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Mary's Memorial Day Weekend

CHAPTER 10 - Mary's Story (Continued)

I woke up early on Sunday, dreading what was to be done to me that day. Although I had no idea what David had planned for me, I knew it would not be pleasant. I was sure that he had more embarrassing situations in store for me. I could not help but be continuously aware of the dildo and butt plug inside me secured by the "T" belt locked around my waist and through my legs, and knew that I had not yet experienced David's worst.

During the night I had slept soundly, even dreaming about the events of the prior day, about Ruth and Frank, and my dreams confused me even further. When David first brought me to his cottage, more than anything else I wanted to go back to Ron as soon as possible. I was no longer sure what I wanted.

I lay there quietly, hoping that David would sleep late and give me some peaceful rest. I was wearing a short baby-doll nightie which went to just below my waist and did nothing to cover the humiliating triple diapers and translucent plastic panties that David had forced me to wear during the night. My ankle was still chained to the bed and so, even if I had been able to take my diapers and plastic panties off and get out of the infernal "T" belt, I still could not make it to the bathroom. I was forced to use my diapers for their intended purposes and realized that I had already wet them, apparently without waking, during the night. I wondered if that was just an aftereffect of the catheter or if I might be actually starting to lose control. I tried to remember the last time I had been able to use a toilet, but I really couldn't remember.

I felt David stirring next to me and tried to pretend I was still asleep, but soon I felt his hand snaking up under my baby-doll nightie and fondling my tittie. I had to admit that David was perfectly accurate when he commented on the small size of my breasts. I barely fit into a training bra. I could not help it, but I started to moan under his ministrations and he realized I was awake. After he had his fun he got up and unchained my ankle and told me to fix breakfast.

I asked David to please change me since my diapers were very wet and heavy. He told me that the triple night-time diapers I was wearing would hold whatever I needed to do and that I would have to wait until after breakfast before I was changed. Thus I was forced to waddle around with extra thick diapers showing under my baby-doll nightie while I fixed breakfast for David and myself. I just knew that the translucent plastic panties did nothing to hide the growing yellow stain in my crotch. The butt plug made sure there was no brown stain in the back.

In addition to bacon and eggs and orange juice, David made sure I drank mugs and mugs of black coffee, knowing full well that all those cups of coffee were destined for my diapers. I knew I was getting wetter all the time, but the dildo and T-strap kept me from feeling all that lovely wetness on my pussy. It was very frustrating.

It was a very nice morning and so David decided we should eat breakfast out on the deck, adding to my humiliation by again exposing me in my diapers, plastic panties, and baby-doll nightie for all who passed by to see. As I said, it was a very nice morning and there were many boats out on the lake and they all seemed to pass by close to shore. I think I was blushing continuously.

After breakfast, David had me wash the dishes before he would agree to change me. When I had finished the dishes David led me into the bedroom and lifted me up onto the changing table. By now, I had gotten used to his procedure of fastening my wrists to the top corners of the table and removing my plastic panties before fastening my ankles to the bottom corners of the table. I was past being humiliated by having David change me since there was nothing I could do about it. I simply accepted that if he didn't change me I wouldn't be changed. He removed my soaking wet diapers and reached under me to unlock the "T" belt. As he removed the belt I could feel the dildo moving inside me and realized that David was not just taking it out, but that he was moving it around in me and in and out of me, fucking me with it. He was fucking me with the dildo and, secured to the table as I was, there was nothing I could do to stop him.

I have to admit that I was stimulated by what he was doing to me, but in my own defense, it was not as if I wanted him to do it to me. I realized I had no choice, and somehow that allowed me to enjoy the feelings without guilt at getting excited by someone other than Ron.

David then reached under me and grabbed the end of the butt plug and pulled it out with a plop. He held it up in front of my face and I could see and smell my poop on it. David scolded me about holding my poopies in, as if I had a choice with that butt plug in place since I had been changed after dinner the night before. David told me that if I was going to hold back my poopies, he would find a way of helping me do them. I didn't even want to dream about what he meant by that remark.

As usual, David took far more time than necessary to clean my diaper area. I could feel the diaper wipes as they caressed my pussy and rubbed against my clit. I knew that David was stimulating me on purpose, and yet I had no control over my reactions.

