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Mary's Memorial Day Weekend

CHAPTER 14 - Mary's Story (Continued)

I woke up confused. I was in David's bed and that was where I should be, but something was wrong. I hugged my knees to my chest and that tightened my diapers around my rear and put added pressure on my pussy, and I liked that. I thought about last night, and how David had played with me while he lay nude beside me. Slipping his hand inside my diapers he had manipulated my clit until I could take it no longer. I was bumping and grinding to the best of my ability considering the fact I was bound spread-eagled on the bed. I was so crazed with what he was doing to me that I would do or say anything to get him to bring me to climax. I remember that he had me say all sorts of things that I really did not want to say, but that was the only way he would satisfy me. He made me beg for it. He made me beg for him to fuck me. And I did. I would have done anything for him to fill my pussy with his massive heat. He really is a masterful lover.

I remembered how he snuggled up beside me after he had fucked me and refastened my diapers, and stuck his prick inside my diapers and pissed all over me. It was so exciting, so hot, so lovely. I wanted him to diddle or fuck me all night. I remember him going to sleep with his hand cupping my tittie and how I longed to hug him, but couldn't do so because I was bound spread-eagled on the bed.

That was it!!!! That was what was wrong. I was curled up in a fetal position and that meant that I was no longer bound to the bed. I was free. I still had my cuffs on my wrists and ankles, but they were no longer bound to the bed posts. Oh, my God, what would David say? What would he do to me? Surely he would think I had freed myself and he would be very mad at that!!! What kind of punishment would I have to endure for this infraction. Surely it would be worse than any I had suffered so far this weekend.

I lay there, cuddled up in the fetal position for protection, awaiting the anger I was sure David would feel toward me, anger, if not betrayal. Oh, he couldn't think I had betrayed him, could he? I hadn't done anything wrong. I don't know how I got freed, but I know it wasn't my fault. But what would that matter? Or was this one of his devious plans to make up an excuse for punishing me? Clearly, it would be my fault. After all I had been put to bed the night before bound spread-eagled on the bed and woke up freed and in a fetal position. I must have freed myself in my sleep. It must be my fault and I deserve anything David does to me.

I heard David's footsteps approaching the bedroom and I was scared. As soon as he entered the bedroom, I began to cry and beg him not to be mad at me, that it wasn't my fault and that I had tried to be a good diaperslave and that I didn't know how I got loose but that I was very sorry and wanted so much to obey him and have him approve of me.

David tried to stop me but I kept rambling on about how it wasn't my fault and I didn't know how I had come loose from the bed. Finally I stopped for air, and David told me to be quiet. He, himself, had released my hands and feet from their bondage as a test of my willingness to obey him without the need to be kept bound. He added, however, that if I disobeyed him, I would simply lose any freedom I had and would again be constantly bound. I smiled at the thought that he trusted me and I told him that I wanted to obey him and would do my best to do so.

He told me to follow him into the kitchen, and as I got off the bed I could feel my sopping wet diapers drooping down between my legs and that felt very sensual. They reminded me again of all that they contained, David's pee and my pee and juices from last night as well as my pee during the night. My diapers were really wet. I couldn't remember having awakened to wet myself either. That was really unusual. Thank goodness David had let me wear my plastic panties -- they helped keep my diapers sensually warm and also kept them from sliding down over my hips. David was so thoughtful that way. He knew just what I needed.

As I entered the kitchen, I saw that David had already fixed my breakfast and that I was to eat a bowl of oatmeal and drink a large glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee. The orange juice tasted kind of different and I realized that David had laced it with Metamucil. The OJ and oatmeal were going to add bulk to my BM. And I had an idea where they were going to end up -- in my diapers.

David told me to finish all my breakfast (he kept filling my coffee cup as soon as I drained it) and that I would not be changed until I had done so. He reminded me that the weekend was far from over (a fact of which I was already painfully aware, I was starting to wonder what it would be like returning to Ron. I didn't want the weekend to end yet.) and that he expected absolute obedience from me and acceptance by me of whatever he chose to do with me.

