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Mary's Memorial Day Weekend

CHAPTER 13 - David's Story (Continued)

I awoke before Mary on Monday and I decided to let her sleep a little longer. I knew that today would be a test of her willingness to be a diaperslave and so I unlocked her wrists and ankles from the bed posts while she slept, leaving the cuffs on her wrists and ankles just to remind her of the diaperslave that she was. As I gazed on her lithe form, she turned onto her side and pulled her knees up to her chest in the fetal position. She looked so cute sleeping there with no bed covers on and just wearing her diapers and plastic panties. I could tell that she was very wet, wetter than the way I had left her the night before.

I went to the kitchen and began to fix breakfast. I fixed a huge bowl of oatmeal for Mary, knowing that it would provide bulk to fill her diapers, and also coffee and orange juice laced with Metamucil. When her breakfast was ready I returned to the bedroom and found her lying on the bed looking confused and scared. As soon as I came into the room she began to apologize and to cry that she hadn't unlocked her hands and feet and for me to please not be mad at her, that it wasn't her fault. I assured her that I had released her and that I did so because I wanted to test her willingness to obey me without the necessity of my keeping her in bondage. But I told her that could change at any moment should she disobey me. She smiled shyly and told me she wanted to obey me and would try her best to do so.

She got up and followed me into the kitchen, her sopping wet diapers drooping down between her legs. After all, they contained my pee and Mary's pee and pussy juices from our activities last night as well as her overnight wettings. Once in the kitchen she saw the bowl of oatmeal waiting for her and was smart enough to realize what that meant. I told her to finish it all and that I would not change her diapers until she had done so. I reminded her that the weekend was far from over and that I expected absolute obedience and acceptance of whatever I chose to do with her.

After she had finished her breakfast we sat at the table while she finished her orange juice and had several cups of coffee. I had Mary come over and sit on my knee and she did so facing me. I am sure she could feel the bulk of her diapers being pushed against her love spot. She seemed to rock back and forth more than necessary. I was also sure by the way she rubbed her leg against my crotch that she could feel my maleness getting bigger and harder. She really was turning me on. I held her close and massaged her little titties until her nipples were standing upright and hard. We talked a lot about her feelings and about her mixed emotions at being made to wear and use her diapers. She said she was embarrassed and humiliated at the juvenile clothing, but at the same time experienced both a great feeling of comfort and security in her diapers and a strangely exciting turn-on when she had to wet or mess her diapers or when she knew that others were seeing her wearing diapers and plastic panties.

She thanked me profusely for taking the time to train her and teach her the pleasures to be obtained from becoming a diapergirl. She also apologized for all the times she had caused me trouble and had disobeyed me. She vowed that I would never have to punish her again, a vow I knew she couldn't keep.

As she sat there on my lap I could hear and feel her wetting her diapers again. I decided to let her sit in her wet diapers for a while as we continued our talk. I could feel her moving her butt around, trying to get satisfaction while she massaged my crotch with her leg, trying to get me even harder than I already was. I told her she was a horny little diaperslut who couldn't think of anything but sex! She blushed prettily, but didn't stop her maneuvering.

After we had finished our little chat, I led her to the bedroom and lifted her up onto the changing table. Not bothering to secure her wrists or ankles I had her flex her knees and lift her bottom up so I could remove her plastic panties. The odor was really strong and I used some air freshener to clear the air. I unpinned her diapers and brought them down from between her legs. She was very wet and I decided that she needed a bath. I helped her off the table and brought her into the bathroom with me while I ran her bath. I could see her looking longingly at the toilet, knowing that it was off limits for her. She stood there, naked, while I drew her bath and then got into it when she was invited to do so.

I bent over the tub and cleaned every inch of her skin, paying particular attention to her titties and diaper area, making sure that every crevice in that area was completely cleaned up. She began to moan and breathe hard as I ran my soapy hand up and down her pussy and into her rear opening, just to make sure she was thoroughly cleaned. While she was in the bath, I took the opportunity to shave her, to make sure her pussy was as bare as a newborn baby's. She did not object or even flinch when I brought the razor down to her pussy lips and began to run it over her skin. She even spread her legs wider to give me better access. She gave me to believe that she accepted this as my right, that I had control over her body and could do with it as I willed. I really regretted the idea of returning her to Ron that night, and began to think about ways to retain possession of my little Mary.

