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Melanie's Revenge

Part I

Courtney looked at the dusty photo album in the bottom of her cheerleading locker. She hadn't looked through it in over two months; she still remembered everything in it clearly, though. She picked it up, the diaper that served as a dust jacket making her smile. She immediately frowned after opening it though. How had Melanie lived through all of this socially? Most people would have dropped off the face of the earth, but Melanie was one of the most popular kids in school now! She threw the photo album back in her locker, and finished dressing for practice. She took off her jeans, and pulled on a tiny pair of soccer shorts. After this came a T-shirt carrying their school logo on it. She put the rest of her belongings in the locker, and walked past the rest of the team to the field. She was captain, so she always had to be there first. It had been a year since they had tortured and teased Melanie; they were all seniors now, half-way through the year. Most of the cheerleaders who had participated in her humiliation, weren't on the team any more; they had slowly dropped out, one by one. Courtney had never given much thought to why. She just figured they'd lost interest. The only other original member of the team was Melanie. She was co-captain, sharing Courtney's spotlight. Melanie was already out on the field when Courtney arrived.

"Hello boss," she greeted her friend with a smile.

"Hey Mel," Courtney responded. Strangely they seemed to have become friends, despite what Courtney had done.

"What do we have for today?" Melanie dutifully inquired.

"The usual... warm ups, drills - Coach Bennett said she had a new cheer for us, though." Melanie nodded.

"We could use one... the old ones are just getting weak, and nobody gets excited about 'em any more." Melanie turned around, and began to stretch. Courtney watched as Melanie's snug shorts stretched tautly across her padded bottom. She leaned down a bit farther, and her diapers begin to poke out from under her brief shorts.

"Your diapers are showing," Courtney politely mentioned. She didn't really understand why Melanie wore them all the time now, and why people accepted it. In fact, it seemed more guys were attracted to her for some reason. There was always a crowd of fascinated boys watching her bend over, ogling the padded bulk around her waist and behind.

"Thanks," she carelessly replied. Melanie pulled her shorts down over her diaper and finished stretching. By now, the rest of the team had arrived.

"All right, girls!" Courtney yelled.

"Are we ready?" They began to stretch, and perform their usual warm up drills. After a few laps around the field, they stopped for a break. Coach Bennett came out of the locker room while they were having a drink of water, and she walked over in front of the group.

"All right girls," she called, and the team looked to their coach.

"We've gotten our new uniforms, and our new cheers in," she informed them.

"Everything is in your lockers; if you have any questions, ask me or one of your captains." The coach departed, leaving Melanie and Courtney with a piece of paper. They carefully looked it over, and instructed the girls on what to do. During practice, Courtney noticed several of the new recruits staring at Melanie's padded behind. Everybody did. She knew they would find out what Melanie was wearing eventually. The girls hit the showers after practice, slowly changing back into their street clothes. Courtney watched Melanie take off her shorts and shirt, before walking to the showers in only her sports bra and a thick pink diaper. The new girls stared at her infantile attire, dumbfounded. Courtney watched as older members took them aside, and told them about Melanie's incontinence issues. She saw them slowly absorb the information, and then they completely ignored the big baby. How could they do that? She wore diapers, for God's sake! Melanie walked back out, threw her used diaper in the trash, and slid on some "normal" underwear. Courtney was used to seeing her in diapers all the time; why not now? "See your uniform yet?" Melanie asked as she approached Courtney.

"Nope. I haven't opened my locker, yet. I'm going to shower first," she finished.

"Okay," Melanie replied. She was smiling slightly as she turned back to her locker. Courtney showered quickly, keen to see what the new uniforms looked like. By the time she returned to her locker, everybody was gone but her and a freshman named Julia. Courtney opened her locker, and looked confused. Is this supposed to be a joke? Inside was her new cheerleader uniform, on the hook on top. Hanging next to it was a pair of pink rubber panties, with satin lace frills rippling across the seat. Sitting on the bottom of the locker in a neat pile, were sixteen disposable diapers, each rather thick. They reminded her of the ones they had used on Melanie. It didn't seem quite so funny now.

"Hi mom, I'm home!" Melanie anoounced cheerfully.

"Hi sweetie," she was greeted.

"How'd your day go?"

"Pretty good... we got the new uniforms in today." She smiled.

"How did Courtney like hers?" her mother asked, returning her sly smile.

"Not sure... She was still in the shower when I left. I'll find out tomorrow," she concluded.

"That's good, dear," was the reply.

"Dinner will be in an hour or so. Don't be late!" Melanie went upstairs to her room, closing the door behind her. She threw her backpack on the bed, and lay down next to it. She laughed, and then looked at her appearance in the mirror. She smiled and rolled onto her back. She sat back up, looking around her room for a moment. She stood and walked over to the dresser against the far wall. She opened the top drawer and was greeted by a selection of disposable diapers. She closed her eyes and stuck her finger out, moving it around lazily. Stopping her hand above a pile, she opened her eyes, seeing what she had selected.

"My, my," she giggled.

"We picked a large one today, Mel." She selected the diaper from the drawer, and walked back over to her bed. She diapered herself quickly, having had months of practice. The diaper was unusually thick for just a single disposable, but she liked it that way. Leaving her panties and jeans on the bed in a wad, she walked over and selected a pair of tight khaki shorts from her dresser. She worked them up around the diapers, and checked her appearance in the mirror. She was amply padded around the waist, through the crotch, and around her butt. Perfect! She waddled back downstairs, and sat down to watch TV. Her mother saw her waddle by, noting the thick bulges around her waist.

"That's a pretty big diaper," her mother commented.

"I know, Mommy," Melanie grinned impishly.

"But I felt like wearing it." Her mother nodded and smiled in understanding before returning to the kitchen. Melanie was delighted that her mother hadn't been opposed to the idea that she enjoyed wearing diapers. Her mother supported her infantile fascination, and even purchased whatever Melanie asked for; pretty plastic panties, thick terrycloth nappies, disposables diapers - everything. Her mother had only set one condition: she had to expect to be punished with them if she did something wrong. Melanie readily accepted this rule; it sort of turned her on! She watched TV until dinner, which consisted of Hamburger Helper and green tea. She ate her meal quickly, and cleaned up the table after her mother had finished eating.

"Do you have any plans tonight, dear?" her mother asked after they were done in the kitchen.

"I don't think so... I was debating going over to John's house," Melanie replied.

"Well, I have to go to the store; do you need anything?" Melanie thought for a moment, and then listed a few items for her mother. She waited until her mother wrote them down, and then returned to her room. She took off the khaki shorts and pulled on a pair of plastic panties over her puffy diaper. These didn't lock though; they just fit snugly, cutting down on the chance of a leak, since she was going out. She replaced the shorts in the drawer and selected a larger pair, with a more ample space in the rear for her diaper. She pulled them on, checked her hair and makeup, and grabbed her car keys. Her Mum had already left; the only car in the garage was her red Z28 Camaro. She slid into the driver's seat, and smiled at the roar of the V8 under the hood. She loved her car, and her car loved her. She put it into gear, and smiled all the way to John's. Courtney stared at the red gym bag sitting across from her in her room. It had everything from her locker in it: the panties, diapers, and all. She had to bring them home, because they would all be thrown out at school. Why didn't she let them be thrown away? You would've gotten in deep trouble if you had, she reminded herself. It was out of necessity. Her Mum walked in, interrupting her thoughts.

"Hi honey," her Mum greeted her.

"Hey Mum ," Courtney replied. What would happen if her Mum found the diapers? Her Mum cleaned in here a lot... There was a good possibility of them being found.

"You don't look too good, sweetie. Are you feeling sick?" Courtney thought a moment.

"I am feeling a little exhausted. I'm probably just over-tired. Thanks for asking, though," she finished dismissively. Her Mum departed, leaving her alone with the diapers again. Did they really expect her to wear these? "Man," said John.

"That thing really makes you look sexy." Melanie was lying on his couch, wearing just her short top and the thick diaper she had put on.

"Thanks honey," she replied with a pleased smile. She looked at him, and he was staring at her diaper. I t seemed everyone was fascinated by them, but she was, too. She smiled slightly, drawing his attention back to her pretty face.

"You weren't... bad, today, were you?" he asked with a cheeky grin. She smiled at the question.

"Who isn't?" John's mind was racing. He loved it when she had been 'bad'; it was usually a quite interesting time.

"Want to come back to my house and see what we can do about it?" She asked, and he practically jumped at the opportunity.

"Let's go," she said, leading him on by wiggling her diapered behind temptingly as she walked. She didn't bother putting her shorts back on; she was completely secure with wearing diapers now. The stares, funny looks, and misunderstandings of other people didn't bother her at all. She smiled as they climbed into her car and drove off to her house. Time for some big baby fun! II Courtney barely ate anything for dinner; her mind was completely blown about what was going to happen. Her mind ran rampant with what they had done to Melanie; was the same thing going to happen to her? She remembered the wheel chair, and the absurdly thick diapers they had managed to layer on her. She shuddered to think that could happen to her.

"Are you okay?" Courtney snapped to attention at the sound of her father's voice.

"Yeah dad," she responded.

"Just thinking about something." She finished dinner quickly, and went back upstairs, locking her bedroom door. She approached the red bag, mesmerized by the pile of diapers inside. As if hypnotized, she pulled out three of them, along with the panties. She made sure the door was locked, and took off her jeans and underwear. Lying down on the first diaper, she felt slightly excited as she pulled it between her legs. Its thickness was strangely comforting; she felt at peace. The next two diapers only added to the feeling of serenity. It wasn't anywhere near what they had pinned on Melanie, but these seemed thick enough to her. Should I put on the panties? Courtney looked at them, her curiosity getting the better of her. She pulled them on, hiking them up till they fit snugly against the diapers. After the last tug, she heard a faint click at the small of her back. Did I tear them? She waddled to the bathroom, and looked at herself in the mirror. She was presented with the image of herself wearing her satin bra, and a pair of childish pink rubber panties. She turned around, looking for a tear, and instead finding - A lock! She tugged at the panties, trying to pull them down. She felt the weight of a chain dig into her skin, refusing to allow the panties to come off. Melanie must have known her curiosity would get the best of her.... what was she going to do now? Melanie lay on her bed, in the process of being thickly diapered. She loved having John do this to her; she enjoyed it thoroughly, and apparently so did he. He pulled a pink flannel diaper on her as a finishing touch, holding in the mass of disposables he had managed to tape on. On came the familiar locking panties, securing themselves with a click. She felt an exhilarating rush go through her with the sound; she was now helplessly locked in diapers. She giggled at the thought. John opened the door on her closet, selecting the pink romper that Courtney and the girls had used on her before. He helped her into it, securing the zipper in the back after she was inside. She felt the thick cotton material against her skin, entombing her more, completing her helpless state. The sleeves had no end for the hands; they ended in with thick cottony padding to prevent her hands from gripping anything. She smiled at John, who smiled back. He picked her up, and carried her downstairs to the kitchen.

"What did you do wrong today little girl?" he asked, after setting her in the oversized, locking high chair her Mum had bought. She felt excited again as the lock clicked shut.

"I had Courtney's uniform officially changed to diapers!" she squealed excitedly.

"Oh... that's a bad girl," he said from behind a smile. He began feeding her, slowly. She took in the spoonful of strained peaches, and stomached them with a grimace. She stuck her tongue out.

"These things are nasty," she said.

"Isn't there anything else?"

"Well," he said.

"Just the special oatmeal..." His voice trailed off. She thought for a moment.

"Go for it." John went to the refrigerator, tossing out the peaches on his way. He pulled out a Tupperware container, one of four. He threw it in the microwave momentarily, heating up the oatmeal solution. Melanie giggled as it heated in the microwave.

"Done!" said John, his statement reinforced by the ding of the microwave. He began to feed her the oatmeal. Shortly after, the phone rang. Melanie nodded towards the phone, and John picked it up.

"Hello," he greeted.

"Uh, hi," came an embarrassed voice.

"Is Melanie there?"

"Yeah, sure, hold on." John motioned towards Melanie, indicating the phone was for her. She nodded she would take it, and John walked over, holding it next to her ear.


"Melanie, it's Courtney." Melanie smiled. Her curiosity must have gotten the better of her.

"How can I help you dear?" Courtney was desperate. She really had to go to the bathroom, but couldn't stand to expel her waste into the diapers that she was trapped in.

"I need the key," said Courtney. Silence on the other side of the line.

"I'm sure you'll make do, dear. See you tomorrow!" Melanie hung up. Courtney still held the phone to her ear, looking straight ahead in disbelief.

