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Mary's Memorial Day Weekend

CHAPTER 15 - David's Story (Continued)

As Mary watched my guests come up the walk from the dock she was wearing only a diaper, which was already beginning to show a yellow stain in her crotch. As we watched the phone rang and I left her standing on the deck with instructions not to cover herself in any way while I went to answer the phone.

It was Ron on the phone. He explained that after I had taken Mary away on Friday night he had gone to a bar to celebrate not having to take care of Mary for the weekend (he called it a weekend of freedom). There he met a woman named Diane and, to make a long story short, Diane came home with him that night and now, on Monday, she was still staying with him. He said that it would be very "inconvenient" for me to bring Mary back and asked me to keep her. I told Ron that I had grown very fond of Mary and that I would be happy to keep her, but that one thing a submissive needs is stability and that this choice, this transfer if you will, would have to be considered permanent. Ron agreed, a little too quickly I thought, and after I had arranged to pick up Mary's things on Tuesday, we said our goodbyes.

By the time I got back to the deck Mary was enthusiastically waving and shouting "hello" to my guests, Bob and Laura and Frank and Ruth, whom she recognized from my Saturday night party, and I'm sure she also realized that meant that she would provide the bulk of the days entertainment as well.

Before our guests got within conversational range I told Mary that it had been Ron on the phone and that, without going into details that a proper diaperslave did not need to know, she would be staying with me on a permanent basis. I was somewhat surprised at how her face lit up at that news, and she impulsively threw her arms around my neck and kissed me and told me how much she had wanted to stay with me, and that she had dreaded having to go back to Ron. I realized more than I had before how attached Mary had become to me over this weekend. Under my tutelage Mary was going to become a perfect and devoted diaperslave.

But first I corrected her and told her that she must never again touch me without my permission and that, although I appreciated her exuberance and what brought it on, she still must be punished for her infraction. I told her that since she had put on such a display in front of my guests I would let them decide her punishment. But first, she must properly greet them, make sure they were seated comfortably, and bring them whatever beverages they requested.

Mary greeted my guests at the door as she had on Saturday afternoon, and although she was only wearing diapers this time (instead of her French Maid's uniform over her diapers) she politely curtsied to them and showed them into the living room and got them comfortably seated. At their request she got them each a beer (again, I had stocked the fridge with 16 oz. cans of beer) and I told her to have one herself. We all knew where that beer was going.

I told my guests that Mary had shown an inappropriate display of affection toward me and that I had told her that they would get to decide her punishment. I had no sooner said that then Ruth said that she had been out in the boat for a long time and needed to relieve herself, and that she wanted to use Mary's diapers for that purpose. It was decided that I and my guests would use Mary's diapers for the rest of the day. Mary was told to go out into the garage and get a funnel and a three foot length of clear plastic tubing. When she returned with it, she was told to kneel down in front of Ruth and place one end of the tubing on the end of the funnel and the other end inside her diapers. As Mary did as she was told, I could tell from her face that she was still feeling the double fucking that the double-pronged dildo was giving her. Ruth reached down inside Mary's diapers and positioned the end of the clear plastic tubing against the top of Mary's pussy and I could tell by the surprised look on Ruth's face that she had found the double dildo firmly implanted inside Mary. Ruth told Mary to hold the tubing in place and since she was forbidden to put her hands inside her diaper she held it from the outside. Ruth lifted up her skirt and it was obvious that she was not wearing any panties. She spread her legs and Mary was instructed to hold the funnel directly below Ruth's pussy. Ruth let go a steady stream of pee into the funnel and Mary could see it run down the clear plastic tubing aimed straight at her clit and thence down her pussy into the crotch of her diapers, where my guests and I could see the yellow stain spread. When the hot stream first contacted her pussy, Mary gave out a startled, but highly pleased, "Ooooooooh!"

When Ruth stopped peeing she told Mary to clean her up with her tongue, adding, "Don't consider yourself finished until I cum, Miss Porta-Potty!" Mary went right to work licking Ruth's pussy clean, and making her rather juicy as well. Then, after Ruth had had a heaving climax that left her knees weak, Mary, without having to be prompted, thanked Ruth for wetting her diapers and for allowing her to clean her.

No sooner had Ruth finished than Frank announced that he had to go too. Mary was told to go and get a plastic sheet and when she had done that I laid an extra-thick pre-fold diaper on it and told Mary to lie on her back on the diaper. Frank stripped and lay on top of Mary with his feet at her head and slipped his prick inside the front of Mary's diaper and let go. You could hear his piss hit her diaper, splash against her stomach, and run down her diaper. It formed a puddle in the back of her diaper, which began to leak through to the diaper Mary was laying on. When Frank was finished he withdrew from Mary's diaper and moved up to her head and she cleaned him off also. After cleaning Frank off, Mary again thanked him for using her diaper and for allowing her to clean him.

