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My wife and I have known each other for nearly 6 years now and its been great since the beginning. She is my other half, the better half, of course. my wife, Tara, she has a banging tight body, 5'6" 36C tits, perfect feet (I've never been into feet but something about hers I can't resist), an ass like you wouldn't believe, I have to spank it every time she walks by, she loves that. This is how my perfect fantasy would unfold: It was the weekend and my wife likes to sleep in and I can't sleep past 9, my eyes are wide open by that time. I wake up, take the usual morning piss and go to the internet; I watch some porn videos of girls giving handjobs and blowjobs. I do it quietly so Tara wont wake up, but secretly I want to get caught so I do it around the time she normally wakes up. And of course she has a hunch Im in there lookin at naughty stuff so she opens the bedroom door real quiet and tiptoes to the office and peeks around the corner and I see her and hit X as quick as possible but not quick enough. Im sitting there with my hard cock in my hand and she immediately starts asking me questions to get me to talk, "What was that on your screen there?" she asks, and I could say anything without clearing my throat, "Nothing".

"That didn't look like nothing. I saw videos." She rebuttals, I couldn't say anything, I just looked down. She continued sternly, "And for that matter, why is your dick out, you were in here looking at porn on the computer and you just got caught." I sat there for a minute not sure what to do. I look up at her face and she's thinking hard and gets an idea and I could tell I was in trouble. She said, "So you like playing with your little peepee like a little naughty boy in front of older women?" I didn't say a word. She didn't skip a beat "Do you like losing control of your little peepee and shoot your nasty little load every where and make a mess in your pants? This time she waited. And tapped her foot and said, "Well little boy you had better answer your Mommy or Im going to spank you right here." I said yes humbly. You retorted, "Yes what?"

"Yes Mommy" I said. At this moment she was able to hit so many emotions at once I was in heaven, she took so much control of me, I was loving it. At that she yanked me up by my hand and forcefully pulled me into the living room. My pants were still unbuckled and I went to reach to pull them back up but Tara saw that and abruptly stopped and turned to face me with a domineering look and an intense pointing finger in my face, "Do not touch those, unless I tell you to, do you understand?" I was taken back by the shortness, then she yanked me forward and bent me over her leg that was propped out and she quickly swatted me on the ass as hard as she could.

"You answer your Mommy when I ask you a question."

"Yes Mommy" I didn't even let her finish her sentence. She continued on her way pulling me to wherever she desired and my pants and boxers dragging at my feet. She shoved me in the corner, just by the TV so it was dead in the middle of the house so she could keep an eye on me. She put a quarter between my nose and the wall, "Don't move or the quarter will fall and you will be in big trouble." She proceeded to swat my ass a couple more times, then she reached around to feel my now limp dick, "There, that's what a little baby peepee should look like. Now stay in the corner until I tell you otherwise." She moved about in the house doing all kinds of stuff, I could only see the wall and my peripherals weren't giving me much to go on. Every 5 minutes or so she would come by and swat my ass leaving a red print as a reminder that Im under her control. After about 30 minutes she came over to me and said, "Ok baby come over here to your mommy, ive got the perfect solution for your little bad habit." I turned around forgetting about that stupid 1984 Quarter. She was holding a diaper. I was stunned and secretly excited. She went on to say, "Since you act like a baby then you need to be treated like a baby. And what do babies wear?" I said, "Diapers", "That's correct, babies love wearing diapers don't they?", She asked, I replied "Yes".

"Good, then let me hear you beg for them." She was so good at humiliating me, I replied unemotionally, "Mommy can I wear a diaper?" She popped back, "If baby doesn't want another time out and spanking, he better do it right." I beggingly asked, "Please Mommy, please make me wear a diaper, I'm a naughty boy and cant control my peepee."

"That's better.", she said.