After we had finished breakfast, David had me come over and sit on his knee, straddling his leg facing him. I could feel the warm, wet diaper pushing up against my clit and I was getting turned on by the minute. I moved back and forth on his knee and began rubbing my leg against his crotch. I could feel his prick growing and getting harder. I hoped he would fuck me again when he changed me. He held me close to his body and began massaging my little titties until my nipples were standing firm and erect. I got very hot.

I don't know what got into me but I really opened up to him as we talked and I confessed to the mixed emotions I felt at having to wear diapers and sometimes other juvenile clothing. I mean, I love the feel of wearing diapers and wetting myself, but on the one hand, I am extremely embarrassed and humiliated at being forced to wear such clothing, and even more so when David changes me and he and any others with him see my private parts. On the other hand, it is strangely comforting to know that I have the security of having someone care for me and knowing that I don't have to worry about having accidents, something which seems to be happening more and more regularly. I also get a strangely exciting feeling whenever I am forced to wet or mess my diapers, or know that my diapers and plastic panties are on display for all the world to see.

I told David I really appreciated the time he was taking to train me and to teach me the pleasures that could be mine from being a proper diapergirl. I apologized for all the times I had made things difficult for him and forced him to punish me because I was disobedient. I swore that he would never have to punish me again, that I would be a proper and obedient diapergirl from now on.

As I sat there on his knee, I could feel my diaper getting wetter and wetter and I sensed that I was fast losing control over my bladder. Once I was wet, then my pussy just seemed to forget to notify me if I was wetting again. Still, he let me sit there on his knee in my sopping wet diaper as we continued to talk and I continued to move back and forth rubbing the sopping wet diaper against my clit and my leg against his crotch. In fact, I did not even realize what I was doing until David called my attention to it and called me a horny little diaperslut who could not think of anything but sex. The realization that he was right brought a blush to my body, but wasn't enough to slow me down in my rocking.

When David had decided that our conversation was over, he lifted me off his knee and brought me back to the bedroom, where he lifted me up onto the changing table. Another change in our routine -- he did not fasten my wrists and ankles to the table, but merely told me to bend and spread my knees, and to lift my bottom off the table so he could remove my plastic panties. He did that and the odor from my diapers was so strong that he went and got a room deodorant spray and cleansed the air. He unpinned my diapers and brought them down from between my legs. David decided that I needed a bath and helped me off the table. I thanked him for removing my diapers and for caring enough to give me a bath.

He brought me into the bathroom, still naked, while he drew my bath. There I looked with mixed emotions at that forbidden object, the object I was prohibited from using, possibly for the rest of my life: the toilet. I stood there, naked and unashamed at my nakedness since it was David's right to see me, but also feeling a bit uncomfortable with the familiar, thick security of my diapers removed. When David had finished drawing my bath I got in and sat down, the water coming just up to my waist.

I was not allowed to bathe myself and David performed that function for me, lathering me up and down my whole body. He paid particular attention, as I now expected him to do, to my little titties and my diaper area. As he ran his hand up and down the crevice between my legs I began to experience excitement again. As he worked his hand down behind me and around my rear opening, I tingled with excitement at what I hoped he would do, and when he did it, when he penetrated me back there with his finger, I let out a shout of glee. With one of his hands probing my rear and the other running up and down my slit, I was moaning and groaning and breathing as hard as I could.

I was in the throws of rapture when I began to feel a razor against my pussy and I realized that David was shaving my diaper area, as was his right. I spread my legs even wider to allow him easier access. It really seemed proper that as a diapergirl I should have a hairless pussy.

As he was bathing me, David told me that I still had things to learn about being a proper diaperslave. He reminded me that I must never refuse a command, or even a desire, that my master or mistress expresses. I must have flinched somewhat at the idea that I might someday have to obey a mistress and David explained that there might be times when my master chose to lend me to a mistress and if that happened, I must obey and do whatever I am told. He went on to explain that my master might even need to leave me with a "sitter" sometime and that I must obey, that obeying a mistress or sitter would only be an extension of obeying my master.

Of course he was right. I was ashamed at the way I had initially reacted and begged him to forgive me. I assured him that I would do whatever my master asked me to do, no matter what that might be, no matter how embarrassing or humiliating that might be. I wished I understood what he meant when he told me that my resolve to obey my master would be tested today.