"Make do?" she shouted. She slammed the phone on the hook, and collapsed on her bed, enraged. How could she have been so stupid as to put these horrible things on? She was locked in diapers, which would undoubtedly be dirty by tomorrow, and she had to go to school. She now knew what Melanie had felt like. Courtney snapped back to attention as she heard footsteps outside her room. She quickly dove under the covers of her bed, covering up the diapers she was wearing. Her Mum walked in, looking around her room.

"Are you okay honey? We heard you yell from downstairs."

"I'm fine Mum," she meekly responded.

"I was just yelling at an idiot over the phone." Her Mum nodded and left. Courtney urgently had to relieve the pressure on her bowels and bladder now. She hadn't gone to the toilet all day, ignoring the faint feeling during fourth block. Skipping the bathrooms at the locker room. Now she was stuck. She lay on her bed, staring at the ceiling, concentrating on not going in the diapers. She thought back to what all they done to Melanie; surely she wouldn't do all of that to her, would she? Melanie still had everything she needed, especially the diapers. Her Mum kept everything, and Melanie obviously had an ample supply of her own. Courtney gasped as a little urine began to trickle into the diaper. A feeling of warmth began to spread over the front of her padded groin. Her hands shot down, and she grabbed her crotch, trying to hold it in to no avail. Everything out all at once, and she completely soaked the front of her diapers. She lay in shock, still under her covers. She began to cry softly, not knowing what else to do. She realized she was about to mess herself, and rolled over to keep it away from her skin. Rolling over caused the pee to rush around inside the bottom of the panties, spreading eerie warmth across her skin. It was quickly turning cold, though. Courtney grimaced as her bowels began to evacuate themselves. It seemed to last for hours; she stared straight into her pillow, feeling the warm mess spread around the back of her diapers, working its way to the front. Courtney had just wet and messed herself for the first time in years. Melanie laughed at the cartoons she was watching on television, with John laughing as well. The roadrunner was so hilarious! She laughed even harder, suddenly wetting herself from the effort. There wasn't any way to tell through the thick romper; she decided not to say anything so she could enjoy the feeling for a while. Besides, she had been bad, right? They watched TV for another hour or so, when John decided it was time to leave.

"I can just walk home," he said. Melanie frowned.

"How am I going to get out of the romper?" she asked.

"I'm sure you'll figure something out." He smiled. She looked worried. Her Mum wouldn't like this.

"Bye!" he said in parting.

"John!" she yelled to no avail. He had left.

"What am I going to do? Mum is going to be pissed to find me like this!" She lay on the couch, fuming at what he had done. The nerve. Especially after the oatmeal. Her stomach rumbled, the oatmeal announcing it was about to finish its trip through her system. Her Mum had left for Wal-Mart about an hour ago... she should be back pretty soon. Maybe she wouldn't be so upset at this. Melanie unconsciously filled her thick diapers as the oatmeal left her in one big surge. The only way she could tell she had messed herself was the feeling of mushy warmth inside the romper. She snapped her head around as she heard a door close; her Mum was home.

"Hi honey! Do me a favour and come--" Her Mum stopped short, seeing her on the couch.

"What are you doing Melanie? You know you're not supposed to wear that unless you've been bad... which apparently you've been." Her Mum looked around, seeing if she had used anything she wasn't supposed to. She saw the empty Tupperware container. 'I'm screwed,' thought Melanie.

"Did you eat your special oatmeal?" Melanie began to talk, but was cut off.

"I don't want to hear it young lady. You'll sleep locked in the crib tonight. You just wait right there while I bring everything in from the car, and fix up the necessary items." Her mother walked away, leaving Melanie helpless on the couch. She shouldn't have let John put the romper on her; it was going to be a long night. Courtney stared in the mirror in disbelief. The plastic panties had swelled outward, the plastic bulging with the load inside. She looked at the diapers from all sides, trying to shift them around to move some of the mess away. It was no use though; they were loaded full. There wasn't any escaping the mess.

"What am I going to wear to cover these up?" she asked.

"And the smell..." Courtney waddled around the room, rummaging through bottles of perfume, drawers of clothes, trying to figure out what to wear. She finally decided just to wear her cheerleading uniform; tomorrow was Friday. It wouldn't seem too unusual. She sprayed several perfumes on herself, giving her a pungent odour, almost worse then the smell of the mess she had made. She frowned at her reflection, wiping off her smeared mascara. She realized she needed to shower, too; 'That'll be fun,' she thought. She should have never agreed to help Melanie's Mum; she felt it was only going to get worse from here. Melanie knew struggling was useless; the padded restraints on the changing table were quite secure. She looked down at the dirty diapers she was wearing. Her Mum had carried her upstairs and removed the romper. The oatmeal had done a good job; she had completely loaded the nappies John had pinned on her. Her mother came into view, and set a package of adult diapers next to her. They were some brand she'd never seen before. The bag had no visible brand on it; just "Thickest disposable diapers in the world!" and a waist measurement. Her Mum quickly stripped off the dirty diapers, throwing away the disposable and putting the flannel diaper in the hamper. That would smell horrible later. Her Mum noticed her frown.

"You should have thought of that before doing this." Her Mum gave her an enema; a seemingly standard procedure for her punishments. After the enema, her Mum ripped open the bag of diapers. They were indeed thick; Melanie could see that just from watching them come out of the package. They were pink again; they seemed like the same diapers Courtney had used when they put her in the wheel chair. Her Mum used the entire package - twelve of the thickest disposables Melanie had ever worn. Her Mum stood her up, having her step into an oversized pair of panties full of balloons.

"To make sure you don't roll around much," her mother commented acidly. She heard the panties click into place, followed by another thick romper. Her mother carried her to the crib in the nursery she had built, and laid her down inside. She rolled up the bars, locking them in place with a click. Her mother didn't bother restraining her; she just departed, turning out the lights behind her. Melanie had only been in the crib twice; once for staying out too late, another time for failing a class. 'It was usually worse than this though,' she thought, as her mother came back in.

"You probably thought I was done, didn't you?" she asked rhetorically. It was still dark in the room; Melanie couldn't see anything. She heard her Mum approach the crib, and the sound of plastic on metal as she hung a feeding bag on the crib. This was standard too; her mother shoved the pacifier in her mouth, securing it behind her head. This was followed by a blindfold; something new. Her mother opened the valve on the bag, and she tasted more "special" oatmeal. She felt her mother pull on her legs, fastening them into the crib harnesses. Her arms were next, followed by a strap across her waist. Her mother pulled on this one hard, popping several of the balloons inside the panties. Melanie winced as their contents spread around the diapers; this was different though. She felt bubbles, like the liquid was fizzing around inside.

"Alka-Seltzer," her Mum said.

"I figured I'd try something new." The sensation tickled every part of her locked inside the diapers. The itching sensation was driving her crazy. She couldn't rub it away, because her hands were locked into the restraints. Her Mum did a few more things inside the room, finally leaving her alone. The oatmeal kept coming, and the Alka-Seltzer hadn't stopped bubbling inside her diapers. This would be a long night. Courtney found no good way to get to sleep. No matter how she tried laying down, the mess inside her diapers clung tightly to her skin. Standing up was worse; it all pooled in between her legs, which she didn't like at all. She finally got to sleep, laying across two chairs with her diapers hanging in between them. Her dreams were haunted by all the things they had said and done to Melanie. Except, it was her in the chair; her being fed mushroom pizza at Pizza Hut; her in the playpen downstairs in her living room. She felt the humiliation as she was forced to wet and mess herself in front of the entire school, everyone laughing and pointing their fingers. Courtney tossed and turned, waking up abruptly as she hit the floor, bottom first. She mess all shifted to the front of her diaper, and began to ooze around the sides of the panties, running on to her legs. She dazedly stood up, causing more to seep out. She waddled to the bathroom, and tried to wipe herself off. The contents of her diapers kept leaking out, with no end in sight. This gave her an idea. She sat down in her bathtub, and massaged the diapers, moving everything out the front. Eventually, she was left in just the soggy diapers, free as could be of the remaining mess. She stood up, and washed the tub out, satisfied at her genius. She smiled at her small victory, the smile quickly fading at the grossness of what she had just done. She looked at the clock. Three thirty. Better get some more sleep. Melanie couldn't see anything; the blindfold robbed her of her sight. She had finished off the oatmeal at what she guessed to be an hour ago. It was already starting to cause her to fill the extra thick diapers she had earned herself. Squirming around didn't help; she had popped almost all the balloons now though. The bad thing was, the Alka-Seltzer was still really itching against what skin wasn't covered in something else. Melanie feared she wouldn't get a diaper change before school; that would be truly embarrassing. As comfortable as she was wearing diapers in front of people, she couldn't stand being punished in front of others. The night slowly dragged on, Melanie getting bits of sleep here and there between wettings and messing. This was a very uncomfortable diaper. She was going to have a really long talk with John about this. She heard herself fart, followed by another thick stream of diarrhoea. John was really in trouble for this. She wasn't enjoying this one bit; something she found hard to believe. She usually enjoyed what her Mum did, but this wasn't fun at all. She closed her eyes, and drifted back off to sleep.

Part II

Courtney slowly got out of her car, checking that her skirt was covering the diapers she was wearing. She hadn't found a way to get them off, and had used them two more times since last night. The panties had leaked again, so she had been forced to pull on two more diapers over top of them. This seemed to solve the problem for now. She had to get the key. She saw Melanie pull in across the lot. Courtney thought of going straight to her car, but didn't want to appear desperate. Melanie wanted to play games? So be it. She watched as Melanie got out of her car with difficulty; she was dressed in some really thick diapers today. She must've done something "bad". She watched as Melanie waddled off to her first class, adept at walking with thick diapers by now. Courtney wasn't good at all walking around with the diapers; she moved quite slowly, shaking the padded bulk back and forth behind her. She got a few stares going to class, but nobody had pointed anything out to her yet. First period went by fast, the bell ringing before she even noticed. On her way through the halls, people began to take more notice she was wearing diapers. She tried to ignore them, and kept walking to her next class. She focused her attention on this task; she sat next to Melanie, and maybe she could get the key to get out of these things. Courtney made it to class just before the bell, stopping in the bathroom to adjust her diapers on the way. She sat down next to Melanie, who didn't look too happy. She was indeed being punished; she was thickly diapered, with an extremely short mini-skirt showing it off. Courtney didn't say anything right away, letting class get underway first. After a time, Courtney spoke up.

"Where's the key?" Melanie sat there, mute, watching the chalkboard. She looked down at her desk every once in a while, scribbling down a note or two from the lesson.

"Where is it?" hissed Courtney.

"I have to get out of these things." Melanie still said nothing; Courtney was starting to attract the attention of her classmates. Melanie finally acknowledges Courtney by looking at her and smiling. She said nothing, enraging Courtney. Courtney, not knowing what else to say, turned back front, fuming. She sat through the rest of the class in silence, ignoring everybody who talked to her. The bell rang, beginning the rush for lunch. Courtney grabbed Melanie on their way out.

"Do you think this is funny?" she yelled. Melanie nodded.

"Just as funny as when it happened to me, isn't it?" Melanie shook off Courtney's grip, and waddled off down the hall, leaving Courtney standing alone in the hallway. She pounded her fist against the wall, angry. Her anger quickly gave way to a feeling of helplessness, and she began to cry softly to herself. After collecting herself, she decided to skip instead of coming back from lunch; she couldn't do this the rest of the day. Melanie shifted in the driver's seat of her car, the diapers making it hard to get comfortable. She still hadn't seen John yet today; which was good and bad. She still hadn't decided what to do, but she was still mad he had gotten her in trouble. She checked her mirrors, and backed out of her parking spot. She saw Courtney get into her car as she drove by. 'She's probably going to skip,' thought Melanie. Melanie pulled out of the parking lot, into a side street, waiting for Courtney's car. She figured she would follow her, maybe take the opportunity to embarrass her a little. She smiled at her craftiness. Courtney's Blazer pulled out of the parking lot, and Melanie dropped in behind. She followed her to Pizza Hut. 'Wonderfully ironic,' thought Melanie. She watched Courtney go inside after parking, and Melanie followed after. Courtney had sat down by herself in a corner. Melanie decided to have a seat.

"Hello," she greeted. Courtney glared at her.

"Okay," she began.

"What do I have to do to get the key?" The words hung in the air momentarily, the brief silence adding tension to the question.

"Well," said Melanie, "I haven't quite gotten that far yet."

"What?" Courtney shouted. Her voice dropped suddenly.

