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Mary's Memorial Day Weekend

CHAPTER 11 - David's Story (Continued)

After her bath, I dried Mary off with a soft terry cloth towel. I particularly paid attention to her little titties and ran the towel between her legs more often than was really necessary. Her gyrating hips told me that she was still hot and wanted release. She would not get that desired release just yet.

When her bath was over, I decided it was time for Mary to learn another lesson in respect for me. I told her that any time I did anything for her, or allowed her to do anything for me, she was to thank me. After giving her a bath, she was to thank me. When I changed her diaper, she was to thank me. If I allowed her to suck me, she was to thank me for the privilege. If I condescended to fuck her, front or back, she was to thank me.

She is a fast learner, given the right incentives, and immediately thanked me for giving her a bath and for paying special attention to her titties and between her legs when drying her off. She knew better than to ask what was to come next.

I brought her over to the bed and, after putting a rubber sheet on the bed and telling Mary that I could not trust her not to wet when she was not wearing diapers, I gently placed her on it. I put fur-lined leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles and had her get up on her hands and knees and spread her knees so that her pussy and butt were openly exposed. I then told her to put her head down on the bed and stretch her hands down toward her ankles. I secured her in that position by locking her right wrist to her right ankle and her left wrist to her left ankle. To make sure she kept her knees spread, I placed a spreader bar between her ankles, leaving her helpless to close her legs.

She was quite a sight on the bed with her butt up in the air and helpless to stop me from doing anything I wanted to do to her. I ran my hands over her curvaceous body, down her back and sides and over her backside, and down the inside of her thighs and calves, just to remind her that I could do with her whatever I wanted to. I paid particular attention to her butt, waving high up in the air, and to her wide open pussy, running my fingers up and down her slit. I watched her gyrate her hips, half in an attempt to avoid my ministrations, and half in response to them. To add to her anxiety I put a blindfold on her so she would have no idea what I was going to do to her. I then stripped naked but would not answer her questions about what I intended to do. She kept pleading with me to tell her what was going to happen to her and I knew that she felt so very vulnerable in that position. I said nothing so she could not even tell where I was in the room.

She shifted about as best as she could and it was obvious she was getting anxious about what was in store for her. I gave her a few spanks on her rear, just enough to redden her butt, but not enough to do any damage or inflict much pain other than the humiliation of being spanked butt naked in her position. I noticed as I spanked her, that she was leaking on the bed and I scolded her for that. I wanted to let her know who was boss, as if she was not aware of that in her position.

I waited and the silence seemed very uncomfortable for her as she shifted about in her very vulnerable position. Finally she apologized for wetting my bed and she thanked me for spanking her and for taking the time to correct her for questioning my will. There was a short pause, and then she added that she seemed to be becoming so used to being kept in diapers that perhaps I ought to make provision for leaks whenever I chose to deprive her of their protection.

It seemed to me that I was well on the way to accomplishing my aim of making Mary into a proper, subservient, diaperslave, intent on fulfilling nothing but her masters pleasures and desires. I noticed that she did expect to be kept in diapers all the time and that she was concerned about causing a mess whenever she was kept out of them for any period of time. I decided to give her a hint of what was in store for her for the rest of her life by telling her that when she finally came to the realization that she *belongs* in diapers (and that day will come), she should tell me that she knows she is "a wet and messy little diaperslave" who gets horny every time she wets herself and that she should beg me for the "privilege of being diapered" at anytime I have no other use for her pussy or "asshole". I told her that I expected her specifically to tell me (1) that she belongs in diapers; (2) that she is a wet and messy little diaperslave; (3) that it is a privilege to be diapered; and (4) that she wants to be diapered anytime that I had no other use for her pussy or asshole, and that I expected her to refer to her rear opening as her "asshole."

Mary did not respond verbally to my statement, but I could tell she was thinking long and hard about what she had been told and what her future looked like.

I spread her changing pad and two thick prefold diapers under her dripping pussy, then informed her that those would be the diapers I would change her into next, no matter what she did in them before I put them on her.

I began to run my thumb up and down her pussy, letting it linger over her love button, but also allowing it to become lubricated. I could tell it was exciting her by the way her hips moved back and forth and by the increasing heaviness and frequency of her breathing. When she began to pant I slid my thumb up her crack and impaled it into her rear hole. She tried to pull away at the suddenness of the intrusion but there was nothing she could do.