I then pinned the second diaper over Mary's first and pulled a large pair of pink plastic panties with ruffles on the seat over her diapers and tucked the leg openings way up under her diapers to form a seal and keep her diapers from leaking.

I had Mary go around to my guests and ask each one to check her diapers and see if she needed a change. Of course all my guests decided to check Mary's diapers from the inside and all found the double dildo which was impaling Mary.

Bob really embarrassed Mary by commenting on how lucky I was to have a girl who let guys feel her up in public. Laura gave him an embarrassed look and I could tell from the way Mary squirmed and blushed that she was horrified at the thought of what she was doing (and letting them do to her) in front of all these witnesses.

After her diapers had been checked it was the consensus that, with a second extra-thick pre-fold diaper pinned on her, Mary could go quite a while before she was in danger of leaking. However, Bob said he would like to see what it was that was filling Mary's holes.

I thought that was a reasonable request and took Mary's pink ruffled plastic panties off her and had her sit down on a straight-backed wooden chair. This had the effect of pushing the double dildo deep inside her. I then unpinned her diapers and let the front of her diaper fall down in front of her so everybody could see her pussy and the dildo that was fucking her.

I decided to add some movement to this still picture. I had Mary put her right hand on the chair and hold the double-dildo on the chair with her left. I then told her to bounce up and down on the dildo, fucking herself on it as she lifted off it and then sat back down on it.

As she fucked herself with the double-dildo it was clear that she was getting hotter and hotter. Soon she began to moan and then pant and then let out her by-now-familiar shouts of ecstasy. I no longer had to encourage her -- she was riding that dildo front and back as if her life depended on it. It was not long before she came and we could see her love fluids flooding down the dildo and into her diapers.

I pinned Mary's diapers on her again and had her step into the pink ruffled plastic panties which I pulled up over her legs and made sure her diapers were tucked well up inside her plastic panties.

By now, Bob and Laura both indicated they had to relieve themselves. Mary knelt down again and inserted the end of the clear plastic tube down the front of her diapers and against her pussy. Bob and Laura both stripped naked and stood facing each other with Laura's ass in Mary's face. As Mary held the funnel against Laura's cunt, Bob directed his cock into the funnel and both flooded Mary's diapers together. I think that if they had been able to continue their stream just a few more seconds that Mary might have cum yet again. It was obvious that this was one "punishment" that she really enjoyed.

All of this peeing made me want to go, and when I told Mary to prepare to receive my piss, she totally shocked me by requesting that before my piss reached her diapers, that she be permitted, to process it first. In fact her exact words were, "Master, may I please have the honor and privilege of receiving your pee in my mouth? I'll do my best not to lose a drop of it, but I can't promise because I've never done this before." I was shocked because I never expected her to volunteer for such a thing this early in her diaperslave training. I knew she was trying to show her gratitude for my agreeing to keep her permanently.

How could I refuse a request like that? I nodded and Mary immediately dropped to her knees in front of me and undid my trousers and pulled them down and then took my shorts off. As I stood naked in front of her, she cupped my balls in her hands and gently massaged them as she took my prick in her mouth. I had not pissed in quite a while and had had a few beers to boot. When I let loose, it was a torrent of piss that flooded her mouth and almost gagged her as she tried as hard as she could to swallow it all. She was not successful and some of my piss spilled over out of the corners of her mouth and ran down her chin and onto her chest and little titties. Little droplets gathered on the tips of her titties and, since she was leaning back slightly, fell onto her belly and down onto the waistband of her panties.

I knew she was excited because as I began to fill her mouth, I could hear her begin to let go and wet her diapers, and I knew that soon she would have even more fluid to pass on to that repository.

When I was finished she ran her tongue around my cock and tightened her lips around my shaft and sucked hard as I withdrew from her. When I made it clear that I had no immediate desire for any further oral service she was visibly disappointed, but nonetheless thanked me very prettily for allowing her to drink my piss "from the source".

I told her how pleased I was that she had taken the initiative to think of ways to please me and that we would practice some more until she could swallow all my piss without losing a drop. As I said this, she grinned broadly and I could hear my piss flowing into her diapers after having passed through her system.

The remainder of the afternoon was surprising uneventful. We moved back into the sunlight on the deck and Mary did a competent job serving (and servicing) my guests. Her diapers became wetter and wetter as the afternoon wore on, but the pink plastic rumba panties contained her pee until her diapers were able to absorb it.

As the afternoon began to turn into evening, I told her that it was time for her cocktail time diaper change. I had her go and get another extra-thick pre-fold diaper and a clean pair of rumba panties and bring them to me. As I began to change Mary, Ruth asked me if I still had my wooden pony and when I said that I did, she suggested it might be fun to give Mary a chance to ride it while the rest of us got dinner ready. Apparently Mary had never heard of that instrument, and she gave Ruth, and then me, a quizzical look that somehow combined both fear and anticipation.

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