"You lock me in diapers, and you haven't figured it out yet?" Melanie nodded.

"That's about the long and the short of it. When's the golf tournament, tomorrow?" Courtney nodded.

"I'm sure that will serve as a good enough platform for what I was thinking about. I think I'll let you out after the tournament," Melanie concluded. Courtney's face became ashen. Two days locked in diapers? Her face turned bright red after she had built up the courage for the next question.

"Is there any way I can get myself changed?" Melanie smiled.

"Well, you changed me... what, three times? You can have three diaper changes. How many diapers are you wearing?" she asked.

"Five," Courtney replied meekly.

"I put sixteen in your locker... those are all the diapers you get until tomorrow. Do you have your bag with you?" Courtney nodded yes.

"Let's get you changed, then." They walked towards the bathroom, everyone around them watching. When they were inside, Melanie pulled a changing mat out of her backpack. She laid it down on the floor, and instructed Courtney to lay down on it. Courtney eyed Melanie carefully, ready to make her move. As soon as Melanie took off the two outer diapers, and unlocked the panties, Courtney sprung off the floor, pushing Melanie out of her way. Melanie's diapers made it hard to keep her balance, and she fell easily landing with a padded thud. Courtney quickly pulled her skirt back on, and ran out of the bathroom to her car. She drove away, laughing at how she had outsmarted Melanie. There was no way she was wearing diapers again! Melanie lay on the floor of the bathroom, angry with herself for letting Courtney get away. If John hadn't have gotten her locked in these punishment diapers, she might have been able to stop her from running out. Melanie sat back up, and packed everything back into Courtney's gym bag. She threw away the used diapers, and rinsed out the panties in the sink. Time to plan her next move. Courtney decided she was safe for the day, so she returned to school after cleaning up at home. The last two periods went without a hitch. Nobody had really noticed she had been wearing diapers; and now that she was back in a pair of form fitting shorts, the guys stopped caring. She smiled at how she had gotten away. Courtney got into the locker room for cheerleading early, finding her bag in front of her locker. It still had the diapers in it, and the panties had been hastily stuffed inside as well. Courtney laughed, and threw them all away. She wasn't going to be wearing those anytime soon. She opened her locker, finding two packages of disposable diapers. Melanie sure was determined. She had to give her credit for that. Courtney reached inside, picking them up, moving to the trashcan to throw them away. By now, other people began trickling into the locker room. Courtney threw away the diapers, and quickly changed. She threw her clothes and her bag into the locker, and pushed the door shut, hearing it lock with a click. She turned around, seeing Melanie behind her. Her diapers were very full. Courtney couldn't keep from laughing.

"Little plan backfire?" She walked off to the field, laughing the whole way.

"Just wait 'till tomorrow," Melanie said.

"Wait till tomorrow." The other girls walked past Melanie, pretending to ignore her loaded diapers. Melanie hadn't seen John all day; maybe he was sick. Serves him right. Melanie changed shirts, and took off the skirt her Mum had put on her. She didn't have any shorts large enough to go over the gargantuan diapers she was wearing; she would have to go through practice in diapers, plastic pants, and a short top that had "Cheerleader" written on it. Melanie waddled out to the field, seeing all the girls stretching. Melanie thought for a moment, and realized she had never gone through cheerleading while being punished. This was going to be rather difficult. Melanie waddled over to the group, and tried to stretch, but only ended up falling on her padded behind. Courtney laughed to herself as she saw Melanie try and keep up with what they were doing. Let's go for a run, shall we? she thought. She led the team off to the track, and they began to jog.

"Demerits for last place!" Courtney yelled, picking up the pace. All Melanie could do was trot, at best. The messy diapers clung to her heavily, impeding her progress greatly. Melanie soon realized she was going to be last; there wasn't any way around it. She was about to be lapped by Courtney! Courtney fell in beside her, and spoke briefly.

"Have a nice trip," she said.

"See you next fall!" Courtney pushed Melanie, causing her to stumble and lose balance. Melanie fell into a puddle of mud beside the track, splashing it all over her. The sudden impact of the landing had also caused her to mess again, adding to the fullness of her diapers. Melanie stood up, and could feel the mud running down every part of her. Some of it was even seeping inside her diapers.

"Tomorrow," she said to herself.


Part III

Melanie woke up early for a Saturday. At first, she was confused; but then she remembered what was in store for today. She had a golf tournament to caddie in, and several people to pick up and take to the course. She smiled at the last thought; everybody would get what was coming to them. She got up and showered, washing away the last of the early morning haze. She walked out of the bathroom, and picked up the day's outfit off the bed. She thought of everything she had to do before the tournament started. After putting on her bra and slipping into a thick disposable, she pulled on a pair of white pants. They were kind of tight with the thick diaper, but it's what she had to wear to be a caddie. She pulled on the top, and pinned on the name badge on her chest. It read "MEYERS", showing her last name to anyone who looked. She reached into the closet, and pulled out everything she needed for today. She packed it all into her Camaro, and drove off to her first stop. Courtney stirred in bed with a yawn. It was the day of the golf tournament. She glanced at her clock. It read 7:45 in bright read digits. Courtney rolled out of bed, moving to the shower. She was ready but 8:30, and went downstairs for breakfast.

"Morning mom!" she said cheerily.

"Hi honey," came the drowsy reply.

"Are you all ready for the tournament today?"

"Of course!" Courtney said. She poured herself some Wheaties, and moved towards the refrigerator for milk.

"I have a feeling we'll win today."

"What makes you think that?"

"We're the best!" Courtney smiled, and her mother smiled back.

"Of course you are honey. Do a good job. I'm going back to bed, now that I know you're up. Good luck, and make me proud." Her mother kissed her on the cheek, and then left the room. Courtney ate breakfast quickly, and was almost ready to leave when the phone rang.


"Hey, it's Tiffany," came a voice.

"Tiffany?" Courtney hadn't seen Tiffany since last year. She hadn't come back to school after eleventh grade for some reason.

"Yeah, it's me. I thought I'd wish you luck at the golf tournament," she said.

"Tiff! I haven't talked to you in a year! Where have you been?" A pause.

"I can't really say... hey, maybe I'll see you at the course, ok?" The conversation ended with a click as she hung up. Courtney frowned into the receiver, and hung up the phone. She didn't have time to think about it now. She had to be at the course at 9:15, and it was already 8:45. She made her way to the garage, and loaded her clubs into the back of her Blazer. She got in, and set off for Hidden Hills Golf and Country Club. Melanie looked at her list, checking off the first item. She looked at her passenger, and told her to sit tight. Melanie put the car into gear, and headed to the golf course. Courtney pulled in next to a red Camaro, similar to Melanie's'. But why would she be her? Courtney dismissed the thought, and climbed out of the car, getting her clubs. She made her way to the clubhouse, and checked in with the starter so she was registered as present. She then moved to the driving range, and began to warm up. She thought she saw someone familiar sitting in a wheel chair at the end of the practice area, but dismissed the thought as ludicrous. She didn't know anybody that couldn't walk. The girl held her interest though. She was being wheeled around by someone in a white jumpsuit. They were headed toward the parking lot, meeting a blue Ford Windstar. Two people climbed out of the front, and unloaded three more wheelchairs out of the car. The van pulled away, and left the parking lot. Three more people appeared from various cars in the parking lot, each taking a wheel chair. They followed the first woman, presumably going about their business.

"Maybe they're here to see the tournament together," she said to herself. She continued hitting; noting her swing was perfect right now. If she played this well at tee time, she was set. Melanie parked the first wheelchair in the observer booth on the first hole, and left it's occupant there by herself. She walked back over to the group of three she had left on the cart path.

"Leave her at number three," she said pointing to a blonde haired girl, "her at number four," pointing to the second, "and her at number five." The last was another blonde, natural or not. The three walked away, moving towards their destinations. Melanie walked back to the clubhouse, and picked up the scorecard for the player she was to accompany. Courtney. Everything was working out perfectly. Melanie walked outside, looking for Courtney on the driving range. She must have finished. Melanie walked around, checking for her bag. There it is. She kneeled over, and slipped several disposables into the long pocket down the side of the bag. Melanie checked the water bottle, and emptied it's contents into the bushes. She looked around, making sure no one had seen her. She opened a small packet of powder into the bottle, and then mixed it with more water from the water fountain. She shook it up, making sure the powder was evenly mixed inside the bottle. She returned it to the grip on the side the bag, and waited for Courtney to arrive. It didn't take long.

"What are you doing here?" Courtney said in greeting.

"I'm your caddy for the day," Melanie said, smiling. Courtney frowned.

"Don't try anything cute," Courtney said.

"I've got my eye on you." Courtney walked back away, socializing with more of the golfers. Melanie looked at her watch, noting the time. The next four should be here soon. That would make seven, leaving five more after this group. Everything was going great! The starter siren wailed, and Melanie lifted the bag of clubs up. Courtney walked over, tagging along with her caddy. The two made small talk up to the tee box, and waited patiently in line to tee off. Melanie looked at her watch again. The second group should be in place by now. She hardly noticed Courtney walk up to the tee box, and bark at her for a three wood. She quickly complied, handing the club over. Courtney took a swig off the drink Melanie had mixed, and began to tee up her shot. Her swing was fluid, connecting firmly with the ball, driving it into the middle of the fairway, right in front of the observer box. Perfect, they both thought; each for different reasons. Tiffany saw the ball bounce onto the fairway in front of her, hearing it land with a thud. She squirmed against the restraints of the chair as she was forced to endure another wave of diarrhoea. The pacifier in her mouth was still connected to a bag full of oatmeal; she was taking in just as much as she was putting out. She kept rocking the chair back and forth, trying to get out; her cries for help muffled by the pacifier in her mouth. Those around her ignored her. How could they not take noticed? Her body was rocked as another wave of cramps gave way to a long period of diarrhoea. This time she wet herself as well, the urine pooling in the front of the diapers she had been forced into. She wasn't wearing any plastic pants over the diapers however; it was only a matter of time before the diapers were overwhelmed, and everything started collecting inside the feet of bright pink romper. She moaned as another bout of diarrhoea came around, and Courtney walked down the fairway in front of her. Would she see her? Would she help? Courtney looked around at the course, taking in it's beauty. She glanced briefly at the observer area, seeing the somewhat familiar girl in the wheelchair again. She didn't take much notice, but looked one last time out of curiosity. The occupant was strapped into the chair, and was wearing a bright pink jumper. There was a feeding bag hung on the chair; Tiffany? Courtney was troubled. Was it really Tiffany? "Courtney," Melanie interrupted.

"You have to hit... you can worry about Tiffany later." The name rang in Courtney's mind, confirming her suspicion. Had Melanie kept Tiffany out of school, locked away in diapers? She focused on the immediate task, her chip onto the green. She swung, and missed the ball, hitting behind it by several inches. The ball rolled forward five feet, and stopped still. She walked up to it, and tried a second time. This shot was more successful, landing on the front of the green. She put Tiffany and diapers out of her mind for now. She had to win a tournament. Tiffany made more muffled sounds of protest as Courtney left her behind. She shook the chair, and stopped momentarily as another wave of cramps rocked her. The cramps relieved themselves quickly, adding to the mess inside her diapers. Melanie had given her an extremely powerful laxative; she had also said there was much more of it in the oatmeal she was eating right now. Tiffany felt the chair move as someone took a hold of it from behind. She was being wheeled away. Was she going to be set free, having fulfilled the role she was told she would be playing? Courtney's round was going downhill fast. After seeing all the old members of the cheerleading team wheelchair bound and diapered, her nerves were a mess. She had seen five girls now, all trapped in wheelchairs and colourful jumpsuits. Courtney now feared she would be bound the same way by the end of the tournament. She kept a wary eye on Melanie, making sure she didn't touch anything she shouldn't. Nothing appeared to be wrong; maybe Melanie hadn't even done any of this. They came up on the half-way house, a welcome sight. Courtney really had to go to the bathroom. She couldn't explain it, because she hadn't really had that much to eat this morning. She went in to the bathroom, telling Melanie to refill the water bottle. Courtney walked inside, finding all the stalls occupied. She stood against the far wall, waiting for one to open up. Courtney frowned after ten minutes. She looked under the doors, seeing the stalls empty; someone had pulled them shut, locked them, and climbed over the top. Maybe she could climb in the same way. She tried getting over the plastic barriers, but found no purchase on their slick surfaces. She was very desperate at this point, one hand constantly on her crotch to hold in her pee. She decided to try the Men's room, and moved towards the door. The door opened, revealing another cheerleader in a wheelchair blocking the way. It was Grace. She tried to talk to Courtney, but all that came out was a muffled sound from behind the large pacifier in her mouth. Courtney tried to get around the wheelchair, but it started to come forward, propelled by a figure that emerged from around the corner. Courtney didn't get a good look at her face. Before Courtney knew what was happening though, the figure had her hand cuffed, and against the floor, helpless. Her shorts and panties were pulled off, and several thick diapers were slid on in place. Courtney's need to pee overwhelmed herself self-control at this point, and she soaked the diapers that had been pulled on her. This resulted in a firm spanking on her rear, expressing the displeasure of the person diapering her. They continued working, pulling on six or seven more diapers. They were all topped off with a pair of locking panties, similar to the ones she had gotten herself stuck in. She was stood up, and turned toward the wall, away from the person behind her. She was instructed to step into the shorts at her feet. The voice was unfamiliar. They hiked the shorts up around the diapers, the zipper barely making it all the way up. She heard the cuffs come off with a click, and a quick shuffling of feet as her mystery nanny left the bathroom. Courtney flew towards the mirror, almost tripping over Grace's wheelchair, which was still in the bathroom. Courtney pulled the shorts off, and tried undoing the chain and lock around her waist. She had little success; all she did was irritate her hands. She turned toward Grace, who was in obvious discomfort. She was still feeding off the bag of oatmeal on the chair; there was enough to last her all day. Courtney made her way around front, and pulled the pacifier out of her mouth, oatmeal continuing to flow out of it onto the jumper she was wearing. Melanie noticed the feet of the jumper were darker then usual and looked wet. Grace managed to choke forth a few words, expressing her discomfort.