I left my thumb nestled in her rear while I began to massage her pussy with my index finger. The combination of feeling my thumb in her rear and my other finger massaging her pussy began her cycle toward orgasm once again. Before she could respond all the way, I sank my index finger into her cunt and began to finger fuck her in both holes. There was no way she could avoid what I was doing to her and it was driving her mad. I could tell from her rantings that she was coming to orgasm and that she was loving every minute of what I was doing to her.

After she came, heaving, writhing, and screaming her pleasure, and again leaking on her diapers, she thanked me for finger fucking her and for letting her come to orgasm.

Looking at her in her position, I decided to give her a thorough examination. From my dresser drawer I took out a metal speculum. I did not need any lubrication since she was hot and leaking pussy juices all over my bed already. I came up behind her and put it in her pussy. She jerked somewhat at the intrusion, not knowing what it was that was invading her most private spot. I increased the diameter of the speculum up and spread her pussy lips wide. I then stuck my fingers in and massaged the inside of her pussy walls. As she wiggled her butt back and forth in the air in response to my stimulation, I began to get hot myself. I finished my inspection and withdrew the speculum from her pussy lips and after lubricating it some more I inserted it in her butt. I opened it wide to stretch her bung hole and then spread the inside ends to keep her from expelling it. I could tell she was uncomfortable by the way she moved her butt in the air, almost as if trying to expel the invader. But she could not. I then inspected the inside of her rose bud, moving my finger around and stimulating the tender flesh of her rectum. I opened the speculum even further and slipped a finger shaped dildo into her through the opening created by the speculum. I moved the dildo in and out, rubbing it against the wall of her rectum, and brought her to the edge of orgasm (but not quite). At that point I withdrew the dildo. With the speculum still in place, I began rubbing my cock up and down her ass crack, teasing her as my cock got closer and closer to her rear opening. I played with her with my cock, again without giving her release. I know she thought the speculum was open wide enough for me to enter her through it.

With her butt still wiggling up in the air, and the speculum still sticking out of her butt, I moved around and sat on the bed in front of her. I lifted her head up and allowed her to sit back on her haunches, her wrists still locked to her ankles. Her pussy was just inches away from the diaper that would soon encase her loins and she was dripping all over it. I told her she would not be released or diapered until she had cleaned my cock and balls with her tongue and sucked me until I came. I warned her not to lose a drop of my cum or she would be sorry.

She brought her head down on me and began to run her tongue over my balls. I gasped as she opened her mouth wide and gently took my balls, one at a time, into her mouth and caressed them with her tongue. She then proceeded to take my entire cock into her mouth and run her lips and tongue up and down my shaft. Her saliva began to run down my cock as she began to suck hard and fast and my male equipment began to pulse with excitement.

I came in great gobs and she quickly began swallowing everything so as not to let any of my juices drop from her lips. When she had finished cleaning me off, I got up and lowered her head back onto the bed, thereby raising her butt back up into the air.

She thanked me profusely for the privilege of allowing her to suck me off and begged me to please diaper her because she felt so naked with her butt up in the air and no diaper on. She also told me that she was embarrassed to have me see her leaking all over her diaper and not being able to control her wetting.

Without getting dressed, I began to diaper her leaving the speculum wide open inside her butt. With the speculum in place, I knew she would not be able to sit down and also that she would have no control over her rear sphincter muscle and thus would have no control over messing her diaper. I told her that I expected her to mess her diapers before bedtime or suffer the consequences. For plastic panties, I used snap on ones for easy access and because they were the only kind I could put on her the way she was bound.

I got dressed and left her as she was, blindfolded and diapered with the speculum in her rear and her plastic-pantied butt swinging in the air, as I went down to the kitchen to fix our supper. I was determined that my little Mary was going to have the necessary impetus to use her diapers for all their intended purposes, and so I cooked up some Chinese food, sweet and sour pork with lots of rice, and lots of tea. The rice would give bulk to her poopies and the tea would make sure her diapers were wet.

When I had finished preparing our supper I took the blindfold off and released her, but would allow her to wear nothing but her diapers and plastic panties to supper. I left the cuffs on her to remind her that she was a diaper slave and required to do whatever I commanded or suffer punishment (although I sensed that she was enjoying her "punishments" too much and that I might have to devise more embarrassing ones if they were going to be effective). I am sure that her subservient state kept going through her mind as we went out on the deck to eat supper quietly. I sat and she stood eating supper while balancing her plate on the hand rail and acutely aware, both of the speculum in her rear and of the boaters going by on the lake. By now, our neighbors were regularly boating by just to see what was happening.