I told her that she still had a few things to learn in order to become a proper diaperslave. And that she would learn them before we returned to the city this evening. At all costs she must never refuse a command, or even a desire, of her master or mistress. She reacted with a startled expression when I mentioned the word "mistress" and I explained that at times her master might want to lend her to a mistress or find it necessary to provide her with a "sitter" while he attended to other affairs and that if he did so, she must respond to that mistress as she would to her master.

She apologized for her initial reaction and thanked me for reminding her that she must do whatever her master or his designated substitute told her to do, no matter how she felt about it. I told her that today we would test that resolve.

I finished her bath and dried her off, again paying special attention to every nook and cranny of her diaper area, running the soft terry cloth towel through her pussy slit so it touched every nerve ending in that part of her body. She responded by moving her hips back and forth, as if to help me, and began that hard breathing which gave away her level of excitement. When she started to get really excited, I stopped and told her that she would come to climax soon enough, but not now. That she must learn to understand and accept that only her master would determine when and whether she would be allowed to have an orgasm. She barely concealed her disappointment as she thanked me for the bath and for taking the time to make sure she was clean and dry. She stood there in the bathroom, naked, waiting to learn what was to come next.

Knowing that if I left her undiapered for even a short period of time she would begin to leak, I led her, still naked, into the living room. I spread a plastic sheet on the floor and told her to sit on it, cross-legged. I told her the sheet was only a precaution should she disobey me and I forbade her to wet the sheet. I also forbade her to touch her body in any way. She sat there with her perky little nipples erect in the middle of her little mounds of tits (more like a molehill than a mountain) and her cunt lips spread out and swollen for all to see between her parted legs. Her hands were resting at her sides as she dared not touch any part of her body. She did not want to experience any more punishment, although I had set her up so she could not obey me. I knew she would soon start to leak on that plastic sheet and I would have to punish her.

As she sat there on the plastic sheet, naked and cross-legged, her pouting pussy staring out from between her legs, and very vulnerable, I continued to lecture her on her responsibilities as a proper diaperslave. I reminded her that I had gone to considerable trouble and set aside my entire holiday weekend to help train her to be a good diaperslave and that she should be eternally grateful to me for my efforts. I told her that there were any number of other things I could have been doing this weekend that would be a hell of a lot more fun than changing her wet and messy diapers, and that I intended to make some changes that would make caring for her both easier and more rewarding for me.

As Mary listened bugged-eyed, I explained that, no matter what she did in her diapers, they would only be changed four times a day: after breakfast, after lunch, at cocktail time, and just before bed. Furthermore, since I was going out of my way to change her and to endure her stinky diapers, I expected "compensation" from her for changing her each time. And since change time would be the only time she would ordinarily be out of diapers, I would take the opportunity to require her to satisfy me sexually at each diaper change. I asked Mary if she agreed and she surprised me by grinning and instantly agreeing to the fairness of what I had said. Her alacrity in responding confirmed to me that I was on the right track and that Mary, indeed, would become a proper diaperslave.

I pointed out to her that even as we had talked about the need for obedience and her responsibilities as a diaperslave, she had been disobeying me. I had told her that she was not to wet the plastic sheet and she had done so, and I pointed to the puddle that was growing between her legs and under her bottom. She had been focusing her eyes on me as we had been talking, but now she looked down and a look of astonishment came across her face as she realized that she had, in fact, wet the plastic sheet, and not just a little, it was a real puddle.

I reminded her, "You promised to obey me, but you are obviously incapable of controlling your wetting. If you had thought you were incapable of doing so you would have told me so and not have promised not to wet the plastic sheet. Am I right? You did wet the plastic sheet, didn't you? That's not just sweat, is it?" She embarrassingly had to admit the evidence of her own eyes, that indeed she had wet on the plastic sheet, apparently without even noticing she was doing so. I told her that she would have to be punished for her disobedience and also that she would now have to admit that she could not control her own bladder and that she *belonged* in diapers. She nodded her head in embarrassment and could not look me in the eyes. That was not good enough. I told her I wanted her to look at me and to respond properly, verbally. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes and choked out the words, "Yes, master, I am incapable of controlling my bladder." She remembered our conversation from last night and blushed red all over. She looked up at me as the realization came over her that she really did *belong* in diapers and what that meant. As she looked into my eyes she repeated the words she remembered from last night: "Yes, master, I am a wet and messy diaperslave who belongs in diapers. It is a privilege for me to be diapered, and I *want* to be diapered anytime you have no other use for my pussy or my... (She almost choked on the words.) my asshole."