After my bath, David dried me off (I'm not even allowed to do that myself) paying special attention to my little titties and diaper area. I really got turned on when he ran the soft, fluffy towel back and forth through my pussy slit. I began to move my body back and forth to increase the contact of the towel with my very sensitive areas. I began to get really excited and to breathe heavily but David stopped and reminded me that he was the only one who would decide whether or not I would have an orgasm. I was very disappointed that David was not going to allow me to be satisfied, but I remembered to thank him for bathing me and taking the time to make sure I was clean and dry.

I stood there, naked, in the bathroom waiting for David to take me into the bedroom to diaper me. Instead, he led me, still naked, into the living room, spread a plastic sheet on the floor, and told me to sit down on it, cross-legged. I'm sure I blushed as I realized that sitting with my legs crossed would put my now clean-shaven pussy on public display. David told me that the plastic sheet was only a precaution to protect the floor in case I should disobey him and wet myself without my diapers on. David also warned me not to touch myself with my hands in any way, so I sat there, naked, with my pussy on full display and with my hands at my side, unable to cover myself or protect myself in any way. As I sat there revealing my deepest secrets, I could feel myself responding sexually. I could feel my pussy lips swelling up and becoming engorged. I could feel a tingle in my nipples as they became stiff and sensitive. The mere fact that I was unconsciously responding in this way humiliated and embarrassed me. Still, I did my best to do what David wanted me to do, because I certainly did not want to provoke him to punish me any more.

I sat there for quite a while as David continued to lecture me on my duties as a proper diaperslave. It amazed me how used I had gotten to that term. It no longer made me uncomfortable to think of myself as a diaperslave. He reminded me how fortunate I was that he had agreed to take his entire holiday weekend and devote it to my training. He told me that there were a lot of other things he could have been doing this weekend that would have been a lot more fun than changing my wet and messy diapers. When he said that, I realized that the core of my existence had become inextricably intertwined with my diapers. I was either wetting them or waiting for them to be changed or concerned about what David was going to do with or put into my diaper area.

David told me that he was going to make some changes in my care to make it easier on, and more enjoyable for, him. First and foremost, he told my that I was no longer going to be changed just because I was wet. I was only going to be changed four times a day: after breakfast, after lunch, at cocktail time (I guessed about 5:00 PM), and finally at bedtime. He further told me that since he was going out of his way to change my stinky and messy diapers, it was only right that I compensate him by satisfying him sexually each and every time he changed me. He asked me if I thought that was fair and without giving it a second thought I agreed that it was. After all, he was doing a lot for me and in what better way could I show my appreciation?

As we were talking I was concentrating on what he was telling me and trying to remember it all because I knew that he did not like to repeat himself and would consider it disobedience not to do what he had told me. I was trying so hard to be a good diaperslave and he told me that even as he was talking to me, I was disobeying him. I couldn't believe what he was saying to me, certainly I had done nothing to disobey him. I was sitting there as he told me to, cross-legged with my sex on full public display. He told me that, indeed, I had disobeyed his command not to wet the plastic sheet and I followed his gaze to between my legs and saw a big puddle there. As I had been concentrating on what he had been telling me, I was actually wetting myself. I was shocked at what I had done, without even knowing I was doing it. I knew that I tended to lose control once my diapers were wet, but I thought I could still control myself perfectly when I wasn't diapered.

David reminded me that I had promised to obey him, but that I was obviously incapable of controlling my wetting and he pointed to the puddle between my legs as proof. He told me what was so painfully obvious, that if I had not thought I could control my wetting I would not have promised not to wet the plastic sheet. He pressed his advantage home by making me admit what I had done; taunting me, saying things like "You did wet the plastic sheet, didn't you? That's not just sweat, is it?" As much as it embarrassed me, I had to admit that he was right. I could not deny the evidence that was pooling around my sex and rear end as I sat on the floor, and I had done it without even knowing what I was doing.