David released my ankles and had me spread my knees wide. I could only wonder at the view he had of my pussy. I did know that I was responding to what he was doing to me and that I was all wet and juicy around my pussy. I can't explain it, but I found having David change and clean me was strangely exciting.

I didn't know at the time what was happening, but I later learned that David had the changing table built so that the part of the table that my legs rested on was on a hinge and could be lowered out of the way. David did drop that bottom part out of the way and lowered the height of the table so that my pelvis was even with his. I began to feel mixed emotions. I had no idea what he had in mind for me and I knew that it would be very embarrassing for me, and yet I was strangely anticipating what he might do. He ordered me to keep my knees up and spread and that added to my anticipation, for I knew just how open I must appear to him in that position. There was nothing between my love nest and his male equipment except his clothes. I had no way to stop anything he might intend to do to me. Just that realization seemed to make me more excited.

I could feel him running his finger up and down my love slit. Each time his finger reached the top, it would linger over my love button and send shivers up and down my spine. I tried not to react for fear that would only encourage him and I did not want to do that. Or did I? I couldn't tell what I wanted. I was so confused by the emotions I was feeling. He continued to arouse me until I could resist it no longer and began bucking my hips to meet his fingers and soon erupted in a screaming, violent, and very satisfying orgasm.

As I came down from my orgasm I could feel David's finger moving down my crack and come to rest on my rear entrance. Without any notice, he plunged his finger inside my rear hole. Apparently it was so well lubricated with my pussy juices that it went in easily. No sooner had his finger invaded my butt than I felt his thumb enter my love hole and I was held like a bowling ball. If I tried to push away from his thumb at my front, I further impaled myself on his finger in my rear. If I lifted off that finger, I pressed against the one entering me in front. No matter what I did, I could not get away from him and he drove me wild. I could not control my emotions and was totally embarrassed by my inability to control my reactions. I was really being turned on by what David was doing to me.

But before I could cum again, he withdrew his fingers from me and leaned with his elbows on my knees, pressing my legs up and out and raising my butt off the table. I could feel his manhood touch me and enter me, not as I had expected (and hoped), in my love canal, but in my butt. I could not believe it. It hurt as he entered, but there was something very pleasurable in that pain. He was using me like a dog, butt fucking me, all the while telling me that I had not yet earned a real womanly fucking and that I could expect to be wearing a butt plug frequently so that my rear hole would be as easily penetrated as my pussy. I ached to feel him fuck me properly, in my pussy, but obviously, I was going to be denied that privilege, at least for the time being.

Before I really had a chance to respond to what he was doing to me, I could feel him pulsating in my rear, and he climaxed and soon withdrew from me. It was over so soon that I didn't get any real pleasure out of it. Then, before I knew it he was at my head, waving his cock in my face and I could see my poop on it. He threatened to force me to clean it off with my tongue if I didn't properly thank him for butt fucking me. How could I thank him for the ignominy and embarrassment of what he had done to me? Nonetheless, given the alternative, I finally found the words to say to satisfy him and to keep him from sticking that poopy thing in my mouth.

David left me there telling me to keep my legs up and spread wide while he cleaned himself off and dressed. He then cleaned me again and re-diapered me quite thickly and put those cute pink plastic rumba panties on me. David allowed me to put on a tee shirt which came no lower than the middle line on ruffles on my panties. I noticed as I walked that I had a very pleasant little ache in my bottom, and the soft, thick diapers felt exquisitely nice against my pussy. We went out onto the deck and I was keenly aware that my crotch and butt were on display to all who passed by in their boats. Maybe it was just me, but people seemed to always be driving their boats back and forth in front of David's cottage and looking at me.

David told me to fix some mimosas for us. I wasn't sure what they were, but David told me they were just a mixture of champagne and orange juice. They tasted lovely. David told me to sit with my legs apart and my diapered crotch facing toward the lake front. He sat off to the side but also facing me, so that he could watch for the yellow stain that we both knew would soon appear in my diapers. We sat there on the deck and chatted most of the morning, small talk mostly. David drew me out to talk about my growing love of diapers and how much I missed Ron. I really missed Ron, and yet I really got excited when David played with me and entered me, even though it was in my rear. I was very confused by my own emotions. How could I love Ron so much and still be increasingly turned on by David and what he was doing to me? I found myself beginning to look forward to the rest of this strange weekend.

