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Chapter One

Melanie heard her Mum moving about in her room after she stepped out of the shower, which wasn't at all unusual; she often let her Mum pick out outfits for her, as she had good fashion sense. She finished drying her plump round bottom as she shuffled out of the bathroom adjoining her bedroom, to find her cheerleader outfit laid out on the bed for her. As she stepped closer to her bed, she noticed some other strange things; a large pair of lacy pink rubber pants, and what looked to be... 'No way?' she thought in confusion. They looked like diapers! Had her Mum lost her mind? Staring dumbfounded at the items on her bed, a metallic click from behind her brought her back to reality. She tried to move her arms around to the front, but found her wrists cuffed together.

"Mum? What the hell are you doing?" Melanie asked, her voice quavering slightly.

"I've put up with enough disappointments from you young lady; poor grades, coming home late - if at all some nights, talking back. You act like a big baby sometimes," she concluded. Melanie was frightened and confused to say the least. Was her mother going to put her in diapers? She felt her Mum drag down her underwear, leaving her standing in handcuffs and a bra. Her Mum pushed her gently down, stomach first, against the bed. Her Mum moved the cheerleading uniform and diapers out of the way, so Melanie didn't fall on them. Melanie heard some noise behind her, but couldn't look back all the way. Then she felt something rubber slide into her butt.

"I'm going to give you an enema," her Mum began.

"I want you to hold it in till I come back. Or else," she finished threateningly. The fluid rushed through the tube into her stomach, which began to swell outward. After it was done, her mother pulled her underwear back on her, and told her to stand up.

"Wait here," she ordered. Her Mum left, leaving Melanie standing in front of the full-length mirror on her bathroom door. She looked at herself, a look of distant horror on her face. Melanie had a great body, which she didn't flaunt at all. Now she looked hideous with her bulging stomach. Her stomach rumbled, bringing her crashing back to reality once again. She thought holding the enema in would be a cinch; after all, she could make it through a whole school day without going to the disgusting bathrooms there. She quickly realized she was horribly mistaken; the pressure began to build exponentially. She felt a little trickle into her underwear, and she panicked. Not knowing what to do, she tried to run to the bathroom. It was too late. The enema gushed out virtually all at once, causing her tight rubber panties to balloon outwards. Surprisingly, they contained her mess without leaking on the floor. She stood in front of the mirror again, her mouth hanging open. Her white panties had turned a dark brown, almost overflowing. Her Mum walked back in. 'Perfect timing,' Melanie scornfully thought to herself.

"What did I tell you?" her Mum asked. Melanie stood there dumbfounded and embarrassed. She didn't know what to say.

"Speak when you're spoken to!" her mother nearly shouted. Melanie still didn't manage anything above a whimper.

"Okay. You will wear thicker diapers for being disobedient," she sternly concluded. Her Mum produced a package of adult diapers from behind her back, and set them on her bed. She pulled out four more diapers, and set them on the bed. She cleaned up Melanie, and began to diaper her.

"Why are you doing this?" Melanie finally choked out.

"Don't talk back to me, young lady!" her Mum barked angrily.

"I'M NOT!" Melanie yelled in return. Her mother responded by pulling two more diapers out of the bag, raising the number of diapers on the bed to seven. Her mother expertly began taping the diapers on her. One by one, the thickness steadily increased. After all seven diapers were taped on, her mother pulled the pink plastic pants on. She stood Melanie up, who had to spread her feet wider then usual to stand comfortably. Melanie heard two clicks behind her again; one for the hand cuffs, because she could move her arms apart again. She had no idea of the source of the second sound. Her mother instructed her to put on her cheerleading outfit, and come down to breakfast. As soon as the door clicked shut, Melanie tried to drag down the pink plastic panties, but they wouldn't budge. Horrified, she ran to the mirror and saw a small lock and chain ending in the back. She fumbled blindly at the lock, but couldn't get it open. She played with several different methods of trying to take the diapers off for about fifteen minutes, and then gave up. She put on her cheerleader uniform, and looked in the mirror one last time. The brief skirt covered only about half of her diapers. Her bulging crotch area and about another inch was showing from below the skirt hem. From the waist up though, she appeared a normal person. 'Thank God for small favours,' she thought to herself. She turned around and tried to walk to the door, the humongous padding and bulk of the diapers causing her problems. She had to waddle more then walk; her cheeks flushed red at the events of the last half-hour. She turned around, and waddled back to the bathroom to put on her make-up and fix her hair. She could at least look close to normal, she hoped. Melanie eventually waddled downstairs to breakfast. Being the only child in a single parent household, at least she was spared teasing from another sibling. There were only two problems though: having only one parent meant her Mum could do whatever she wanted, unimpeded. The other larger one was that she had school today. Trying to relieve some of her anxiety, she started taking one thing at a time.

"Eat everything at your spot dear," said her Mum.

"I'm not that hungry," Melanie muttered. Her Mum looked at her, and then pointed to the kitchen counter. Melanie followed her finger, and saw two plastic bags with more diapers in them. Melanie remained silent and waddled to her spot at the table. Her Mum had managed quite a spread for breakfast, she thought. A plate of runny eggs, a bowl of cantaloupe, a banana, three chocolate bars, a bowl of raisin bran, and some hamburger helper. To drink, a glass of orange juice, a glass of milk, and a glass of soda. There's no way I can stomach all this, Melanie thought to herself. She began eating anyway, fearing what might happen if she didn't. Everything seemed really sweet when she ate it; she dismissed it as coincidence, and probably just her imagination. Somehow, she managed to eat everything, washing it all down with the tall glasses of liquid she had been provided. It hadn't even occurred to her that her Mum might have spiked her meal with something.

"It's almost time to leave dear," warned her Mum, acting surprisingly pleasant now.

"Better go finish getting ready," she ended dismissively. Melanie tried standing back up. It took her two tries, because of the bulk between her legs and around her waist. She had been surprised when she first sat down, because the diapers made her sit a few inches taller. She waddled off to her room, and picked up her backpack and gym bag for cheerleading practice.

"I'll have found a way out of these things by practice... Better pack some real clothes for then." She opened her dresser and simply stared. Her mother had removed all her normal underwear and replaced them with cloth and disposable diapers.