"Get me out of this!" was her plea. Courtney worked on the restraints, which came off easily enough. They were identical to what they had used on Melanie. The trouble came after she had unlaced the upper body restraint. Grace's legs had been put through a padded crotch harness in the seat that had some sort of locking mechanism to it. She couldn't pull Grace out of the chair without opening it.

"I can't get you out," Courtney said in defeat.

"Please!" Grace wailed. Her body shook as she deposited more into her evidently overflowing diapers. The jumper was becoming discoloured around the crotch area, and down the legs. Her diapers were leaking big time.

"I can't! You're locked to the seat!" Courtney looked up as she heard the door open. It was Melanie.

"Tee off in five," she said, exiting quickly. Courtney looked back down at her crying friend, not knowing what to do. She cleaned up her face, wiping away the tears. She sat Grace back, and tried to make as comfortable as possible. She refastened the restraints; she didn't want her getting in more trouble. Courtney pulled the large shorts she had been provided back on and wheeled Grace out of the bathroom. She realized the oatmeal was still running into her lap. Courtney reached over and turned off the flow, stopping the gooey mess from collecting in her lap.

"I'm going to take you to the ranger and have him escort you to the clubhouse. They can call your Mum, and maybe get you out of here," Courtney said.

"No!" protested Grace.

"They'll catch me again before the ranger does!" Courtney frowned. Grace was really stressed. She left her by the ranger station, with much protest from Grace. It was the best she could do. Courtney waddled back to the tenth tee, trying to prepare herself for the last nine holes. Between the diapers and her troubled state of mind, it would be quite a ride.

Part IV

Melanie smiled to herself at how well everything was going. Courtney was completely helplessly once again in diapers, not to be changed anytime soon. The new mix was in the water bottle, the rest of the cheerleaders were in place, and the weather was nice. How much better could things get? Courtney frowned at her predicament. The diapers were of little consequence right now; she had a golf tournament to win. She instinctively kept trying to adjust her shorts, having little luck; they were so tight, there was no way to get them to a comfortable position. She glared at Melanie briefly; this was obviously her doing. She barked for a club, and lined up her tee shot. She swung back, not prepared for what was about to happen. As she connected with the ball, she lost balance, falling backwards onto her padded rear. She hadn't even been aware of the need to go, but her bowels relieved themselves upon impact. A warm mess began to spread across her backside, forcing it's way through the tightly packed diapers. She gasped, and stared at Melanie in outrage. All she saw was a big grin on her face, pleased at how things were going. 'All she wants for me is to lose my cool,' thought Courtney. 'Keep it together.' Courtney stood up, face contorted slightly. She was still going in her pants; she could barely stand the sensation. She shivered slightly as she walked off the tee box.

"I'm going to get you for this later," she growled at Melanie as she walked past. Melanie followed her down the fairway, smiling all the while. Tiffany stared at the other girls in the room with her. She wasn't quite sure where they all were; it just wasn't much fun. There were five of them now, all in fair sized room, decorated completely in pink. The walls and floor were rather thickly padded; this was obvious by how far the wheel chair wheels cut into the floor. There were changing tables, piles of diapers, and twelve hammocks hanging from the ceiling; also pink. The dimensions of the room were hard to distinguish because of the uniform colour; she suspected it was designed this way. Tiffany turned her attention to each of the girls. Every one of them was in the same set up that she was; diapered absurdly thick, and uncontrollably filling them. Periodically each of them would fart loudly as their laxative filled bodies put more and more away in the disgusting diapers they were in. Melanie had really lost a screw with this one. Each one of them turned as a door opened. Two more girls were wheeled in, and set in line with the rest of them. The two people that wheeled them in remained this time, however. They both moved toward Tiffany. One produced a key, and the other wheeled her towards one of the large changing tables. 'Am I finally free?' she thought. The duo removed all of the restraints keeping her in the chair. They both lifted her onto the table, which was surprisingly soft. They removed the thick jumper, and threw it in a bin on the side of the table. Next were all the diapers. They cleaned her up, and left her strapped to the table. One of the attendants departed, and came back with a large rubber bag. Tiffany squealed softly as a rubber tube was jammed up her butt. They gave her a complete enema, and began taping diapers back on her. These were even thicker then what she had been wearing before. Was there no end? All of the girls in the room received the same treatment; each cleaned up and freshly diapered, one by one. After which, they were moved to one of the hammocks hanging from the ceiling. The hammocks thick fabric folded around them, almost cocooning them. After they were all put in their hammocks, the attendants departed, leaving each one to sleep.

"Looks like about a nine iron," Melanie said. She thrust the club at Courtney, who took it with a displeased look.

"You think this is funny?" she asked spitefully.

"Yes," Melanie chuckled.

"I think it's hilarious. Wait till you see what we've got planned for after the tournament!" Courtney was on the seventeenth green now; only one more hole till the end. The round hadn't been that bad, given the circumstances. It gave her a little hope to hear that the other team hadn't done that well either. Maybe they would come out on top after all. She winced as she felt the need to pee again. Melanie must have put something in her water; she really didn't have any control any more of when she went to the bathroom. The urge would come on suddenly, and would be completely uncontrollable. It was almost like she was a great big... No. She hit her last tee shot into the bunker on the right side. Sand had been her enemy today; she couldn't keep her balance in it because of the diapers. She always feel over, and everyone would laugh at her ungainly appearance, knowing what she was quite obviously wearing. Courtney took a deep breath, and waddled down the fairway to the trap. Grace woke up, and didn't remember where she was. She couldn't move; she was wrapped in something incredibly soft, which just absorbed all of her movement. The more she tried to squirm, in fact, the more restricting whatever it was got. She looked around, seeing nothing but pink. It was obviously a large room; but all it's features were virtually indistinguishable due to it's uniform colour. She looked down at herself, seeing her entire length covered by what looked like a sleeping bag. There was an extremely large bulge starting at the top of her waist, ending down by her knees. She must still be in diapers, she thought. She tried to sit up, the sleeping bag drawing tighter against her. She managed to roll over, seeing other girls zipped up in bags of their own. They were all just as thickly diapered; some thicker, even. Grace suddenly felt the need to use the bathroom; she had no control over it whatsoever. Even before she knew she had to, she was using her diapers. What was worse, she had no choice about it. What was going on? The ball rolled into the hole with a satisfying sound. The crowd applauded, and Courtney waved half-heartedly. She waddled off the green, and attempted to sit comfortably in the golf cart awaiting her. Melanie was driving; her clubs had already been loaded into the back.

"Come on!" Melanie said.

"We're going to be late."

"Late for what? I'm not going with you, you diaper wearing freak!" Courtney turned around, and began to waddle the other way as fast as she could.] "Ha. That's what she thinks," Melanie said. She unclipped the walkie-talkie from her belt, and spoke into it briefly. She waited for an acknowledgement, and then turned the golf cart around to follow Courtney. She caught up in no time.

"You know," said Melanie.

"You're only going to tire yourself out. You may as well just ride in the golf cart, and spare us the trouble of having to catch you."

"Us? Who the hell is us? There's more than one of you freaks?" Courtney stopped waddling, and stood still.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Courtney didn't hear the people approaching from behind her.

"Why did you do it to me?" Melanie asked rhetorically. She watched dispassionately as the two nursery attendants seized Courtney by both arms, forcing her into a wheel chair. Courtney's attempted scream was muffled by a pacifier that was quickly shoved in her mouth. One attendant secured Courtney in the chair, as the other started a feeding line into the pacifier.

"We'll have you back home in no time," said Melanie.

"Have fun until then, little baby!" Most of the girls were awake by now. Grace could see every one of them was squirming in the restrictive sleeping bags, struggling to find a way out. This was downright humiliating; why did they deserve this? Grace tried turning around as she heard a muted thud. She could almost see. Just one more inch. Her eyes widened and she made a muffled cry as she fell, and hit the padded floor with a similar sound. The impact caused her bowels to empty themselves again, loosened by the shock of the landing. She squirmed even more against the bag now that she was on the ground; she hadn't even realized she was in the air. The door opened, and the two attendants came in with Courtney, followed by Melanie. Melanie frowned at the two girls who were on the floor. She thought for a minute, said something to one of her helpers, and he moved towards the girls still in the hammock. He dumped them all on the floor, and pulled everyone to the centre of the room in a circle. Each girl was released from the sleeping bags, only to find themselves in thickly padded rompers. Each of them had been asleep when they were entombed, so none of them knew exactly what they were wearing. Melanie smiled as Courtney was wheeled off to the changing table. She moved to the centre of all the girls, and smiled at every one of them.

"And how is everybody doing?" Melanie cooed.

"I see we're all enjoying ourselves. This is the special nursery, where mommy sends me when I've been really bad. I asked her about using it, and she said she didn't mind; I figured this would be the perfect place for everything." A few of the girls moaned, and one of them responded by farting loudly. Melanie laughed.

"Isn't this fun? Now you all see how much I enjoyed everything you did to me." She looked at her watch.

"After Courtney has had a brief nap, we're all going to enjoy play time. Doesn't that sound fun little Tiffany?" Each of the girls made a muffled umph sound from behind their pacifiers.

"Well good. You girls behave while we all go eat, and Courtney takes a little nap." Melanie walked toward the changing table, watching as Courtney was garnered with diaper upon diaper. It was like somebody had stuffed several pillows down her pants. Melanie smiled. She might even want to go through this later, just for fun. She left the nursery, laughing all the way.

Part V

Courtney looked at the other girls resting on their padded behinds. Courtney was still in the thick pink sleeping bag, and couldn't move at all, save her fingers and toes. All the padding she was wrapped in made it impossible to do anything. Courtney was surprised she wasn't hot; the room must be extremely cold, she thought. She moaned as she was overcome by the urge to relieve herself again. She again exploded into her diapers, causing more and more of her mess to spread throughout the thirsty absorbent mass. The door opened, and Melanie waddled in. She unzipped the sleeping bag, giving Courtney slightly more range of motion. She was still practically helpless, however.

"How is everybody doing?" Melanie asked cordially. All the girls looked up at her and made acknowledging grunts from behind their pacifiers.

"That's wonderful!" Melanie exclaimed, mockingly.

"Does anybody need to be changed?" The grunting became more forceful, and her question was fully answered by a messy fart from Tiffany. Most of the girls were continually shifting in their ridiculous outfits, trying to keep the mess they had each excreted away from their skin.

"Sounds like everybody is doing fine." She smiled.

"Everything will be taken care of later. For now, you'll be fed and cleaned up - slightly. After that, it's a brief nap, and then playtime!" She clapped her hands with enthusiasm and turned around, leaving the host of girls helpless in diapers on the floor. The girls each struggled for a while, until one of them managed to get the pacifier out of their mouths. She demonstrated to the others how she did it, and they all followed suit.

"What the hell does she think she's doing?" exclaimed Tiffany.

"I think she's snapped," volunteered Grace.

