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Mary's Memorial Day Weekend

CHAPTER 12 - Mary's Story (Continued)

David took much longer than needed to dry me off after my bath. And it felt lovely to have him rubbing my titties with the towel and when he dried me off between my legs, it almost drove me wild. He was teasing me and he was good at it, and also, the attention that he paid to me and to my body made me feel important, I mean I felt that I was becoming really important to him. And that he was spending so much time and energy helping me become a proper diapergirl because that is what he truly wanted me to be. I was beginning to understand that a diapergirl was not just a girl who wears diapers, but a girl who wears them out of devotion to someone else, and I was beginning to feel that devotion for David.

After my bath, David began another aspect of my training. He told me that he expected me to thank him anytime he did anything for me, like giving me a bath or changing my diaper or feeding me. I could understand that. After all, when he did those things he was going out of his way to make me comfortable and it would be rude not to thank him. But he also told me that I was to thank him anytime that he allowed me to do anything to him, like suck him off or to take his great big cock in my love hole or in my rear hole. I had trouble accepting this until he explained that when he allowed me to suck him, or when he chose to fuck me, he was giving me the privilege of demonstrating my obedience to him, and that it was all part of my training to become the best diapergirl ever. It was then that I really realized that all that was happening to me that weekend was for my benefit and I was overcome with gratitude toward David. I yearned for the day when I would be able to demonstrate my complete surrender to his will.

I thanked David profusely for giving me the bath and for taking the time to make sure I was thoroughly dried off. I thanked him for paying special attention to my little titties and to what I was fast coming to understand was my diaper area. What really surprised me was that I actually did feel grateful to him for all he was doing for me.

After he had thoroughly dried me off, I expected David to place me on the changing table and to put me in the diapers and plastic panties that I was beginning to feel were where I really belonged. Instead he brought me over to the bed, still naked, and after he had placed a rubber sheet on the bed (explaining that he could not trust me not to wet when I was not wearing diapers), he began to put cuffs on my wrists and ankles. He was gentle and kind as he did so and the cuffs that he used were not the hard metal ones, but leather fur-lined individual cuffs for each wrist and ankle. He then told me to get up on the bed on my hands and knees and I knew that this position would leave my butt very vulnerable, but I understood I must obey him. He had me spread my knees on the bed and I knew that now both my butt and my pussy were wide open for whatever he had in mind. My pussy lips began to swell and I could feel myself getting hot and moist, without even knowing what he was up to.

To add to my helplessness, David had me put my head down on the bed, leaving my butt and pussy way up and exposed in the air, and had me stretch my arms down my sides to my ankles. He then cuffed my wrists to my ankles, assuring that I would stay in his designated position. To make sure that my legs would remain spread, he fastened a spreader bar between my ankles.

I knew then that I was totally helpless to stop him from doing anything in the world that he wanted to do to me, and yet I trusted him, that anything he would do to me would be for the purpose of making me a better diapergirl, and would also probably be very exciting.

I could feel him running his hands down my body, down my back and sides. His hands lingered over my backside, caressing and fondling me. He seemed to pay particular attention to my butt and pussy, running his fingers up and down my crack and pussy. My body's first inclination was to flinch from his touch, but positioned the way I was, I realized that moving my butt and pussy only increased the feelings I was experiencing. And I had to acknowledge that what he was doing to me felt good. When his hands slid down over my inner thighs and down to my calves I knew I was totally at his mercy, every inch of my body was at his disposal. I desperately wanted to be able to fully accept the reward of his touch wherever and whenever he chose to provide it.

I was just getting comfortable and enjoying what he was doing to me when he increased my anxiety level considerably. He put a blindfold on me, preventing me from seeing what he was going to do to me, and that worried me. Not that I did not trust him, you understand, but like going to the dentist, I knew that what was good for me might hurt, and would probably embarrass and humiliate me. In my uncertainty, I pleaded with him to tell me what he was going to do to me, but he kept silent. He refused to even speak to me and this added to my apprehension. I could tell neither what he was getting ready to do to me, nor even where he was in the room, if he was still there.