"There has to be something in here somewhere," she muttered, panicking. She rummaged through her drawer finding nothing but diapers, diapers, and more diapers. She slammed the drawer closed and collapsed on her bed. She glanced over at the mirror, wondering what to do. Her Mum walked in.

"You're going to be late on top of everything else! Hurry up!" She closed the door behind her.

"Right," muttered Melanie.

"I'll just skip school; you should've thought this through better." Melanie grabbed her keys and her bags, and waddled downstairs thinking of how she could escape this diaper-prison and out of school at the same time. She was a junior, so she drove herself. Where to go? The possibilities were limitless. She smiled as she made her way to the garage to leave. Melanie opened the long door on her red Camaro, and threw her bags in the back seat. She managed to squeeze into the front seat, her diapers getting in the way. She pushed down on them, hoping to compact them, maybe get them out of the way some. The only thing that resulted was more of the diapers going in-between her legs, forcing her legs apart even more. She muttered a curse under her breath as she closed the door and started the car. The engine roared in the confined space of the garage, making her almost smile. She loved driving this car; it was one of the few things that made her happy. It almost took her mind off of her predicament. She looked down as she put the car in gear, and noticed that her skirt hardly covered any of her diapers while she was sitting. She put the car back in park, and grabbed a sweater out of her bag and put it across her lap. She pulled out of the driveway and closed the garage door behind her. All of a sudden she heard another car. Her Mum was following her to school. Her attention shifted to the car phone below the dash as it rang. She picked it up.

"Hello?" she answered.

"Don't even think about skipping school today, young lady," her Mum cautioned. The conversation ended with a click as her Mum hung up. Frustrated, Melanie turned on the stereo loud, and sped to school. Her Mum kept up surprisingly; she didn't think her mom's beat up Buick could hold ground against her Z28. She pulled into her parking spot fifteen minutes after the late bell, the gate closing right behind her. The administrator in charge of the parking lot, Mr. Phillips, came and tapped on her window.

"Late again, Melanie?" he stated, more then asked.

"Yes, Mr. Phillips," she resignedly replied. This was getting to be a really crappy day.

"Pull into the detention lot; you'll get your car back at 3:00," he said. He walked back towards his office, leaving Melanie sitting in her car. She put it into gear, and pulled around into the detention lot. She looked around before she got out of the car, seeing no one around. She hurriedly got out, grabbing her bags and locking the door. She tied her sweater around her extra thick waist, covering her exposed diapers, thankfully. She waddled towards her first class, extremely diapered, and extremely tardy. Melanie had made it to class without getting too many strange looks and stares; she was bright red with embarrassment. Fortunately, her seat was in the back of the room. She kept thanking herself for small favours. She entered the building with her first period class, and carefully moved down the hallway. She hoped for as little human contact as possible today. She ran into one of her fellow cheerleaders, who walked out of the class in front of her.

"Melanie!" Tiffany the cheerleader greeted her brightly. Tiffany looked closer at Melanie, and frowned.

"What are you wearing?" Melanie looked at her for a minute, turned bright red again, and tried to think of what she could possibly say to get out of this predicament.

"You look like you're wearing diapers!" Tiffany exclaimed. Tiffany yanked the sweatshirt from around Melanie's waist and spied her padded pink crotch.

"You ARE wearing diapers!" she squealed loudly.

"I..." Melanie stammered.

"I... lost a bet...?" she finished, as more of a question then statement.

"That's sooooo cute!" Tiffany laughed wickedly.

"Pink frilly diapers!" Tiffany walked off cackling down the hall while Melanie shrunk against the wall, completely humiliated. Tiffany knew everybody on the cheerleading team, and would soon tell everyone about her diapered state. And everybody else heard all of their gossip from the cheerleading squad. Today was not a good day. She somehow managed to summon the strength to waddle to her class, over half an hour late now. She slowly waddled in, and everyone turned to look at the person shuffling through the door. She suddenly realized she hadn't tied the sweatshirt back around her waist; her diapers were showing! She quickly sat down, with people's eyes lingering on her. Everybody began snickering, even the teacher could barely contain himself.

"Okay class," Mr. Epstein finally managed to splutter.

"Let's get back to work." The class seemed to drag on forever. Melanie sat in her chair, elevated by her absurdly thick diapers, watching the clock. As time drudged on, her stomach began to rumble. 'Great,' she thought. 'Just what I need; a stomach ache.' She tried to pay attention to the teacher, but kept wondering what had led her Mum to diaper her. And where had she found all of this stuff? Her stomach gurgled alarmingly again, and she glanced at the clock. Five more minutes until next period. She was almost happy for block scheduling; only four periods and she was out of here. Then she remembered she couldn't leave until three 'o clock, because her car was in lock-up. Wonderful. The bell rang and Melanie was the first out the door - and out of the building. She headed straight to the girls' bathroom, and locked herself in a stall.

"How am I going to get out of this?" she groaned quietly to herself. She reached behind her back and tugged at the chain in futility. It wasn't budging an inch. It seemed to be measured exactly to her waist size; maybe her Mum had planned this better than she thought. Her stomach growled in warning again, then she became aware of the need to pee slowly building. Her face took on a look or horror; there was no way she was going to use her diapers. After already being forced to crap in her panties this morning, she was determined to extricate herself from this situation. Her dreams of freedom were cut short, when the late bell for second period rang. She whimpered softly to herself, and began to make her way to class.. Melanie sullenly waddled through the empty hallways. She was late again; she knew she may very well end up in detention today, adding to the days list of humiliations. She made her way to the other side of campus, where her next class - math - was located. On her way, she passed by another restroom. Two more of the cheerleading team emerged. Was Tiffany again, the other was Courtney, the team captain.

"There she is!" Tiffany practically shouted.

"Isn't she cute?"

"Aww..." Courtney cooed. She pulled the sweat shirt from Melanie's waist again. She had tied it back on in the bathroom.

"Those diapers make you so cute!" Courtney moved to the back of Melanie, who was too dumbfounded to speak. Courtney jerked up Melanie's skirt as Tiffany produced a camera, and she snapped several revealing pictures. Melanie tried to yankl her skirt back down, but Courtney had too strong a grip. Both girls laughed when Courtney crisply swatted Melanie's thickly diapered bottom.

"You're a bad little baby girl!" Courtney teased.