"I think she was crazy to begin with," added Courtney spitefully.

"How are we going to get out of this?" The girls talked for about fifteen minutes, tossing around different plans of escape and revenge. None of them seemed practical at all. They were in a very secure location; they didn't know where they were, and weren't mobile enough to get out. Their thickly padded feet and hands couldn't carry them anywhere, or allow them to grip anything; the zippers on their rompers were to small to grasp through the cottony mitts. The diapers they were wearing, all quite full, made even crawling difficult. And none of them had gotten any decent sleep; they'd been kept awake all night wetting and messing themselves. Their planning session was interrupted by the two orderlies that had attended them before. They were each dragged back to their respective hammocks, and re-sealed in the pink sleeping bags. The orderlies hadn't bothered to change them, but did connect them all to feeding lines once again. The girls all squirmed, resiting the orderlies, but to no avail. The best they did was knock one over, but he quickly recovered, and the girls were too slow to make anything of the small victory anyhow. The two orderlies strapped them into the hammocks, and left. The lights went out shortly afterwards, and a soothing voice began to play over the intercom. It told them over and over again, "Go to sleep now. Concentrate on my voice; it is all you can hear and think about. Concentrate. Whenever you are told you're being a baby, you will be under my control as a baby... whatever I say, you will do. And when I say to act your age, you'll be yourself again..." The girls eventually all nodded off, entranced by the message playing. The girls awoke, finding themselves propped upright around a table in the middle of the room. Each of them had been changed, wearing no more than two diapers. The rompers were gone as well; they were just in diapers, and a bra. The girls were relieved at the absence of the exceedingly thick diapers of before, and were more comfortable without their excess bulk. They all turned toward the door as Melanie walked in.

"Hey everyone!" she greeted. The girls looked back at her, faces blank.

"Glad to see you too. You're such a baby though Tiffany," she said. Tiffany frowned, and then felt herself loose control of her body. She was still aware of where she was, but she seemed to be completely helpless; but she was moving.

"Tiffany," said Melanie, "I need you to poop for me now, OK?" Melanie watched in fasciation as Tiffany fell over, and propped herself back up. She stuck her butt into the air, and Melanie watched her diapers fill out some as she pooped herself. After she was done, she fell back over, landing smack dab on top of the mess she had just made. At this, she began to cry.

"Act your age you baby," Melanie managed between laughs. Tiffany began to have more control of herself, realizing where she was. She looked around, trying to remember where she was, and what she had been doing. She looked down, past her bra, to her now soiled diapers. She continued to cry.

"It's OK Tiffany," said Melanie.

"All of us have accidents." The rest of the girls looked on, faces distant. Melanie continued talking to them for awhile while they all ate, making various jokes and jabs at how they were diapered. Finally, Courtney spoke up.

"Girls? This is the perfect opportunity," she said bluntly. They all nodded. Each of them stood up, and they all started moving towards Melanie.

"I don't think you want to do that," said Melanie. But it was too late. The girls were already after Melanie, and had her pinned against the padded floor. The girls rounded up as many diapers as they could find inside the room, and looked at the mountain they had piled next to Melanie. Strangely, Melanie smiled at what they were about to do.

"I think you'll regret it if you try it," she said. The girls weren't listening. They took off Melanie's pants, finding she was already wearing diapers. They began work, taping on diaper after diaper. The stack slowly grew smaller and smaller, until all of the diapers were sloppily taped onto Melanie. They all backed off, looking at her.

"You're all a bunch of babies," Melanie said casually. Instantly, the girls all dropped to the floor. They all cried out upon the impact, but didn't say anything else; they were all helpless like babies. They were now no longer a threat. Melanie sat up with great effort, holding on to the diapers she was wearing. She looked at the enormous pair of plastic panties the girls had forgotten to put on her, and thought for a moment. She spread them out, and fell back over, taking her time to shimmy them on over the mass of diapers she was wearing. She heard them lock with a click, and smiled at the sound. While awkward and uncomfortable, wearing this many diapers was fun. She called for the orderlies, who came in and put the girls in their hammocks again. There would be a lot of fun in store for them tomorrow. After they were done with the girls, Melanie had them put her in a romper, and zip her into one of the jellied sleeping bags. Completing her instructions, the orderlies gave her a feeding line, and left her with the girls for the night. The lights went out, and everyone nodded off.

Part VI

The girls looked around the street corner, not really knowing how they got there. They all found themselves in various states of dress; none without diapers, however. Courtney looked at what she was wearing. She looked down at her waist, finding herself in a tight pair of jean shorts. The fabric of the shorts pressed tightly against all edges of the diapers, notably accentuating the bulge at her crotch. She imagine her but looked extremely well padded in these pants. Looking inside the waist band revealed three thick disposable diapers, white and blue in colour. The diapers poked out of the top and bottom of the shorts; there wasn't any question as to what she was wearing. Her shirt was also tight fitting, but she was properly dressed otherwise. She looked around at some of the other girls. Tiffany was in a red leotard, like a dancer or gymnast would wear. Her diapers poked through the leg openings, trimming her legs right before her crotch with pink lace. Otherwise, she was dressed fine as well. Grace was in a wheel chair, bound similarly the way they were a day or two ago. She had on the most diapers of everyone; her legs were tightly bound and pressed against the sides of the chair. She had no pacifier or force feeding however; the diapers were enough. The girls outfits were arguably normal, save the diapers they were wearing. The strange thing was, they didn't seem to be locked in the diapers. There was a chance they could get out, Courtney thought. Melanie appeared around the corner, and began to divide the twelve girls into three groups of four. Courtney found herself grouped with Tiffany, Grace, and Melody. The girls looked at each other, and began to examine the list they had been handed by Melanie.

"All right girls. Listen up!" said Melanie.

"You're all going on a scavenger hunt that starts here. You need everything on that list - I repeat EVERYTHING - or you'll be unhappy with what happens. I need everything down to the last detail, otherwise you'll spend another week in diapers, school and all. Everybody clear?" The girls nodded, and Melanie began talking again.

"The rules are fairly simple. You get twenty dollars, and your wits. Otherwise, just about anything goes. You can do what you like with the money. Just be mindful of the things on the list that require money to get. Oh, and you get a Polaroid camera too, to document what things require pictures. Now are we all clear?" Everyone nodded in response.

"All right everybody. You're on your own until we meet back here at 6:30. Good luck!" Courtney looked at the list in her hands. Grace had the camera on what passed as her lap, and Tiffany held the twenty dollars. Melody looked over Courtney's shoulder at the list.

"First item is a picture of all of us with Santa Claus? This is ridiculous," Melody said.

"Yeah... we might as well get started. There was going to be a Santa at the Cineplex," said Courtney.

"We might as well start there. It says here we need a used movie ticket stub too. Two birds with one stone," she finished. The group began to head toward the theatre, with Melody pushing Grace's wheelchair. Courtney was surprised at how few little people looked at them funny. No one seemed to care what they were wearing. Strangely, she didn't seem to care what she was wearing either. No, Courtney scolded herself mentally. You can't get used to this; it's horrible! Courtney looked around, and saw that the other girls weren't following them; they must have different lists. Courtney breathed a sigh of relief at sighting the familiar marquis of the Cineplex. She unconsciously pulled at her shorts, trying to pull them down farther to maker the diapers she was wearing less evident. This only made them stick out of the top more; her shirt didn't reach down far enough to cover her midriff. The four walked inside, and got in line to buy tickets.

"What movie should we see?" asked Tiffany.

"Do we actually have time to watch a whole film?" asked Courtney. She looked down at her watch.

"It's only noon," said Grace.

"We should have time; but I'd rather get this over and get out of all these diapers. This is really uncomfortable. You guys have no idea how many diapers I'm wearing." The girls nodded.

"The stub has to be used though," said Melody. She too was unconsciously playing with the skirt she was wearing, trying to cover up her diapers.

"And the only way it's used is if we stay to watch the show."

"OK," said Courtney.

"I guess we'll watch a movie." Courtney approached the snickering ticket clerk, and bought four tickets to see The Exorcist, the only movie that was showing at 12. They walked around into the central hub of the theatre, seeing the Santa Claus sitting in the middle of the floor.

"Don't we have to get our pictures?" asked Tiffany.

"Yeah," said Courtney.

"Let's get it over with." The girls walked over to the display, and briefly talked to the people in charge. They were all too embarrassed to say much, but managed to get a photograph with the four of them and Santa. Courtney looked at the developing Polaroid in her hand as they stood in line for snacks.

"Great picture," she mumbled. Melody had sat on Santa's lap, her skirt hiked up fulling exposing the Barbie print diapers she was wearing. Courtney and Tiffany had tried to cover their diapers with the hands, but only succeeded in looking stupid. Grace couldn't hide anything; her diapers weren't even covered by anything at all. She was just in diapers and a shirt in the chair.

"Should we even be getting anything to eat?" asked Tiffany.

"We only have so much money, and we'll have to use the bathroom if we eat. And you know what that means," she said. Courtney frowned. She hadn't thought of that. But she was really hungry. They hadn't had any real food in a long time.

"While that may be true, I'm really hungry," she said.

"And besides, there isn't anything keeping us in diapers, is there?" Tiffany's face dawned in recognition.

"You're right!" she almost squealed.

"We can take these off anytime we like!" said Melody.

"You're right!"

"Easy for you to say," Grace frowned. The girls each ordered popcorn and a soda, and moved to enter the theatre. They sat down in front, all by themselves. It was too early for any other patrons to find their way into the theatre. After a time, the lights went down, and the movie began to start.

"You ever seen this?" asked Melody.

"It's supposed to be pretty creepy. It's even got new scenes in it." The other girls all nodded their heads no.

"I guess it's new to all of us then," said Courtney. She sipped on her drink, and popping another piece of popcorn in her mouth. She focused her attention on the screen, as the opening title rolled by on the screen. This should be fun, she thought. Courtney opened the door to the bathroom, and walked inside. There were two girls standing at the sink, talking while they were touching up makeup on their faces. One of them noticed her come in, and saw her in the mirror. She turned around, and immediately began laughing uncontrollably. It was Elizabeth, the girl she sat next to in Chemistry.

"Oh my God!" Elizabeth shrieked.

"That's hilarious! You already looked like you're well equipped to use the bathroom anywhere you want. I don't think you need to be in here!" Courtney's face turned four shades redder in embarrassment. She unconsciously played with her padded crotch because of her need to pee.

"I sort of lost a bet," she stammered.

"Right," said Elizabeth, still laughing. The other girl, someone she didn't know, was laughing as well. Thankfully, the two departed, still laughing. Courtney moved quickly to the first stall, finding it locked. Then the second, also locked. She tried the other three stalls in the bathroom, finding them all locked. She backed up against the wall, and leaned against it, waiting for whoever was inside one of the stalls to come out. She jumped when she finally heard a toilet flush. The door on the end opened up, and Melanie walked out. Courtney almost panicked seeing her. What was she going to do? "Hello. I kind of figured those girls would be talking to one of you. You are wearing three perfectly good diapers. There really isn't any need for you to use a toilet," she said.

"Screw you," Courtney said, walking towards the open stall. Courtney was surprised Melanie didn't move to stop her. Instead, she moved toward the sink, grasping the handle to turn on the water.

"Oh, one last thing," said Melanie. She turned the handle on the faucet, and water began to splash nosily into the sink.

"Ever think about rushing water falls when you have to pee?" Courtney stopped where she was. She was peeing. She turned around, a look of shock on her face. Her control over her bladder had ceased to be as soon as Melanie had turned on the faucet. Melanie smiled.

"Just as I thought," she said. Melanie finished washing her hands, and left. Courtney stood, still peeing. That large Coke had evidently filled her up quite well. How had Melanie made her just wet herself without any warning? Courtney walked into the bathroom stall, even though she had already relieved herself. She slid off her shorts, hanging them on the hook mounted in the side of the stall. She looked down at her wet diapers, slightly discoloured from her soda. She reached down and untaped one side of the outer diaper, and then the other, pulling gently to take it off. It didn't budge. She tried pulling harder, and one of her inner diapers leaked out onto her legs, running onto the floor. She tugged again harder, losing her grip, and losing her balance. She stumbled against the wall, jarring the stall slightly. Her shorts fell off the hook, and landed in the toilet with a splash. She stood, dumbfounded at her clumsiness. She watched as the blue toilet cleaner soaked into her shorts, staining them a horrible dark blue. She turned back to her diapers, realizing even if she got them off, she would then have nothing to wear. She definitely wasn't going to put those shorts back on; she had no idea what had been in that toilet. She reached down to her waist, taping the first diaper back up. She noticed that there were diaper pins at her hips, which were probably keeping the disposables in place. She tried unfastening one, but it didn't budge. Apparently there was some sort of locking mechanism to it.