I told her that now that she had acknowledged her dependence on diapers, I expected her to ask to be put back into diapers anytime I took her diapers off, and that any time I chose to leave her without diapers, I expected her to ask me to place a waterproof pad under her. She nodded and I again reminded her that was not good enough, that she must respond verbally and appropriately, and that added punishment would be given her for her failure to do so. She looked so humble as she said, "I will ask to be put back into diapers anytime you take my diapers off and I will ask that a waterproof pad be put under me anytime you wish to leave my diapers off." Now that she admitted her lack of control, I forbade her from ever even trying to use a toilet for any purpose whatever and the only acceptable verb for her to use to refer to her own urination was the verb "to wet", because the verb "to pee" implied volition which she clearly lacked. She gasped in amazement, and blushed all over, but she managed to stammer, "Y..yes, Master, I am only c..capable of wetting myself, and I will n...never try to use the toilet."

That business being satisfactorily taken care of, I led her back into the bedroom. I had her assume a position on all fours on the bed, but with her knees at the very bottom of the bed. I made a great show of placing a waterproof changing pad and an extra-heavyweight pre-fold diaper between her knees, which, of course, forced her knees apart. I told her that she would wear that diaper no matter what she did on it. I examined her rear and told her that her asshole needed training to become more easily penetrable, and that I intended to institute a program to insure that. I showed her a double dildo, one with two parallel eight inch prongs, each an inch and a half thick and shaped like a man's prick, which would violate both her asshole and her pussy and told her that soon she would experience that instrument, but that first she would need some preparation, that I would have to open her ass up some more. I placed the double dildo on the bed in front of her where she could continually look at it. She moaned and begged for forgiveness, but there was also a look of excited anticipation in her eyes. I told her that more pleading would only add to her punishment, that she should be thankful that I was taking the time to train her. She stopped her pleading and thanked me for training her to be a good diaperslave and said that she knew everything I was doing was for her own good.

I reached between her legs and began to play with her pussy, running my hand up and down her slit and massaging her clit with my finger. She started to move her rear up and down and around in response to what was being done to her.

Her position at the foot of the bed made her rear end very vulnerable as I stepped between her legs and spread K-Y jelly all around her asshole and even invaded that orifice with my lubricated fingers. When she was sufficiently lubricated I directed my prick towards its target and pushed it in. She drew a great big breath when I did so and let out a loud moan. I proceeded to pump in and out and she began to respond. She began to moan loudly and to buck her ass back and forth almost reaching out and pulling my prick into her ass. It was not long before I exploded and shot my wad into her ass. As I did so, I could tell Mary was reaching an unexpected climax of her own, and she screamed as she let go, a combination of her orgasmic juices and pee flooding down onto the diaper between her knees.

I told her how wonderful it was that she was able to reach a climax while being ass-fucked and that she had *come* a long way in her training. She thanked me for helping her expand her horizons and for fucking her to a lovely orgasm in her *asshole*. She still had a little trouble with that word, but she was getting better.