David told me that, as I expected, I would have to be punished for my disobedience and also that I would now have to admit that I had no control over my bladder and that I *belonged* in diapers. I nodded agreement but could not look David in the eyes, I was so ashamed of what I had done and of my lack of control. David brought me up short, telling me that I must look at him when he spoke to me and that I must respond verbally to his questions. I looked up at him with tears in my eyes and finally choked out the words which I knew he expected, "Yes, master, I am incapable of controlling my bladder." I then remembered our conversation from last night and blushed red all over. The realization came over me that I really did *belong* in diapers and what that meant. As I looked into his eyes I repeated the words I remembered from last night: "Yes, master, I am a wet and messy diaperslave who belongs in diapers. It is a privilege for me to be diapered, and I *want* to be diapered anytime you have no other use for my pussy or my... (and here I almost choked on the words) my asshole."

David told me that, now that I had acknowledged my total dependence on diapers, he expected me to ask to be put back into diapers anytime he took my diapers off and that anytime he chose to leave my diapers off, I was to ask him to place a waterproof pad under me for protection. I nodded and David reminded me that was insufficient and that if I continued my disobedience in refusing to respond verbally additional punishment would be meted out to me. I certainly did not want that, and so I humbly uttered the words David was waiting for, "I will ask to be put back into diapers anytime you take my diapers off and I will ask that a waterproof pad be put under me anytime you wish to leave my diapers off."

David told me that now that I had admitted my complete lack of control over my bodily functions, I was forbidden from even trying to use a toilet, and that, from that day forward, the only acceptable verb that I would be permitted to use to refer to my own urination was the verb "to wet." He explained that the verb "to pee" implied volition, and clearly I lacked that. It just seemed that David was adding humiliation upon humiliation on me, and I blushed all over as he forced me to admit, "Y..yes, Master, I am only c..capable of wetting myself, and I will n...never try to use the toilet."

When it seemed that David had humiliated me all that he could, he told me to stand up and he led me into the bedroom. My pussy was engorged and throbbing with anticipation. He had told me I would have to satisfy him sexually at every diaper change, and I hoped he would satisfy me as well. He had me assume a position on all fours at the very bottom of the bed. David made a great show of placing a waterproof pad and an extra-heavyweight pre-fold diaper between my knees, which, of course, forced my knees even further apart. David told me that I would end up wearing that diaper between my legs no matter what I did on it.

I was feeling very vulnerable, kneeling on all fours with my rear end open and available for anything David wished to do to it. My anxiety was heightened when he told me that my asshole needed more training to become more easily penetrable, and that he intended to take care of that right then. I was really frightened when he showed me a double dildo, one with two parallel eight inch prongs, each an inch and a half thick and shaped like a man's prick, which I knew would violate both my asshole and my pussy. He told me that I would soon experience that instrument, but that first I needed some preparation to open up my ass some more. He kept me constantly aware of what was going to happen to me by placing the double dildo on the bed in front of me where I could not take my eyes off it, scared to death of how it would feel, but very excited at the thought of being penetrated both front and rear simultaneously.

I told him how sorry I was for disobeying him and begged him to let me off just this once, but he told me that if I continued my blubbering it would only add to my punishment. Then David added insult to injury by telling me that I should be thankful that he was taking the time to train me. I knew what that meant and stopped my pleading and began to thank him for training me to be a good diaperslave. After all, I knew that everything he was doing to me was for my own good.

As I knelt there on all fours with my knees spread wide and an extra-heavyweight pre-fold diaper between them, I could feel him begin to play with my pussy, and I could not help responding. He was running his hand up and down my slit and massaging my clit and, almost involuntarily, I began to move my rear end up and down and around. I could not get enough of his stimulation. I was hot and ready for whatever he might do to me next. I really didn't care as long as it sexually stimulated me.

What was I thinking? David's words from earlier that day came back to haunt me. Was I really "a horny little diaperslut who couldn't think of anything but sex"? My whole world revolved around my pussy, when my diaper would be changed, would he play with me at changing time, could I manipulate my legs in such a way that my wet diapers rubbed my pussy? He had made me into a horny little diaperslut, and I was beginning to love every minute of it.

The next thing I knew David was spreading something slippery around my asshole and even slipped a couple of his fingers in there. I suspected that he was lubricating me with K-Y jelly and that he was about to undertake the task of stretching my asshole. I was a little scared at what he might do and I constantly watched that big double dildo on the bed in front of me and dreaded the moment it would penetrate me. It was so thick and long that I just knew I couldn't take it all in, and yet I also knew that before the morning was over I *would* take it all in.