"Great," she said out loud. She turned and walked out of the stall, leaving her shorts floating in the toilet bowl. She saw two other people at the sinks now; two of the other people that had been in the other stalls. The first one turned on the water again, and Courtney began to pee freely into her diapers again. Gasping in surprise, she ran out of the bathroom away from the sound of running water. In the absence of the sound, she stopped wetting herself. She had walked straight into a crowd, however. One of the movies had just let out, and people were streaming through the lobby at a lazy pace. Several of her classmates saw her standing there in wet diapers and a tee shirt, and did not fail to take notice. She was a public spectacle. After all, a teenage girl in nothing but diapers was an extraordinary sight. Melanie looked at the screen slack-jawed. That pea soup scene was disgusting. She closed her eyes and shook her head, thinking of what she was going to do. She stood, and walked down a few rows closer to the girls in front. She sat back down, and turned around when she heard the door to the theatre open. It was Courtney, who was apparently now only wearing her diapers and a shirt. She bit her lip to keep from laughing. I wonder what she did with her shorts, she thought. She watched Courtney plop down in her seat, and talk to who she thought was Tiffany. The girls all began to talk now, forgetting about the movie. Melanie smiled, and pulled the small radio button out of her pocket. It was fairly small, and quite compact. This was the last test to see if they hypnosis they had undergone while they were sleeping really worked completely. She had gotten Courtney to wet herself by just hearing running water, so she knew that worked. Time for part two.

"...and now I don't have any shorts," Courtney finished.

"What are we going to do?" asked Tiffany.

"I don't know. We don't have enough money to buy another pair of shorts, and I'm sure as hell not going home like this," Courtney said.

"I doubt I even have shorts that will fit over something like this."

"So they won't come off, though?" asked Grace.

"Well, if you pulled hard enough, they probably would. But then I'd be naked." Courtney frowned as she heard a muffled noise. She wasn't sure what it was; it sounded like somebody farted. She heard it again, clearer this time; a quieter scene in the movie allowed the sound to become more audible. Courtney watched as Tiffany, Grace, and Melody all looked down suddenly. She felt a familiar warmth begin to spread around her butt. She was pooping herself. No warning at all. She jumped up, and cried out.

"What's going on?" she exclaimed. Tiffany and Melody both got up as well. Pooping themselves wasn't a nice sensation, as far as they were concerned. Tiffany and Melody ran toward the exact, undoubtedly heading for the bathrooms. Anyone washing their hands would give them a rude surprise, Courtney thought.

"Courtney?" said Grace.

"Yeah?" Courtney replied.

"This sucks." Melanie smiled, pleased with the results. They were all fully under her control. She could make them complete babies at her very command. This was incredible! She remained in her seat as Courtney wheeled Grace out of the theatre, walking funny because of the load in her diaper. In the light that was cast across Courtney's backside as she departed, Melanie could see a sizable bulge in her posterior. She smiled to herself, and turned back around to watch the rest of the movie. This was almost scary enough to make her pee her pants. She smirked at the thought, diverting her full attention to the remainder of the movie.


The girls stood behind the theatre, in the wet grass. They were all wet and messy now, with no plan as to what to do next.

"What time is it?" Courtney asked.

"Two thirty," mumbled Tiffany. She was playing with her diapers, trying to shift the awful mess in them away from her skin to a more comfortable position. She wasn't having any luck.

"We don't really have any choice; we've got to try and finish this list," said Grace.

"As horrible and compromising as that may sound," said Melody, "that seems to be our only choice." The group frowned, and everyone looked at each other. Courtney's diapers were in full view, sagging and discoloured by what was inside. Tiffany's leotard was bugling in the back. Grace's diapers seemed unchanged, due to her wearing so many. Melody's diapers were veiled slightly by the cheerleading skirt she wore, but every step she took flashed her stained butt to all who were looking.

"It's now or never," said Courtney, taking the lead. The group moved toward the front of the theatre, and the adjacent parking lot. Melanie was standing in front of the theatre, waiting for them. One hand was in her pocket, and her other arm was holding a package of adult diapers.

"Hey crew!" she greeted. Courtney heard a muffled fart from behind her again. She wheeled around, and reddened again considerably as she began to involuntarily move her bowels. She turned back around, still pooping herself, to face Melanie. She could tell by the looks on the others faces that they were filling their diapers up too.

"Brought something' for you sport," Melanie said, tossing the diapers to Courtney. People were starting to stop and stare at the group of girls. Courtney caught the package, and looked down at what she had been given.

"Oops I Crapped My Pants?" Courtney read out loud. The crowd around them laughed.

"Oh, yeah. I mean, it looked like you could use a little help there. You look like you did crap your pants, huh?" Melanie pressed the trigger in her pocket again.

"Oops!" she said, watching the girls 'crap their pants' in front of the gathered crowd. She laughed manically, pressing the button over and over again. She realized she shouldn't waste all of her control now; they could only poop so much without having to eat again.

"Well, anyways. Smell you later!" said Melanie, walking toward her Camaro. Courtney stood perfectly still, saying nothing. She looked at the diapers she held. She remembered seeing these on Saturday Night Live. She didn't think they were real. Wordlessly, she moved out into the parking lot, with everyone silently following her. They moved out of the parking lot, making it to the sidewalk. Melanie honked as she drove by, bringing more attention to the diapered group.

"Grace?" Courtney finally said.

"Let me see the list." Grace passed the list to Tiffany, who handed it to Courtney. The third item was a gallon of milk. Great.

"We need a gallon of milk," said Courtney.

"How much money do we have left?" Grace pulled the money she was carrying out of the pocket on the side of the wheel chair.

"Two dollars fifty cents," she reported dispassionately.

"Can we get milk with that?" Courtney asked. Tiffany nodded her head yes in reply.

"OK," said Melody.

"Where should we go? 7-11? They have milk."

"There isn't' a 7-11 within walking distance though," said Grace.

"There is a Winn Dixie," said Tiffany.

"All right everybody," said Courtney.

"Winn Dixie it is." The four walked through the automatic doors, with nobody paying attention. None of them had any objections. They moved quickly towards the dairy section, getting looks and stares from everyone around them. Courtney was still carrying the bag of diapers, and was now also holding a gallon jug of milk. She moved toward the check out line, with the other three in tow. There were lines everywhere. Even the express lane was backed up.

"Great," said Tiffany.

"A guaranteed wait." Courtney picked a lane, unfortunately the wrong one. Melanie's Mum was standing right in front of them. On top of that, someone was already in line behind them, making it impossible to back out.

"Well hi there Courtney!" Courtney looked away, pretending not to notice Melanie's Mum ."It looks like you've made quite a mess of yourself," she continued. She glanced at the diapers.

"Do you want to be changed?" Everyone within hearing distance stopped what they were doing to look at the girls.

"They're wearing diapers!" came a voice.

"Diapers?!" People began to gather from across the store, staring at the group of girls. Courtney wished she wasn't here.

"I'll fix you right up!" her Mum declared. She ordered people to move aside, and told the other three girls to stand back. Courtney, dumbfounded, didn't say anything. She didn't resist when Melanie's Mum laid her against the floor, and opened up the diapers Melanie had given her. She pulled out two of them, and expertly taped them around her already padded waist. The new diapers were extremely fluffy, and poofed outward a great deal. She was stood back up, and presented to everyone. Courtney didn't know what else to do but cry. She looked down, and through the tears could see the diapers read on both the front and back, "Oops! I Crapped Myself!" in bold, colourful letters. Courtney was inert in tears, not doing anything. Seeing what was happening, Tiffany took action, pushing Courtney into Grace's lap. Tiffany and Melody wheeled the girls out of the store, leaving the two fifty with the cashier to pay for their milk. Three down, seven to go, thought Tiffany. The group moved down the street once again, with Courtney still in Grace's lap. She was still sobbing slightly from being humiliated in front of the entire store. Tiffany looked at her, and took the list from Grace.

"We're supposed to find plastic playground balls now. What are those supposed to be?" Tiffany asked.

"You think maybe like they would have at a McDonalds playground, maybe?" volunteered Melody.

"Yeah," said Grace.

"That's probably what she's talking about." Courtney looked up, finished crying now.

"There aren't any restaurants with play places in this part of town though," she said weakly.

"She went out of her way to put us in the worst part of town for something like this." The girls nodded. Melanie wasn't making it easy for them at all. They continued walking along in silence, each thinking of where they could find their next item. As they walked past a large white building with big glass windows, Courtney stood up, and looked more closely at what it was.

"Hey, wait! Look at this," she said, pointing at the buildings sign. It read "Kid Sports : Indoor Playground and Fun Centre".

"You think they would have some?" asked Tiffany.

"You know," said Melody, "we've been everywhere else, and been humiliated everywhere else. We might as well go inside and try this place." The girls nodded, and moved to the door. Courtney held it open while Grace was wheeled in first, and then she and Tiffany followed in. Once inside, they noticed the place was deserted. The lights and air were running, but the interior was devoid of people.

"Where is everybody?" asked Tiffany. As if on cue, an attendant appeared from an office door to their immediate left. It was a girl, maybe 20. She had a set of keys in her hand, and a name tag pinned on her that read 'Amanda'.

"Well hello there, girls!" she greeted.

"I'm Amanda. Somebody told me you all were coming." She moved toward Grace without saying anything else, and unlocked the belts that were holding her in the chair. Grace eagerly stood up, relieved to be out of the wretched chair. She lost her balance as soon as she stood up though, and landed on her butt with a padded thump. Amanda wheeled away the chair, putting it in the office she came out of. She locked the door behind her, and came back to the girls.

"I've been told you four have this place rented out to yourselves until 6:30. I'm not exactly sure what you're going to do for four hours, or why, but everything you asked for has been done. The bathrooms are locked up, the play-space and kitchen have all been cleaned and set up for you, and the doors will be on a time lock. Any questions?"

"Well, yes, actually," said Courtney.

"What exactly are you talking about?" The girl nodded her head.

"OK," she said.

"I've already done everything you asked me too, and I don't really want to know anything beyond that. I don't want to know why you're wearing diapers. I don't want to anything, OK?" She walked towards the exit, ignoring the girls pleas to stop. None of them could move fast enough to catch her and stop her from locking the doors. Courtney made it to the doors just after she had locked them, and tried wrenching them open. They were locked tight. She backed up, and stumbled, losing her balance. She landed hard on her butt, producing unexpected results. She heard a tiny little recorded voice upon impact, and it rang in the enclosed entrance space. Her diapers had talked to her.

"Oops! I crapped my pants!" they declared to no one in particular. In frustration and anger, she tried changing back up, but only fell over again, reminded of the mess she had made earlier by the diapers Melanie's Mum had put on her. She resigned to crawling on all four feet, and slowly made her way back inside the building. They had a lot of planning to do as to how to get out of here.

Part IX

"What are we going to do now? The doors are locked 'till 6:30. We won't be able to make it back to the meeting point on time, or even try to get the rest of the stuff we need!" exclaimed Tiffany. They were all sitting at a table adjacent to the kitchen, each eating some of the pizza they had found prepared for them.

"I don't know," said Courtney.

"But from looking at the list, we can get five of the things we need right in here. That helps a little."

"What all can we get in here?" asked Melody.

"Well," started Courtney, "the playground balls, a stuffed teddy from the prize wall over there, an empty pizza box, a picture of us at a playground, and we can probably find a pacifier in the babies room over there." Courtney shifted in her seat, triggering the voice from her diapers again. She frowned at the message again, and reached toward her lap to try and pull the offending diapers off. She unconsciously slapped her drink in the process, spilling her Coke into her lap. It was freezing cold against her bare legs.

"Crap!" she yelled.

"What?" asked Tiffany.

"I just spilled my drink all over my lap," she said standing up, trying to yank off the prank diapers. They wouldn't budge; Melanie's Mum had snapped on two more of the locking diaper pins.

"And I can't get these bigger diapers off, either!" Everyone watched as the Coke soaked in, causing the diapers to swell outward. The writing on the front began to get bigger and darker, still proclaiming to all who looked, "Oops! I Crapped My Pants!" The girls helped to dry her off as much as possible, and eventually finished eating their lunch.

"You realize all that food has to come through into our diapers eventually, right?" said Grace.

"Yeah, but we have to eat to," said Melody pointedly.