I told her that it was almost time for her to wear the double dildo, but there was one more "warm up exercise" that she needed. I told her to hold still, and then I proceeded to give her a brisk, sound spanking, explaining as I did so that this was not a punishment, but that I enjoyed spanking her cute ass and that she must learn to accept being spanked until she cried as a part of her everyday life. The only difference between spankings for punishment and those for my pleasure would be in the duration and severity of those which were for punishment. I told her that she should take pleasure from being spanked, if only for the reason that she knew that accepting my spankings would provide me with great pleasure. She did hold as still as she was probably capable, and when I stopped the spanking she was crying openly and could only stammer her thanks for allowing her to please me by accepting her spanking without the need of being bound for it. Her ability to see that she would be bound for spankings if she showed any resistance, and her determination to make that unnecessary pleased me greatly. I went around the side of the bed to retrieve the double dildo from in front of her. I held it up to her lips and told her to kiss both ends and then beg me to place it in her and allow her to wear it inside her diapers for as long as I deemed it necessary. She was still sobbing a little, but she complied very sweetly and with almost no hesitation. I returned to her rear. I knew she was very well lubricated in her pussy and that she was also well lubricated in her ass. I placed the double dildo up against her with one prong touching her pussy and the other nudging up against her rear hole. I gave a push and the glands of the dildos entered their respective holes. I then pushed it straight home and heard her gasp and squeal as she was impaled on two eight inch pricks. I began to move the double dildo in and out of her holes and she began to pant and moan at the action.

I pushed the double dildo home its full eight inches and left it in her. Mary realized that I was waiting for something and she turned and looked at me with pleading eyes as she begged me to diaper her, knowing that the wet diaper between her knees would soon be holding the double dildo firmly inside her. I pulled the extra thick pre-fold diaper up snugly between her legs and pinned it tightly around her waist. I knew that soon it would be sufficiently wet to become loose enough between her legs to allow the dildo to come out of her a few inches when she stood up, but whenever she bent at the waist or sat down the diaper would be tight enough to push it back in, thereby continuing an automatic fucking of her front and back. I allowed her only her diaper as a covering, denying her the protection of plastic panties or a top to cover her little titties.

I knew that we were running out of diapers and that would be a catastrophe, given her growing incontinence and my plans for the rest of the day. I had a laundry room off my kitchen and I had her gather up all her wet and messy diapers and carry them to the laundry room. I told her that it was one of the duties of a diaperslave to wash her own diapers. I left her to do her diapers as I went back into the kitchen to prepare lunch.

By the time lunch was ready I could see a yellow stain spreading in her crotch. I told her that she could not sit at the table with leaking diapers. Judging from the look on her face, she thought I was going to have her sit on the plastic sheet or something. Instead, I merely pinned another extra-thick diaper on her on top of the one she was already wearing.

I then had her sit down to a delicious lunch of pasta and tossed green salad. I asked her what she preferred as a salad dressing and she picked my favorite, Bleu Cheese. I got out the bottle of chunky Bleu Cheese dressing and handed it to her after I had used it. As we ate, I could see her wiggling back and forth and I knew she was moving the dildo around inside her. Along with lunch, I made sure my little Mary drank three beers, knowing full well where they were headed.

After lunch we went back out onto the deck. Well, I walked and she waddled with the thickness of the diapers between her legs. As we got to the deck, we saw that there were a couple of boats out on the lake, seemingly just going back and forth in front of my cottage.

We sat on the deck as Mary again told me how much she appreciated what I was doing for her and how thankful she was that I was doing such a good job training her. As we talked I could see her moving forward and back, enhancing the sensation of the double dildo impaled within her. I told her that if she really meant what she was saying, she would demonstrate her submissiveness by voluntarily pooping in her diapers. She looked at me with pleading eyes, because that was the one thing she most wanted to avoid, messing her diapers. Oh, she knew that there were times when I would force her to mess her diapers with enemas or even just by making her hold it in until she could do so no longer. But to voluntarily and deliberately mess her diapers was horrifying to her. I reminded her that she was forbidden to use a toilet, and that one way or another she would have to mess herself every day, so she had better get used to the idea. I also suggested that with my regular use of her asshole she might find controlling herself more difficult. That really made her blush.

As we sat there on the deck I could tell from the way she shifted about on the chair that she was feeling the double dildo inside her and that she would do anything to get it out. Or would she? It seemed to me that maybe my little diaperslave was enjoying this latest punishment a little too much. But that would not last.

As we talked further, I saw her try to cover her titties and her diapers with her hand and I scolded her for that action and told her that she would be punished for her disobedience. I reminded her that she had been forbidden to try to cover up her nakedness or her diapered condition. She blushed beet red and as I followed her gaze, I saw why. The people in the boats were using binoculars to get a better look at my little diaperslave. They were leering at my little diaperslave wearing just a diaper with another yellow spot beginning to grow between her legs.