After we finished supper and she had thanked me suitably, we read for a while. I had gotten some stories off the internet about diaper slaves and I had her read them to me. I could tell from the blush that was spreading down to her titties, and an occasional catch in her breath, that the stories were getting to her. Although I was sure she was wet from reading the stories, I would not change her until she was messy and ready for bed. As she was reading I could tell she was straining but I could not tell whether she was straining to mess her diapers because of my threats, or she was trying, without any success to hold it in. In any event, I could soon tell by the odor that she had certainly messed her diapers. When I felt she had read enough I told her it was time for bed and she followed me in to the bedroom and I lifted her onto the changing table.

I removed her messy stinky diapers and removed the speculum. I thought about dropping her messy diapers over her face, but decided to leave that for another day. I wiped her clean with baby wipes and made sure that she was very clean, paying special attention to her rear opening and her pussy. Ron had sent along some special diapers with elastic along the leg openings and I put these on her. The elastic was designed to allow the diapers to be stretched away from her legs and to allow access to her diaper area. She was aware of the kind of diapers I had put on her and knew that they were designed to give unhindered access to her private areas. I put another pair of snap on plastic panties on her before I lifted her off the table and carried her over to the bed. I knew that she was very uncomfortable about having to mess her diapers by the profuse way she thanked me for cleaning her off and changing her diapers. Her appreciation was more than I had expected of her at this stage of her training and, honestly, I was impressed by her progress.

I laid her on her back, and she immediately spread-eagled herself, apparently anticipating and accepting the fact that she would be bound for the night. I fastened her wrist cuffs to the bedposts at the head of the bed and her ankle cuffs to the posts at the foot of the bed. She lay there spread out and defenseless, smiling invitingly, and waiting for what was to come next.

I took off my clothes and climbed in next to her. I reached over and unfastened the left side of her plastic panties and slid her diapers out of the way. I manually manipulated her clitty for a while until she was really hot and dripping. I then told her to beg me to bring her to climax, to put my prick into her cunt and to fuck her (I told her to use those words). I know it was one of the hardest things for her to do, to beg a man to fuck her, but I also knew that she would do whatever she had to do to get me to fuck her. Her eyes told me that she was horny as hell and was quickly becoming a nymphomaniac. I told her that I thought she was becoming sex-crazed and that if she wanted to be fucked she would have to beg. With beet red coloring growing all over her face and down to her titties (for she was still wearing nothing but her diapers and plastic panties) she choked out the required words: "Please," she said, "put your prick in my cunt and fuck me." I realized that as she said what she had been commanded to say, the words were difficult for her to say, but the emphasis she placed on the word "fuck" and the look in her eyes as she said it, showed that her desire was overwhelming.

Needing no further invitation, and knowing how hot and wet she already was, I slid my member into her pussy and began to work it up and down slowly. Up and down, in and out. I could hear her begging me, "Don't. Stop. Don't. Stop. Don't stop, don't stop." I told her that she was a diaperslut and that she could not be satisfied without wetting herself and then getting a man's prick in her dripping pussy. She was so hot that it was not long before she was shouting incomprehensively in the throes of orgasm, wetting herself again and making herself so lubricous that I also came very shortly thereafter. I then slumped down covering her delicious body with mine, my prick still in her wet pussy, my nipples being stimulated by her titties, and gave her a long, lingering French kiss, forcing my tongue into her mouth and meeting very little resistance in doing so. Soon she was reciprocating more than she would care to verbally admit, I suspect.

When I was finished she surprised me by thanking me with obvious honesty, "Oh, that was soooo good -- Thank you for fucking me -- I loved it! And thank you so much for the lovely kissing! It really lets me know you care!" I pulled her diapers back into place. I snuggled up beside her and placed my cock inside her diapers and emptied my bladder into her diapers. I thought that she would take that as another embarrassment and humiliation, but she really stunned me with an enthusiastic "Oh! That feels so hot, exciting, and lovely! Thank you! You really know how to please me!" I had to wait a minute for her to stop squirming with pleasure before I snapped up her plastic panties, allowing her to spend the night in her wet diapers, sticky with her own juices -- and my piss and cum. I put out the light and I'm sure she would have cuddled right up to me, had she had the freedom to do so. As my hand came down, resting across her chest, cupping her right tittie, she moaned with pleasure. Monday, the last day of the holiday weekend, would be another big day, and probably the most embarrassing for my darling, and she would need her rest. However, I was also becoming very fond of this little wet diapergirl who so obviously enjoyed so much of what I had originally thought would be pure humiliation. Tomorrow was definitely going to be exciting for both of us.

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