"There's probably something we can pry these pins of with in here anyways."

"Yeah," agreed Courtney.

"But till then, we need to start finding some of this stuff." She turned her eyes to the big play structure that was erected in the middle of the expansive building. It was at least three stories tall, and was made of multicoloured plastic piping. There were large rooms serving as hubs in places, with tons of slides, windows, and netting making up a majority of the structure as well.

"We might as well start looking in the play structure," she said. She walked towards what she could discern was the nearest entrance, and climbed the ladder leading inside. The rest of them did the same, each disappearing into a different segment of piping. Once inside and on their way, none of them noticed the crew of people pulling padded covers over the exits. Courtney crawled ahead slowly but surely in the enclosed space. The plastic tunnels were lined with a thick padding, making it had to move on the cushiony surface. The extremely bulky diapers she was wearing made it hard to move as well, their load constantly shifting to crazy angles as she shuffled her legs along. Courtney's mind kept drifting back to how extremely uncomfortable her diapers had become, and she wasn't really paying attention to where she was going. She hardly noticed the large opening she was crawling towards, and shrieked as she fell downwards. Her fall lasted all of a second. She landed with a loud splash, echoing through the confining tubes and tunnels. She jerked up quickly, pulling her face out of the water she had landed in. She had landed face down, and her diapers were quickly soaking up all the water they could hold. She swore softly, and pulled herself up the ladder that stuck into the hole she was in. Water trailed behind her, pouring out of her super saturated diapers. She looked at the intersection she had come to at the top, and selected a direction to crawl in. She set off, determined to find some of the playground balls and get out of the structure as quickly as possible. Tiffany looked at all of the stuff that was lying on the floor of the room she was standing in. There was all kinds of baby paraphernalia everywhere. Diapers, rompers, blankets, pacifiers, plastic panties, bottles, food - everything a baby could need. She moved across the room, diapers making a slight plastic rustle as she went. She stepped on a toy as she went over, the object producing a crude fart noise. Her face went blank momentarily as the hypnosis training took over, and she began to poop her diapers again. Her awareness returned just as quickly as it had gone, so she could endure the humiliation of dirtying herself yet again. It seemed to last forever, coming out in long diarrhoea like squirts. Tiffany felt that her diapers were twice as heavy and loaded now, from one simple sound. We'll get you back Melanie, she thought angrily. She continued walking over to the pacifier, bending over to pick it up. The newly made mess shifted all to the front of her diapers with her change of orientation, making a sick sound as it did so. She farted as she stood back upright again, a sort of gurgling noise in the large space. Tiffany's mouth opened in shock as she began to poop again; her own farts could make her poop herself! Grace hadn't moved anywhere. The huge diapers she was wearing had stuck to the tubes padded sides, and made it extremely difficult to move. She had been able to drag herself all of five feet before stopping. She was now working on her diapers, trying to take some of them off so she could move. Her hands kept sliding off their plastic backed surfaces, allowing her no purchase. One last try, she thought. She reached down, gripping as hard as she could. Her hands slipped away again, but this time with a muffled tear. Grace perked her head up quickly, looking at the small tear she had managed to create in her outer most diaper. If she could get it off, she could probably get out of this thing, and wait for the rest of the girls once they were done. She reached down, ripping harder. The sound repeated itself, with much more pronounced results. The diaper split all the way down through her crotch, and was unfolded in two parts around her front side. She hastily ripped it off, leaving pieces of it stuck in the diaper pins at her waist. She could move! She shimmied backwards, gasping as she fell out of the tube. She opened her eyes when she noticed she hadn't quite hit the ground. She looked around, seeing her head sticking up out of what resembled the sleeping bags Melanie had secured them in earlier in the day. She tried climbing back up when she detected the threat, only to have her motion checked as the thickly padded bag cinched shut around her. It drew tightly against all parts of her, and dropped from the mouth of the tube. She hit the ground lightly, the fall lessened by the thick bag. She lay squirming on the ground, helpless. She could feel the food they had eaten earlier beginning to work it's way to the ends of her digestive track.

"Great," she said out loud. Melody looked at the opening to the slide in front of her. It looked fairly steep going down, but she had always loved slides. And they usually emptied into a pit of balls. She thought for a second, deciding what to do.

"There isn't any reason I shouldn't be able to have some fun out of all of this," she said to herself. She pushed herself onto the edge of the slide, her short skirt flying up again. She frowned at the offending piece of fabric, and backed out of the slide momentarily. Her hands fished around her back, locating the clip holding on the skirt. She opened it, letting the skirt fall to the floor of the tunnel. She kicked it away casually, disregarding the virtually useless garment. Everybody knew she was wearing diapers anyways; there wasn't any reason to try and hide it with something that small. Besides, she thought. This doesn't really bug me for some reason. She sat back down on the slide, the plastic cool against her legs. She pushed off, the diapers slick against the plastic surface. She went around two corkscrew corners, gaining speed quickly because of the diapers sliding against the plastic. Her eyes widened slightly as she saw something stretched across the tunnel ahead. Was she going to hit a wall? She spread her legs out as best she could to try and lessen the impact, but was greeted with a different surprise. She felt another diaper pull itself up against her as she slid through it, and looked down to see another thick diaper had been taped onto her. Her momentum had allowed it to snap shut, and tape itself closed. She looked up just in time to see several more lined up ahead. Her rudest surprise came when she slammed into a pair of plastic panties packed full of water balloons. The majority of them exploded on contact, slowing her progress slightly, and also filling up her mass of diapers with fresh liquid. The splash of water made her start to pee as well, because of the hypnosis they had undergone. She finally reached the end of the slide, landing with a loud, wet pop into a pit full of something fluffy, soft, and white. She tried standing up, but was pulled over by the dead, wet wait around her waist. She looked around as she continued to wet herself, tears forming in her eyes. She saw that she was trapped at the bottom of a slide she couldn't possibly climb back up, in a screened in pit full of diapers. She crawled through their heavy mass towards one of the netted walls, looking around for someone to help her. No one was in sight. She slumped back down against the soft collection of diapers, crying softly. They weren't going to get back with all of their items in time. Her sobbing increased at the realization that they would be going to school in diapers all week. She didn't enjoy diapers that much. What were they going to do? Chapter X Tiffany stood in the centre of the room she was in, motionless. She looked at everything lying on the floor around her, and then the outfit she was wearing. The red leotard was starting to get quite uncomfortable, and it was starting to get to small around the waist. Her diapers had gotten a great deal larger since she was dressed this morning. She pulled the leotard off with ease, leaving herself clad in her dirty diapers, and a sports bra. She threw the leotard against the clear plastic wall, and looked around the room. Spying a stack of clean diapers against the wall, she approached these first. She picked several different kinds of diapers up, turning them over in her hands. Some were relatively thin, others thick enough to mistake as small throw pillows. Upon closer examination, she found that only the extremely thick ones would fit her. She realized for the first time that it didn't really bother her. She laid the diapers out on the floor in front of her, their thickly padded surfaces eagerly awaiting to be taped in place. She fiddled with the pins on the sides of the diapers she was already wearing, successfully opening them. She stripped off the dirty diapers she had been locked in all day, and threw them in the hamper against the far wall. She then laid down on the first diaper, smiling at it's soft, thick feel. Pulling the front up between her legs, she saw these read "Oops! I Crapped My Pants!" on the front as well. She smiled at the small illustrative sentence, and taped the diaper snugly on. She pulled on three or four more, and tried standing up. Her steps were a little shaky at first; these were truly very thick diapers. She waddled awkwardly around the small space, looking at what else there was. She spotted a pair of plastic panties, adorned with pink lace across the back. She giggled to herself, and threw them at her feet, stepping into them. She looked around for anything else quickly, and then pulled the panties up. They pulled all her diapers snugly against each other, and announced themselves on securely with a tell tale locking click.

"Now all I need is a shirt," she said. Despite her best efforts, she couldn't locate one. She sat down momentarily, crossing her legs despite the bulk around her waist.

"Oops! I Crapped My Pants!" She giggled at the voice, and looked around the room with a childish grin. Suddenly, the perfect solution presented itself. She saw the most adorable pink and red dress hanging on the wall. She crawled to it on all fours, and stood up to take it off the wall. She took the hanger out, and pulled the dress over her head. She looked at herself in the mirror that was in the room, seeing a long strip of cloth hanging from her backside. She stood in puzzlement momentarily, and then realized what it was for. She reached between her legs with great effort, and pulled the strip forward. She pulled up the dresses short skirt, finding a tying and locking mechanism. She threaded it through, and clicked the locking clamp shut. She tugged on it to test its security, and nodded at herself in the mirror. She was the perfect little girl. Courtney was miserable. Her ridiculously wet diapers had been sagging behind her the duration of her trip, and were beginning to feel quite cold and clammy against her skin. The only concession she had been given was that her diapers no longer alerted her that she had crapped herself when she sat down; the pool she fell in must have shorted out the device. She stopped, resting briefly. She hadn't been able to find anything as of yet. All she had seen was a continuing series of tunnels in every direction; no exits, slides, or anything. I might as well just find my way out of here, she thought. This is a waste of time. She crawled forward again, coming to a T-intersection. She looked departed, and was surprised to see the tube slope downward in a slide. To the right was also a slide. Just her luck! Which one to take? Ultimately, she chose the left. Sitting down, she pushed off with both hands, going nowhere briefly as the wet diapers gripped the plastic tube. With another push she was on her way, hopefully leading out of this place. She frowned as she saw something ahead in the tube. She was soon through it, and found herself wearing something that looked like soft plastic underwear. She could tell it wasn't a diaper, although it fastened on like one. By the end of the slide, she had gained six more diapers, and three more of the mysterious pink garments. She came out of the slide into a pair of plastic panties, and found herself falling. At least it felt like it. She opened her eyes, finding herself suspended above a huge webbing below her. Below that she saw Melody, who appeared to be sleeping in a pit full of diapers. Courtney tried pushing up, feeling something draw tight around her. She fell to the net, landing, but bouncing back up. She finally came to rest, finding herself wearing a thickly padded jumper, that was transparent around her waist to showcase her diapers. She stood up, finding her bladder and bowel control null and void. She stared straight ahead as she began to use her diapers once again, the feeling all to familiar now. She finished peeing, and began to sit down as a stream of diarrhoea exploded into her diapers. This lasted a while, and was quite unwelcome and unexpected. She could feel the old diapers give way, and begin to leak in to the new diapers she was wearing. Courtney rolled over, changing back up. She waddled toward the slide she had just come out of, but it was to far above her to jump back up too. She couldn't climb; her feet were too thickly padded to gain any purchase. She reached down with a padded hand to try and shift her diapers around. Her hand found nothing but the padded sleeper, and the many diapers she was wearing; she couldn't grip them to move anything around. She sat down, resting her amply padded rear on the webbed floor. She frowned as she heard a muffled noise from below her waist. This was followed by three more in quick succession. She leaned backwards to look down to see what was going on. She stood back up to get a better view and her diapers fell apart. She cringed as the legs in her sleeper began to fill up rapidly. Finally it was done, and her legs were almost completely covered in her own mess. She could feel it standing all the way up to her thighs. She could still see she was wearing at least one diaper, but the point was moot by now. Courtney gingerly sat down, everything in her sleeper shifting around in a horrible, squishy manner. She bowed her head and began to sob to herself to sleep. Melody awoke, messy and miserable. She looked up, seeing someone above her. She couldn't tell who; only that whoever it was massively and disabling diapered. She stood up, and surveyed the small enclosure that she was trapped in. It's only potential exit was the slide, which she had no way of traversing; her diapers didn't allow her enough mobility in her legs to climb back up. She looked around at all of the diapers that filled the pit. She picked one up, for the first time noticing how thick they all were. She turned it over, seeing the outside read, "Oops! I Crapped My Pants!"; the same kind Melanie's Mum had put on Courtney. Melody looked down at the diapers she was locked in. She had done a good job of messing them. She became aware that she had to use the bathroom again; that pizza must have been laced with a pretty powerful laxative. She frowned, not knowing how to poop by her own will. All the times it had been at somebody else's command, or just a completely overwhelming feeling. It didn't really matter know; she might as well poop and be comfortable again. She leaned forward against the netting, spreading her legs out a little farther. She tried to pretend she was sitting on a toilet, and pushed as hard as she could. Nothing happened for about a minute. Eventually, she managed to let out a gurgling fart. She closed her eyes as she slowly began to fill her diapers to capacity, the fart bringing on the unwanted hypnosis conditioning. When she was done, she turned around, standing upright again. She began to move away form the wall a bit as she felt a strange warmth begin to spread down the inside of her legs. She looked down in horror, seeing her diapers were leaking big time. The mess ran all the way down both legs, steadily starting to stream out of the leg openings of her panties. She grabbed the nearest diaper, stuffing it between her legs, to try and stop the flow. She grabbed several more, beginning to sloppily tape them on to curb the leak. When she was done, she was no longer standing. She couldn't get back up now either; at least the leak had stopped. She cried feebly, and soon nodded off to sleep as well. Grace lay there on the floor, out of breath and energy. She'd managed to wiggle her way across the building, ending up at the open door to the nursery. The walls and floor were covered in a soft, pink padding, lit brightly by the lights overhead. She looked through the open door, seeing all kinds of diapers lining the shelves on the wall. From reading the packages, she could see they were arranged in thickness, starting from thick, to ultra. She didn't notice any "normal" diapers anywhere. Not knowing what else to do, she wiggled her way inside, surprised to find the bag slack off after she made it inside. It's plush bulk fell away from her as she crawled out, and began to walk toward the door, only to have it swing shut and lock with an audible click. She jiggled the handle but it wouldn't budge. Sighing, she turned around to study the room in detail. Her efforts were distracted from a telltale feeling in her butt. She had to poop again. She frowned, determined not to give into Melanie's tortures and coercions. She looked around the room for something to take the rest of her diapers off. One drawer marked "Removal Tools" was locked steadfastly shut however, leaving her frustrated and more desperate. She pawed at the thick diapers fastened snugly around her waist to no avail. She began crying, and fell backwards, landing on her padded rump with a great deal of force. It was all nature needed to take it's course. She looked down at her diapers through her tears, seeing discoloured stains spread across the surface of her diapers, showing how helpless she was. The last straw was when she noticed her outer diaper begin to show a message; a wetness indicator of sorts.