"I'll see you at practice, little baby!" Both girls danced off laughing heartily. Melanie ran into the bathroom and resumed trying to tug at the locked pink panties. They just wouldn't budge. Her stomach rumbled again, and she suddenly realized her bowels were just as full as her bladder - if not more. She pried more and more desperately, this time trying to rip through the plastic. Not knowing what else to do, she began to cry.

"Why is she doing this to me?" she sobbed aloud. She then realized that she couldn't be seen like this; but she had no choice! If she missed any more classes, she would surely fail! The punishment for that would likely be ten times worse! She tried to collect herself as much as possible, ignoring the fact she needed to relieve her bowels and bladder, and forced herself to waddle to the next class. She made sure her sweat shirt was safely tied around her waist before entering this time. She made her way to the front of the class as nonchalantly as possible, even though her babyish waddling gait made her look ridiculous. She cautiously sat down, barely fitting into the small desk. Her diapers bunched up between her legs, pressing against her nearly full bladder. The teacher Mr. Phillips, looked at his late arrival.

"Do you have a pass, Melanie?" he sternly inquired.

"Uh, no sir," she replied meekly.

"You need a pass to come in late," he irritably reminded her.

"Why should I make an exception for you?" he asked peevishly.

"You shouldn't sir," she dismally replied.

"Since you have deemed yourself important enough to come in late, and without a pass, you can come up to the board and demonstrate today's lesson. You obviously know it all, since you can ditch class at will," he concluded sarcastically.

"I'd rather not," Melanie muttered in return.

"And why is that?"

"I'm not feeling well," she replied dully. The pressure on her bowels and bladder had been steadily increasing, nearing the limits of her control. She knew that if she had to stand up, she might very well lose control, and - 'Don't think about that,' she commanded herself.

"Is that so?" he asked carelessly.

"Well, after you demonstrate today's lesson, you can leave class - with a pass." He walked to her desk, and set a piece of white chalk down on it. She looked at it, and then looked at Mr. Phillips. He smiled, and motioned towards the front of the class.

"You already have a detention, Ms. Meyers," he said, using her last name for emphasis.

"I suggest you do as instructed." She picked up the chalk and resigned herself to the inevitable. Her mind was occupied with keeping her body under control; not the math. She carefully got up, not realizing her sweat shirt snagged on the chair and fell off. She slowly waddled towards the board, letting out a long wet fart as she walked past the row of desks in front of the board. The student she walked past Jacob - the class clown - who laughed aloud.

"She's a big baby!" he squealed.

"Look at her pretty pink diapers!" She looked down, horrified, realising her diapers were showing from under her short skirt. At that moment, she lost all control. She first felt a warm trickle escape her, as she began to wet herself. She kept staring straight ahead at the board, not wanting to meet the faces of everybody in the room. The situation was humiliating enough as it was; she didn't need fifty people to help. She winced as the trickle gained force becoming a steady stream, and her over full bladder relieved itself. She let out another long, low fart. A thick surge of diarrhoea leaked from her with a second gurgling fart. She gasped in surprise, and tried to keep it all in, to no avail. The diarrhoea resumed with another wet fart, and continued for what seemed hours. Finally she finished; the pressures on her excretory system relieved. She didn't know what else to do, so she began writing on the chalk board. The class laughed even harder at this; they just couldn't believe what their fellow classmate had done.

"A big baby!" Jacob wailed again.

"A grown girl, wearing diapers! Wetting and messing in them, too!" hooted Mr. Phillips.

"How precious!" cooed someone in mocking sweetness. Melanie turned around, face reddened, streaming with tears.

"Shut up!" she managed to yell. She began to waddle as fast as she could towards the door, snatching up her bags as she went. Her loaded diapers made waddling even more difficult. They clung to her like a dead weight with every step. She looked down, to see dark brown stains through the once opaque panties. She cursed herself for leaving her sweat shirt in the class; now she didn't have anything to cover her obvious mess with. She ran into the bathroom she had run into Tiffany and Courtney at, and was surprised to find the entire cheerleading squad waiting for her.

"Wow! Little baby made quite a mess!" exclaimed Courtney. Melanie let loose another wet fart, accompanied by another squirt of diarrhoea. This brought another round of laughs from the squad. The chocolate bars must have been laxative; she cursed herself again for her stupidity.

"We should see about getting her cleaned up," said Georgina, one of the other cheerleaders. Melanie saw a Courtney produce a stack of thick disposable diapers from her cheerleading bag. Where did she get those? Melanie wondered to herself. Where was inconsequential now; the whole cheerleading squad was intent on diapering her. Courtney had begun to take her skirt off when Melanie bolted for the door. There was no way this was going to happen. Melanie found the door closed, with Tiffany standing in front of it with a key, and another large pink diaper. Tiffany laughed, and moved towards Melanie, who was backing up towards the rest of the squad. Melanie found herself surrounded by the entire cheerleading squad, each holding a thick, pink diaper, with large grins on their faces. Courtney approached her again, and dangled a small pewter-coloured key in her face.

"Your mother sent this to me in class," she said.

"She said that she figured you would've heavily messed yourself by now, and she wanted us to take care of her little baby."

Chapter Two

Melanie began to cry as Courtney unlocked the panties in back. Everyone made snide remarks about the stench of Melanie's mess, each one drawing more and more laughs. Tiffany spread out a pink changing mat on the floor, and they pushed Melanie stomach first against it. Georgina stuck a pacifier in her mouth for added effect. The pacifier seemed strange though, as it was attached to a hose, and a bag full of what looked like oatmeal. Georgina tied the pacifier around the back of Melanie's head with pink lace, and opened a valve on the bag. The oatmeal like solution began to move into Melanie's mouth whenever Georgina squeezed the bag; she had no choice but to swallow. Meanwhile, Courtney, Annika, and Elizabeth had stripped off her dirty diapers. They threw them in a trash bag, and all stood , thinking for a moment.

"We should make this experience a little more fun and challenging for our baby girl, shouldn't we girls?" asked Elizabeth. They nodded in agreement, and two more cheerleaders, Grace and Gina moved to the sinks. Melanie could hear running water, but she couldn't turn around to see, since they had her pinned against the mat. Courtney rolled Melanie over.

"We thought we'd give you more of a challenge, of sorts," she said. She pointed to the girls filling up water balloons at the sinks.