For lunch, we had sandwiches and a couple of beers, and both of us knew where my beers were headed, straight into my diapers. I hardly seemed to notice when I was wetting anymore. After lunch I asked David to change me because I was afraid I would start to leak. David led me back to the bedroom and placed me on the changing table. He secured my wrists to the top of the table, but curiously did nothing to restrain my ankles, not that I could do anything with my wrists cuffed.

David removed my diapers which were sopping wet and commented that I still had not yet pooped in them. Although I really had needed to do a BM and I was becoming more willing to try to please David, I just could not bring myself to mess in my diapers. That would be the height of embarrassment for me. David told me that we would have to remedy my refusal to poop in my diapers. I had no idea what he meant or what he was going to do me, but I knew two things: I would not like it and I could do nothing about it.

Before I knew what he was doing, my ankles were affixed to the two ends of a bar about three feet long. This stretched my legs out and prevented me from closing them or protecting what I used to think of as my private areas. In fact, I was now beginning to think of it as my diaper area, but now it was spread wide open for him to see and to do what he wanted. I found myself accepting his right to do as he wished there.

The next thing I knew David had attached a rope from a pulley on the ceiling to an eye bolt in the middle of the bar. He pulled on the other end of the rope and I could feel my legs being lifted off the table. Some more pulling of the rope and eventually my entire butt and my lower back were off the table and my butt was swinging in the air. He apparently tied the rope off, because I was left hanging that way while he again lowered the bottom of the table and left me. I could tell not only that my legs were spread wide apart, but that my position opened my pussy lips and I could feel the air caressing my pussy. I began to get juicy just thinking about how David could do whatever he wished with me in that position.

When David returned I realized what he intended to do to me. He had a bulging hot water bottle with a hose running out of it. It was a combination hot water bottle and enema bag and it had a long hose running out of it. Part of the hose was white and had a clamp on it, and the other part was brownish, was about three feet long, and connected to the end of the white hose. I had never had an enema in my life, and I shuddered at the thought of that hose going way up inside me, and yet I had no way to prevent what David was about to do to me.

David approached the bottom of the table and I could feel his finger at my rear hole. It slipped easily inside me and I could tell he was lubricating me back there. His finger slipped out and I could feel a gentle push as the tube slid inside me. I could feel the motion continue until almost the whole of the brownish tube was inside me. I later learned that the tube was called a colonic tube and that it really did reach way up inside my colon. I was not sure what to expect never having had an enema before, and I was caught in paradoxical feelings of excitement, fear, anticipation, and embarrassment.

The next thing David did really surprised me. He placed the enema bag on the bottom of the table and then lowered the spreader bar so that my lower back rested on the enema bag and my weight pushed the enema up inside me. If I pulled up on my legs I could stop the enema flow, but this, in effect, raised my pussy in an offering to whatever David wanted to do to it. He began to play with my clit and when I pulled away from him, I pushed more enema into my insides. It was also tough on my legs to keep my back raised off the table and the enema bag, and so I soon gave in to the inevitable and just relaxed, allowing my full weight to send a stream of liquid up my bum, and allowing David to do as he wished with my pussy.

I had no idea why, but I was becoming light headed and stopped caring what David was doing to me. Indeed, I just relaxed and enjoyed the mostly pleasant sensations I was experiencing. I seemed to be getting high. Soon I had received the whole enema and David raised the bag into the air to allow the final drops to run up into my colon. David warned me not to let any of the enema out, and I couldn't believe my reply. I just said, "Whatever you say, Master." I felt really tipsy and David told me that he had given me a wine enema, a full liter and a half of wine. I get tipsy on a couple of beers or glasses of wine, and he had given me a liter and a half.

David slowly withdrew the colon tube and I could feel it as it backed down my insides. No sooner did I feel the tube come out of me than I felt David jam a butt plug into me. There was nothing I could do to expel the enema until David removed the plug. But in fact, I really did not care what he did to me. I trusted David to take care of me and do what was best for me. I tried to tell David how much I was enjoying what he was doing to me and that I would do whatever he said, but I'm afraid my words were somewhat garbled by the wine.