"Oops! I Crapped My Pants!" She stood up, still filling her diapers, and knocked packages of diapers off the shelves on the walls in frustration. She tore some open, throwing the diapers around the room. She looked down when she felt something warm running down her thighs, and saw that her diapers were beginning to leak. She yelped at this most recent development, and looked around for something to clean herself off with. She saw nothing but diapers. More and more diapers. She grabbed the package nearest her, and ripped two diapers out. They were both pink, with lace trimming all it's outer edges. From their size, she thought she had grabbed several. Unfolding one and pulling it between her legs she found it to be quite thick. She sloppily tapped the first one on as the flow trickling down her legs increased. She could already feel it gathering between her legs in the new diaper. She tapped on another on, but more neatly this time, holding the first one more snugly. These were quite comfortable she thought, even though she was degradingly confined in them. Her musings ended quickly as the diapers continued to leak from the unrelenting flow coming from her bowels and bladder. The only solution was in a drawer labelled simply "Plastic Pants". She waddled over to it, careful to try and keep from leaking any more out of the overflowing diapers on the way. She pulled the drawer open, and was greeted by a wide variety of plastic panties. She picked one that looked large enough, and quickly pulled them on. They got caught on the backs of her diapers on their way on, letting a large amount leak out into the panties. She hastily pulled them up and secured them on. She looked down at her handy work, seeing her stained, pink diapers now snugly locked inside a pair of clear plastic panties. Satisfied she was now safe from leaks, she waddled towards the door, which was now locked. Banging on the door yielded no results; only pain in her hand from where she banged against it's cold surface. She eyed the room she was now trapped in, and spotted a changing table that looked padded enough to be comfortable. She suddenly realized how tired she was, and trekked over to it's inviting surface. She was peacefully asleep in no time. Tiffany sat in the middle of the room, cross legged, in fresh diapers. They felt clean, and soft against her skin. She liked the feeling she decided. Why had she ever resisted this? She now had her hair tied back in pig tails, and was playing with a stuffed bear she had found. She was walking it across the floor, dancing it back and forth. She soon lost interest in this toy, and began to crawl around the room in circles. She stopped in front of a stack of baby bottles and other foods, and looked on with interest. She was hungry, and there was plenty of food here. She dug into the strained peaches, oatmeal, and bottled milk. Soon, there wasn't any departed, and she was quite full. She burped loudly, and giggled at how much food she had eaten. She'd been quite a pig. Pushing the empty bottles and containers aside, she crawled around the room a few more times, and frowned. There isn't anything left to do in here, she thought. She resolved to find something else, and crawled toward the exit. She found herself unusually tired as she tried crawling forward, and stopped. She sat again cross legged, looking around lazily. She glanced at the sleeping mat she had passed by, and rolled over on to it. She stuck her thumb in her mouth, and began sucking on it, falling fast asleep. The day was finally over.

Part XI

Melanie smiled to herself. Everything - the whole weekend - had gone perfectly. She sat on her bed cross legged, thick diaper bunched up at her crotch, smiling and laughing. Tomorrow would be a ball. With all the messing, wetting, and hypnosis training they had all gotten, they were probably virtually incontinent by now. She reached over to her bed stand, flicking off the lamp, and crawling under her covers. Tomorrow will be great. Courtney woke up dazedly, looking around her room in the early morning light. Her clock blinked 6:03 at her in bright red digits. Time for school. She drug herself out of bed, and into the shower. Twenty minutes later she was drying her hair, picking out her clothes. She picked out a matching set of silk red bra and panties, a pair of form fitting black jeans, and a light sweater. After fixing up her makeup and hair, and putting on her clothes, she was downstairs for breakfast.

"Morning, dear!" her Mum greeted her cheerily.

"How was Melanie's party?" Courtney frowned, trying to think of what she had done this weekend. She couldn't remember hardly anything; everything after the golf tournament was blank.

"Great," she said.

"It must've been," her Mum replied.

"You didn't come home till' last night. Your dad and I were worried, but Melanie called and said you all were spending the night. Remember to call next time, OK?" Her Mum moved off into the house, leaving Courtney to eat breakfast. She ate a light breakfast, and quickly got ready to leave. She was in the car and on her way by 7:00. She frowned at the realization they had a big test today; she hadn't studied at all. What had she done this weekend? Tiffany sat in homeroom motionless. She watched the seconds tick by on the clock, wishing more and more for time to move by a lot faster. She pulled her coat tighter around her to try and hide what she was wearing. She had, strangely enough, found herself in her homeroom class, half an hour before the bell. Her outfit was even stranger. She grimaced outwardly as she thought about what she was wearing again. She had found herself wearing a short, pink dress. Ordinarily this wouldn't bother her; the fact that it was for a girl of about two years, did however. The bottom was trimmed with white, frilly lace, and it poofed out a great deal to reveal what lied beneath : several thick disposable diapers. Thankfully no one had noticed since she had been seated; only a miracle would get her out of class unnoticed, however.

"Hey Tiffany!" said Betty, the girl next to her.

"What'd you do this weekend?"

"Hung around," she replied dismissively.

"That's cool," Betty said, not taking the hint.

"Where you going' for lunch today?" Tiffany frowned as she felt her stomach loosen all of a sudden.

"Lunch?" she repeated. Tiffany gasped as she felt an encompassing warmth begin to spread about the back of her diapers. The worst part was it just kept coming. She looked down through her jacket to see her dress slowly spread outward as she filled her diapers to their capacity. A discreet check with her hand found them to be quite full; almost about to burst, in fact.

"Are you okay?" asked Betty, visibly concerned.

"I only wanted to know where you were going for lunch..." Tiffany laid a messy fart this time, and began once again to mess her diapers. At this, she stood, and bolted for the door. Her jacket fell off, showing her complete outfit to those who were watching. She headed straight for the girls bathroom as she left the class room, already fiddling with the plastic panties she was wearing over top her diapers. She had to get out of these. Melody walked quickly down the hall, pass in hand. She had to go to the bathroom bad; it had just come on her all of a sudden, too. She waved hello to a few of her friends as she went. After what seemed an eternity she made it to the girls restroom. She was in a stall in a blink. She closed the door and tried unzipping her jeans, finding the zipper staying steadfastly shut.

"Huh?" she asked out loud. She tried them again, but the zipper was jammed. Panicked, her hands moved to her belt. It wasn't her normal belt though; she didn't remember putting this one on. She looked down at it, finding it to be a small, but strong chain with a heart shaped lock in the middle. She pulled on it, but the belt wouldn't budge. She tried gripping the sides of her jeans and pulling, but the belt and zipper held them on tightly. She heard someone else come in, accompanied by a strange but familiar rustling sound. They got into the stall next to her, and quickly sat down. Melody heard a loud, gurgling fart, followed by a muted but clear hissing sound. What came next was unexpected. She gasped out loud as she began to fill her pants. Her jeans. She was wetting and messing her own pants! Grace looked down at the "pants" she was wearing. If that was indeed what they were. They were white, and made out of soft, crinkly plastic on the outside. They were incredibly soft, yet firm at the same time. On the inside, she could feel the plush, thick, absorbent material of a diaper against her skin. There were childish prints and cartoons drawn around her butt and crotch, where a normal diaper would be.

"Capri Diaper" was written in cartoon letters all the way around the elastic waist band. The pants were very thick, keeping her legs spread far apart in any stance. She looked at her butt in the mirror in the bathroom, seeing how bulky the pants really were. She hadn't been able to get them off; the waist was cinched tightly by a small chain inside it. The bottom of the pants were secured in a similar fashion; there was no way out of these. She tugged at the pants, losing her grip in it's deceptive cushiness. The crotch of the pants was quite wide, and went down to a little above her knees; she suspected these diaper pants could hold a lot. Grace turned around as she heard one of the stall doors clatter open. Tiffany came waddling out, her skirt hiked up revealing messy diapers. From her look of disarray, it looked like she'd been trying to get them off - but without much success.

"What happened to you?" Grace asked.

"I could ask the same of you," said Tiffany. They both turned to see Melody walk out of the next stall, face ashen. The front of her jeans were soaked, and they both noticed a pronounced, brown bulge in the seat of her jeans.

"I pooped my pants," she stammered.

"I wet and messed my own pants!" Courtney looked around first period Health, smiling and nodding at all of her friends in the class. She noticed Melanie was smiling despite herself; she was pretty happy for some reason. Maybe it was something to do with this weekend, she thought. Courtney turned her attention to the teacher as she began to speak.

"All right class. Welcome back. It's a Monday, so we won't be doing anything too bad... but today we'll be talking about child care. Specifically, infants. Diaper changes, feedings; general things on how to take care of an infant. Now, has anyone here ever changed a diaper before?" A few students raised their hands, Melanie included. She smiled to herself since she was currently wearing a diaper.

"Well then, I'll need one of you to demonstrate a proper diaper change. How about you, Melanie?" Melanie nodded at the teacher, and moved towards the front of the class. She swayed her hips back and forth as she walked, waving off her padded, yet attractive butt. Few of the male students failed to notice.

"I'd be happy too Mrs. Henderson," she said as she reached the front of the class.

"So you want me to change the baby?"

"Yes Melanie, that would be good," replied the teacher. Courtney began to feel funny. After Melanie had said the word baby, she felt... detached. She frowned, but didn't feel her lips move; in fact, she couldn't really move. Her movements were clumsy and unrefined. She tried to speak, but only childish gibberish came out. She fell out of the chair, and landed on the ground with a hard thump. She began to cry like a little baby.

"Aww... what's the matter Courtney?" cooed Melanie.

"Do you have a boo-boo?" The class laughed at the banter, amused.

"You don't need changed, do you Baby Courtney?" Courtney was on all fours now, butt pointed high in the air. At Melanie's question, she farted loudly, and filled the seat of her jeans. Courtney could feel the warm mess spread throughout her tight jeans, and could hear the laughter and jeers of her classmates, but couldn't do anything but idly watch and listen. Melanie was in control. She made another baby noise as Melanie and another classmate lifted her up onto the changing table Mrs. Henderson had prepared for the demonstration.

"Looks like we can use a real baby!" said Melanie.

"And I've got big enough diapers for her too. Extra big diapers." She pulled three of her mom's punishment diapers from her backpack, and displayed them to the class. Each diaper was about an inch and a half thick at the crotch, pink, and made from the fluffiest material possible : super absorbent and super thick. Melanie slowly removed Courtney's messy jeans and panties, throwing them in the trash. She then slowly and deliberately demonstrated how to fasten the disposable snugly on, and repeated the process two more times. The end result had Courtney wearing three of Melanie's thickest diapers, and completely under her control.

"What's next Mrs. Henderson?"

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