"We're going to stuff a few of these into your diddies so you don't try and pull them off again. They're quite full for their size, and they'll burst easily." She snickered at her genius, and began to tape the thick disposables on Melanie. Melanie could see at least seven diapers beside her; undoubtedly more. Courtney had pinned two diapers on her when she turned her over on her stomach again. She was lifted up at the stomach as the front of a diaper was slid under her, and pulled through her legs. She felt two weights placed on her butt; probably the balloons. Courtney pulled the oversized diaper over the balloons and fastened it. They stood her up for the remainder of the diapering, so as to not pop all of the balloons until Melanie's diapers were locked on. After they were done, Melanie had counted at the least, seven balloons, and ten diapers. Her feet were spread about shoulder length apart, with a ridiculous mass of pink diapers fastened and locked around her waist. Georgina was still feeding her through the pacifier; the bag was almost empty now. After it was finished, Courtney and Tiffany pulled a pink baby dress over her head. They then pulled her hair back in pig tails, and tied them with pink ribbon. They turned her to the mirror on the wall, and laughed at their craftsmanship. Melanie stared at herself. She was very obviously diapered; the dress just showed it off even more. The dress was pink and white, with plenty of lace and frill on it. It was ridiculously tight as well; just adding to Melanie's discomfort. Courtney and Gina moved to work on Melanie's hands, and pulled some sort of thickly padded mittens over them. She tried to take them off, but the mittens thickness prevented her from getting a useful grip on anything. They pulled something similar, just in the form of a shoe on her feet.

"Perfect!" squealed Courtney. They all laughed at the completion of their work. All of the girls began fussing with her dress, and each one kissed her on the cheek. They filed out one by one, each taking a picture as they went. When only Tiffany and Courtney were left, Melanie managed to speak.

"Why are you doing this to me?" she managed through sobs. She was crying uncontrollably.

"It's fun!" replied Tiffany.

"Besides," said Courtney.

"Your Mum wanted us to; we all love your Mum. She gives us anything we want! We figured it's returning the favour." She smiled wickedly, and clasped a leash of sorts around Melanie's hand.

"Come on!" she said.

"It's lunch time little girl!" Courtney tugged on Melanie's leash, pulling her off balance. She managed to stumble along, trying to avoid falling and popping the balloons stuffed in her diapers. The lunch bell rang just as they exited the bathroom, and the halls began to fill with people. Everybody who walked by stared at Melanie; they all arrived dumbfounded, and left laughing. Melanie didn't think she'd ever been this humiliated in her life. She suddenly felt the urgent need to pee again. She rubbed her hand against her crotch, in a futile effort to relieve the pressure. She felt something shift inside her diapers; undoubtedly one of the balloons. Tiffany took notice of Melanie playing with her diapers.

"What's the problem little baby?" Noticing Melanie didn't say anything at first, she frowned.

"We're supposed to diaper you even more if you don't do what you're told," she said.

"Now you wouldn't want that, would you?" Tiffany laughed, drawing another cackle from Courtney as well, who jerked on the leash.

"Tell us what the problem is little Melanie!" Courtney jeered.

"I have to pee again," Melanie muttered. This drew another laugh out of the two. Melanie wasn't really paying attention to what they said any more; they said something about babies don't use potties, they use diapers. She silently vowed revenge on all of them, and kept walking as they tugged on the leash. Along the way to the parking lot, Melanie wet herself again; Tiffany noticed, and pointed the fact out to everybody that walked by. Everyone who heard stared briefly, and laughed uncontrollably after the information set in. Melanie was too red with embarrassment to speak in retaliation, or even cry. She was happy she didn't have a boyfriend right now, but became worried when her ex stopped instead of walking by.

"Wow!" Jeff said as he saw her.

"You're really a knockout today!" he exclaimed mockingly. She shot him a dirty look in return, which Courtney saw.

"Behave yourself baby Melanie!" she scolded. She swatted Melanie's thickly diapered bottom as a reminder. Melanie gasped as the swat hit home, popping the three balloons the girls had stuffed overtop her butt. The water was ice cold. Jeff saw the diapers shrink momentarily, and then expand outward as the water rushed out of the popped balloons. He cackled loudly, drawing more attention to Melanie. She was soon surrounded by a crowd of people, all poking at her, talking to her like she was a little baby. Melanie thought to herself, Maybe it's just a dream; I'll wake up tomorrow, and still have some friends. Courtney swatted her diapered rear again, forcing the water around inside the diapers again. The water was starting to be absorbed finally, and it wasn't so cold any more. Courtney jerked on her leash again, tugging her towards the parking lot again. Melanie managed to speak.

"I hate to disappoint you, but I can't drive off for lunch; my car is in detention." She smiled to herself, happy at her small victory.

"Babies don't drive silly; you're riding with us," said Tiffany. This bit of information dashed her last bit of hope for the day to pieces. All she could do was keep walking when they tugged on her leash, leading her towards Courtney's Blazer. What could possibly happen now? she thought. Melanie waddled across the parking lot, being shown off to everyone they passed by Courtney and Tiffany. They eventually made it across the lot to Courtney's Blazer, finding three more of the squad waiting outside.

"Where were you?" asked Grace, one of the three at the car.

"Oh, we had a lot of people who thought Melanie was simply adorable!" Courtney squealed. She was having wayyy too much fun with this, Melanie thought.

"Yeah. We even saw Jeff, her old boyfriend. He thought she was adorable, and a very sexy baby girl," she finished. The lot of them laughed, and then they piled into the Blazer. Courtney had Melanie climb into the cargo space, and closed the hatch behind her. Melanie gingerly sat down, as to not pop any more of the ice cold balloons. Grace, Annika, and Gina all began to tend to their baby as they got on their way.

"Where do we want to eat today?" Courtney asked.

"How about Pizza Hut?" Tiffany volunteered. Melanie's face fell ashen at the suggestion. Pizza Hut always gave her a terrible case of the runs; she wished she never woke up this morning.

"That sounds great!" the other three girls said, nearly in unison. They took notice of Melanie's crestfallen expression.

"What's wrong baby Melanie?" asked Grace. Melanie remained mute.

"Didn't Tiffany tell you what would happen if you didn't answer any of us, or didn't do what we told you?" she warned. Melanie nodded, and didn't say anything.

"Well," Tiffany said.

"I brought the diaper bag, since she's being so naughty.. And I know what little Melanie's problem is. I went to Pizza Hut with her when we were freshman; Pizza Hut food passes through her like a natural laxative."