Then she told me to lay down. And she flung my pants and boxers off leaving me in only a teeshirt. Seeing my humiliation Tara ensued the teasing, "Ah is poow wittle baby gonna miss his boxews?" She also brought baby oil and squeezed it into her hand that was over my crotch. It ran down between the cracks of her fingers and down on my dick. Then she began to rub it in, this sent pleasure down through my whole body. She wanted to see how long I could last, she stroked up and down nice and slow with a tight grip and since there was so much lube it was gliding easily. She told me, "Do not cum until I say so." She placed a hand on my balls to feel when they were starting to come up, and I was about to cum she stopped. She then proceeded to roll me over to oil my butt, she slide her hands over my ass and down the crack, just putting her finger in my butthole. Then she slapped some baby powder on my ass and laid the diaper out, and rolled me over onto it, then finished powdering my front side. The aroma of baby powder filled the room. Then she attempted to pull the front of the diaper over my hard dick but it was in the way. She told me to sit still and she got up and came back with an ice cube, she began sliding it all over my dick and balls, making it tiny again, "There's my babies little peepee." Then she pulled the diaper up and taped it shut, and marked each tab with a Sharpie to make sure I wouldn't take the diaper off. She wrote on the back of my diaper "Naughty Baby Boy's Diaper" and then she wrote on the front, "Naughty Baby Boy's Little Baby PeePee". She then directed me to get up and go to the kitchen with her. She opened the fridge and started looking for food she had some mashed potatoes from the night before, then she told me to turn around and proceeded to dump a large amount of mashed potatoes down the back my diaper. Immediately my diaper sank and I spread my legs to keep from getting messy. Tara said, "Well, well my baby cant even keep his diaper clean for 5 minutes, youre such a dirty little baby boy." She walked back to the living room and told me to come sit on her lap, I waddled over there and I sat down slowly the food squished everywhere making an icky mess in my diaper. She bounced me a couple of times, and said she was ready for a shower. She told me to come with and went and turned the water on. She began stripping, I was standing there in a dirty messy diaper watching my smoking hot wife take her clothes off, it was hot. She threw her shirt on the floor then sexfully unbuttoned her pants, then turned around lowering them as she shoved her ass in the air for me to drool over. The off came her bra, with her perky tits hanging there and ready to be suckled. Then she ran her finger tips around the rim of her cute panties and lowered them teasingly to drive me wild. She kept her area trimmed very neatly and short, it was calling my name. She hopped in and told me to get on the far side. I did as I was told, my dick was hard again and ready to blow. She let the water run down the back of her head and got her hair wet and beads of water were running down the smooth curves of her skin. She told me to come closer and I did, she stuck a finger into my diaper pulling it open and she moved to the side letting some water run down my body into my diaper, making it a little wet, she pushed my away and told me to sit down. I did as I was told, and the potatoes squished as I sat, going between my buttcrack. I sat there patiently as she washed her body, letting the soap suds flow down her body, all the way to her delicious feet. She grabbed the shampoo and squeezed it down the front my diaper then put some in her hair. It felt so good all gooey and cold. She patted the front of my diaper, it was slick, my dick easily rubbed the diaper making it feel really good. After she was done shampooing her hair she started rubbing her foot against my crotch, making it stiff. Then she bent over and pulled it out and told me to start stroking, I dutifully did.

"That's right baby, play with your little baby peepee, just like a naughty boy" she said. Then she scooted closer and grabbed the back of my head and forced me to lick her pussy, she was grinding her pussy all over my face I licked like a mad man for 10 minutes and she started to moan, I could tell she was ready to cum, so I continued licking all her good spots she loves, then she exploded and I could feel her pussy starting to get really wet from all her cum, she pulled my head back and stuck her fingers in her pussy and got them nice and wet, and she pulled them out and began wiping her wet juices all over my face, Im sitting here in my dirty diaper stroking it as fast as I can, she said "You naughty boy, you like being messy don't you" I agreeingly smiled. Then she put her hands on her stomach and groaned a little. She said, "Mommy needs to pee. Since youre wearing a toilet, Mommy can use it too." With her pussy right at my face pee began to trickle out and onto my face and down my body and into my diaper. That was the hottest thing she had ever done. I told her, "Mommy Im about to cum." She said, "Good you naughty little baby boy, I want you to make a mess on Mommies toesies." She put her foot out running it up and down my hard shaft, I stroked fast and fasted until I blew my load all over her foot. I sat there nearly out of breath from everything that just happened and she gently pulls my diaper back and wiping the cum off of her foot into my diaper.

To be continued...

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