Without any warning, I felt his open hand hit me on the butt, and again, and again. He was spanking me like some little errant child. And with my naked butt hanging up in the air, I made a perfect target and could do nothing to avoid the spanks that were raining down on my butt. To add to my embarrassment, I know I was getting wet in my pussy from the excitement, and in my excitement, I could feel myself losing control and wetting the bed. Fortunately, David had planned for this eventuality and had placed the rubber sheet on the bed.

David pointed out my leaking in an "I told you so" kind of voice, and I felt like a little child who had just wet her pants. I was so embarrassed at my lack of control and I was surprised to learn that I could no longer expect not to wet when I was not wearing diapers. I began to think that I might need to wear diapers for the rest of my life. And yet, that idea intrigued me. I certainly enjoyed the all the feelings of being diapered and wetting myself, but I hadn't ever thought of the possibility of being permanently diapered before. For some reason, the idea got me even hotter while the spanks continued to inflame my bottom. I seemed to be sobbing both from the pain and from a longing to be put back in my nice soft, secure, and comfy diapers.

When David stopped, my butt felt sore, but not so much so that I felt intense pain although I had tears in my eyes, and I knew that he had gone easy on me. It did not take long after he stopped for me to realize that he was waiting for me to thank him, and I did so, apologizing profusely for wetting the bed and telling him that I really appreciated the fact that he had taken the time to spank me like a little girl and to correct me. I assumed that I had done something wrong to deserve that spanking, although I could not figure out what it was. But then I began to realize that David had spanked my naked butt for several purposes. He was deliberately embarrassing me, making me humble, and teaching me that I must accept his will, his touch, and anything he chose to do to me without question. I wondered how many more spankings I would need before I learned all that I must in order to completely please the man who I knew was becoming my master in every sense.

I don't know what got into me, but I began to share my thoughts and concerns about my leaking and suggested (how bold of me to suggest anything) that David take precautions whenever I was not wearing diapers.

David told me that I did not know the half of it. He told me that I someday I would realize that I belonged in diapers and that when I came to that realization I should tell him that I am "a wet and messy diaperslave" (he told me to use those exact words) who gets horny every time I wet myself and I should beg him for the "privilege of being diapered" at anytime he has no other use for my pussy or "asshole". He told me that he expected me specifically to tell him (1) that I belong in diapers; (2) that I am a wet and messy little diaperslave; (3) that it is a privilege for me to be diapered; and (4) that I *want* to be diapered anytime that David has no other use for my pussy or asshole, and (5) that he expects me to always refer to my rear opening as my "asshole."

I was shocked at what he was telling me and fought against believing that I could ever say such things. And yet, at the same time, my pussy became very hot and began drooling, and deep down inside myself I knew he was right and that eventually I would have to acknowledge that I was in fact a wet and messy diaperslave who needed constant diapering 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I think I already wanted to acknowledge that need, but I couldn't make myself voice the words at the moment.

David told me he was laying a changing pad between my spread knees and placing two thick pre-fold diapers on it. He told me that he was going to pin those diapers on me no matter what I did in them before he put them on me.

Suddenly I was brought out of my reflective mood when I felt his hand at my pussy and I realized that he was running his finger up and down my love slit, stopping occasionally to excite my love button. In my position, I could not get away from his hand and moving my butt, my "asshole" as he called it, in the air only increased the sensations I was feeling. I knew I was responding to what he was doing to me and becoming even wetter down there, or in my position I probably should say "up there," but I had less control over that than over my wetting. He continued to massage my love button and I continued to respond. I could feel the level of excitement rise in me and I began to thrash my hips around and pant out loud. I was hoping he would bring me to climax, but I realized that whether I climaxed or not was his choice, not mine.