"How would you like your own pizza for lunch?" asked Annika.

"That would be just fine," Melanie answered.

"Good girl!" chirped Tiffany.

"You still have more punishment coming for not answering though. We'll discuss it at lunch," she concluded. They arrived at Pizza Hut, and waited for the entire cheerleading squad - and Jeff - to arrive before going in. The picked a large table, big enough for fourteen. They waited to be seated, as the hostess brought back an oversized booster seat for Melanie.

"Now," said Courtney.

"We need to think of something for Baby Melanie since she's been naughty."

"I haven't done anything!" Melanie exclaimed.

"Talking back? Not speaking when spoken too? Being mean to Jeff? I'd call that naughty, wouldn't you girls?" asked Tiffany. They group nodded, containing their laughter for now. They were trying to be serious. Wonderful, Tiffany thought. Serious humiliation.

"Well," said Annika, "what about giving her another enema?" Other customers began looking at the group, and at Melanie, confused by the strange conversation.

"Yes, we could do that," agreed Courtney, "but she's already been through one."

"So we could couple it with something else," said Gina.

"Good idea!" the group agreed. Melanie elicited a loud, wet fart in response. The front of her diapers bulged outward and became darker again. Courtney saw Melanie was messing herself again, and decided to ignore it. She continued to fill her diapers, the fibrous oatmeal taking it's course. Another one of the balloons burst, and Melanie began to whimper. The conversation continued.

"Well," Georgina began, "how about this. We give her the enema..." Melanie began playing with the front of her diapers, trying to move the mess away from her skin some. Courtney motioned at Melanie, and the cheerleader nearest to her swatted her hands. This caused her to bump her crotch again, hard, popping two more balloons that were put in between her legs. Her diapers swelled outward even more.

"That's a great idea!" said Courtney.

"But how can we set all of that up?"

"Well," Georgina replied, "we can start by ordering her a large pizza, with mushrooms. Her Mum said mushrooms made it even worse." This brought a round of laughter. Courtney moved to the counter, and began ordering food. She came back to the table a few minutes later, checking on Melanie as she went by. Seeing how full her diapers were again, she laughed, and patted the area with the remaining balloons hard enough to pop them. Her diapers swelled even more, looking impossibly full.

"Don't worry," she said.

"You'll have something to eat that will make you feel better in no time." She sat back down, and continued to talk and plan with the rest of the team. Melanie wet herself one last time, and began to cry once more. The pizza's arrived about fifteen minutes later. Melanie looked at the one placed in front of her. Eight slices of extra cheese pizza, slathered in mushrooms. She couldn't bear think of how much this would upset her stomach. Part of the group left the table, after Courtney gave them a little bit of money. Melanie didn't bother to think where they were going. She didn't want to know; speculation would only make things worse. Annika began to feed her the pizza, which she obediently chewed and swallowed. One piece down, seven to go.

"Little baby," said Courtney, "we've got the homecoming game on Friday. And the dance is Saturday. You coming?" Melanie looked at her for a moment, contemplating where the line of questioning was headed. She decided to be civil, to try and act normal. She didn't want to get in any more 'trouble'.

"Of course! I wouldn't miss the dance for anything." Courtney nodded and agreed, "Nobody in their right mind would."

"How about your dress? What colour is it?" This from Annika, who paused feeding Melanie to let her talk.

"It's a dark red... Maroon, I guess. It's beautiful." They all nodded, and began talking to her about what their dresses were like. Melanie could only reply in between bites. Down to three slices of pizza.

"Who are you going with?" Courtney finally asked. Melanie saw that Jeff was still at the table; that's what this was all about. Jeff and Courtney were pretty good friends; was she being black mailed into going to the dance with Jeff? "I was going to go stag with my friends..."

"Will you go with me?" asked Jeff.

"What happens if I say no?" she asked challengingly. Courtney turned to her and replied, "You go stag, with your friends. In your red dress, with pretty pink diapers bulging through. Or we hand out pictures showing how absolutely gorgeous you look like this. And believe me," she finished threateningly, "we have plenty." Melanie's mind flashed back to the bathroom, where each girl had taken a separate picture before they left. She realized there was no way she could recover the pictures; that was impossible. But going with Jeff? It was almost better to go in diapers -- he was a real creep! "Can I think about it?" she plaintively asked, before Annika stuffed another slice of pizza in her mouth.

"Sure... we need an answer by the end of the day, one way or the other," said Courtney. Courtney whispered something to Jeff, who then confided presumably the same message to Tiffany. Everyone but Courtney left the table, who moved over to feed Melanie the last slice of pizza. She obediently ate it, barely able to stomach the last slice.

"That wasn't so bad now, was it?" Melanie glared at her.

"Here, have something to drink." Courtney popped the feeding pacifier in her mouth, and tied it around her head. The bag was full of what looked to be Pepsi. She found it to be Coke instead, although abnormally sweet. After she had drained the bag, Courtney helped her out of the booster seat, and towards the car. Time to get the rest of the day over with, Melanie thought. Melanie sat quietly in the passenger seat of Courtney's Blazer. There was still almost a half an hour to lunch; they had received extra time because of a fire drill earlier in the week. Melanie noticed they hadn't turned back towards the school. Instead, Courtney pulled into the parking lot of a Walgreen's. She got out, and opened Melanie's door, who then hopped out herself. The mess inside her diapers shifted, coming all towards the front. She frowned, sickened by what she had been reduced to. Courtney patted her diapered bottom again and smiled. She then picked up the leash, and led her toward the store. Once inside, Courtney asked the clerk as loudly as she could where the diaper section was. She pointed at Melanie, indicating who they were for. The man barely contained his laughter, and pointed to the back of the store.

"Come on Baby Mel!" Courtney yanked on the leash to emphasize the command. Courtney led her to the back of the store, and into the diaper isle. All kinds of diapers lined the metal shelves. Courtney instructed Melanie which brands to get; Melanie eventually held five large packages, each a different brand. Courtney inspected the bags to make sure they were of the thickest variety, and tugged on the leash towards the checkout counter. Melanie stumbled because of her diapers, and the large load she had in her arms, and fell backward. Courtney laughed, as Melanie hit the floor with a muffled squelch. Her dress had come up, fully revealing the bulk of her diapers. Courtney stared at the padded bulk momentarily, not having realized how messy Melanie was.