I could not see what he was doing, but I could feel pressure against my rear end, and judging from his position between my legs and what he had said earlier about preparing my rear hole, I guessed he was about to butt-fuck me. I could feel him positioning his prick against my rear opening and all of a sudden he was in me. The initial insertion caught me by surprise and I know I drew a deep breath at the penetration. But as he began to move in and out of my rear end I began to feel sensations I had never felt before, sensations which made my pussy lips swell more and begin to drool. I began to help him by moving my ass back and forth to the beat of his prick. I know I was moaning loudly (I can never have sex quietly), and I could feel David approaching climax. I felt his prick pulsating in me and then felt him pause as he shot a load of cum into my ass. As he climaxed, I could feel my own sensations and emotions reach a fever pitch and I, too, exploded in sexual satisfaction. As I did so, I could feel the juices running down my pussy, but I could also feel myself peeing. Uh oh, I'm not supposed to use that word. I could feel myself wetting. As I climaxed, I lost control of my bladder and emptied it right there on the bed with my knees spread. Lucky for me, David had thought to put that extra-heavyweight pre-fold diaper between my knees or I would have been in real trouble. As it was, I knew that eventually that sodden diaper would be encasing my loins, and that thought strangely turned me on.

I thought that David might punish me for reaching orgasm without permission, but he was so pleased that I was able to climax while being butt-fucked that he ignored the fact that I had climaxed without permission. He told me that I had *come* a long way in my training and his play on words was not lost on me. I truly wanted to please David more than anything in the world.

I thanked David for helping me to expand my training and for fucking me to a lovely orgasm in my *asshole*. I don't think David even caught the short hesitancy in my voice as I used that word which I had found so repulsive just a couple of long days ago.

David told me that it was almost time for me to wear that double dildo that I had been staring at as I was butt-fucked, but that there was one more warm-up exercise that I had to endure first. He told me to hold still, and then proceeded to spank my bare bottom with his hand. As he did so, he explained that this was not a punishment, but just something he wanted to do and that I must get used to being spanked regularly just for his pleasure. He enjoyed spanking my "cute ass" as he called it and he would do so until I cried whenever he wanted to. He explained that the difference between a punishment and a spanking for his pleasure was the severity and duration of the spanking, and that I should take pleasure from being spanked because I would know that I was giving him pleasure by accepting them.

I tried my best to obey David and hold still for my spanking, but it was difficult as the heat and pain built up in my rear end. I did my best not to cry but the pain became too much for me and I began to sob like a baby. I was pleasantly surprised that he chose to spank me without tying me up, and when he stopped I thanked him for allowing me to please him by accepting my spanking without the need to be bound for it. It seemed entirely proper that he should have the right to spank me for any reason at any time. I knew, of course, that had I resisted I would have been bound and the spanking would have been more severe.

When David finished my spanking, he came around and picked up the double dildo and held it to my lips and told me to kiss it on both prongs and then to beg him to insert it into me and allow me to wear it inside my diapers for as long as it pleased him. I did so, even though I was still sore from my spanking and still sobbing. In my lips it seemed so *thick*, what would it feel like in my pussy and asshole?

David went around behind me and I could feel the pressure of the double dildo touching both my holes. All of a sudden I felt more pressure and the double dildo was pushed home. I know I sucked in my breath and let out a little squeal as its dual eight inch pricks fucked me front and rear. I began to pant and moan as David moved the two-pronged monster in and out of my two canals, fucking both my holes.

When he had finished with his fun, David pushed the double dildo all the way home and left it sitting inside me, filling both my cavities. It felt enormous, especially in the rear. I soon realized that David was waiting for me to say something and I remembered what he had wanted me to say about allowing me to wear it inside my diapers for as long as it pleased him, and so I begged him to diaper me. As I spoke I knew that the wet extra-heavyweight pre-fold diaper between my knees would soon be covering my sex and trapping that double dildo deep inside me until David saw fit to take it out. He pulled the diaper up snugly between my legs and pinned it tightly around my waist. As David told me to get off the bed I could feel the double dildo slide a short distance out of me and catch on my diapers where it held firm, partly in and partly out. David had me gather up all my messy and smelly diapers and as I bent down to get them out of the diaper pail I could feel my diaper tighten around my loins and press the dildo back in its full length. It was then that I realized the devilishness of his plan, for as I stood or walked around the dildo would come partway out of me, only to be forced back in when I bent over or sat down. I would be subjected to a continual fucking by the device. It was also clear that David was not going to allow me to wear plastic panties or a top to cover my little titties.