I could feel his hand or finger, I was not sure which, slide up my crack, and all of a sudden I realized it was his finger as he impaled me on it in my rear hole. I began to pull away, but with my legs spread wide and my wrists cuffed to my ankles, I realized there was nothing I could do to stop him, and I also began to recognize that I was enjoying the very idea of being "violated". I finally realized that it was his thumb stuck in my butt when I felt another of his fingers back massaging my clit. Before I knew what he was doing, he had sunk one of his fingers in my love canal and was finger fucking me front and rear. My mind wanted me not to respond, but my body was out of control and soon was bucking back and forth as much as my position and bondage would let me. I screamed as he brought me to orgasm and I know I leaked all over those diapers between my knees, diapers which would soon caress my very private areas.

When I had gathered myself together and come down off the high, I thanked David for finger fucking me and for allowing me the privilege of having an orgasm.

While I was bubbling over in thanks to David, I could sense him moving about the room, moving away from me, doing something, and then coming back near me. I could sense his presence near me and it was exciting, not knowing what he was going to do to me next, but knowing that whatever it would be, it would be for my own good.

I could feel him come up behind me, open and exposed as I was, and could feel something touching my pussy. All of a sudden, I was being violated, he was pushing something hard and cold into my pussy and I had no idea what it was. I could feel my pussy being opened wide and realized that he had inserted some kind of dilating device into me and he was stretching my pussy lips wide. I could feel his fingers inside the device and massaging the inner walls of my pussy and it felt kind of funny without feeling his touch anywhere but inside me. I know that I wiggled my butt back and forth in the air in response to the stimulation I was receiving and I guess that excited David because I could hear him panting a little. As he withdrew the device from my pussy I recognized the feeling and realized that he had been examining me with a speculum.

He rubbed the speculum up and down my love slit and I could not understand what he was doing until, all of a sudden, I could feel him pushing it into my rear hole. He had been lubricating it with my pussy juices to make it's entrance into my rear hole easier. And, although there was a little pain, it seemed I was becoming used to being penetrated back there.

I could feel him spreading my bumhole wide with the speculum and then felt the tongues of the speculum open wide inside me, making it impossible for me to expel the instrument, no matter how hard I tried. I was very uncomfortable with my butt sticking high up in the air and a speculum impaled in me spread so wide I could not get it out no matter how hard I tried. I stopped trying when I realized that in my efforts to expel the speculum, I might expel something else instead, and David had already warned me that whatever I did on those diapers between my knees, I would be wearing in them.

I could feel David's finger enter into me through the speculum and feel him gently touch the very sensitive insides of my rectum. It felt deliciously wonderful and exciting. I could feel the speculum spreading my rosebud open even further and then I felt David insert something through the speculum, and I realized that something was a dildo. He was butt-fucking me with a dildo through the opening created by the speculum. My hips began to gyrate and I am embarrassed to confess that I got really turned on by what David was doing to me. I started to moan and groan and beg him to fuck me. I thought that maybe I'd actually be able to achieve orgasm with him in my rear. He withdrew the dildo, leaving the speculum in place, stretching my little bung-hole to its utmost.

The next sensation I felt was his cock rubbing up and down my crack. By this time I had felt his cock enough times to identify it, even while blindfolded. He kept running his cock up and down my crack, edging ever closer to my rear entrance. I know the speculum was holding my rear hole open wide enough for him to enter through the speculum and I just waited, holding my breath, waiting for him to enter me back there. I wanted it *so* much. I was thrashing around, at least as much as I could considering the position I was in, and he would bring me to the brink of orgasm and then stop until I calmed down, then bring me up to the brink again and stop again. He was driving me wild, I can't remember ever being so horny. I wanted David so much, anyway I could get him and, at the moment, especially in my rear.

David finally had enough of this game and I could feel him getting off the bed behind me, only to feel him sitting on the bed in front of me. He lifted my head and helped me to sit back on my haunches, my wrists still locked to my ankles and the spreader bar still between my ankles. From all the attention my pussy and my rear hole had been getting, I knew I was dripping rather heavily on the diapers under my pussy. And I knew that at some point I would be wearing those diapers. Despite my disappointment at his ceasing to pleasure me, I remembered to thank him for the pleasure and excitement he had provided.