"We'll have to get you changed soon," she said. She helped her back up, and they moved to the counter to pay. The cashier had a hard time of not laughing too; nobody sympathized with Melanie, which surprised her. She waddled out to the car in Courtney's lead, on the verge of crying again. Once they returned to the car again, Courtney changed Melanie, placing her thoroughly soiled diapers in a large trash bag. She pulled eight fresh diapers on, a mixture of different brands. She then locked Melanie in the car, and walked back to the store to throw out the dirty diapers.

"There has to be a way out of this," Melanie said to herself. She tugged at the chain around her waist. It was still snug and secure, far from budging. She searched around the car for the key; no dice there either. Melanie tried to make it look like she hadn't done anything when she heard the doors unlock, and Courtney climbed in.

"Shall we proceed to our next stop?" Courtney asked. She looked at Melanie, waiting for a response.

"Yes," she replied, her voice muted.

"All right then!" she exclaimed.

"Everybody should be there by now, with everything we needed... Next stop, my house!" The Blazer pulled into the driveway of Courtney's house; they had about fifteen minutes left for lunch. Melanie noticed the other cars they had waited on at Pizza Hut. Apparently everyone else was here. Melanie looked around at Courtney's house as she was walked toward the door. It was white, two stories tall, with a large bay window in front. The curtains were open, and she could see several things spread out across the floor of the living room. She saw some of the cheerleaders fussing with it; the rest of the team was sitting down. She didn't see Jeff any where for some reason, though. Melanie was showered with mock compliments as soon as she was inside. She saw the girls had been fussing with an oversized playpen, with an padded vinyl-covered mat inside. There was a large stuffed teddy bear sitting inside, and a few other baby toys scattered about. Melanie spotted a camera on the floor beside the playpen; she could only guess that she would be posing for a few more humiliating baby snaps. As she waddled further into the room past all the girls hovering around her, she spied the pink changing mat lying next to the playpen. Courtney instructed her to put the diapers they bought next to the mat, and to then go sit in her pen. She did as instructed, and tried to listen closely to their conversation.

"...get everything?" she heard Courtney say.

"Yep!" chirped Tiffany. The girls chattered excitedly about what they were going to do. Melanie couldn't really make any of it out; there were too many people talking at once. After a minute or two, people began to head off into the house in different directions. Melanie was soon alone by herself in the play pen. She picked up the toy closest to her -- albeit with difficulty because of the mittens -- a small train, and turned it over in her padded hands. It made a cute little sound when you turned it end over end; she threw it back down as soon as she saw someone come into the room.

"Aww... how cute! Baby is playing with her toys!" cooed Annika. She picked up the camera, and instructed Melanie to do it again.

"No way!" Melanie blurted. Annika set the camera back down.

"All right then. I'll just tell Courtney, and we can just adjust your punishment accordingly," she said dismissively. She walked back out of the room, and Melanie scolded herself for not taking the picture. Now things would just get worse from here. She looked at the clock. They're all going to be late back to school, she thought. How ironic. Her thoughts were interrupted by a metallic clang from the room adjacent to this one. Melanie struggled to stand up, and eventually managed it. The padded shoes they had slipped on her feet just added to the difficulty of movement imposed by the diapers. She stumbled backward onto the teddy bear, landing with a muted thud. Courtney poked her head back into the room, and saw Melanie laying over top of the bear.

"How cute!" she said.

"We'll be ready in a minute little girl... don't despair!" Melanie's curiosity was satisfied as the girls brought a strange looking wheelchair into the room. They wheeled it over next to the changing mat, and left it to the side. Upon closer inspection, she saw that every part of the chair was thickly padded; there were Velcro restraints for legs, and there appeared to be another kind of restraint that tied across the occupants chest. The girls lifted Melanie out of the play pen, and set her to rest on the changing mat. She hadn't noticed them before, but there were restraints on the corners of the mat. She was put into them, and the girls quickly stripped her of her fresh diapers, and the rest of her clothes.

"All right baby Melanie. This is the last punishment of the day," said Courtney. She walked over to the wheel chair, and picked up four extremely thick diapers. Melanie stared at them for a moment; each diaper was almost as thick as the ones her Mum had locked her in this morning! "Just sit tight, and we'll have you fixed up for last period in no time!" she squealed.

"You guys are going to be late back to school," Melanie said in reply.

"Oh, no!" said Tiffany.

"We've been excused from third block... we're all expected back by fourth." She grinned at this, and moved behind Courtney to pick up an enema bag. The girls flipped her over after removing the restraints, and Melanie felt the rubber plug slide into her butt again. The enema seemed to last forever; after they were done, she was flipped over onto her back, and they began diapering her. First came the four diapers Courtney had taken off of the wheel chair. Melanie couldn't believe how thick they were; her legs were spread shoulder width apart already, and they weren't even half way done. She then saw Courtney tear into the other packages of diapers they had bought at Walgreen's; she managed to fit a whole bag of overnight diapers on, around twelve, she thought. After the disposables were done, Courtney pinned one thick flannel diaper over everything to keep them all on. This was followed by an absolutely huge pair of rubber panties; still pink with lace all over them. They released the restraints of the mat, and they propped her up. Melanie found she couldn't stand on her own; the diapers were too bulky. The girls helped her step into a large, pink jumper. There were a series of snaps up the crotch; she didn't think she was getting another diaper change today, though. It zipped up in the back; Melanie found that the sleeves ended at her hands, leaving them encased in thick cotton. The girls released their support, and she tumbled onto all fours.

"I think she's absolutely adorable!" squealed Grace. Melanie could only move by crawling, the ultimate humiliation. Even crawling was difficult; the diapers were so immense, they forced her legs apart almost too far to shuffle them. The girls put her back in the playpen, next to the big teddy bear.

"Hug the teddy," Courtney instructed. Melanie glared at her for a moment, and then obeyed.

"Smile!" she shouted, and snapped a picture. They took an entire series of pictures before they were done, with various toys, in various positions. Melanie's discomfort was steadily increasing; they hadn't told her to release the enema yet. She feared if she did, it would only get worse.

"OK little girl," said Annika.