David explained that I was running out of diapers and that one of the chores of a diaperslave was to wash and dry her own diapers. He had me carry my wet and messy diapers to the laundry room and told me to wash them while he went off to fix lunch. Every time I moved, I could feel that double dildo moving around inside me, and I really started to enjoy the sensations.

Finally David called me for lunch. As I went into the kitchen where David was I could see him looking at my crotch, and as I followed his gaze I saw a big yellow stain spreading there. David told me that I could not sit at the table with a leaking diaper and I knew that he was going to humiliate me by making me sit on a plastic sheet or something. Instead, he took another extra-thick diaper and pinned it on top of the one I was wearing, creating quite a bulge between my legs and forcing me to waddle wherever I went.

David had fixed a delicious meal of pasta and tossed green salad, all of which I knew would soon produce bulk for my diapers. He had me sit down and that forced the dildo up inside me its full length. As we ate, I found that I could wiggle my butt around on the chair and increase the sensations of being double fucked. David made sure that I drank my full compliment of three beers for lunch, and I soon felt myself wetting more with each one.

After lunch we went out onto the deck. Well, I waddled out onto the deck, given the thickness of the diapers between my legs. As we went onto the deck I could see a couple of boats out on the lake just going back and forth in front of David's property, and I knew they were waiting for another look at me in all my wet and diapered splendor.

As we sat on the deck and I took the opportunity to work the double dildo around inside myself, I told David how much I appreciated all he was doing for me and how thankful I was for the good job he was doing training me. David told me that if I really meant what I said, I would demonstrate my submissiveness to him by voluntarily pooping in my diapers. He knew that thought was horrifying to me, to voluntarily mess my diapers. Oh, I knew he could force me to mess my diapers by giving me an enema or just feeding me bulky foods and waiting for me to have to go so bad I had no choice, but that was not the same as voluntarily messing my diapers.

David reminded me that I was forbidden the use of the toilet and so that one way or another, I would have to mess myself every day and so I had better get used to it. He also suggested that with him regularly using my asshole and stretching it, I might soon have trouble controlling myself there. The remembrance of how he took me in my rear as I knelt on the bed and the fact that such activities might make it difficult for me to control messing my diapers made me blush.

As I squirmed about on my chair, moving the double dildo around inside me, I saw David watching me and his eyes told me that he knew exactly what I was doing.

I don't know why, but I looked out at the boats and saw the people out there had binoculars trained on me, leering at me, and automatically I brought my hands up to cover what little breasts I have. David immediately told me to take my hands away and said that I would be punished for my disobedience, for I knew I was never to cover up my nakedness. As I looked at him pleadingly, blushing beet red, he also noticed that the people in the boats were watching me with binoculars. It was then that he added to my humiliation by pointing out the yellow spot beginning to grow between my legs.

I expected David to bring me back to the bedroom to change me, but he told me to stay on the deck on full display and not to try to cover myself in any way while he went inside to get some supplies.

David returned with a clean extra-thick pre-fold diaper and it was clear that he intended to change me right there on the deck, giving an even greater spectacle to the boat people, as I had come to think of them. While I was considering what was about to happen to me, David announced that before he would change me, I would have to relieve the pressure that had been building up in his balls. I knew what he meant and asked him for permission to suck his cock and balls. He told me to lower his pants and to get on my knees in front of him, with my knees spread in the usual position.

As I assumed this degrading position, I knew that we had an audience and that a whole bunch of people were watching me lower his pants and kneel down in front of his naked body, my mouth just inches from his private parts. I could feel excitement building in me as I just saw his cock, only partially erect. That organ was becoming *very* important to me.

I asked David for permission to use my hands and he granted that permission. I lovingly and gently took his balls in my hands and played with them as I took his cock in my mouth. After I had sucked and licked his cock to a full erection I moved my mouth to his balls and gently took each of them, one by one, into my mouth and ran my tongue around them. When I had finished with his balls, I returned my mouth to his cock and massaged it up and down with my mouth and tongue.