David was now sitting on the bed directly in front of me and he told me that I would not be released from my position or rediapered until I had cleaned off his cock and balls with my mouth and had sucked him until he came. He warned me not to lose a drop of his fluids of I would suffer dire consequences. Since I was under his absolute control I couldn't have stopped him if I wanted to, but I felt anxious to show him my growing feelings of pride in my submission to him.

I brought my head down into his lap and began to run my tongue over his hairy balls. I had shaved my pussy for Ron, but obviously David still had all his genital hair. Anyway I kept running my tongue all over his balls and I could hear him begin to moan and breathe heavier. I opened my mouth wide and as gently as I could, having no hands to help me, I sucked his balls, one at a time, into my mouth. Each time I did that I could hear him gasp with pleasure and I knew that I was pleasing my master. When I had given his balls a complete lavage, I took his now fully erect cock in my mouth and began to run my lips and tongue up and down its length. The taste of him was exciting, and I could feel myself drooling and knew that my saliva was running down his shaft and onto his balls. I could feel him throbbing and I just sucked and licked with greater fervor. I wanted to please David so much.

Soon I could feel his cock pulsating and I could feel gobs and gobs of his cum spurting into my mouth. I swallowed as quickly as I could, mindful of David's warning not to lose a drop of his fluids. I think I was successful because David did not punish me, but rather lowered my head back to the bed and made me stick my butt up in the air again.

I sort of expected him to thank me, or at least comment on my performance, but he was silent. Then I remembered my newest lesson, and I thanked David for all that he had done to me, for bringing me almost to climax, and for allowing me to suck him off and swallow his juices -- and I meant every word of it. I was totally dependant on David and I trusted him with my very body -- to do with it whatever he thought was best for my training as his diapergirl.

I don't know what got into me, but I continued on babbling about how embarrassed I was for him to see me leaking all over my diapers and how it seemed that I could not control my wetting. I might even have said something about wanting him to diaper me.

I could feel David bringing those diapers, on which I had leaked so profusely, up between my legs. I knew better than to question David's actions, but he had left the speculum embedded in my rear end and I knew I would have no control over my bowel movements with that device keeping my rear opening wide open. Even so, David brought the two thick pre-fold diapers up and over the speculum and pinned me into them. He confirmed my worst fears by telling me that he expected me to mess in my diapers before bedtime or suffer the consequences. I had no desire to find out what he meant by that. For plastic panties, he put the snap-on variety on me, since there was no way he could slip regular plastic panties over my legs, which were still separated by the spreader bar.

He left me and I had no idea how long I was to be left with my diapered, plastic pantied butt sticking up in the air and with that damned speculum still embedded in me. My mind wandered back over some of the things David had told me. I thought about becoming his diapergirl. The thoughts didn't scare me, but rather excited me. Then, I had some very uneasy thoughts about Ron, and how I could possibly explain to him that he no longer seemed strong and dominant enough to be the master I needed.

Those thoughts quickly disappeared when I found myself wetting again, with no conscious effort at all. And this time was different, because in my bound position my pee soaked into and ran down in my diapers and across my tummy. That was excitingly different and delicious feeling, and I began wondering what other new ways of becoming wet I would discover with David's continued dominance. There was no question in my mind at all that I loved being kept in diapers and that I wanted David to make me his "diapergirl", but the word "diaperslave" was still pretty scary.

It seemed like forever, but probably wasn't more than an hour, before David came back into the room and took off my blindfold. He told me that supper was ready and that I was not permitted to wear anything other than my diapers and plastic panties to supper. He took off the spreader bar and unattached my wrists from my ankles, but left the leather fur-lined cuffs on my wrists and ankles to remind me of my servitude and my status as his diaperslave. He reminded me that I was required to do everything he commanded or suffer the consequences and I found myself toying with the idea of disobeying him just to find out what those consequences might be. For some reason that I cannot understand, I got a much bigger thrill out of being embarrassed and humiliated in front of David or other people as long as *he* was in charge of me.

