time I wore a diaper for awhile. It did feel really good but I was just a little akward out about being in a diaper again.

Things continued with me diapering Chris when he needed it. There were some close calls of being discovered by both friends and strangers and I am sure there were times when people knew. For example I am a huge White Sox fan so we have season tickets and they search your bag every time you enter the stadium and of course my diaper bag always has some bambinos or abenas for my hot husband. At airport security I have had my bag searched a few times but no one ever said anything.

The next time I wore a diaper was when I joined my husband on a business trip to Shanghai. It was his third trip to Asia in two years and he always complained he could not sleep on the flight even in business class so we both decided to ask our doc for suggestions. He provided a small prescription of ambien for both of us but warned us that because it is a drug induced sleep and that some people have accidents. Chris used that as his opportunity to order some diapers for me, X-Plus, in my size. Now my diaper bag was full of diapers for both of us! Once on the plane and in the air I got up and went to the bathroom to change into more comfortable clothes and put on a diaper. I had already put Chris in a diaper at the airport lounge. It is so much fun for me to change him that I won't let him do it himself!

As I walked back to my seat in a diaper and a pair of sweatpants and sweatshirt I was sure everyone could tell I had on a thick diaper. When I climbed over Chris into my seat, we were in business class, Chris padded me on my diapered butt. It was kind of hot. Next thing I knew he was holding my hand with our hands resting in my lap so that he could feel the thick diaper between my legs. After dinner was served and a couple more rounds of drinks the lights were turned off and people started to try to sleep. Chris took it as an opportunity to start to rub my pussy over the diaper. I was so incredibly turned on. After about 10 minutes of this I had an orgasm and I almost moaned out in pleasure but I bite my tongue! I wanted to reach over and return the favor but the ambien was kicking in and we both fell asleep.

When I woke up right before landing I was dry, well at least no pee. I told Chris I was wet because I wanted to keep wearing a diaper. That night at our hotel I suggested that I wear a diaper again and we both take an ambien to make sure we got a good nights sleep. Chris lifted me up and put me on the bed and then took off my jeans and panties. He took out a baby wipe and cleaned me up and then started to play with my pussy. After a little while he put a diaper on me. I told him that he was cruel... Except he didn't stop. Then he started to rub my hot, wet pussy over the diaper and I reached out for his rock hard cock in his diaper. After a little while of this I pulled his diaper to the side and pulled out his dick. I gave him some pretty amazing head and then asked him to fuck me. He went to take off my diaper and I moved his hand aside. I loosened the tapes a little, rolled over onto my stomach and pulled my diaper aside just enough so that he could slide his cock into my pussy from behind. It was pure ecstasy. It was one of the best love making sessions we ever had.

After we just laid together for awhile. Then we got up, got ready for bed and took turns changing each other's diapers again. We snuggled up and slept like babies...

To be continued...

In the meantime please feel free to send me any comments: [email protected]

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