"Time for your food!" The girls lifted her into the wheel chair, and took her to the kitchen. Melanie was completely incapable of doing anything for herself, between the diapers, and the restricting romper. The only thing she could do was talk, and look at people. Her ability to talk was soon taken away, as Georgina put the feeding pacifier in her mouth again. They hung a bag of oatmeal on the wheel chair, and let her suck the food from the bag. It took her about fifteen minutes to finish the whole thing; they then removed the pacifier, and began to feed her more pizza. Apparently the girls had gotten take-out before they left. Following the pizza were two large bottles of formula; they were sickly sweet, like the Coke from the restaurant. After her small 'banquet', as Courtney had called it, they wheeled her out to the car. Melanie noticed they hadn't fastened any restraints yet; those were probably for school. The girls lifted her into the Blazer, and closed the hatch back. The folded up the wheel chair somehow, and put it in the seats in front of her. Tiffany climbed into the front seat, and checked that everything was right with the wheelchair before leaving. They were underway within five minutes. They arrived at the school five minutes before last period; Melanie's last class was study hall. Study hall for her school was a class held in the library; a place where almost everybody in the school came through in the course of a day. She figured this was why they had gotten the wheel chair setup -- so she couldn't leave. They pulled the wheel chair out of the car first. Tiffany folded it back out, checking all the restraints and pads were properly fastened to the chair. She then pulled more diapers out of the front seat, and stuffed them into the carrying pouches of the wheel chair. They wheeled it around to the back, and pulled Melanie out of the hatchback. Melanie was in pain, although she was still managing to hold her enema. She intended trying to stay clean as long as she could; she had no idea how long she would be in diapers this time. She hit the padded chair kind of hard, and a little fluid leaked out of her butt. She was wearing so many diapers! She was crying as they began to fasten the restraints around her. First came the leg restraints; they were padded ankle-cuffs that fastened with velcro below her shapely calves. Her legs were spread against the opposing sides of the wheelchair; a testament to the inhuman thickness of her diapers. A little of the enema escaped as they continued fastening the restraints. Her arms were locked in place with similar Velcro padded cuffs; the last to come was the upper body restraint. It was almost like a doubly-thick comforter; it passed around the top of her arms, around her neck, and laced down the middle of her chest. She noticed a large patch of velcro at the bottom, after they had completely laced the blanket across her chest. What's that for? Her question was answered as Courtney pulled up one last thick piece of cloth, and fastened it snugly, albeit tightly over her crotch.

"There!" she said.

"All set! We better get you to fourth period so you're not late!"

"Wait a minute," said Tiffany. She dug around in the carrying pouch on the back of the wheelchair, and fished three more items out. One, a pacifier, she strapped into Melanie's mouth. The second, a smaller version of the teddy bear she had posed with at Courtney's house, was set in her lap. The last was a set of ribbons, which she tied back into Melanie's hair.

"All done!" she announced. The girls wheeled Melanie off to the library, getting her there just after the late bell.

"Late all day little Melanie," said Tiffany.

"Looks like you'll be in detention 'till 5:30!" The girls laughed, and wheeled her to where her seat was. Tiffany moved the desk to the back, and replaced it with her wheelchair. The entire class was staring at her in amazement; the teacher broke the silence by simply laughing. Melanie tried to ask any of them for help, but the pacifier only let out a muffled umph sound.

"Well Melanie," began Courtney.

"It's been nice playing mommy for the day... See you at practice?" she ended. She and Tiffany walked off laughing, and turned around before leaving. Tiffany walked back over, snapped a few pictures, and then left. Courtney waved, and followed behind. All Melanie could do was sit. Then, the enema exploded out of her without warning or notice. Well, she thought, that and mess myself. She tried shifting in the wheelchair to move the watery mess away from her skin, but found that trying to move only settled her into the mass of diapers and pads even more. The class continually poked fun of her; baby jokes wouldn't stop coming her way. She looked at the clock; a whole ninety minutes was left of class! She couldn't believe it. She looked at the board; the only instructions were to sit quietly, and work on something. The sit quietly rule had obviously been suspended for the duration of class; everyone was talking and laughing loudly on her behalf.

"So," began the girl next to her. April, if she remembered.

"What do you do if you have to go to the potty?" She laughed at her own joke, the others around her joining in. In response Melanie released a deep gurgling fart. Another round of diarrhoea escaped her, the pizza taking it's course. The girls around her first laughed disparagingly but then moved away, the putrid smell forcing them to retreat. Melanie smiled to herself. At least this gave her some privacy of sorts. She elicited another fart, bringing another wave of diarrhoea. 'This is going to be a very full diaper,' she thought in growing consternation. Another fart ended the surge, ending her messing momentarily. She sat in peace for five minutes, until Jeff came and sat next to her.

"Phew!" he began.

"You're a pretty smelly baby!" She looked at him in helpless resignation and grunted unintelligibly around the pacifier. This brought laughter from him. She felt sudden pressure begin to build on her bladder.

"So how about my date to the dance?" he asked with a wicked grin.

"Will you go with me?" She realized she could still nod, but refrained. The pressure on her bladder continued to build.

"You can nod," he encouraged her, frowning slightly.

"Courtney told you to decide by the end of today, and well, it's the end of the day!" At the end of his sentence, she began to uncontrollably wet. She tried to hold some in, but abandoned her fight to hold all of it in. She unclenched her bladder muscles, letting her pee flow freely into the thirsty diapers. After this conscious decision, she turned her head toward Jeff.

"So how about it, babe?" She shook her head no.

"That's pretty stupid you know. This means you're going to be in diapers for quite a long time," he concluded nastily. He stomped away and left her alone while Melanie was still wetting her diaper. She looked at the clock; an hour left till class. She felt her stomach cramp again, and braced herself for another bout of diarrhoea. Having decided to wet and mess freely, she just let it all go without resistance. She had been watching the clock, and noticed she had been messing and wetting almost continually for almost forty-five minutes. She was so pumped full of food, laxatives, and diuretics, she could likely keep excreting until the end of class. Various students came over and poked fun at her, each doing something different. Some firmly patted her diapers, just to move around the evident mess inside them. One had even undone the crotch harness and opened the snaps on the jumper, revealing to everyone how much of a mess she had made. She couldn't see past the bulk bulging around her waist; she didn't really want to know how much she had deposited in her diapers through the past hour. The bell finally rang; her prediction had been right. She had continually been filling her diapers through almost the entire class. Everyone filed out of the library, leaving her sitting alone. At about three 'o clock, she heard the door behind her. It was Courtney.