David brought me out to the deck to eat supper, knowing that I could not possibly sit down with that speculum in my rear and that I would be on public display out there in just my diapers and plastic panties. In order to eat the delicious Chinese food that David had prepared I had to balance my plate on the handrail of the deck and I had as good a view of the boaters going by as they did of me. It seemed to me that I could recognize some of them now as having gone by in the past when I had been on display on the deck. David seemed to notice that too, and made a remark about me becoming a tourist attraction. Oh my, did I blush! But my pussy got all hot and juicy at the same time. David had prepared a savory sweet and sour pork with lots of rice and lots of tea (and I knew where the tea was going and I suspected that the rice was to act as a bulking agent for the mess that I was to make in my diapers).

After we had finished supper, David brought out some stories for me to read to him. He said he had gotten them off the internet. One, called "I Am a Baby Pants Prisoner," is about a prostitute, Sandy, who chooses an alternate form of punishment rather than go to jail. The punishment is to submit herself to the control of Moira, who puts Sandy into diapers and inflicts all sorts of punishments on her with the aid of a corrupt judge. Some of the punishments seemed vaguely familiar and I suspected David had gotten some of the ideas for what he was doing to me from this story. I got very hot reading it aloud. David had several other stories for me to read, and all of them were about girls being forced into and made to use diapers and/or having all manner of objects forced into their private body openings. One was a supposedly true story by a lesbian diapergirl named Vickie, about her "Day Without Hands". I could certainly relate to her reactions to bondage, and the ending got me thinking hotly about my brief encounter with Ruth. I would never want to give up the pleasure of belonging to David (Oh! Did I actually just think that? Did I really think of myself as being David's property? And that I am pleased about belonging to him? Why does the very thought seem *so* right?), but I hoped that David would provide me with more opportunities to be with Ruth.

Reading the stories was a real turn-on for me and I could feel myself getting wet in my pussy, knowing that all my lovely pussy juice was mingling with my pee and being absorbed by my diapers. Then, as I was reading, I could feel my poop oozing out into my diapers. I made an effort to control it, but I could not and, realizing that, I just relaxed and let it all come out. The feeling of that continuous ooze into my diapers was curiously comfortable and I came to enjoy that feeling. Even the smell of what I had done was somehow exciting to me. Maybe because I knew that David could smell it too, and would be pleased that I was pooping myself uncontrollably for him.

Before he would change me, David made me stand there and finish reading the stories, mixing more of my pee and pussy juices with my poopies. I had to stop reading as it got dark, and then he told me it was time for bed and started heading toward the bedroom. I followed him without being compelled by anything other than my desire to be changed into fresh diapers (I never even considered the thought of not being diapered.) and my desire to do what David wanted me to do.

David lifted me onto the changing table and removed my messy diapers. He removed the speculum from my rear and cleaned me up gently and thoroughly with baby wipes, paying special attention to my rear opening and my pussy. I recognized the diapers David slipped under me as ones Ron had used on me before. (Another brief pang of guilt about Ron, quickly extinguished by my pleasure at David's touch.) They were cloth diapers that had special elastic at the leg openings which would allow them to be pushed aside and provide unhindered access to my private parts. David completed my attire by covering my diapers with snap-on plastic panties.

David lifted me off the changing table and carried me over to the bed. As he was carrying me I thanked him profusely for changing me out of those messy diapers and taking care to make sure I was properly cleaned off so I would not get a diaper rash. I really appreciated what David was doing for me and I wanted him to know that.

David laid me on the bed and I immediately assumed the spread-eagled position on my back, assuming that he wanted me that way for the night, and wanting to demonstrate my willing compliance with his desires. I gave him a naughty, inviting smile, trying to show him just how eager I was to please him. I was right and he immediately went to work fastening my wrists and feet to the corners of the bed. I began to think that I was really falling in love with David because it felt so good to please him, even in such small ways as showing my readiness for him to bind me. I waited anxiously and expectantly for what he was going to do to me.