Rather than go back to the bedroom, I told her to stay on the deck and not to cover herself with anything while I went inside to get some supplies. I returned with another extra-thick pre-fold diaper. I told her that before I would change her, she would have to relieve the pressure that was building up in my balls. She realized what that meant and acknowledged that she would comply.

Right then and there, I had her lower my pants and get on her knees in front of me. She knew that we had an audience and that a whole bunch of people were watching her assume this degrading position in front of me. I made sure that as she knelt down, she spread her knees wide in humble submission to me.

This time I did not refuse her the use of her hands and she very gently took my balls in her hands and played with them as she took my cock in her mouth. After she had lubricated my cock with her saliva, she moved her mouth to my scrotum and took each of my balls in turn into her mouth and ran her tongue around them. It felt very sensuous and really turned me on. She returned her mouth to my cock again and really massaged it up and down with her mouth and tongue. I could see her blush quite red as I told her that she must really enjoy sucking my cock because she was putting so much care and attention into doing it properly and lovingly. She knew just how long to wait before she brought me to climax and she swallowed every drop of my semen and then licked me completely clean.

I stood there for a minute before she realized she had not yet thanked me for the privilege of letting her suck my cock and after she had properly thanked me, she begged me to change her. I told her that it was highly presumptuous for a little wet diaperslave to ask to be changed. I told her that I had set a schedule for changing her, and that I would change her when I was ready, and not before that. I did say that there might be occasions when she felt that her diapers were about to leak, or when she had messed herself very thoroughly that she might find it necessary to call my attention to the situation. In those cases I said that she could very politely request me to *check* her diapers, but never ever to suggest that they might need changing. I didn't think she could blush that hard, but even the tops of her titties turned red. She really had to force out her acknowledgement of my authority and her promise never to ask to be changed again.

Then I told her to lay down on the deck, that for her impertinence I was going to change her right then and there. She looked out on the lake at the two boats that were there and could see that the occupants were still availing themselves of the use of binoculars so they could see everything that was happening on shore.

Knowing that the whole changing routine would be observed, she lay down on the deck as I told her, with her feet facing the lake. I took off her wet diapers and left her laying there with her feet spread apart, her knees splayed and upraised, and her cunt facing the lake while I took her wet diapers into the bedroom and put them in the diaper pail. I warned her not to let the dildo come out while I was gone. I knew that she would use that time to fuck herself with the dildo, even though she knew she was being watched all the time. I returned and, as I moved the dildo in and out of her, I told her that she was no longer to refer to her pussy as anything other than her "cunt," a word I knew was obnoxious to her. A look of horror came over her face as she realized that she was going to be forced to use that word when referring to her private parts. Then I twisted the dagger a little further, telling her that she no longer had any right to privacy at all, and that it was obvious from her admiring audience that her *cunt* and *asshole* were now her "public parts"! She blushed even redder, and tears rolled down her cheeks, but she did manage to look at me adoringly and say, "Yes, my Master, whatever you wish!" I noticed that there was considerable juiciness oozing around the dildo in her cunt.

Keeping the double dildo securely inside her, I pinned the extra heavyweight pre-fold diaper around her waist. I told her that she was not to wear anything but this diaper for a while and that if it got too wet, I would again just pin another one on top of it, adding to the bulk between her legs. I warned her that if her pee overflowed her diaper she would pay the consequences. I told her to ask me to check her diaper before it was so full that it would drip, and that any mess on my deck from her diaper would bring severe repercussions. By now, her diapers and plastic panties had finished in the washer and I told her to get them and to hang them up on the line in my back yard, the one which extended from my deck to a tree down by the lake. She really blushed as the binoculars in the boats were focused on her hanging up her diapers and plastic panties to dry, pinning them on the line like a ship's flags signaling her diapered status for all to see.

When she had finished hanging up her diapers I told her to wave to the nice people out in the lake. She blushed all over as she did as she was told. She stood there watching them watch her through their binoculars, with her little titties standing as firm as they could and her diaper sagging between her legs, and she raised her right hand in the air and waved at them.

A mixed look of surprise and apprehension came over her face as she watched the two boats head toward shore, right to my dock. Her apprehension turned to terror as the occupants tied up their boats at the dock and started walking toward the cottage.

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