David released my wrists from the table and told me that I would not be able to void the enema until I had masturbated and cum while he watched. He stood at the bottom of the table and just watched me. With my legs spread wide and hoisted in the air, there was nothing I could do but what he commanded me. And frankly, the way I felt, the whole world could have been watching for all I cared. I spread my pussy lips, dipped my fingers in my love canal for some fresh lubrication, and began massaging my clit. I could see David at the end of the table, watching what I was doing. I must have been quite a sight, with my pussy and butt bouncing around in the air as I brought myself to a loud and boisterous climax. I would have kept on going, I was hot and aching for more than one orgasm, but David stopped me.

David obviously was turned on by what he saw and he refastened my wrists to the top of the table and then lowered the table. He lowered his pants and bent over me. I could feel him enter my pussy through my spread legs and gasped at the invasion. He felt huge and wonderful. I could see and feel him bucking up and down and plunging inside me. He lasted longer than he had inside my bum earlier, but it wasn't very long before he climaxed and withdrew from me. I didn't get another orgasm myself although I was on the verge. The next thing I knew David was at the top of the table and made me clean his cock off with my mouth. I was so hot I really tried to get him hard again, but to no avail.

When David realized there would be no "second coming", he brought the bottom of the table back up into it's regular position and raised the table back up to changing height. He placed three very thick nighttime diapers under me and, warning me not to loose a drop of the enema, he pulled the butt plug out of my bottom. I am sure some of the enema leaked out but David said nothing. I tried very hard to hold it in, it felt so good inside me. He quickly pinned the diapers around my waist and put two pairs of plastic panties on me. He released my wrists from the table and helped me off the table. That action jiggled the enema around inside me and for the first time I felt some cramps and discomfort as it began to knock at my back door and seek release.

David led me out onto the deck dressed just in my very thick diapers and plastic panties. I was so concentrating on trying to hold the enema that I knew would soon be filling my diapers, and also still feeling the effects of the wine, that I did not even realize that I was naked from the waist up, not that my titties are anything to look at. I was beyond caring what anyone saw or thought.

David sat down and just watched me as I struggled with control, and then suddenly lost all of it. I expelled the enema, trying to hold it back as well as I could, but of course having to give in to the inevitable. Again and again, I felt the enema gush out of me. Every once in a while, I would feel a little plug of my poop block the exit and then it would give way like a dam breaking, and the enema would gush out again. The feel of all that warm. messy liquid spreading rapidly throughout my diapers was quite exciting and the feeling of relief at releasing all that pressure was rather amazing.

Even three extra thick nighttime diapers were not enough to hold it all in and I began to leak down my legs and over the deck. David would not let me sit down because I was leaking and I could see boaters going up and down the shoreline in front of his cottage, just looking at me. I suddenly realized what I was doing in front of all those strangers, and my sense of embarrassment and humiliation returned with a vengeance. I blushed crimson and I was crying with shame, when I begged David to have pity on me and end my humiliation. Instead he waited until he was sure I was finished expelling the wine enema and then added to my humiliation by stripping my diapers off right out there on the deck and using a common garden hose with cold water to clean me off. He had me turn around so that he could clean me all over, pointing the spray particularly at my pussy and rear. I know that I blushed from the top of my head right down to my toes despite the cold water's chilling effects.

After he had sprayed me all over, David led me into the bathroom and gave me a truly luxuriant and wonderful bubble bath. I can't tell you the feelings I felt as he cleaned me all over, paying special but very gentle attention to every nook and cranny of my pussy and running his finger into my rear hole again and again. He also paid special attention to my nipples and very gently washed my face. His touch was very caring and almost magical, and I suddenly knew that I could trust him with my very life. David knew just what I needed to feel comfortable again. That, combined with all of the sexual excitement and satisfaction he had provided for me, made me think that it could be very nice indeed to become a full-time diapergirl, and I felt so honored that he was taking the time to teach me every aspect of what that might entail.

I knew that I was talking too much and that, in part, the wine had loosened my tongue, but I could not help telling him how appreciative I was, how I wanted him to keep me in diapers, and how I would do anything he wanted. After all, he was my master.

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