"How are we baby Melanie?" she asked. She saw Melanie's open crotch, revealing the enormous mess trapped inside the diapers and plastic pants.

"Oh!" she gasped.

"We've been quite a bad girl, wetting and messing like that. Well, good news kiddo. I've brought you something to eat," she motioned to the bag she held in her hand; more Ex-lax laced oatmeal.

"And, your Mum is going to pick you up at 5:30, after detention. Isn't that great?" Melanie nodded in response, and began crying as Courtney began feeding her the oatmeal. She was done with the bag relatively quickly, after which she was rolled to detention. Along the way, she wet and messed two more times. Her diapers were quite full now; she could see the restraints in the chair actually bulging out. Courtney wheeled her to the front of the class, and set several colouring books in her lap. She reached down in between Melanie's legs and pulled the crotch harness up tightly against Melanie's diapers. She winced as she felt some of the mess ooze from outside the plastic panties, and began running down her legs inside the jumper.

"Have fun!" Courtney said in farewell. Melanie hmphed at her in response, and attempted to settle into the padded chair as much as could be allowed. She tuned out her classmates, staring at the clock, and prepared herself for another two hours in the chair. She zoned out, watching the hands on the face move slowly, vaguely aware her diapers no longer could contain her mess. She could feel it running down her legs, and moving out onto her exposed skin around the diapers. The chair jolted as someone grasped the hand holds in back.

"Hi sweetie!" greeted the voice of her mother. Melanie tried turning her head around, her efforts impeded by the chair. She was aware that she was moving, and eventually found herself in the back seat of her mom's Buick.

"Did you have a good day Melanie?" her mother asked. All Melanie could do was make vague noises from behind the pacifier.

"Well that's good," her mother said in reply. The rest of the trip took place in silence, interrupted once with one last gurgling fart from Melanie. It would be her last of the day.

Chapter Three

Melanie sat curled up on her bed, in her normal underwear. Her hair was still wet from the long shower she had recently taken. On her bed sat a photo album, with a diaper as a dust jacket. How adorable, Melanie thought. She opened it, presented with a photo-documentary of the days humiliations. Scribbled at the bottom of the page below each picture was a short caption, explaining what it would take to end up like this again. Again? Melanie realized this was like a handbook of sorts; a code of rules. If she did anything that fell inside these guide lines, this book let her know what her mother would do in response. She closed the book, and threw it across the room to the dresser against the far wall. Melanie briefly remembered what her mother had said about it.

"Now," she had said.

"This dresser has all of your diapers, plastic panties, pacifiers, enema bags, jumpers, and everything else we would need if you were to break any rules again. Courtney put together that photo album as a reminder; you look through it and think about what you've done today." Now Melanie lay alone in her room. Her mother was gone, the diapers were gone, and she was free of her humiliations. Thankfully it was Friday, and the weekend was coming up; that way she wouldn't have to go back to school and answer any questions right away. She had all weekend to think about the answers. Something's missing, thought Melanie. What could it be? She looked around, seeing everything was in place; nothing was gone. What else? She then realized what it was. After being locked in their padded bulk all day, she missed the security of her warm, puffy diapers. She scolded herself for the thought; what was wrong with her? She got up and went to the kitchen to get a chocolate bar, not thinking to cover up her skimpy lingerie. Her mother was in bed already; all the better. She reached into the ceramic jar they kept the candy in, and blindly selected a bar. She pulled the wrapper completely off, and threw it in the trash. She walked -- not waddled -- back to her room. Quickly finishing the chocolate bar, she decided to read some. She couldn't concentrate though; her eyes kept drifting over to the dresser with the diapers in it. Not knowing what else to do, she decided to satisfy her curiosity. She got up, and walked over to the dresser, sliding open the top drawer as quietly as possible. She saw several different kinds of diapers; all rather thick. Her stomach rumbled slightly as she reached into the drawer, selecting one of the thicker, pink diapers. She closed the drawer quietly, and took the diaper back to her bed. She slid off her panties, and opened the diaper. She lay down on top of it, it's soft material caressing her smooth skin. She slowly brought the diaper between her legs, and fastened it snugly around her waist. 'What am I doing?' Melanie sat for a minute, confused. Shouldn't she hate this? Wasn't it wrong? Her stomach grumbled again. She had just eaten a chocolate bar; maybe she should get another one. She quickly padded out to the kitchen, snatched up another one, and brought it back to her room. She sat back down on her bed, the thickness of the diaper bringing her a strange feeling of security. She ate it quickly, and noticed the name on the wrapper as she set it down on the bed. Ex-Lax. She urgently felt the need to relieve her bowels. She rushed toward the bathroom door, reliving the scene from this morning. As she passed in front of the mirror, she completely filled her diaper. She paused in front of the mirror, turning around to see the sagging mess she had made. As she was staring at her diapered bottom, she let out one last burst of Ex-Lax induced diarrhoea, causing the diaper to sag more. 'How am I going to hide this?' she thought, panicked. She padded into the bathroom, trying to keep the mess away from her skin. She had to get out of the diaper fast, before she had to go again. But where would she put it? She had to pee again too. She stood in the bathroom, helpless. Here she was, in the safety of her house, freed from diapers; but at the same time, locked in them again. She resolved to sit on the toilet, diaper and all, and let nature take the rest of it's course. During the course of her relief, her Mum came into her room. Melanie pushed shut the bathroom door, listening to it lock with a secure click. She heard a loud splash as the diaper fell into the toilet underneath her bum. Apparently she had passed too much inside for the diaper to handle the mess. She scooped it out of the bowl, making a face as her hands came in contact with the soggy diaper. She threw it in her trash can, taking the bag out and tying it off. She slid the bathroom window open, and threw the bag out. Nobody would know where it came from.

"Are you okay honey?" she heard her say through the door.

"Yes Mum," Melanie replied in relief.

"I think I'm the best I've been in awhile." As she heard her Mum leave, she finished cleaning up herself, and then the bathroom. After she was done, she found herself in front of the dresser again. She reached in, gingerly removed another diaper -- this one white, and thicker than the last -- and slid it on once she was under her covers. She turned off the lamp on her bed side table, plunging the room into darkness. She closed her eyes, comforted by the thickness between her legs. She was quickly asleep, dreaming of the days to come. THE END

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