David took off his clothes and slipped into bed next to me. Although I could not look down and see what he was doing, I could feel David unsnap the side of my plastic panties and push aside my diapers. My pussy lips started engorging and drooling just at the thought that he would be touching me there. His fingers spread my lips, plumbed my depths, and then manipulated my clitty until I started gyrating with passion. I was really hot and dripping wet when he withdrew his hand and told me to beg him to bring me to climax, to put his prick into my cunt and to fuck me. He even told me to use those exact words, knowing that I was very uncomfortable using language like that.

David told me that I was a sex-crazed nymphomaniac who could not get enough sex and that if I expected him to fuck me then I would have to beg for it. It was one of the hardest things for me to do, but I desperately wanted to feel David's big, hot prick inside me. I had no choice but to comply with his demands and beg him to fuck me. In abject humiliation and embarrassment, I choked out the required words.

"Please," I said, "put your prick in my cunt and fuck me." I don't know why, but I emphasized the word, "fuck", almost shouting it in my desire to accomplish my objective. As I said those words, I knew that although I was saying them under certain compulsion, I truly meant them and would say and do anything to have David make love to me.

Without further ado, David slipped his prick into my cunt and began to thrust himself in and out. Even as I thought of that I realized that I was becoming more and more used to the words David wanted me to say. I could not believe the effect his fucking had on me. I started out begging him to stop, mostly because it felt almost too good to endure, and wound up begging him not to stop as I got closer and closer to orgasm. David called me a diaperslut and said I could not be satisfied without wetting myself and then feeling a man's prick in my dripping pussy. I was so hot that I could not control myself and began to babble on in the throws of ecstasy, wetting myself in the process and literally flowing a river of my mingled pee and juices over him and into my thirsty diapers. The combined feelings of his massive power inside me, my submission to his power, my wetting, and the flow of hot wetness under my bottom gave me the best orgasm I'd ever had.

David came shortly after I did, and he collapsed on top of me. I could feel his chest pressing down on my titties, and I loved it. He started kissing me and soon his tongue was pushing inside my mouth. I can't say that I resisted much. After all, I was willingly bound spread-eagled and I wanted David to do whatever he chose with me, and besides, I was coming to realize that I loved David and wanted him to take care of me. I began to reciprocate eagerly and his saliva mixed with mine and I loved the taste.

I was truly appreciative of just how well David knew how to please me, and that he was such a strong and skilled lover, so I tried to thank him as best I could, "Oh, that was soooo good -- Thank you for fucking me -- I loved it! And thank you so much for the lovely kissing! It really lets me know you care!"

David smiled at me and pulled my diapers back into place. I loved it when he snuggled up beside me and then was surprised when he placed his prick inside my diapers again. Before I knew what was happening, he was peeing a powerful stream against my pussy and into my diapers. It felt incredibly good to have his hot pee pouring over my pussy lips and soaking under my bottom. It was a wonderful gift, and I hoped he would often do it again. I also hoped he would sometime manage to pee right on my clit. I knew instinctively that it would give me incredibly powerful orgasms. I think I knew then that he loved me, too. I was so overcome at this show of understanding my needs and his love for me that I said to him, "Oh! That feels so hot, exciting, and lovely! Thank you! You really know how to please me!" I wiggled my butt around as much as I could, feeling the warm wet diaper against my love nest. I thought to myself that I really was becoming a diaperslut, even loving it when David peed in my diapers for my pleasure. David snapped up my plastic panties, allowing me to spend the night in my warm, wet, comfy diapers, wet with David's pee and cum mixed with my own pee and pussy juices.

David put the light out and I could feel his arm come to rest across my chest with his hand cupping my little tittie. He cuddled up close to me and I was in seventh heaven, spread-eagled in bed, my wet diapers feeling ever so warm and secure against my purring pussy, and with my lover next to me. I don't remember ever having been so blissfully happy or so well satisfied. I fell asleep with a grin on my face.

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