I could feel myself blush as David told me what a good job I was doing and how much I must be enjoying myself sucking his cock because of all the attention and care I was putting into doing it properly and lovingly. David told me that I was a really good cocksucker. I blushed both because of his words, but also I knew that what he was saying was true, I was enjoying it and realized that it was mostly due to my genuine desire to give David great pleasure. If that meant I would become a "good cocksucker", so be it. I could feel David building to a climax and when he came I made sure that I swallowed every drop of his semen and then I gently and carefully licked him clean.

David waited and soon I realized that I had not thanked him. I told him how thankful I was that he had let me have the privilege of sucking his cock and what a wonderful pleasure it was to serve a master such as he.

After I had thanked him, I begged him to change me, and all I got was a lecture. He told me that it was highly presumptuous for a little wet diaperslave to ask her master to change her. He told me that he had set a schedule for changing me and that he would change me when he was ready and not before. He told me that there might be occasions when I felt that my diapers were about to leak or when I had messed myself very thoroughly (I had a hard time imagining that) and felt it necessary to call his attention to my condition. In such cases I would only be allowed to politely ask David to *check* my diapers, but never to suggest that they might need changing.

I blushed a deep red all the way down to my titties as I acknowledged that I was wrong in asking to be changed and I promised that I would never ask to be changed again.

David told me to lay down on the deck, that for my impertinence in asking to be changed, he was going to change me right then and there. I knew the boat people were still out there with their binoculars and that David planned to give them a special view for their efforts. They could see everything he was doing to me.

I did as I was told when David had me lay down on the deck with my feet facing the lake. David had me spread my legs, raise my knees, and lift my butt off the deck as he removed my two sopping wet diapers. Instead of leaving the wet diapers on the deck while he put the clean diaper on me, he got up and took the wet diapers to the diaper pail in the bedroom, leaving me with my knees spread wide and my pussy wide open and facing the boat people. As he left, David warned me not to let the double dildo come out of me. In order to hold it in, I grabbed the end of it and felt it move inside me. Even though I knew that my every move was being watched close-up, I moved it around and felt the pleasure increase as I did so.

When David returned he took over fucking me with the dildo, and not as gently as I had been doing it. As he fucked me he told me that I was not to refer to my pussy as anything other than my *cunt* from now on. I blushed as I realized that I was going to be forced to use that vulgar word to refer to my love area. David added insult to injury as he told me that I no longer had any *private parts*. That I no longer had any right to any privacy and that I was to refer to my *cunt* and *asshole* collectively as my public parts.

I had never been so embarrassed in all my life. Here I was with my knees still upraised and spread, my *cunt* on full display to the boat people, and I was being told that forever more I was going to have no privacy and that my *private parts* were really now my *public parts*. Still, I did manage to respond, "Yes, my Master, whatever you wish!"

Keeping the double dildo hard inside me, David pinned the extra-heavyweight pre-fold diaper around my waist and told me that I was going to have to go without plastic panties or top again, that if my diaper got too wet, he would just pin another one on top of it again. He warned me that if any of my wetness overflowed my diaper I would pay severe consequences. He told me to ask him to check my diaper before it was so full as to overflow.

By now, my diapers and plastic panties had finished in the washer and David told me to get them and to hang them up on the line in the back yard, the one which extended from his deck to a tree down by the lake. I really blushed as the binoculars in the boats were focused on me waddling around, hanging up my diapers and plastic panties to dry, pinning them on the line like ship's flags signaling my diapered status for all to see, for they were obviously too big for a real baby. All of that motion got the double dildo moving in and out of me again, and I could feel my pussy dripping, but I couldn't tell if it was pussy juice, if I was wetting myself again, or both.

When I had finished hanging up my diapers and plastic panties on the line David told me to wave to the nice people in the boats and I blushed all over as I stood there on the deck and raised my hand and waved to them.

No sooner had I waved to them than both boats began heading right for the shore in front of David's cottage. I watched in horror and distress as they pulled up at David's dock and tied up their boats. I did not believe that my embarrassment could increase any further, but it did as they started walking up the path from the dock to the cottage like they were invited guests.

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